Paul G Jutras Stories

casino Casino Dolls

M/mff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X
Police are sent undercover to to find out why women are disappearing from the Casino of Love. Disguised they soon find out to their dismay just where the women have gone to...

M/m; tg; transform; mc; doll; boxed; reluct; X
Sam had won a tour of the doll factory, he visited the niht tour after leaving work in th TG bar. Transformed into Sally by the Old Man who ran the factory, she was prepared for a new life.
Liking Privacy over Cooperative Living

F/f; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X
Christine just wanted some time to herself, sharing a house with three others was getting to her. Barbara was her roomate, she wanted John back, who was now dating Christine. Barbara has some special plans for Christine, something that would change Christines life forever...
madeforlove Made for Love

M/f; transform; lovedoll; boxed; transported; reluct; X
Bianca always put her work first, even toward her husband. It was because of this that her husband, Dick kept trying to make her into a better lover in bed. No matter what erotic tricks he'd try, she never truly warmed up to him. Her mind was on nothing but business. That was until she was laid off and began work with husband Dick. But he had other plans for her. And Bianca was to become something that he husband desired...
md Martian Dolls

M/ff; transform; mindcontrol; lovedolls; alien; bodymod; cons/nc; X
The plan for Earth to colonise Mars had be discovered by the Martians, They had devised a plan to thwart the Earthlings using Mind Control. When she discovered that her neighbour had changed and apparently married she just had to investigate, which lead to her becoming a play thing for the Martians...
nb A New Body Off The Rack

FF; transform; machine; dollsuit; cons; X
After going to a costume shop to get outfits for an upcoming party, Sam & Susan wanted to go in the same outfit, but there was only one on the rack. The store owner had a solution to the problem and wheeled out a machine that would enable them both to wear the same outfit with some surprising results...
newstart New Start

M/f; transform; machine; lovedoll; nc; X
Matt had double crossed his boss Tony and had him arrested by the FBI for counterfeiting, and he thought that he was safe in the witness program. He had even changed to become a woman. But Tony had broken out of jail and was now coming for revenge, that would result in Matt becoming an object of desire...
Timeless Beauty

M/fmm; ts; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; packaged; cons; X
Sam, Chris & Alex had gone online to post stories when they recieved a message that would transfom their lives forever. Eager to find out more they visit the address given and meet the man who would make their dreams comes true.