Adventures of a Sex Doll 4

by Anonymous

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Part 4

Two o'clock and the black vehicle arrived. I hopped in and we travelled to the house. There I was given the passcode to the house alarms by the friendly elderly chauffeur and told that more instructions would be inside. I thanked him deeply and wondered if having sex with me would kill him -- talk about dying happy! Ken was right, I realized, as I stood in the front yard, this big old house was 'made' for me somehow. It was an ornate five bedroom affair with three levels, I recalled, designed originally for a family in mind with a fenced backyard. It had been very well looked after outside and I suspected the inside had been cleaned up in the morning. Not wanting to stare, I opened the front door with the key and went inside.

There was a dusty smell in the air, along with a faint hint of another aroma; flowery -- perfume? I found an envelope hanging from the hallway's chandelier and found it was from Ken. Inside were my identification and bank cards along with more keys for the two included... cars?! He must think cars are not an option with gift homes, I considered bemusedly. Clothing for myself (he said in the note) I would have to purchase on my own, unfortunately, but for Catherine he had sent some of her things as well as her favorite foods to last for a little while until she was settled.

In my amazement over the house and other gifts I had almost forgotten about her and the commitment I had made. She wasn't upstairs; though I saw a bedroom perpared for her, nor was she anywhere on the main level, so that left the basement. I opened the door walked down the steep stairs quickly so I didn't really notice anything until I was already at the bottom.

"What... the... hell..." I said, shocked.

A muffled shout snapped my eyes to the naked form of Catherine who was gagged anew and standing upright. Numbly, I slowly stepped over to her all the while looking at the basement's 'decor'. When I reached her, I put a hand on the rough, cold, wall behind her and murmured, "Catherine, your grandfather has a very, very bad sense of humour."

I got a disgusted, emphatic agreement in response. For the main basement area had been converted into some sort of arcane combination of dungeon/living space. Catherine was secured to the stone wall by one of six or seven sets of adjustable cuffs and chains so that one set could fit many different sizes of people. Hooks were on the ceiling for future uses, the floor was a nice, patterned, dark wood parquet that wouldn't be cold on the feet. Scattered at intervals were several large, removable oriental rugs. On one side of the room was an entertainment center with stereo and TV; someone was showing 'The Bride of Frankenstein' and it wasn't Catherine!

The couches looked normal but there were some odd accessories such as spiky throw pillows along with chairs that had straps on them. I hesitantly looked into a side room and found the exact same waterbed Ken and I had used last night in a room that matched it perfectly. There were some dressers and on a quick examination found a lot of those vibrating belts and some remotes, leather get-ups, whips, etc... I shook my head as I left the room. In another I found the double bondage board used on Becky and Tina along with the one used on me beside it. A collection of dildos, gags, and other unfamiliar equipment lined the room's walls. I left that one too and came up to my future houseguest with a rather bemused expression. I took off the gag so we could talk.

"Where am I? Why are you here?" she demanded angrily.

"Well..." I ran a hand through my hair, wondering how to put this to her. "You are in a house your grandfather gave me since I no longer have a home of my own."

"He GAVE you this??"

"The upstairs and main floors are normal. I suspect he did this as a joke." I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

"Then why am I here?"

"Seeing how he didn't do so well with your upbringing, he included you as part of the deal. I'm your new guardian."

"Pardon me???" she screeched and I winced.

"I'm to keep you with me until you learn to behave more nicely," I said and she stared at me. "And stop trying to kill yourself -- or me. Hey, this wasn't my idea."

"I do not believe this!!" Catherine shouted and yanked at her chains, which rattled melodramatically. "I'll kill him for treating me like this! I'll fucking rip his goddamned balls off! I'll...!!!"

