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Late Night Sex
M/f; potion; magic; transform; lovedoll; oral; nc; X
Mary sat patiently on the couch waiting for Bill to come out of the washroom. He had promised her an incredible night of passion and sex so she was willing to wait while he ran a few errands. Bill emerged and walked over to where Mary was sitting and bent over to give her a quick kiss. " Are you ready to have a great night, Mary?" he said softly rubbing his free hand on one of her bare thighs.

Mary responded by removing her white T shirt revealing her luscious breasts with nipples that were already erect from her feelings of intimacy. " What's in the vial, lover? Something to turn me into an insatiable fucking machine maybe?" she said playfully.
Late Night Swim
Solo-f; lotion; magic; trasnform; lovedoll; M/f; boxed; nc; X
Janice pulled herself out of the pool and slowly went inside the house grimacing noticeably when her left arm brushed up against the patio door entrance. She went to the bathroom looking for some skin lotion she could massage onto her burns but found none in there. When she went to her and Morgan's bedroom, she found no trace of lotion anywhere although she did find a shopping bag under the bed that she hadn't seen before. Looking inside, she saw a bottle of suntan lotion and a bottle of EXD, her favorite brand of energy drink. She was puzzled why she hadn't seen it before but figured Morgan brought it home and forgot to tell her about it.
Latex Clothing Latex Doll
F/f; D/s; bodypaint; statue; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; nc; X
Beatrix was, by all accounts, a very happy woman as she got dressed for another day. After disciplining several of the more willful sluts over the last few weeks and making examples out of a few for good measure, she was satisfied that they now knew their roles in her home and would think twice before displeasing her. Mistress Beatrix had caught her cook adding artificial ingredients to her meals, and had punished her in an unusual way...
  Locking in the Future
F/f; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; revenge; transform; lovedoll; toys; cons/nc; X
Lily was happy with her relationship with Mistress Bianca, she decided to suprise her one evening and discaovered a surpirse herself, she decided to get even...
Looking for Love
M/f; wish; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
"I picked it up for a song this morning at the local flea market. I think it dates back to the 1500's in central Europe judging by the craftsmanship. Now if you want to handle something a little more sexy for the next little while, put it down, get the drinks and come back to handle ME!" Janice purred as she stroked her torso and thighs before returning her hands to her ample breasts.

"Hmmm.. yeah... I wish I could have you as my little sex toy for the rest of my life, you insatiable....
massage.jpg A Nice Massage
M/f; gym; massage; trasnform; lovedoll; bagged; nc/reluct; X
Laurel was tired after a long week of work managing the cosmetic company she owned. She rubbed her neck as she slowly drove her car to her favorite health resort for a well deserved weekend of pampering and relaxation. Unwrapping the towel around her, Laurel tossed it on a nearby chair and climbed up on the table where she laid down pressing her breasts into the soft leather covering as she fell into a light sleep. However, the wonderful feelings she was experiencing came to an abrupt halt when she turned her head and saw her reflection in a nearby mirror...
Night of the Living Dolls
1: The Calm before the Storm
2: Bright Sky, Dark Changes
3: Making sense of a Plastic Nightmare
4: Escaping an Artificial Nightmare
5: No Parking in the Inflated Zone
6: A Shrinking Circle
7: What Place is a Safe Place
8: Voyages to Strange New Lands
9: The times, they are changing.... and so are the women...
10: A fight unlike any other
11: Games and Action and Dolls, oh my!
A strange sky changed the lives of everyone caught out in the open, only those who were able to avoid the light were the ones not transformed. Now hunted by the transformed dolls who are intent on capturing and changing those that they can capture...
Nightmare on Dolly Street
M/f+; capture; transform; lovedolls; boxed; nc; X
The scene, a typical street in your town, there's a fog in the air that holds the key to several events that will happen tonight, stay tuned you've entered the Northern Chill Zone...
Oath.jpg Oath of Pleasure
F/f; D/s; bond; transform; lovedoll; boxed; sold; cons/nc; X
Kwami was the beautiful submissive of Mistress Delilah, she was brought into the chamber for her punishment. Delilah gave her a wine glass filled with a red liquid in one hand and what appeared to be one of her 'instruments of delight' in her other one that consisted of a long smooth glass tube ending in a black leather handle. Kwami knew the prod was a constant in Delilah's erotic tormenting of her loyal submissives...
Office Promotion
M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Marilyn fidgeted nervously in her seat as she awaited the entrance of the company president into his office. She had been summoned her shortly after starting her work day at NMJ Manufacturing without any reason given.
"We have observed quite a few breaches of this rule that involved you and different partners throughout the building. I've talked it over with the board and we've decided that instead of firing you that we'll let you off with a very unique warning instead..."
OneNightD.jpg One Night Stand
Northern Chill
M/f; transform; lovedoll; auction; nc; X
Monique looked around the dingy hotel room wondering how the heck she got talked into meeting Aaron at this hole in the wall. She figured that with a man of his impeccable taste and wealth, he could afford a room that looked a lot more expensive than this one. Monique poured herself a tall glass of the wine and set it down next to the bed before she stripped off all her clothing save her very sheer black pantyhose.
Pantyhose Dolls
Northern Chill
F/f; MM/f; pantyhose; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Janice had been a model for about five years now working mostly for agencies in need of lingerie models for store ads, on this particular day, she had flown back to the US to do some work for a company she had never heard of prior to receiving an email from them. They said they were looking for professional models to help launch a new lingerie line they planned to sell exclusively online and they wanted her to be the feature model.

