The Special Gift

by Gromet

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Woman to Sexdoll

Janice decided to give her husband a very special birthday present this year, she’d given him many gifts over the past few years they had been married and even given herself dressed in eye popping lingerie. But this year she wanted something extra special and after looking at some of his browsing history Janice knew the perfect gift – a full size realistic sex doll.

She looked around online to see if there was any company that could help her with getting the gift ready; she found that there was a company not too far away that specialized in making Real-Sex dolls™; it was just two hours’ drive away from their home. She was fascinated by how real the dolls looked and how beautiful they were, she found herself being turned on looking at the dolls.

But reading on she also discovered that they make a special product where someone can become a doll inside a suit and be prepared and delivered like one, she has a wicked thought and decides to order a Real-Sex Doll™ but also she wants to try the Really Real-Sex doll™ and get herself delivered to her husband, then have the real doll arrive on the Monday saying something like it was a wrong order, and return her to back to the factory.

She contacted the company by phone and asked for more details, the salesperson Maggie was happy to talk her through the whole process, stating that they have had many happy customers try out the Really Real-Sex doll™ suit and have even come back again for more.

Maggie told Janice that the really real doll suits are made of a thin latex catsuit covering the body, with inserts for various body cavities, then the suit is sprayed with the same silicon that they use to make the dolls, it comes in a three varieties of stiffness - soft; medium or hard, soft lets the doll move about easily, medium is more like the touch and feel of the real doll, but allows some movement, whilst hard restricts movement and makes the person inside feel more like a doll.

She then explained the process and how they make each individual Really Real doll. Janice was very happy with what she’d heard from Maggie, the price wasn’t out of this world either and Janice said that she would like to proceed and purchase the suit and a Real-Sex doll, “Maybe one that looks like me.” She asked.

“Sure no problem,” replied Maggie, “You’ll need to come in for a measuring session, we need to get your dimensions for the doll. When do need the doll by?”

“His birthday is this coming weekend, I know it may be a bit of a rush for you, but do you think we could do it this week?” Janice asked.

“We have a vacant spot late on Thursday, you’d need to stay overnight, do you think you could make that?” Maggie asked. “And it’s the only time we can fit you in.”

“Overnight, Oh I don’t know…” Janice said, unsure as to why they needed her overnight.

Maggie interrupted, “The silicon needs to cure before we paint it, so we’ll need you to remain here and not spoil the suit. Plus we need time to measure you and make the Real-Sex doll.”

“Oh, okay I understand. That shouldn’t be a problem.” Janice said, “I’ll see you on Thursday then.”


Janice leaves a note to tell her husband that she's going to her parents’ house for the weekend leaving Thursday and will be back on Monday, she's sorry she'll miss his birthday on Saturday but says that she'll make it up extra special when she gets back.

She heads off to the factory on Thursday morning to get prepared; she arrives before lunch and is greeted by Maggie. She is shown around the factory by Maggie and she explains how they make the dolls, she is introduced to the factory’s owner Grahame who welcomes her to the doll family, which seemed odd to Janice but put it out of her mind as some sort of in-joke the company has.

Maggie takes Janice to the measuring room, once there she’s asked to strip off her clothes and place them in a locker, a surgical gown is placed on a chair for her to wear and once ready she returns from behind the curtain desperately trying to hold the two parts of the gown over her rear. Maggie then guides her over to a small round disk on the floor. “Step onto the disk.” Maggie asks.

Janice complies with the request, still holding the gown about her body. She feels a small thrill go through her body, she’s about to become a love doll for her husband, the though had been driving her fantasies all week and both her husband and her toys had gotten a workout this week to satiate her sexual desires.

Maggie tells her to stand still on the disk and a laser will measure her body, she also tells her to remove the gown as she needs to be naked for the measuring process. Janice reluctantly removes the gown, it’s only Maggie and her in the room so she doesn’t feel to uncomfortable being naked in front of her. Maggie then positions Janice’s arms and legs, her hands held palm forwards and out from her body, her legs placed near the edges of the disk revealing her shaven sex to Maggie.

Maggie had seen it all before, she had seen several women come in to be measured up and reassured Janice that there was nothing unusual about the process, “It’s only us girls in here.” She said, “No boys allowed.”

