Jay Petto Stories

Made for Pleasure

Machine/f; androids; mc; doll; scifi; reluct; X
Ginger had declared that she could "take people or leave them." Linda challenged this statement. The end result was that Ginger would be spending a month alone in her self-contained vacation home somewhere near Rigel, a particularly expansive region of space. The station boasted an android growth tank, making a sex android would keep her occupied for the coming month and change her life forever...
click for larger image Bound to Please

M/f; dream; mc; marionette; strings; doll; cons/reluct; X
Michelle is transformed in her dreams into a marionette, Jay is able to play and pull her strings whilst she is under his control and helpless to stop him from making her dance, sing and other things...
click for larger image Creative Control

M/f; magic; transform; doll; nc; X
Anne Summers was attending radio station WONO for a job interview, the station manager was pleased with her and wanted to hire her for the show " The Weird Hour with Warren Locke". The only problem was Warren Locke and her career in radio was about to take a different course...
click for larger image Pulling Strings

M/f; mc; marionette; puppet; strings; reluct; X
Annette was standing on stage for her audition, she didn't know that the person interviewing her had began taking control of her mind and start playing with her. Annette cannot stop the man from playing with her body, nor does she want him to stop, she cannot resist anyway.
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