I slapped one of her enormous breasts sharply and she gave a shocked howl of pain. "Oh shut up!" I snapped, fed up by her outburst. "Did you ever think what would make him RESORT to this kind of thing?! Kennith Raymond strikes me as a person who deals with people who give him problems with very effective words, not actions. Not unless it is the LAST RESORT!! Unless there was no other way; no alternatives left..."

She stared at me, a little pale now as my words and their meaning sank in.

"He wouldn't go to this much trouble if he didn't care for you to some degree..."

"Fuck him and his cursed principles! I'm his flesh and blood but he's a dead man," she ranted. "Ow!" was her response to another brisk slap.

"Here you go again, sounding like the murderous bitch you were when I first ran into you. At one point when we talked at his mansion you actually sounded like you were a decent human being, beneath all your pain, and that's the only reason I said yes to keeping you here." She snarled back at me; gutteral, animalistic noises. " I can also try to get your breasts back to normal here," I added with a sigh.

"Are you hungry now? I never am, anymore, so speak up when you are."

She regarded me closely for the first time. "What does it feel like? To not be human anymore, I mean. To be a freak?"

"Scared, mostly, when I really think about it." I smiled wanly. "But I don't think about my past. I've had a busy week so I haven't had much time to feel sorry for myself. I think the magic of this body is helping me adjust too so it's usually okay."

"I suppose I am hungry," she admitted. I turned to leave and she panicked suddenly. "You're not LEAVING me here, are you??"

"Going upstairs -- do you see a refrigerator anywhere in this chamber of horrors?" She quieted down somewhat. "Besides, you don't want to go out, just yet!"

"Then HOW did I GET here??" she demanded, then went wide-eyed with a sudden realization. "That dream -- of being flattened like a pancake -- wasn't a dream?! Was it?? Damn him and his sorcery." She was starting to get upset again.

I turned back with a sheepish expression. "Sorry, I guess you know what he can do, huh? Even so, he did bring you back, right? Your grandfather's ways may be strange but he has never lost his love for you. You just have to trust him, and me, until you can see that clearly for yourself." I came over to free her from her bonds. "I don't think you'll try to kill yourself anymore. But, er, do you want me to shut the blinds upstairs first?"

She blushed deeply in embarrassment. "Okay. Do you want me to try reducing you after you've eaten?"

She looked up eagerly. "You think you can??"

"I think so; might as well try," I said, "those balloons won't make it easy moving around in the house. Even a little bit would help," I said as I finished freeing her.

The black-haired woman stretched with relief at being freed and followed me up the stairs a little ways before remembering about the blinds and stopping. After I did that, she squeezed through the door into the restaurant-quality kitchen and I helped her make something for herself. I wasn't hungry or in need of water. I asked her what she would like to wear and got a sour look in response, "What would FIT?" she moaned through a forkfull of her salad greens.

I blushed at my faux pas, realizing that most of her old clothes wouldn't fit anymore because I'd changed her whole figure, her proportions, at the same time I'd blimped her breasts. Which got me wondering... "Why were you so thin?" I asked her.

"I wasn't thin, I was just right!!" she said angrily.

"For a skeleton, sure," I retorted sarcastically. "A nutritionist would've shaken their head if they'd seen you the way I had."

"So you made me... fat??"

"Aside from the breasts, no. Do you know how many men would be staring at you and thinking you were crazy for saying that? I mean, you're about PERFECT now, great legs, hips, waist, buns, arms, face, and so on. You could be a movie star! WHY do you think that's fat?"

"It just is," she replied a little defensively, making me snort.

"Sure, sure. Bathroom?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Alright, let's do it downstairs." She made a face. "I know, I know, but the bed down there might be the best to use for this."

Reluctantly, she followed me down again and to the room with the waterbed which she recognized with a bark of laughter. I took off my clothes and she didn't object, knowing it wise for me to do so. What surprised her was my abrupt change into my sex goddess form. At her quizzical look, I said, "I feel more confident in this shape."

I stretched with a grin and she swallowed a little as she watched me flex a body every bit as spectacular as she posessed now. Curves that were not at all 'fat' on me. "Let's get on the bed."

