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Adult Toys
F/f; transform; lotion; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
About a year or so ago, Eileen's sister Cathy had disappeared while in the employ of Adult Fun. Mitzie told the police investigators that Cathy had fallen in with a rough crowd and had stolen a substantial amount of money from her store before leaving with a few biker friends. However, Eileen suspected there was far more to the story than the police were told and that Mitzie, contrary to her denials, knew where her sister had gone to...
After Hours Fuck Toy
M/f; transform; potion; lovedoll; boxed; revenge; oral; anal; cons/nc; X
Lucy had worked as a personal assistant for Donald Vickers, a corporate lawyer working on his own, for about eighteen months, after hours working soon turned to full a blown affair that was extremely intense. After hiring a detective his wife soon found out about the affair which lead to the couple coming up with an unusual way to solve the problem...
After Work Dolly
M/ff; lovedoll; magic; transformation; reluct; X
Doreen's clothes vanished altogether in a blink of an eye and the woman slumped to the floor as if she no longer had any strength in her limbs. Her skin started to take on a glossy appearance with blemishes and freckles quickly disappearing. Doreen's legs slowly spread apart to form an obscene V shape with what looked like seams forming on each of the limbs. Her pussy twitched and contorted before settling into an ovular shape, with an interior sac made of rubber and latex, similar to her mouth.
agentodd Agent OOD - License to Dollify
M/f; lovedoll; transform; nc; X
The OTTA ( Order Through Transformation Agency ) was a hive of intelligence gathering specifically oriented to identifying women who were at the core of large scale criminal operations and remove them permanently from the scene. However, their method of achieving this goal was rather unique to say the least. Each agent had, upon their hiring by the agency, been bioengineered by OTTA's top scientists for transformation of their female targets during acts of intercourse. The agent's sperm had genetically changed to include genes that, when entering a woman's vagina, anus or mouth and mixing with the fluids already present, would trigger a rapid change in the woman's cellular structure from a living, breathing woman to an inanimate object.
Air Goes in... Dolly Comes Out
F/f; lovedoll; magic; transform; nc; X
When she opened the door, she had found her husband Jack in bed with one of those inflatable sex dolls that she saw for sale in the windows of sex shops around the city. The sight of him trying to extract himself from the sex toy while stammering an apology would have amused her normally if she wasn't so outraged at him. She managed to calm down after a day or two and even arranged to meet him this very evening for a night of dining and intimacy. However, the promised night for two was just a ruse on Candace's part so she could take her revenge in a humorous yet nasty way.
An Assistant Job Unlike Any Other
M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
God, this feels incredible but.. can't move... can't talk... mmm... but this feels so right... I'm so happy making Bill... Master.. happy.." thought Jenny as her body slowly started to change form. Her smooth supple skin was being transformed into shiny latex and rubber with no sign of being human whatsoever. Her magnificent breasts, hanging down like ice cream cones, were changed into taut domes of plastic capped by nipples that stretched out an inch or two like the rubber ends of pencils.
Artificial Opportunities
M/ff; transform; lovedoll; mannequin; boxed; nc; X
Bonnie was finally getting a divorce from Gil, her former husband he had finally agreed to turn over the money and items Bonnie has asked for when she filed for divorce.
Asian Beauties
Northern Chill
M/f; transform; lovedoll; packed; nc; X
Chun Li had been working for the Japanese manufacturing company Matzuki Dimsanto for about 16 months in the shipping and receiving department and, for the most part, it was fairly routine work. However, about two weeks ago, the company had been bought out by a mysterious American company whose name had yet to be revealed to the workers.
Bathroom Fixtures
M/fff; transform; lovedolls; mannequin; packaged; nc; X
Holly could see the same transformation happening to her body and she was completely helpless to stop it. She felt her mouth form into an ovular shape with the interior devoid of teeth or tongue and instead consisting of a smooth rubber sac ready for probing by anything or anyone. Holly shuddered mentally in pleasure as she felt her pussy change into the same material that the rest of her body was changing to. She could feel her anus move several inches upward from its' usual position while forming the same ovular opening that her mouth and pussy had formed.
