Adult Toys

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; lotion; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


Eileen crept silently across the deserted parking lot towards the illuminated store front of Adult Fun, a store specializing in adult entertainment items ranging from the latest XXX DVD/movie to a wide assortment of creams, devices and other items to heighten sexual pleasure.

However, the reason Eileen was headed for the store that night has nothing to do with a potential purchase. She had agreed to meet the owner Mitzie after store hours for a night of erotic pleasure that would add a new level of intimacy to their three month relationship. One fact she had no intention of telling Mitzie was Eileen's real reason for the relationship that had blossomed  between the two women.

About a year or so ago, Eileen's sister Cathy had disappeared while in the employ of Adult Fun. Mitzie told the police investigators that Cathy had fallen in with a rough crowd and had stolen a substantial amount of money from her store before leaving with a few biker friends. Police believed the story after verifying the fact that Cathy had cleaned out her bank accounts and given notice at the apartment building she was living at.

However, Eileen suspected there was far more to the story than the police were told and that Mitzie, contrary to her denials, knew where her sister had gone to. The fact that two other women had left abruptly in the past who either worked for or did business with Mitzie only strengthened her resolve to find out the truth behind Cathy's disappearance.

All this information raced through Eileen's mind as she opened the store door and walked into the brightly lit store with rows of merchandise and colorful displays. A blonde woman clad only in a bright silver and black bathrobe beckoned to her from the back of the store.

"Glad you could make it, Eileen! I hope you're ready for an evening you'll never forget!" Mitzie chirped happily as she dug out several boxes from under a nearby counter. She got out several exotic sexual aids and lubricants that were all showcased with bright colors and shiny plastic coverings and placed them on a nearby counter.

Eileen walked over to the blonde temptress wearing the sexiest smile she could muster. "Oooh.. I've heard that line before from so many men in the past. What makes you so special? " she asked tracing her left middle index finger across her shiny red lips.

Mitzie grinned as she opened up her bathrobe to reveal her nude body to her lover. "Well, darling, once you've had all of this, I think you'll be in full agreement." she said as she tossed her robe onto the floor and walked over to Eileen with a look of intense lust written all over her face.

Eileen quickly stripped off her clothes aided by her eager lover and they began to kiss and caress each other in earnest. After 45 minutes or so of heavy petting and probing interrupted by both reaching the bliss of an amazing orgasm, the two collapsed to the floor with their bodies still entwined.

Eileen slowly writhed on the floor as she basked in the afterglow of the most intense lovemaking she had participated in a very long time. The brunette pulled herself on her elbows and watched Mitzie walk softly around the store to check on a few displays and such.

"Mmmmm... I'm amazed you can walk after a hot session like that. Shall we head back to my place or yours to continue where we left off?" Eileen inquired secretly hoping that during such a trip she'd be able to pump Mitzie for information about Cathy.

"Well, maybe in a bit... right now I want to show you a very special body lotion I have for just these type of interludes. When it's rubbed into your skin, it stimulates your sex drive by several factors and lets you have orgasms that are unbelievable. If you'll lean on this table, I'll massage it over your luscious body using my special technique for maximum penetration. Ha!" Mitzie said to her lover waving a small white tube under her nose.

"Ooohhh... that sounds like quite the lotion. Maybe after you've given me a little rubdown, I can do the same for you as well." Eileen said as she stood up and walked towards the blonde woman who was smiling like she was a little kid in a candy store.

Eileen leaned over and put her hands on the wooden table with her back to Mitzie. She wiggled her hips in a seductive way while a small giggle issued forth from her. "Start rubbing away, sexy... oh, I forgot to ask, have you used this ointment before on yourself?" she said as she waited for Mitzie to start caressing her body.

Mitzie chuckled softly as she started to caress her lover's neck, shoulders and upper neck. "Oh, no, I've never used this on myself. It's something I save just for my lovers to help improve our lovemaking." she purred as the scent of freshly cut flowers filled the air.

Eileen arched her back as waves of pleasure went through her body causing her to moan softly. "Uhhhh... so would I know any of your previous lovers who were foolish enough to let you get away?" she inquired through a haze of passion.

Mitzie cooed softly as she rubbed in the lotion even more vigorously over the brunette's body and moved her hands onto Eileen's front paying close attention to the breasts and abdomen. "You're curious about my past, eh? Well, there was Krista and Diane, both of who used to work here in the store. My last treat before you was a delicious little redhead named Cathy who spent quite a few delicious evenings with me." she said as she cupped Eileen's left breast with her hand.

"Cathy!... maybe I can find out a little more... feeling a little strange.... stiff..." Eileen thought to herself as she felt herself awash with a feeling of lightness like she was floating on a cloud. "Cathy... where is she now...?" she asked in a panting voice though the panting was more due to the growing feeling of immobility than Mitzie's caresses.

"Ohh... you'll see where your sister is soon enough..." Mitzie said with a noticeable edge to her voice as she tweaked Eileen's rapidly hardening nipples before nuzzling up against her right ear. "You'll be such a sexy love doll for me to play with."

"DOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!....." Eileen shouted out before her ability to speak vanished altogether. She could see herself in a reflection from a nearby glass cabinet and realized what the stiffness was. Her body was rapidly changing from flesh and blood to tan colored latex and rubber. She could see seams appearing on her arms and torso with circles forming around her breasts which were now rigid mounds of plastic capped by bright pink nipples that were permanently erect. She could feel her pussy changing into the same material that the rest of her body was now composed of. This part sent her spinning into an intense orgasm which was stronger than she had ever felt before. She could feel her teeth and tongue melt away as her mouth formed a sensuous ovular shape with a soft rubbery interior. The feeling of lightness became stronger as she sensed she was becoming nothing more than an air filled bag of latex and rubber.

"A LOVE DOLL... I'M BECOMING AN INANIMATE SEX TOY... SEX... DOLL... NEED TO BE USED.. LIKE A GOOD DOLL...." thought the new doll as she found herself being picked up and laid down on the table she was previously leaning on.

"You see, my dear, I had a bad experience a while back with a lover who left me suddenly and without warning. I resolved then to never let that happen again so when I sense that they are on verge of leaving me, I change my lovers into various items which I can use to keep me happy indefinitely." Mitzie said as she got out a long cardboard box with a see through lid and placed it on the floor next to where the transformed Eileen laid passively waiting to be used.  She then picked up the doll and put her into the box where she snugly fit.

"Oh, and I think I'll answer your question about your missing sister now..." Mitzie said as she picked up the box and carried to the back of the store before flipping it upside down and placing on top of several other boxes. "I'll be back later on after I call my cousin Suzie and see how she's doing with her 'collection."

Mitzie then gathered up her things and left the store leaving the new doll staring downward with it's plastic eyes. If Eileen still had the power of speech, she would have screamed repeatedly out loud at what she saw...

A doll which could be no other than a transformed Cathy stared back at Eileen...

The sisters were reunited.. though no one would ever see them again...

Except for Mitzie....




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