We crawled onto the big waterbed and I had Catherine lay down. "Okay, this is what I'm gonna try," I began. "The wind came into your mouth so I'm going to try drawing it back into me the same way. By kissing."

She almost objected, but stopped, seeing the sense in my plan.

"I'll try calling it back into me. Ready?"

She nodded and tried to relax. I smiled and got over to kneel by her head. Bending down, I started a deep kiss with her. It took a few minutes, but I finally felt something familiar pass from her into me. I think she felt it too because she responded more eagerly. The magical air was slower returning to me for some reason and I was beginning to feel bloated myself, which was funny because of my inflatable nature. At last I had to break off the kiss, unable to continue.

Catherine looked up at her breasts and gasped with delight. "They're almost half a foot smaller! Why did you stop?"

"I don't--feel right--" My tone made her look at me and she gasped again, but with distressed alarm this time.

"You- You're glowing!"

I looked at my hands and saw that she was right. "Holy shit," I said.

I should've been more concerned, but somehow it just felt funny to me, like someone had stuck a lightbulb inside of me and turned it on. I giggled and kept giggling. My companion looked a little worried as she stared at my nicely glowing body. I hiccupped. Foomp! Catherine and I started when my breasts expanded so fast we could hear it, they had expanded half a foot. I laughed at the joke. "Looks like I got it now. That's... I... Ohhhhhhh," I moaned as trails of fire traced down my bigger breasts from the nipples, down my tummy, and into my moistening crotch. My skin felt really warm right now and a funny haze was clouding my mind.

"What's wrong with you?" Catherine said in a concerned voice.

I smiled and licked my lips as I gently put a hand on one of her big nipples. She jumped with a shocked cry and tried to get away, but I was too fast. I quickly straddled her waist and put both hands on her now-rigid nipples.

"W-what are you d-doing?" she panted as the energy that was making me horny began stimulating her where I touched her.

"Goooooooooood," was all I was capable of saying in my fogged state of mind. She saw my unfocused gaze and knew I wasn't in a normal state because of what I had done to help her. It was too late now as the pleasure began building inside her. She relaxed a little when I removed a hand from a tit, only to realize in horror that I was putting it into her wet pussy and the contact made her writhe for release. Which happened when I leaned down and bit on her bare nipple. She cried out and fluid gushed from her tunnel. Then something snapped within me too and I orgasmed wildly, arching my back deeply as I cried out. My breasts actually rumbled and I felt them fill with something heavy.

The recovering granddaughter of Ken heard the odd rumble too and wondered what was happening to me now. We both found out when I squeezed my nipples desperately and jets of something white squirted out. "Milk???" she gasped disbelievingly as she looked at the white liquid flowing down her globes. A sudden pressure inside my breasts made the milk spray out and a good bit of it was into the lower woman's gaping mouth, who reflexively gulped it down. Eventually, the flow abated and when it did, I fell over her breasts, unconscious. I was light for my size so I didn't hurt her tits when I did.

"Christ," Catherine panted, "do we have to do this again?"

She felt me shift and looked at my senseless form. I was inflating a little and getting lighter. I started to float towards the ceiling, but she reflexively grabbed me. Quickly, she reversed positions and sat on me, who had only inflated a little before stopping and only looked a little bit rounder. "I hope you wake up soon," she muttered, looking down at my puffy face. Then she put a hand to her stomach in surprise. Something warm was spreading from it and going all over her body. "Oh shit! The milk!" she cursed and its effects were becoming apparent as her nipples became erect again. She plunged a hand into her dripping cunt and prayed the effects wouldn't last long.

I woke up with a weight on top of me, and a headache the size of my breasts when they were eleven feet around. I looked up and saw at least part of the why. Catherine was sleeping on me, looking worn out from something. I winced, realizing what must have happened. "Oww..." I groaned as I shifted position and put a hand on my sore head, which woke up the lightly sleeping woman resting on me.