Behind The Plastic Curtain
Solo-F; M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Bill Madison, who worked out of the local embassy, had fallen head over heels in love with Olga almost immediately and spent a considerable amount of time showing her the sights and sounds of Prague and the surrounding countryside while answering her questions about his work. Unbeknownst to Bill, Olga was a highly trained agent for the Russian intelligence agency widely referred to as the KGB. She was 'planted' as a flower shop owner to seduce Bill and extract as much information from the embassy man who the Russians knew was also head of CIA operations in Eastern Europe.
Big Surprise
M/ff; potion; transform; lovedoll; cons/nc; X
Glancing downwards with her eyes ( the only part of her body she still could move), Melanie saw that the seams were becoming prevalent by the seconds with some becoming visible around her waist as well as her boobs. As the change moved rapidly upwards, the lightness Melanie felt before seemed to increase exponentially and her body started to wobble ever so slightly. Her moans and gasps faded away as did her breathing though, figuring this was part of the process, Melanie remained relatively calm mentally.
Busty, Beautiful and Dollified
Other/f; transform; lovedoll; packaged; reluct/nc; X
Mihoshi awake with the sound of her alarm clock going off and her answering machine beeping in the living room. Feeling a little bit stiff ( which wasn't unusual considering the vigorous activities she took part in the day before), Mihoshi laid for a minute in her bed until she got her bearings. One thing she noticed was that she woke up lying flat on her back and not on her side like she normally was after a good night's sleep.
Looking down at her naked bosoms, Mihoshi noticed that the odd shiny patches she had seen in the morning had spread onto both her boobs and were growing larger in size. As well, there was what looked like thin lines starting to around both her breasts as well as along her upper thighs. Shaking her head as she tried to stand up, Mihoshi found that her limbs were even stiffer than she remembered before. She discovered that her legs, once they straightened out, seemed to bend again only with some difficulty. Likewise, Mihoshi's arms seemed to be comfortable when they were bent at 45 degree angles and it took her quite a bit of effort to unbend them.
M/ff; transform; lovedolls; packaged; reluct; X
The women had just finished assuming the order and barely had time to register the significance of what Jacques had just said when they felt a change quickly envelop their rigid bodies. Ilsa could feel her skin quickly changing from warm flesh and blood to smooth plastic with no signs of freckles and blemishes visible anywhere. Her breasts grew rigid and became twin mounds of molded plastic capped by rubbery nipples. She could feel her pussy slightly open and assume the same O-shape that her mouth was now frozen in.
Centrefolds 2 _The Great Escape
F/ff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X
" What.. huh.. I can move....I 'm alive!.... but how ? " Ilsa gasped out loud as she quickly ran her hands over body to make sure everything was back to normal. As she sat up in the bed, she recalled her last actions involved posing for Jacques in a special photo shoot. However, the shoot took on a sinister touch as she and her fellow model Carla found themselves transformed into inanimate love dolls by the photographer. Beyond that, Ilsa's memory grew hazy as she dimly recalled being carried in a box.... posed.. deflated... nflated and being fondled by the maniac Jacques.
Chair of Justice
M/f; transform; lovedoll; packaged; nc; X
The change swept up rapidly through her body and Connie found she could barely move her head at all now. She felt her pussy change into the same material that her legs now were composed of and visible seams appearing on her legs and lower torso. She next felt her breasts slightly inflate and push against the leather bra under them as they formed mounds of soft yet rigid plastic capped by bright pink areolas and dime sized nipples. When Connie felt her mouth stretch and pull itself into an O-shape, she realized suddenly what was happening to her.
Chef's Surprise
M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Jack & Anne had ther own daytime cookery show, now they had been offered a new show that would take them worldwide, the only trouble was that Jack had some strange conditions for the new show...
The Choice
M/ff; magic; transform; lovedolls; nc; X
Gwen and Donna had been room mates for about two years after they met at a local college party. The two almost immediately discovered that they had a lot in common including everything from an interest in old science fiction TV shows and movies to healthy sexual desires. Then one night a strange man entered their lives, The man went on to introduce himself as Mr. Leblanc, an employee of a company geared to supply various types of items to clients worldwide...
Company Dolls
F/f; lovedoll; magic; transform; nc; X
Never upset a witch! That's something that Serena didn't realise when she had an affair with Dick, her bosses husband. Esmeralda turned her into an inflatable sex doll but with the added benefit of giving pleasure to her lovers wife.