“Okay I need you to hold that position as the laser passes over you; you’ll need to close your eyes too for safety reasons, here we go – hold that pose.” Maggie said and pushed the button to begin the measuring process, the red laser shot a beam of light on Janice’s body, then worked its way up to her head and then back down to her feet. It repeated the action three times to make sure to get the average measurement of Janice’s body.

“Hold still, I’m going to start rotating the disk and we can then measure every part of your body.” Maggie activated the disk to rotate and the laser kept running up and down Janice’s body, one the full rotation was finished Maggie switched off the machine. She checked over the results, reading the screen in front of her and ignoring the naked Janice still standing on the disk, Janice felt like she’d been turned into a doll already and that she was just an object like all the other dolls in the factory.

“Okay that all looks good; we need to get you into your suit now.” Maggie said, “Follow me.”

Janice followed Maggie and they headed out of the room and across the hallway to another room, she could see a couple of staff in the hall and then realised that she was still naked, she felt herself blush and her hands tried to hide her sex from the view of the staff.

“Don’t worry they’ve seen plenty of naked bodies,” Maggie said, “and soon they will see yours on the production line.”

“I thought I would be wearing a suit?” Janice asked.

“Yes but the latex is very thin, almost clear, but it’s also very strong made from a special compound and mixed in with the latex rubber to create our suits.” Maggie explained and walked over to bring a suit out of its box. “See.”

As Maggie held the suit up for Janice she realized that you could indeed see through it, she would be revealed in all her naked glory. Small butterflies danced in her tummy at the thought and moisture began to form on the inner petals of her sex. She’d had fantasies of being naked in public, finding herself suddenly naked in the street, her clothing disappearing leaving her humiliated as people watched her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Maggie saying, “You’ll need to rub this liquid all over your body to help with fitting.” Handing Janice the bottle.
Janice rubbed the strange smelling substance over her legs, the up over her thighs and her soft, round globes of flesh that formed her rear, something she was proud of and loved being touched there. More liquid was then applied between her legs, her soft folds growing as she rubbed the liquid in them, her little nubbin coming out to see what was going on, she felt the first stirrings of her sexual desire rising.

She rubbed the liquid on her arms next to take away her sexual thoughts, she didn’t want to get herself worked up in front of Maggie and the other staff here. She left her breasts until last in the hopes that her desire had waned by then, but both nipples soon stood loud and proud, she looked over at Maggie who was watching her as she applied the coating. A smile forming on her lips as she watched Janice’s nipples stand out.

“That always happens!” Laughed Maggie, “So don’t feel embarrassed.”

Janice couldn’t speak, she just blushed and looked down to the floor wondering why she’d put herself in this position, but inside she did feel the sparks of arousal, her inner demons revelling in her position, this was just like her dreams where she was naked in public, but there was nowhere to run to.

“Okay, now that you’re covered we can get you into the suit.” Maggie said, she picked up the chosen suit and brought it over to Janice. “Now we’ll start at your feet, so I need you to lift your left foot and I help ease the suit onto your foot.”

Once Janice’s foot was placed inside the foot, Maggie then began helping Janice place her right foot in the suit. Once Maggie was happy with the way the suit fitted Janice’s feet and that there were no air bubble she proceeded to pull the suit up her legs. It didn’t take long to cover her legs and soon the suit was brushing up against Janice’s sex, now warm and wet from her thoughts and the actions of putting on the tight suit.

“There’s no other way around this, so I’m going to have to help you.” Maggie said and began pulling the suit up Janice’s hips, moving her hands over Janice’s rear and then up through her legs brushing up against Janice’s outer labia and her clit hood, smoothing the suit out as she did so.

Janice felt Maggie’s hands against her rear and then pressed against her sex, small electrical tingles shot out from her sex to her brain; she hadn’t had a girl touch her down there since a brief fling in college, she wanted to try experimenting sexually and had a few times in bed with one of her fellow female students, she’d liked it at the time but seemed to prefer men than girls.