Party Costume

M/f; costume; transform; lovedoll; cons/nc; X
Monica looked through her day planner as she sat at the kitchen table waiting for her common law husband Tony to come back from the errands he had left earlier to take care of. The brunette stopped leafing through her notebook when she came upon the date she had marked as being the time for the annual Fetish Ball, a well known event where people dressed in outrageous outfits from every odd interest and kink known. Men and women would routinely show up dressed in latex and leather outfits that looked to be straight out of a BDSM scene. For all the participants, it was great fun to show their passion for a particular kink by arriving in costumes that normally would get them arrested in public for indecency. BUt this costume would change her life and her cheating ways for good.
Passion for Magic
FF; crystal; magic; transform; lovedolls; oral; cons; X

This story is the sequel to
She Loved To Be
A Love Doll
Alice bubbled with excitement as she drove down the highway to go home for the night. Jane was going to use the mysterious crystal she had brought home recently as part of an intimate night for the two and she was going to be the one transformed this time. On arriving home Alice noticed her answering machine was indicating a waiting message. When she played it back, she learned that Jane would be on her way home within the hour and that she had an exciting bit of information about the crystal to share with her.
Patio Doll Patio Doll
Solo-F; tanning bed; lotion; transform; lovedoll; mc; boxed; M/f; nc; X
Chelsea had booked a vaction in the Caribbean only to discover that the hotel was damaged by a hurricane. Jack had offered to help & brought over a tanning bed for her to test out, along with a range of lotions. "There's got to be some sort of catch to an offer like this.... there always is!"
Pearls of Wisdom Pearls of Wisdom
FF; oral; sex; rom; transform; lovedolls; M/ff; nc; X
Liza had been married for five years to Harold Bird, a man in his mid 30's who worked in technical support for a local computer company, he seemed more interested in his work than in spending time with her in any intimate way. After about eighteen months, Liza's boredom led her to Candace, and their relationship developed...
PerfectD.jpg Perfect Look
Northern Chill
F/f; potion; transform; lovedoll; packaged; toys; nc; X
Janet was growing more than a little tired of the vanity of her room mate Patti and her constant obsession with how she looked. Patti wanted bigger titties and seemed obsessed with getting them done. Her new boyfriend had suggested a way for this to be done, but he sounded a lot like HER OWN boyfriend! "Well, those two deserve to have a lesson taught to them.... a very nasty lesson... "
Personnel Decisions
M/f; transform; object; lovedoll; nc; X
Colleen set aside this report and turned her thoughts to the executives that worked with her in the main headquarters of NFRU. For the most part, they were all fiercely loyal to Colleen and her vision of what the company though some were a bit more ambitious than others. One in particular, Brad Arragon, moved up to his current job of vice-president due to a combination of luck and guile as several people ahead of him either retired, quit to work elsewhere or disappeared altogether. It was the latter that caused more than a few discussions around the water coolers as to what Brad's ultimate goal was.
Photo Opportunity
F/f; lotion; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X
Crystal waited patiently for the adult magazine photographer to show up and take the photos she agreed to pose for. She was about to call the magazine's office and find out where the photographer was when the doorbell rang. Throwing a blue bathrobe over her nude form, she walked quickly to the front door and found a red haired woman waiting there with a black handbag hung over her right shoulder. Over the next 45 minutes, Patricia shot several rolls of film with the photos ranging from Crystal posing sexily fully clothed to gradually removing articles of clothing until at the end of the shoot she was clad wearing only her sheer white bra and panties along with her sneakers. They then moved upstairs...
Playing With Toys
Solo-f; M/f; device; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Jessica was more than a little bored as she puttered around the house on a warm summer day. After looking around for about fifteen minutes or so, she was just heading out when she noticed a brightly colored package stuck almost completely under the bed.