Cost of Transportation
M/f; potion; transform; lovedoll; package; cons; X
Daisy's boyfriend had come up with a great idea to cut the cost of transport for a vacation, a potion he'd picked up which would turn Daisy into a lovedoll, she would then travel in his luggage and return to normal when they arrived, well that was the plan...
CrimeD.jpg Crime & Punishment
M/f; transform; lovedoll; shipped; nc; X
Lolita was a contract killer for the mob, she had ruthlessly executed those who had run afoul of her mob bosses. Unfortunatly her Boss found out about her giving information for profit to his main rival, now she was about to pay the price...
DivingD.jpg Diving For Dollies
M/f; transform; gas; lovedoll; packed; nc; X
Liang had come home one night to find her husband in bed with what she thought was another woman. The look on his face when he jumped to his feet and she saw that what she was another woman was in fact one of those inflatable dolls was priceless to say the least. He had spent the the next two days trying to get her to forgive him and had arranged for the two to fly down to his private island for some fun in the sun...
Dolled in 60 Seconds
Solo-F; potion; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
"Ooooohh.. I shouldn't have had that much champagne... my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls tonight. " Catherine muttered to herself as she held her head in her hands. After about thirty seconds or so, she slowly got up and staggered into the bathroom where she stripped off her clothes and took a long hot shower. After looking around for several minutes, Catherine came across a plastic bottle containing what looked like pink fluid...
Dollies to Dream By
M/ff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X
Now that Iris has her property back after her divorce, she get's her friend Gwen to stay at her apartment. Little did they both know that Iris's husband had planned a surprise for them, something that would change their lives forever. Gwen drifted into a light sleep, her dreams quickly became erotic in nature as vibrant, steamy imagery filled her subconscious. Her transformation would be happening soon.
Dolly Doctor
F/f; MM/f; medical; injection; transform; lovedoll; deflate; box; delivery; inflate; play; nc; X
Nadine had thought that she wasabout to leave her husband Jack for her boss Ralph, only to have the company she worked for plan an excursion overseas, which delayed her plans. The company had requested that all executives going on this trip get a medical from the company Doctor. Nadine hated needles, she'd hate them more after today...
A Dolly's Deceit and Betrayal
MF; F/f; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X
I had to admit that my relationship with Steve was a bit unusual to say the least. Well, imagine my surprise when Steve returned and showed me a deflated sex doll that was in a backpack. I was about to ask him what was the big deal when he inflated the doll and showed me a picture of his ex girlfriend. To my puzzlement, the doll looked just like his former flame only with much bigger breasts and very naked. Steve then sat me down and told me that it was his former girlfriend thanks to a special potion he bought. He even told me to call the shop he bought the lotion at if I didn't believe him.
Dressed for Love
M/f; transform; lovedoll; chains; bond; cons/nc; X
Left alone after her boyfriend had to attend an emergency, Sandra went through some mail including a box from her ex-husband, their divorce had been with great acrimony on both sides as she and Bruce traded insults back and forth. When she got to the bottom, she discovered the items she used to wear when she and Bob used to do some role-playing that involved BDSM, the catsuit and chains brought back pleasent memories and she thought she'd indulge herself...
Easy Riding Doll
Other/f; curse; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; box; reluct; X
Lisa longed for the day when she could own her own motorcycle, attending a local auction she soon realised that she couldn't afford any of the bikes there, that was until she saw a motorcycle sitting off by itself with very few people around it. The bike had a controversial history with it, the previous owner was a woman who was originally from the Caribbean, she discovered her lover in the arms of someone else on tis motorbike. Enraged and vowing revenge, it's rumored she placed a curse on the bike that any woman who engaged in intimate relations while on or in contact with it would be doomed to spend the rest of eternity experiencing intimacy and nothing else..
Factory Tour with Options
F/m; statue; fem; mannequin; reluct; X
The group of ten women had been ushered into a fairly large conference room where they were served a variety of fruit juices and told that the tour coordinator would be with them shortly. The women sipped on the juice while looking at various brochures on a table at the front of the room or looking at pictures of various dolls produced by the company. "Luscious Linda", "Delightful Debbie" and "Sensual Sandra" were just three of the dolls pictured on the walls. Several of the tour members remarked that, in spite of the typical doll poses depicted, the various products looked just like real women.