Once that part of the fitting was out of the way, things returned to normal, well until Maggie reached her breasts, now Janice was very sensitive in this area, well her whole sexual being was very sensitive to touch and teasing, so when Maggie touched her on her breast Janice felt her knees give out from under her and she fell onto Maggie, her arms now encased in latex fell onto Maggie’s shoulders and her face was close to Maggie’s, so close they could feel each other’s breath. There was a brief sexual moment between the two women, each close enough to kiss the other, Maggie’s hands now firmly planted onto Janice’s breasts, the heat between them intense.

The moment was broken by someone entering the room, “Sorry.” They both heard from the doorway, “Didn’t know the room was busy.” And the door closed as quickly as it opened. Maggie and Janice both broke out in giggles; her hands still held Janice’s breasts and Janice held onto Maggie’s shoulders, their faces now smiling, Maggie was surprised when Janice kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you Maggie, sorry about that.” Janice whispered, surprised at her boldness in kissing Maggie.

“That’s okay.” Maggie replied, she’d enjoyed rubbing her hands over Janice’s body; she loved the feel of the latex suit as it covered the female flesh, soft, warm and tender. She always loved this part of getting the dolls ready.

“Now let’s finish you up so we can get you ready for delivery.” Maggie said reluctantly. “The hood last, now bend forward for me.”

Once the hood was in place, Maggie checked over the whole suit again for any air bubbles or creases in the latex. This was her last chance to enjoy feeling the warm body enclosed inside the latex suit, so took her time. Janice stood there and revelled in the feelings she was experiencing, the whole suit felt like it was hugging her and Maggie’s hands running over the suit sent more delightful waves of pleasure through her body.

Happy with her work and the time spent running her hands over Janice, Maggie announced that they were ready for the next stage. “I need you to stand over in the corner booth.” She said to Janice, who walked over and climbed in.

“Now I want you to adopt the same pose we did when we measured you.” Maggie said, “A blue light will be emitted so you will need to close your eyes again.”

“What’s the light for?” Janice asked.

“To set the glue you rubbed over your body, the suit will stick to you and not move when you’re being played with.” Maggie replied.

“Glue!” Janice exclaimed, “how will I get out of the suit?”

“When you return we have a special solvent to breakdown the glue, don’t worry it’s all harmless, well mostly” she winked and pressed the button to start the light.

Janice stood there inside the booth as the blue light seemed to come at her from all angles, she could feel the suit begin to shrink to her body and cling to her skin, there was no way that she would be able to get free unless she returned to the factory now it seemed. Once done the light stopped, and Maggie took Janice by the hand and helped her out of the booth. 

“There’s my doll, all nice and tight.” Maggie said, “Now you’re ready for processing.”

Maggie took Janice’s hand and guided her out of the room and down the hallway, the sounds of a workshop coming from behind two swing doors in front of them. They entered to a brightly lit room, several people were working on making parts for the dolls and there were several partially completed dolls hanging from racking. It looked like some bizarre Frankenstein workshop to Janice.

She was astounded and confused as to all the activity that was going on here, coming from somewhere more intimate with Maggie. She walked along behind Maggie, now oblivious to her nakedness on display, not that anyone seemed to be taking notice of her, her body showing through the clear latex suit and displaying for her for all to see.

Maggie stopped when they reached a large machine, “This is our silicone spray booth, and it’s totally automated so once inside the machine will take over. Step inside and I’ll show you what we need to do.”

Janice stepped inside, her butterflies returning and a degree of nervous anticipation came over her, she was really doing this.

“Okay, I need you to place this tube inside your mouth.” Maggie said.

“What is it for?” Janice asked.

“Once the spraying begins you won’t be able to breathe.” Maggie replied.

“And why is it so big?” Janice asked, placing the large tube in her mouth and settling the mouth guard into place.

“Oh that’s so your owner can use your mouth for oral sex, we need to shape the mouth to form an ‘O’ shape.” Maggie laughed, especially at the surprised look on Janice’s face. “Now place these plugs up your nose. Lastly I need to glue these eye protectors on, they will come off after spraying but you won’t be able to see until we do.”

Satisfied that she had Janice ready for spraying, she asked Janice what coating she’d opted for again, already knowing the answer but she liked to tease her clients/dolls.

“Mmm medem, plez.” Janice tried to say but with the tube in her mouth she couldn’t talk properly.

“Hard, okay.” Maggie replied with a big smile on her face.