"Hmmm... I wonder what this is..? " Jessica said out loud as she bent down and pulled the box out to have a closer look at it. She gasped out loud at the sight that greeted her with equal parts shock and surprise in her voice. Depicted on the cover of the cardboard container was a picture of her naked in a very erotic pose with her name in big letters on the bottom right. Looking over the description, it quickly became obvious to Jessica that the box contained one of those lifelike love dolls which were very hot sellers these days.
Solo-F; chemical; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X
Pamela arrived home for another day of work as head scientist for Kinetic Futures, a company that manufactured and sold everything from adult sex toys to chemicals for water purification and experimental use sold exclusively to the US and foreign governments. Left alone she decided to have some fun time a mischievous smile appeared on Pamela's face as an idea crossed her mind...
Pool Dolly
Northern Chill
M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
If there was one activity Erika liked on a typical weekend morning, it was putting on a sexy bathing suit and luxuriating by her pool to work on her tan. This was disturbed by the arrival of the pool cleaner, After he'd added a new pool cleaner that promised benefits for the owner, Erika decided to test the waters...
Read the Instructions... Always
Solo-F; lotion; transform; lovedoll; cons; X
Wendy's boyfriend had quite an intense interest in inflatable love dolls though his feelings were not confined to the use of them in bed. Looking at an advertisement in a magazine she decide to give her boyfreind a surprise for his birthday. Wendy came to a full page color ad that drew her interest. ' Make Your Girlfriend/Wife Your Dream Dolly!!'
Red and Pink Toys
M/f; toys; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Nancy and Jacques had talked online for about 2 1/2 years and had developed a friendly and trusting relationship to the point where the two exchanged Xmas cards last year. The email from Jacques stated that he had just got a new job as head of product development for a major national company that was well paying and came with lots of perks. It went on to say that he'd be coming to visit her in a week and he'd even send some samples the day before his visit for her to have a look at and make use of them if she wants.
Relax... Sit Down... Be Dollified
Solo-F; toys; inflatables; transform; lovedoll; boxed; reluct; X
Diana stared out the passenger window in barely concealed boredom as her boyfriend Wayne drove his Audi down the road leading into town and towards their destination: Ivan's Inflatable Idiosyncrasies. The store was renowned throughout the world as the biggest supplier of inflatable items of all sizes, shapes and types. With a slight look of disdain evident on her face, the blonde haired woman made her way into the furniture section and started to wander through pausing every now and then to look at the odd inflated chair or couch. If boredom wasn't enough of a problem for Diana, she felt a growing horniness welling within her and there was no way THAT would be quenched here.
Run, Lola, Run
M/f; kidnap; chemical; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Lola was returning home in the snow from work when she slipped and banged her head. She awoke to find herself in a strange house, the owner of which made amazing lifelike sculptures of women...
Seduction... Gone Wrong
Solo-F; potion; transform; lovedoll; reluct; X
Anne looked around the living room and figured it was going to take her a couple of hours before everything was ready for her evening with Bill. A broad smile crossed Anne's face as she jumped up and dashed off to the bedroom. "Bill always loves it when we do a little role playing. I know just the look that will get him in the mood tonight!" she said softly as she started to open her bureau's drawers.
She Loved... to be a Lovedoll
F/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; cons; X
Jane sat down next to Alice and looked her in the eyes " As you know, I'm in charge of acquiring rare and unusual objects for the antique store I help run. Well, recently I acquired a beautiful blue crystal which had a curious legend behind it. It seems that whoever possessed it in the past had the ability to assume the form they desired by repeatedly chanting it out loud. The effect is apparently temporary and after 24 hours the person reverts back to human form and retains the knowledge of what has happened before. I have it here in this black box if you want to try it out tonight. So does this sound interesting to you, sweetie ?"
The Salesman
M/f; transform; magic; lovedoll; nc; X
