Adjusting Your Perspective

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: M+/f+; school; transform; F2doll; lovedoll; reluct; nc; X

The all women's school known as Douglas Leblanc Academy had been operating for just over one hundred years and had garnered a reputation of being an excellent institution for preparing young women from high society to succeed in the world around them. However, the last decade or so had seen a decline in the number of women attending the academy and coupled with the rising costs of the operation, the days seemed numbered for the private learning facility. However, out of the blue, the Academy was saved from closure thanks to an infusion of funds from investors whose identities were known only to a select few. With that extra cash added to the coffers, a new crop of entrance level women joined the Academy and were excited at the opportunity to attend the academy.

"Everything around here screams wisdom, knowledge, history. This is going to be, like, the greatest thing ever," the auburn haired Katie said in a bubbly manner as she walked with her fellow first year students towards Corrigan Hall, the building containing the classroom they were headed for.

"Katie, tone it down a little, ok? We're going to an intro orientation meeting, not a bash for every East Coast millionaire," Barbara replied as she moved next to the excitable woman.

"Chill it, Barb. We're gonna sit down for some stupid blather by a geezer who doesn't want us to use cells or anything like that. We had to secure them all with those security douches before heading here," Candi intoned as the women passed a portrait of a regal looking woman that looked to have done in the nineteenth century.

"All I know is we are in a group of fifteen and the lecture will take no more than forty five minutes. I hope the lecture allows for questions from everyone. I want to know if we are going to be having any dances with male only colleges. There must be a few that would have guys who want a hot babe like myself," Simone said as she flicked a lock of her curly blonde hair out of her face as they reached the room in question.

"Ok, ladies. Take your seats, please. There's a lot of material we need to go over for the start of your semester and some videos you'll need to see to familiarize yourselves with Academy life," a dark haired woman with blonde streaks in her locks intoned as she walked over to the desk at the front of the room. Wearing a white blouse, black leather skirt and red high heel shoes, the teacher would grab the attention of any male passerby and a few women as well.

"My name is Denise Miller. You may address me as Miss Miller. I'm head of orientation for the academy and will be introducing all of you to the culture you're going to encounter during your days of learning here. To start, I'm going to ask each of you to refrain from asking questions during this information session. After everything is explained, and all of you get to watch the orientation films, I'll open the room for questions. Now, to start, I'll pass around this form that I want each of you to put down your name and age. Oh, and a reminder: ALL electronic devices are to be turned off until the end of the session," the teacher said in a voice that carried to the four corners of the room.

As the women jotted down the requested information and passed the form around, Katie noticed that the vents located next to the whiteboard were blowing in cool air to the room as well as the A/C unit mounted on a window sill. She thought it was a bit odd but nothing worth mentioning as she finished filling out the form given to her.

After the forms were filled out and handed in to Denise, the teacher placed the papers in a drawer before standing up and moving to the blackboard next to her. Pushing a button on a remote she held in her hand, a projection screen slowly lowered from the ceiling that covered most of the wall. At the same time, a panel slid open on the opposite wall to reveal an odd looking projector.

"Now, ladies, we’re going to start the orientation film. It goes over the history of the academy and an overview of activities you may, ummm, experience here. It’s not as, ummm, dull as you may think and some of you may find it quite, ummm, entertaining," Denise said to the young women in front of her. As she spoke, the teacher fidgeted slightly as she felt odd pangs of arousal for some unexplained reason.

"This sounds so tedious. I wish I, ummm, had snuck a little toy in to keep, ummm, pretty entertained," Simone whispered to her nearby friends.

"I hear ya. Damn, feeling a little off myself right now. Can’t quite figure out why. Maybe I need a big cock to keep me happy," Katie remarked in a tone that was unlike her usual bubbly demeanor.

"Ladies, settle down. We’re going to start the film now," Denise said with an elevated volume to her voice. With that, the teacher stood to one side and activated the film via a remote in her right hand.

A few seconds later, the lights dimmed and the screen showed the logo of Douglas Leblanc Academy. After this, the logo faded to be replaced by a wide screen shot of the academy campus.

"Douglas Leblanc Academy, an institution of higher learning for over a century. Dedicated to educating young women in a wide variety of fields, the academy has adjusted through turbulent times as it seeks to PERFECT the women that pass through its doors," the narrator intoned as the screen changed to streaks of multiple colors before reverting to a campus scene once again.