“Mmm ooo.” Janice cried, not seeing Maggie’s face smiling at her.

Maggie pushed the button to start the machine, the door closed sealing Janice inside now thinking that she would come out unable to move, her devious mind wondering what that would feel like. Her wrists were held by mechanical arms and her own arms were raised towards the ceiling, her legs were parted by another part of the machine and now set into position began spraying her body.

Several coating of silicon was sprayed on her body, each one dried by fans inside the machine. Once her arms were finished they were placed in a more natural position and more coats were applied. At one point she was lifted from the floor and more silicon covered her feet, she was now totally covered from head to toe in the silicon, her latex suit now buried under the multiple layers that had been sprayed on.

Now finished the door opened and the new doll that was Janice was ejected and placed onto the overhead conveyor, hooks under her arms holding her aloft as she was moved into the production area. Fist up on the line was final touch up, Janice felt her legs being spread as far apart as possible, she felt fingers on her soft sex, her outer lips being fondled and she felt her arousal growing again, she hoped that it was Maggie, but she’d gone back to her office once the machine had started. Leaving Janice overnight for the machine to do its work.


To everyone on the factory she was just another doll now, one to get prepared for the customer, they even had a spec sheet for what was required and who the order was for, her husband. Her sex was inspected and more silicon was added to form the folds of her sex, fans were used between coats to dry the silicon and her own moisture too.

Next came painting and colouring, her silicon flesh was a bland skin colour so highlights were added, her nipples were painted as well as the folds of her sex. The she was moved down the line to the next station, Maggie was here waiting. She was pulled off of the conveyor and sat down on a stool, her legs were bent and her arms placed in her lap.

“Okay Janice, time to remove the eye protection.” Maggie said. “Get ready for a bright light.”

Once the eye pieces were removed Janice couldn’t see, the light blinding her vision, but Maggie held her hand up to shield Janice’s eyes from the glare of the factory lighting. Once Janice had recovered she tried to look around, she found that she couldn’t move her head, only her eyes and she looked up at Maggie.

“Okay Janice, now we’ll do your make-up and paint your face, also we will touch up around your eyes where the guards were.” Maggie said, “I’m also going to add these special lenses to cover your eyes, you’ll be able to see out but others looking in won’t see any eye movements.”

Once the silicon had been touched up and the lens fitted to cover her eyes, her make-up was applied this was painted on so the colour wouldn’t fade or the make-up wear off. The tube was removed from her mouth and she was able to speak at last, though she had to speak with pursed lips.

“How doo I looke..?”Janice asked.

“Fine, you’ve turned out perfectly, you look just like any other doll, better watch out we don’t make a mistake and ship you to someone else!” Maggie teased.

“Noo…” Janice laughed too.

Maggie held up a mirror for Janice to see herself in her new doll form.

“Ooh wo-ow, I look like a dolll…” Janice exclaimed, “but no hair.”

“Wig comes next and then final inspection before packaging.” Maggie explained, she picked up a short blond bob cut wig and after applying some glue to the top of Janice’s silicon head pressed the wig down into place, adjusting it and fussing over her appearance.

Janice was hoisted up again to the overhead conveyor and moved along to the next station, the guy standing there waiting for her to arrive. Maggie handed him the paperwork for the doll and he began his inspection. Hands went everywhere over Janice’s body, her legs were again spread wide and the inspector bending down to closely examine Janice’s sex from below, fingers probed her outer folds, the they pushed further inside her and finally he thrust several fingers deep inside her pussy, he felt the wetness there.

“Oh she’s one of them!” he said.

Pulling his fingers out he then donned gloves and turned her around and his fingers began probing her rear, finding her opening and pushing inside. “Needs some lubricant!” he said matter of factly and then proceeded to push a tube up her rear entrance and squirt in the lube until it ran out from her. Wiping away the excess lubricant with one hand and again probing her rear opening with a couple of fingers. “Better.” Then squirting more inside her vaginal canal.

Taking a laser printer in his hand he moved behind Janice again and pressed the machine to the base of her spine. The machine left behind a barcode printed neatly in the skin covering her back. He picked up a scanning device and ran it over the barcode, then the barcode on the paperwork.

“There she’s now part of the stock.” He said, then moved onto the next doll in line.