When she hit the floor, he got up, went over, and picked her up. He carried her inside the house and she could tell that she was light as a feather. He then stood her against the bed and methodically began to take off her silver bikini. He then took a full length mirror out and stood it in front of Jennifer. Jennifer was shocked at the image that looked back at her. She had been transformed into a lifelike love doll. Her breasts were enlarged and rode high on her chest. Her cheeks had an artificial look, with a bright red color to them. Her mouth was stuck in an O-shape as was her anus. She tried to scream or move but could do neither.
The Salesman Calls Again
M/f; transform; magic; latex; objectification; nc; X
"This job offer was an elaborate ruse, set up by our agency on behalf of our client David. You see, he learned of Jennifer's infidelity some time ago and contacted us for a different type of revenge." Mr. Smith then went over to the bed and lifted the figure of her lover, standing it up on pointed rubbery feet. Mary Beth would have gasped if she had been able to. It was clear that Jennifer was now nothing more than an inflated love doll with exaggerated breasts, open mouth, and wide open pussy. "Jennifer has already been dealt with, and now we deal with you." Mr. Smith, said mysteriously, putting the doll Jennifer back on the bed, face down.
Seasons in the Sun
Self/ff; transform; lovedoll; potion; nc; X
Allison stepped out onto the pool deck in her home's backyard stretching her arms wide as she basked in the mid day sun. Even though she was still a little fuzzy mentally from the gala party she had hosted the night before, there was nothing better in her mind to clear away a hangover than to laze about the pool just enjoying the weather. Before she headed to the pool for some well deserved lazing in the sun, she noticed a small crystal bottle sitting at the far end of the top. Plucking it off the alcohol drenched top, she took the stopper and sniffed the aroma of the contents. " Nice.. it tastes as good as it smells.. makes me all tingly.."
She's Got The Look
MM/f; corset; transform; lovedoll; model; packed; nc; X
Lana had been the feature model at 'Mammoth Melons' for the last eighteen months and she was quite content with the pay and other perks they provided. Nevertheless, her potential new employer had been calling her two or three times a day since the first proposal had been sent her way to see if she had agreed to model for him. Lana finally agree'd to model for him but got an unexpected surprise at the photo shoot...
Soft Comfort
F/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Marty got hold of me through a friend of friend of mine. I don't dabble often in the affairs of mere mortals but his request had a certain level of nastiness to it that I found appealing. You see, he wants you out of the way permanently, but leaving no clues for police or other people to trace back to him. The only way that can be done with any kind of certainty is by transformed you into something that is inanimate in nature but wouldn't be considered out of the ordinary in appearance. In short, you'll be transformed into an inflatable blow-up doll. Marty will have you from now on as a latex and rubber fuck toy to enjoy at his leisure. I know it's something you might not like but, hey, that's just the breaks in life, " Janice said as she briefly waved her right hand while talking.
Something Simple, Something Complex
MF; M/f; cheat; revenge; chemical; transform; lovedoll; deflate; sex; cons/nc; X
Erin's boyfriend Wally had created a chemical substance that would transform the sex life of women, when taken she would experience greater sexual pleasure, but when Erin begins taking more of it she begins to change within herself and when her boyfriend finds out that she has been cheating on him, she get's more of the substance leading to more changes to his liking...
Some Very Sexy Furniture
MM/f; pills; transform; lovedoll; kidnap; boxed; nc; X
After swallowing her pills, Jill slowly went to the living room yet again. However, before she could get dressed and go about her daytime chores, she felt the strength rapidly drain from her limbs and she sagged to her knees propping herself against one of the living room chairs. Jill barely had time to think about what was going on when she heard the phone ringing and she turned her head slowly towards the phone. When she saw her reflection in a nearby picture frame, she realized why she had been have odd feelings and thoughts the last few days.
A Special Invitation
M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
