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trading spaces Trading Spaces

M/f; Sbf; toys; rubberdoll; cons; X
I decided that it was finally time to just search on the net, which felt a bit like I was cheating cause I wanted to come up with something sinfully original. First things first, I looked in his bookmarks. I clicked on the first link that looked like a lead, a boring looking link simply called “PD - Lisa”. I found the browser whisked away to a webpage that immediately got my attention. Pleasure Dolls was the title of the page, and I didn’t fully understand the site until I read better. The girls in all of the pictures on this site where supposedly sex dolls. “That can’t be true, they must just be pretending.” I thought.
the stone The Stone

Other/m; transform; magic; lovedoll; cons; X
It didn’t take me long to figure out that the stone did some thing very special. As I walked into my vacation bungalow, and set the stone down on an open magazine as a paper weight, I looked down at where I had laid it, and remembered vaguely the story I had been casually reading two hours earlier. Before I let go of the stone though, something instinctual but silent inside of my mind, coaxed me to slide the stone onto the photo of a woman on the opposite page, holding a bottle of shampoo and standing in a luxurious all glass shower. Suddenly I felt a huge, quick lurch as everything, even my being itself was wrenched to the side. My eyes where blinded by a great light, and I lost my balance. I fell on the floor; which I realized was wet, and harder than I had remembered...
The Problem with Unexpected Guests
Solo-F; lab; bio-engineering; chip; implant; mindcontrol; program; machine/f; controlled; doll; gift; discovery; F/f; kidnap; captive; slave; cons/nc; X
As I read the letter, I got more and more excited, wondering what you would think, wondering what you would do with me, and wondering if you would be upset or excited! Feeling my energy draining from my muscles, and realizing my mind was starting to go more and more empty, I propped up some pillows with all my remaining strength, and sat leaning up against the headboard, legs and arms spread out trying to look as much like a doll as I could. I placed the letter between my legs and reveled in the washes of sexual energy fighting with the waves of relaxation. Within moments I could not move, nor did I want to. It was a lot like dreaming, the buildup of sexual energy had my mind thinking of lustful adventures, but with my weakened volition I could not control the dreams. Even though my eyes where staring ahead dreamily, the dreams overlaid my vision as if my eyes where shut. Every now and then my body would involuntarily blink.
one wrong wish One Wrong Wish
Solo-M; estate-sale; discovery; hierloom; stone; wish; majick; other/m; transform; M2f; bodymod; mannequin; latex; sexdoll; mindcontrol; cond; objectify; stuck; auction; cons; X
I looked down and low and behold my entire body looked like it was made of soft latex! The thought just sent thrills of sexual energy through my body, the energy seemed to surge and stop at my crotch. As I watched I started to see my hips changing shape, wider flatter, the kind of hips women dream of having and men dream of squeezing. I noticed my toenails start to change color to a bright red. I could feel something happening to my crotch but I could not see. It felt like my smooth crotch was splitting from top to bottom. I could feel things taking shape down there, and as I craned my neck to see I realized that my featureless chest was growing breasts. I could see the peaks of these breasts darkening into perfect small hard nipples. Soon I could not see past this amazing cleavage and I set my head back down to focus on the feelings in the crotch.
pills Pills & Valves
Pills & Valves 2
Pills & Valves 3
Pills & Valves 4
Pills & Valves 5

M/f; transform; object; lovedoll; stored; cons; X
I received a plain brown package in the mail; it was from my best friend Charlotte. Inside was silk covered box, just like you get cheap jewelry in. The box was taped shut with a note on it to call her before opening. When I called her she was in a big rush to get back to work from her lunch break. She explained to me that she had a complex set of instructions, not much of it was actually necessary, but she just liked the idea that I would be following them to a ‘T’. She made me promise I would do them exactly as she instructed. She quickly gave me the instructions and made me write them down...
Taking Her on a Date
M/f; Solo-M; relationship; discovery; video; tease; F/f; prepare; corset; liquidlatex; coated; latexdoll; bond; cuffs; toys; objectify; artshow; transport; oral; climax; cons; X
Invited to an art show by his girlfriend, he turned up to take her only to find that she was the piece of art work! And as he watches her transformation on the video, he gets more turned on by the way she is tied, coated in layers of liquid latex and presented for him. She gradually becomes his latex fuck toy...
Solo-M; Machine/m; VirtualReality; transform; M2f; lovedoll; bedroom; toys; sex; anal; climax; cons; X
Finding his girlfriends Direct-Neuro+Linguistic™ gaming system (DNL), he begins to play the games but becomes bored with the usual and explores the more experimental games. He finds one called "MyScrtFtsh" and begins to play, only to find himself transformed into his gilfriends secret desire...
Perfect Position
M/f; naked; toys; insert; oral; pill; cum; transform; F2lovedoll; objectify; display; MF+/mf+; swingers; group; orgy; sex; climax; denial; stuck; cons; X
In the mood to do what HE wished with her, she willingly submitted to his desires, positioning herself on her knees with vibrator in place and eagerly awaited sucking his cock. Little did she know what that would lead to and the control he would have over her.
How I learned to Love my Enemy

Solo-M; transform; sexchange; nanotech; lovedoll; toys; cons; X
After have completed tense negotioantions with a business rival, he retired to his upgraded hotel room to relax. Taking a relaxing shower would prove to be anything other than relaxing, something that would 'change' him forever...

M/f; transform; objectified; magic; mc; oral; reluct/cons; X
She awoke to find herself transformed into an object, but what object was she this time. She secretly loved to be transform, to be used and traeted as a mere thing. She found herself hanging upside down under a table and connected to the computer...
M/f; F/f; Solo-F; MF/robot; sexbot; virtual-reality; voy; experience; downloaded; mindcontrol; mind-transfer; stuck; toys; strapon; lesb; sex; anal; oral; climax; cons; X
She enjoyed experiencing the sexual adventures between her 'bot copy' and her husband, reliving the moments via a headset, the virtual reality program gave her all the thrills of the sexual encounters, she could relive them over and over again. Then one day a strange thing happened...
Blob's Story
Solo-F; Other/f; M/f; future; scifi; crystal; blob; engulf; encased; latex; transform; mindcontrol; enslave; pleasurebot; voy; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
After buying his wife a few crystals from an underground dealer, he replaced her cleaning crystal before she used it in her normal cleaning rountine, but the results are not what they expected...
  Jump the Fence
Solo-F; jacuzzi; majick; transform; F2inflatabletoy; pooltoy; float; shrink; discovery; M/f; restore; bath; blow-up; orgasm; toys; rubber; camera; photos; box; change; found; M/sexdoll; kept; stuck; cons; X
Moving to a new neighborhood was hard, of course any move was hard, but jumping the fence into the neighbor's yard late at night when they were not home to use their Jacuzzi was easy. Jessi didn't even hesitate to jump the fence she was just that kind of carefree kind of gal, and she didn't really think they would mind even if they did catch her, the man of the house had seemed like a nice guy for the 10 seconds that she had met him as she was trying to organize and manage her moving crew. Jessi just wished she had had more time to talk to him, she liked to know her neighbors. Plus her muscles were killing her from the stress of packing and unpacking, and the long drive from out of town. She wondered if this guy had kids, she would not have guess that he did, it was just a hunch, but now that she was seeing his pool she was reconsidering her hunch. The pool was filled with weird toys all over the place.
  Baubleheadz Vignettes: Doll Transformations
F/f; M/f; vignettes; serum; majick; spell; injections; transformations; rubberdolls; sexdolls; desire; sensitivity; orgasms; prolong; used; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X
Vignettes or short stories of doll & rubberdoll transformations.