Janice was moved out to dispatch, there she was taken off of the conveyor and carried over to a crate. Maggie was there to oversee the packing of the Really Real Doll. “Well it’s time to ship you off to your new owner, somewhere in Africa I believe,“ she laughed, “sorry I can’t help teasing.”

“We are going to place you inside the crate for delivery, don’t worry you can breathe inside the crate as it has discreet air holes, the straps will hold you in place so you don’t get damaged in delivery. See you next week… maybe.” Smiling at Janice as she said this. “Close her up boys.”

The straps were fastened tightly, the foam insert held her in place, the silicon coating held her rigid and she couldn’t move. She watched through the lens as the lid was placed onto the crate and all light was gone leaving her in darkness. She heard the fastening screws to the lid of the crate and then straps around the outside.

Maggie placed the delivery documents in the pouch on the crate, her job now done, and the doll would soon be on its way to her new owner. Janice felt the crate being moved and then placed in a vehicle; she knew she was in a vehicle when she heard the rear doors closed. And then felt the movement of the vehicle as it carried her home – or so she hoped.


They made a couple of other deliveries on the way, well to the delivery people she was just another doll to be delivered, they didn’t know that the crate contained a human female. Janice was too lost in her own dreams to be concerned about that, she was now just a freshly made doll on its way to a new owner, one that she hoped would put her to good use, as she was feeling very horny now after being prodded and probed by the inspector. The lube also had a stimulant effect too, so her holes were tingling from the sensations that the lube was causing.

The vehicle pulled up at her home, there was no one home but a key had been provided for the delivery guys to drop the crate inside the lounge room, they struggled a bit to move the crate around a corner and pushed and jostled Janice inside the box, ‘Lucky I’m strapped in!’ she thought. Then she felt them lay the crate down and then silence as they left her there.

She waited several hours inside the crate, the house was peaceful and quiet and inside the crate only the shallow breathing of the doll that was Janice could faintly be heard. She felt her sexual desire start to diminish, she couldn’t do anything to sate her desires anyway, the stiff doll suit and the straps wouldn’t allow her any movement.

Eventually her husband returned home from work, he walked into the house and checked the answering machine, he found a message from Janice she'd pre-recorded it at the factory and they made the call earlier today and played the message back, she said that she hoped he enjoyed her present to him, have fun playing with her and enjoy. He moved into the lounge room not knowing what the gift was that Janice had spoken about, but all he saw was a large crate lying on the floor. On top of the crate was an envelope with a ribbon attached, he picked up the envelope and opened it, inside was a card from Janice.

“Happy Birthday Darling!
Sorry I couldn’t be here but your very special present will make up for my absence. Please use it well and enjoy playing with it. She is all yours.
Your loving wife, Janice”

Finding a screwdriver he starts to open the crate, inside Janice can hear him and she is eager to see the look on his face when he sees the doll inside. Once the screws are removed he lifts the lid of the crate up and looks inside. His eyes open wide when he sees the doll strapped inside the crate, not knowing that his wife was inside the doll. All he could see was the doll, his eyes taking in the sight of the naked doll’s body, only the straps hiding her flesh.

“OH wow, thanks darling, I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, I never had the courage to buy one.” He says out loud to an empty room, his excitement in finding the doll clouding his brain that he was alone.

The telephone rings, he leaves the doll lying in the crate thinking that his wife was calling to see how he liked his gift. Picking up the phone it’s from one of his buddies wishing him a happy birthday and inviting out for a drink, thinking about what his wife had given him for his birthday he declined the offer, after some brief chat he hung up and moved back to the lounge.

He looks the doll over and rereads the note to confirm it's from his wife, he'd been after one of these dolls for some time and cannot believe his wife had bought him one. He then begins to remove the straps holding the doll inside the crate, picking up the doll in his arms he carries it over to the sofa and placed it down, the doll stretched out laying there just as it was in the crate.

He moved the dolls legs bending them into a sitting position, moving the legs up and bending the dolls back slightly so the doll remained sitting. Inside Janice was ecstatic, here she was just a doll, her husband/owner was moving her, placing her into a sitting position, she watched through the lens as he looked at every inch of her body.