A blonde haired woman in her early 30's slowly pulled herself up and blinked several times as she glanced at the sun beating in the window. Paula hoped that her boyfriend Greg would be coming by today to keep her occupied. She had just finished picking out her outfit when the doorbell rang out indicating a waiting visitor. Paula quickly threw a robe over her nude body and raced to the door expecting to see Greg waiting there for her. However, she was disappointed to find that it was instead a delivery man waiting for her with a package for her to sign for...
A Table, A Vase and a Doll
M/f; transform; potion; lovedoll; nc; X
Holly slowly walked up the stairs that led to her boyfriend James' apartment wondering why he asked her to dress up for a night at the clubs but to meet him at his place first. She knew he had been combining his work as an interior decorator with his desire to redecorate his place and suspected he wanted to show her the results. She'd been caught out by him dancing with another guy and she wondered what he was going to do...
Take a Seat, Dolly
M/f; transform; lovedoll; chair; packed; nc; X
Allison had worked at the local antique store for the past three years and found it a fun place to work with all the numerous and different items that came and went from the business. The owner asked Allison if it would be possible for her to store a few of the pieces at her place temporarily until he had a chance to get everything appraised. He even offered her a bonus if she wanted to appraise the items she received as his way of showing his appreciation. Alison had sorted through various items until she unpacked an antique chair with something different about it...
To Serve And Be Dollified
M/f; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; gas; nc; X
After a fierce battle with the members of the CAt squad, Jill Williams, a traitor against her former CAT Squad employers had tried to escape through an underground tunnel, only to have her plans thwarted by her boss Herschlinger. He had other plans for her and as a demonstration of his power...
That's Show Business
M/ff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X
Gwen and Lindsay were aspiring actresses and had tried out for a film, that didn't get that film but the director had other plans for them...
Trophy Winner
MF/f; boxing; transform; lovedoll; boxed; toys; nc; X
Lindsay had just turned pro and was late for her first boxing tournament, she was nervous and rushed into the boxing arena. Before she could fight she was handed a contract to sign, she didn't read the fine print and that would come back on her later...
trunk A Trunk of Pleasure
Solo-f; toys; mast; stuck; M/f; transform; lovedoll; sex; cons/nc; X
Wendy had inherited a trunk from her Aunt who disappeared and had been declares deceased. She had been offered a lot of money if she handed over the trunk unopened but Wendy had to see what was worth that type of money. Inside she found a secret compartment that contained dolls and other sex toys...
Twist And Shout
F/f; transform; lovedoll; toy; nc; X
Earlier in the day, Linda was buying some tops and shorts for wearing as a camp counselor for a local kids' summer camp when she drove by a store she had never seen before, it was one of those adult entertainment stores that specialized in selling everything from XXX movies to toys for discrete pleasure use by discerning adults. Looking for something personal, she purchased a special demonstration model dildo and took it home...
An Unusual Date
M/f; transform; lovedoll; alien; nc; X
Patricia closed her eyes and relived the past few hours of erotic passion over in her mind. Her recollection was interrupted by the feeling of warmth suddenly enveloping her entire body. She opened her eyes to see her whole body bathed in a faint yellow glow that seemed to be emanating from down the hallway. It was a pleasant feeling that she was feeling and it was accompanied by feelings of erotic pleasure not unlike what she had just enjoyed. Her body slightly shuddered as she relished the sensations she was feeling.
Vacation to Remember
F/mf; witch; potion; transform; lovedoll; mc; cons/nc; X
Bonnie and Kelly were two people very much in love who spent considerable time on the road seeing the sights and sounds of the country. They encountered many strange people and saw a few things that were only whispered rumors in most people's homes. Deep in the bayou country, there lived a woman rumored to be the most powerful swamp witch in the world. Finding the witch making a new batch of potion they decide to follow and get a bottle of the potion, which would changr their lives forever...