Looks pretty routine so far. Uhhh, feeling pretty warm right now. Hmmmm... Denise thought as she pressed the back of her left hand to her forehead. At the same time, she unbuttoned the top button her blouse in a motion she didn’t even realize she was doing.

"Here at Douglas Leblanc Academy, we strive to make young women into the best they can be. Free from the avaracises of SEX and alcohol, the students can focus on being the best individual they can be. Able to block out disruptive elements that can TOY with their focus, the young women enrolled here can achieve what they set themselves to achieve. The academy strives to provide their every need," the narrator said images of different buildings appeared intertwined with pictures of young women doing various activities.

Geez, these films are so fucking boring. Mmmmm, getting fucky horny...don’t know why...feel so good...mmmmm... Katie thought to herself as she dropped her right hand below the desk and started to stroke her sex in a subconscious manner. At the same time, Katie unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse in a way that indicated she was feeling overheated in multiple ways and she wasn’t concerned that anyone around her noticed.

This is, like, intolerable. I could be out having fun...looking for some hot guys at the fucks...mmmmm...feeling so good... Barbara thought as she dropped both hands below the desk and started to massage her pussy in a vigorous manner.

The film switched to a large version of the D L A letters with stripes of multiple colors emanating on both sides as the narration continued," ON A typical day for students here, they will find classes stimulating on many levels. The academy strives not to fall into the typical HOLE that befalls many other women in the world. Women at the academy find freedom from SEXUAL pitfalls and PLEASURE in achieving great things," the narrator intoned as text appeared at the bottom of the screen that accompanied his words.

I...I Denise thought as she slipped off her shoes followed by her blouse and skirt. As she did, Denise felt the desires for pleasure and to please. The dark haired woman squirmed in her chair and slipped off her panties as erotic visions started to blanket her mind. Denise’s bra tumbled to the floor and she was completely nude but seemed content with this fact as her mind was clouded by an erotic haze.

As the narration continued, the rest of the women quickly joined their instructor in a state of nudity and mindless pleasure. No one said a word out loud outside moans and groans from pleasuring themselves. After a minute or two, even these faded away as all the women inside the room slipped into unconsciousness.

Two minutes later, two men and a woman opened the door and slipped into the room. All three were dressed in black clothing from head to toe with only their eyes visible. The trio wore gas masks over their mouths and the men held what looked to be odd looking injectors in their right hands. The woman was holding a small bottle in one hand and a cloth in the other hand.

"Harold, Frank, you inject the others with the doses one at a time and make sure you don’t miss anyone. I’ll make sure that the teacher type doesn’t cause any problems before she gets dosed," the woman said as she moved next to Denise.

The men nodded and moved to opposite ends of the front row. Once there, each man grasped a woman’s arm, placed the injector on the skin and activated it with a soft PFFFT!!.

"What, what’s going on? Who are you people? Why..MMMPPHH!!" Denise started to say in a semi-conscious state. However, her protests quickly faded away as she slipped into an unconscious state once again.

"There we go. A great looking body but nosy about things. Won’t matter, though, as her future has already been determined," the woman intoned as she pulled away the chloroform soaked cloth and let Denise’s head droop onto her chest. Moments later, the woman withdrew a hypodermic similar to what the other two were deploying and used it on Denise.

Once the three had finished their tasks, they gathered at the front of the room and communicated through hand gestures that the work was done. With that, they opened the door again, went outside and closed the door behind with a noticeable CLICK! Sound.

Moments later, Denise and all the women started to moan very loudly and erotically as waves of pleasure started to flow their respective bodies. However, the moaning started to fade in concert with a growing glow that swept over all the women. As the glow intensified, physical changes started happening to all the women present. The womens’ arms and legs started to get shorter and shorter with every passing second.

As the women’s bodies continued to transform, Denise and the women in front of her took on expressions unlike anything they had experienced before. Their respective mouths opened into a O shape with their eyes stretching open and a look of pleasure seemingly visible in them.

A glossy look started to become visible on all the women’s bodies and in addition, they changed in color. Each was a color different than the woman next to them...purple, yellow, green, dark blue. For Denise, she was bright pink in color as she slowly settled against the back of the chair she was in.

When the glow finally faded away, the changes were complete. Denise and the women seated in the room had been transformed into onaholes, limbless synthetic sex toys that were also used as body pillows by some in their private bedrooms.

What, what happened...feel so strange...feel...feel need...need to be used...fuck me...fill my name is Katie..I want...ummm...want to be used...I onahole...a fuck toy for owner... the onahole that used to be the young woman Katie thought as normal human thinking was becoming mixed with the desires of the sex toy it now existed as.