Firmly Toned Dolly
M/f; transform; lovedoll; cons; X
After using a special cream supplied by her new boyfriend, she began her usual exercise routine but began to feel unexpected results. Soon she discovered that her mind and body became dolified and only her boyfriend could change her back...
  Flying High in the Sky
M/f+; gas; transform; lovedolls; packaged; nc; X
Lisa was sitting in a private lounge owned by Gerald's company and sipping a champagne cocktail. Looking around the room, she saw seven other women were seated with some chatting among themselves and a few looking out the lounge window at an airplane parked on the tarmac. Gerald had arranged a junket for them to fly, somewhere that would change their lives forever..
  Forbidden For Good Reasons
MF; M/f; f/ff; transform; lovedoll; mannequin; dolly; deflate; insert; display; windup; play; stuck; oral; sex; cons/nc; X
After buying some items from the Sexy Fun store, Brad & Sandy went home and began to play out her transformation fantasies, Sandy has always dreamed of being a sexy lovedoll and used by her owner for his pleasure. She got more than she bargained for when they voided the warranty & Brad soon had his hands full with more sexy women being transformed...
For EveryWinnerD.jpg For Every Winner, There Must be a Loser
M/f; boxing; transform; lovedoll; sex; nc; X
Bambi was a boxer who had helped her promoter to transform her last opponent into a lovedoll, which he then sold. The events of the last match troubled her deeply, and she refused all offers to repeat this scenario again. Then she met Montel 'Machine Gun' Jackson, one of the more respected and fearsome boxers in the area...
The Good, The Bad and The Plastic
F/f+; D/s; transform; objects; lovedoll; toys; nc; X
Beatrix poured herself a tall glass of wine from the bottle she had just retrieved from the wine cellar as she mused over her plans for that evening. However, the domminatrix had a far more important task to perform that night. Her primary lover Jocelyn over the last twelve months or so had shown signs of indifference towards the lovemaking sessions the two had. There was at least three times in the last month or so where Beatrix sensed that Jocelyn had faked her way through intense erotic stimulation. Today, Jocelyn would pay the penalty for her impunity in a way she would never forget.
Good Sex Comes With A Price
M/ff; transform; crystals; lovedoll; nc; X
Paula had used her female charms and money to get herself through college, she was currently having an affair with her professor. Meeting up at his love nest she discovered that his wife had suddenly left him and that he had a surprise waiting for her. As she glanced around the room, Paula saw what looked like three large crystals sitting near the far end of the bed with one on each side and the third atop a ledge between the two. Turning the light on, Paula heard a humming noise coming from the area of the crystals accompanied by an increasing brightness in the light emanating from them...
Great Gift Ideas
M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; cons/nc; X
Looking for something to add a little extra spice to their nightly couplings Chrissy and Jack walked into Dark Desires, looking over the various lotions, sprays, ointments and other items that would result in the user being transformed...
Grunge - Beer, Pizza and Dolls
M/fff; lovedoll; transform; toys; nc; X
What happens when Super Hero's use their magical powers for their own good! Magical transformations of women into plastic lovedolls, if you have one why not add to your collection. Grunge makes the mistake of turning his team members into lovedolls with consequences the next day!
Invasion From the Planet D'oll
F/f; transform; lovedoll; alien; nc; X
Nina was a pretty bad actress, she always seemed to fluff her lines. When her co-actress offered to help her rehearse after hours Nina jumped at the chance. Unfortunatley for NIna Tiffany had other ideas for the actress, one that would be her final role.
It's A New Look For You
M/f; photo; pose; transform; sexdoll; deflate; transport; oral; anal; climax; cons; X
Fujiko posed for a photography session with Henry, the place was hot and she was offered some cool refreshingg water from the fridge, part of the product she was advertising, little did she know the effects it would have on her and her future...
Jump Up And Inflate
Northern Chill
M/f; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Collen worked in the porn industry as 'Candi Cantaloupes', she had more than a few loyal fans who bought her XXX films regularly and would swarm her at the local adult entertainment conventions looking for her autograph, but her neighbour had other desires...
Just the Right Position
M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; nc; X
Tricia was the feature dancer at the Pussy Tails strip club, the blonde had performed her routine for what seemed like more than a thousand times. One night a customer had left his business card for her to contact him, he didn't seem to be some weird guy, so she arranged to meet him...
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