Vegas Dolls

M+/ffff; magic; transform; lovedolls; display; nc; X
Cassie and her fellow revue performers were coming to the end of the production run, tomorrow they would all be looking for new positions. A party had been arranged to introduce the girls to a business opportunity that would change their lives. The girls arrived and joined the party, each going off with a different partner to here their stories. Ecah was given a gift to wear before an appointed time and then the transformations began...
A View to a Dolly
FM/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
" To the uninitiated, this looks like a code scanner that all delivery people would carry around. However, it is, in fact, a rather sophisticated unit recently developed in private research labs in Canada. You see, when the prongs come into contact with human skin for longer than three seconds, it delivers a low voltage electrical shock some people might mistake as a stun gun attack. In fact, the electricity masks the introduction of a synthetic chromosome which has been bioengineered to rewrite your physical being on the cellular level according to the settings on the scanner. In your case, it's been set to something very naughty indeed - an inanimate LOVE DOLL!!! " the delivery woman exclaimed with a tone that was decidedly nasty.
Voodoo Spell
F/f; spell; transform; mannequin; revenge; nc; X
Six months after a beautiful marriage ceremony, Jasmine sensed a change in her husband's attitude and mood. He spent longer periods of time at the office and often seemed disinterested in what she had to say to him. She began to suspect that he was having an affair with another woman when she tried to call him one night at his office where he was supposed to be but was told no one had seen him the entire night.
Voodoo Spell 2: Rest and Relaxation
F/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
Jasmine put her feet up on the table sipping on a cold alcoholic drink while looking at the figure that was lying on the couch. The brown haired woman's name was Gina MacDonald, sister of Holly, who was now residing in Jasmine's basement modeling a lovely black bra and panty set with a long metal support rod inserted into what was her ass, she had caught Gina snooping through her house late one night and rendered her unconscious with a rag soaked in chloroform.

Wand of Wonder

Solo-F; magic; transform; lovedoll; stuck; toys; cons; X
" Well, that's another annual convention done for this year. I swear that this meetings get more and more dull every decade that goes by. " Holly muttered out loud as she threw her handbag onto a nearby chair before sitting down on her living room couch. " Well, now, what should I do tonight ? I could go over to Gwen's and see that new eagle she's using as a familiar for her spell casting. The only thing is she tends to go on about the battles of magic she used to have when she was younger and not even a hundred years old. Hmmm....what to do...what to do...? " Holly said softly out loud as she wandered through her house. When she got to her bedroom that was dominated by her four post bed with gold colored bedding, she thought of an idea of keeping herself busy that evening. Rummaging through her dresser drawers, she pulled out her Wand of Change ( as she called it thought it resembled a gray vibrator you would buy at a local XXX shop) and started looking through the same drawer for a cap for it.
Warlock's Wife
MF/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
When Mecklar moved a mirror in her line of sight, the blonde witch could see her feelings were justified as her body was indeed changing into an artificial material . Warm flesh was becoming shiny plastic devoid of blemishes or freckles and the tattoo she had of a bald eagle had disappeared as well. She could see what looked like thin lines resembling seams becoming evident on her arms, legs and torso. The pleasure she was feeling became mixed with one of feathery lightness as if she was floating on a cloud.

Wash Away Your Troubles
M/f; revenge; potion; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Janet Eaton was a wealthy businesswoman known for her ruthless attitude in negotiating business deals and the contempt she had for the men she triumphed over. She was nicknamed "The Ice Queen" by some wags and it was a name she was actually quite proud of. She had had ruthlessly foreclosed on a debt ridden toy manufacturer called Kid Toys, Inc. with the intent of negotiating the sale of the factory to a West Coast firm who produced adult oriented products. Then she accepted an invite to the opening of a new spa...
Wished For It
MF; lamp; genie; magic; transform; lovedoll; cons/nc; X
Hillary had found aa lamp on the beach, and had the good fortune to find that it contained a genie that granted her and boyfriend, Jack four wishes. Her first wish was for her to have bigger breasts and a body to match but nothing out of the ordinary. Jack had decided that the next wish would be his...
Workout Dolly
M/f; transform; lovedoll; packaged; nc; X
Just when her lack of mobility was starting to settle into Bianca's mindset and she figured someone would soon come and rescue her from her predicament, she noticed, by her reflection in the monitors, that her skin was changing in color and appearance rapidly. Freckles, blemishes and other such imperfections were quickly vanishing as her skin took on an artificial, tan colored appearance. She saw what looked like seams start to appear on her arms and legs as well as across her waist and around her breasts as if she was made of something synthetic stitched together by a machine. Bianca's cries for help started to diminish in strength and became mixed with gasps of pleasure as the changes to her body were accompanied by waves of erotic pleasure that flowed through her still body.
You Can Do Magic

M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X
A magician finds oout his wife has been cheating behind his back, but to make matters worse it's with a rival magician. On the pretence of practising for an upcoming show, the magician gets his wife/assistant to strip off and apply some lotion. Then using an ancient spell he casts over her whilst she levitates in mid air, turning her into a lovedoll...

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