She was wondering what he would do first, she hoped that he help with her burning need to have sex, the lube still affecting her sexual arousal. His hands running over her silicon doll skin, cupping her soft breasts in his hands and playing with the nipples. Janice felt every touch of his hands; they felt magnified by the suit, her nipples sending delightful signals to her brain and her sex.

She could see the burning desire in his eyes, something that had been missing for a while it seems, her own burning need feeling like a smoldering cauldron inside her. She felt overcome with sexual desire, her body more than ready for any sexual activity that her husband/owner gave her.

He also felt an overwhelming desire to have sex with this doll, it’s what she was made for after all he reasoned, so why wait to sample the delights that the dolls body would provide. His fingers start to probe the dolls sex, feeling the outer folds give way to a wet epicenter, the vagina of the doll was well lubricated he thought.

He rolls the doll over so she’s face down in the sofa cushioning, he then starts unzipping himself and proceeds to make the first use of the new doll doggie style, he enters the dolls pussy, he feels the tight wall embrace his penis and the warmth, which he doesn’t take any notice of and pounds away at the doll enjoying taking her from behind, it doesn’t take him long until he cums inside the doll.

Janice  feels him enter her and enjoys the feeling of him using her like this, even though it doesn't take him long to climax, she begins to work towards her own climax but was thwarted when he came before her, she was still thrilled at what has happened and how he had used her, she was his doll after all.

He next lays the doll face down of the sofa and climbs on top of her, he begins rubbing himself against the rear cheeks of the doll and soon he gets his erection back and this time he enters her rear hole, the factory had injected plenty of lube up inside her just for this eventuality and he slid in fairly easily.

Janice had experienced anal sex before, they had tried it on a few occasions, usually when they were both drunk, once she got over the initial pain and discomfort she usually settled down to enjoy the sensations of him using her this way. But this time the sensations were more intense, she could feel the head of his penis moving in and out, she began to love the feelings she was getting from him taking her this way.

He soon climaxed again and Janice had a minor one herself, much to her surprise but her clit had been rubbing against the fabric of the sofa causing the little nub to send its delightful signals to her brain, overwhelming her in the sensations of her own orgasm and momentarily blacking out. His pounding her arse from behind, pushing her sex into the soft cushions below her.

After using the doll several times, he leaves her where she lay half on and half off the sofa as he goes to refresh himself, she as the doll cannot move the firm skin coating her not allowing much movement, she has been enjoying herself so far and is wondering what else he has planned.
Friday being sports night on TV means a couple of hours of games to watch, she normally leaves him to watch them, sometimes having a long soak in the tub and idly playing with herself too, but now being in the dolls body she has to sit and watch too.

Just then the doorbell rings and he lets one of his buddies in to watch the games with him, he'd invited him over earlier. His buddy spots the doll and the husband explains his wife’s surprise, his friend starts to feel the doll and makes some crude comments about dolls, women, their fuckholes and sex.

Later during a break in the sports her husband asks his friend would he like to try the doll out himself, thinking that’s what dolls were made for, which he readily agrees to, and soon he has the doll moved on to the floor and without any foreplay is pumping away inside her whilst her husband/owner watches.

Janice meanwhile is initially horrified at the thought of his friend using her, but cannot do anything to stop him, she can’t move inside the suit and silicon covering, Maggie had pressed the ‘Hard’ button on the machine she thought.

She would have to reveal the fact that she was in fact the doll, she doesn't want the experience to end so soon, she was enjoying being the doll and being used by her owner and events take over before she could act, she was on the floor and his friend was already inside her. She just lay there and let him use her, after all she was just a doll after all.

Both men then use the doll for their pleasure, taking the doll in each of its holes; placing the doll on hands and knees and both using the doll, one in the mouth and the other her rear. They didn’t know that the doll contained a human female, his wife was away or so he thought, there was no conceivable way that she would have been the doll, she was just a fuck toy for them to use, and they both seemed to get carried away using the doll.

Inside the suit something changed in Janice’s mind, the pounding of her sex and the constant use by the two men, she was awash with sexual desire and longing inside, her own arousal overcoming any hesitance on her part, her mind now being used to being a sexual object, she was just a sextoy for them to use, she loves being just a doll, and being used by her owner.

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