For Denise, her job of overseeing young women in a classroom was changing to a new role. What...what is...ummm...going on?...can’t move...feel..uhhh...ummm...feel holes filled with cock...mmm...good toy...good onahole...NOO!!...I’m Denise...a teacher who...who...mmmmm...wants to...please... Denise thought as her mental struggles with what happened to her physically mixed with intense pleasure and simple desires of the sex toy she now was.

As the minutes and hours passed, the room remained silent as the onaholes tried to maintain their thinking as flesh and blood woman rather than the colorful sex toys they now were.

For all, though, one question was common in their chaotic thoughts..

What happens now?...

A year later...


The Armstrong Institute, a private academy dedicated to the education of young men post high school, had operated for decades before closing a few years earlier due to financial difficulties and declining enrollment. However, over the past winter, emails had been sent out to select wealthy families throughout the West Coast announcing the reopening of the academy and touted its many attributes.

"...believe Dad insisted that I come here for post secondary stuff. I told him I could make a six figure salary if he let me become a pro gamer at the Silvernite place. He leaned back and told me it cost a lot of money to fix that situation I had with Jenny a while back. So, it was either come here or be cut off from family money. I don’t want to flip burgers for a living so here I am," the blond haired Billy muttered as he ambled towards the hall where the freshman seminar was being staged.

"Hope this stupid seminar doesn’t go too long. I wanna post a new vid on Usertube for my followers today and this stupid thing about leaving all tech home when attending sucks," Ian replied as he looked around to see if any women were in the area.

"If we’re lucky, it’ll be one of those stupid things where we have to hear about being proper gentlemen, avoiding binge drinking and all that bullshit," Harry said as the trio entered the building in question and headed for the room hosting the seminar.

Outside the room, the trio were met by a well dressed man that looked to be in his mid forties flanked by two other men". Hello, young men. My name is Professor Mendelson and my associates here are Brent and Grant. I’ll be overseeing your introduction seminar today but before we get started, I have to verify that you followed the instructions concerning your private technology. Brent, Grant, run the scanners over the gentlemen to confirm this fact," the professor intoned.

After Brent and Grant scanned the trio, as well as other young men arriving for the seminar, the professor stepped in front of the double doors leading to a room behind him". Now, young men, here at Armstrong Institute, we strive to mold your minds and bodies to be the best upon graduation. For the physical side, we realize that there are distractions that may arise from amorous needs that are amplified at your age. To satisfy that aspect, I ask you to step inside and see the items we have acquired for that, well, need,"

A little puzzled by what they heard, Billy and the others went inside the room and were stunned by what they saw. Atop the desks inside were onahole sex toys of various colors and looked amazingly realistic in every details. On the desk at the front of the room, there was a generous supply of prophylactics and ointments for use by individuals. There was also a faint smell in the room though none of the young men seemed to notice or care.

"Now, gentlemen, you have ninety minutes to do what you want inside the room. When the time is up, you will be brought to the next part of the seminar where we will go over the locations of different faculties on campus, student services and so on," the professor intoned before turning and leaving the room with his associates.

"Uhhh, boss, aren’t you worried that one of these rich brats is gonna mouth off to his buddies afterwards about this? ‘ Brent intoned as he watched Mendelson lock the doors to the room.

"Not at all, my good man. The chemical being injected into the room via the air conditioning system will act to wipe their memories of this activity. After that, a recording will play from speakers in there that will implant memories that they were on a tour of the campus and fell asleep watching a freshman themed film," Mendelson said smoothly.

"Umm, I’m confused. Why are we doing this if they don’t remember?" Grant asked as he scratched his head with his right hand.

Mendelson sighed " As I told you two before, the institute obtained these toys from a buyer on the east coast and promises more in the future if we are satisfied. These, ahem, onaholes were made to resemble the women who disappeared during that trip into the Canadian wilderness and were rumored to fall victim to a unique species of beaver. Quite grim,"

"There are sensors built into the walls of the room that will monitor all aspects of the gentlemen’s enthusiasm, for lack of a better word. These results will help determine if we should acquire more future items for the institute’s backers," the professor intoned as he sat down in an office opposite the seminar room.

"Geez, boss, sounds like quite the thing," Brant said as a loud grunt of pleasure echoed from the room.

"All in the name of education, good man," Mendelson said as he pulled a pipe out of his suit pocket and lit it.

"Education and adjusting what one wants," Mendelson continued with a slight evil look appearing in his eyes.


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