"You finally awake?" she sighed tiredly, her voice sounding dreamy and relaxed for the first since I had known her.

"What happened?" I asked her. "The last thing I remember is glowing then... nothing. God, I have such a headache."

My bedmate dropped her head with a disgusted groan. "Aagh -- I can't believe you were DRUNK!! You can't GET drunk!" She glared at me as if I was to blame for not knowing.

"I guess I managed to," I said sheepishly. "What happened?"

She told me the events following her deflation and I blinked. "Milk??"

"Yes, and when I accidentally swallowed it I was so horny I had to finger myself for an hour to get relief! It had some kind of intense sex magic in it."


"I'm glad I'm now a lot smaller in the chest, but let's do it slower next time if you can't handle it."

"Milk??" I think my shock finally registered on her so she squeezed one of my bigger breasts and white liquid flowed from the nipple.

"Whoooooaaaaa...." She got off me and I slowly got up. I saw the changes in my body and corrected them so I looked normal again. Still, the remaining liquid in my chest left me lightly bemused. "I'd better store some in a bottle for the others to examine, I suppose," I mused. Catherine was looking at her smaller breasts, stroking them absently. "Do what you want."

"Um, sure," I said and left the room after collecting my clothes. I found a large container, squeezed the remainder of the white stuff into it, and put it into the fridge. Cathy, I got tired of calling her 'Catherine,' came upstairs in time to see me phoning Debbie. "Who are you calling?"

"We can't get permanent clothes for you yet, but something stretchy will work for now; I need some too so I'm phoning Debbie to help me shop." The phone on the other line was picked up.

"Debbie? It's Ellen." Pause. "Yeah, it's great except for the basement." Pause. "Kind of kinky -- I'm afraid you'll see later. Ken had some fun with it." Pause. "I just bet. Listen, the reason I called is that I need clothes and I figured you could help me..." Pause. "Great! I'll pick you up then." Pause. "With one of the two cars that came with the place." Pause. "Yeah, he did, didn't he? I'll be there soon and thanks again." Pause. "Good-bye." I hung up.

"Fine, I'll go up to my room and lay on my bed. It's all I CAN do." And saying that, she stormed upstairs, her breasts bouncing with each step. I sighed. "Great. Just great." This was going to take longer than I thought....

Catherine waited upstairs until I was gone before picking up the phone and dialing a number. She waited until it was picked up. "Hi, Suzanne, it's me." she said quietly.

"Catherine?! Where've you been?? I haven't been able to reach you or Robert for days!" came the startled response.

"Robert went on one of his jobs and botched it," she replied, trying to hold back sobs.

"He's DEAD?!?!"

"No, but he may as well be unless someone can find out how to get him out of the spell he's under. He can't move at all..."

"An immobility spell?" her friend asked.

"Not quite -- he's puffed up like a beach ball!" Catherine did not mention her own altered physique.

"Where are you?"

"I ... I don't know right now."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Grandfather finally had enough and let me do something stupid. I'm -- not quite myself right now, either," she reluctantly admitted.

"Fuck! I'm coming for you then."

"No! Suzy, don't!" she pleaded. "I'm...."

"Is it that bad?"

"I... Maybe not to some, but to me, yes. I don't want to talk about it. I'm getting some help now but please don't come, all right?"

"Sure, okay. Listen, I gotta go. I'm sorry about Robert though."

"Thanks, Suzy. Don't worry about me, really. I just wanted to hear a friendly voice."

"No prob. Later." Catherine hung up. She felt a little better now and drifted off to sleep. She didn't know her friend had no intention of staying away.

* * *

Saturday, my housewarming party, came at last and people started arriving at noon. Cathy was sullenly skulking in her room for the whole day. I didn't know how to breach that final barrier of hers, but decided to wait until tomorrow. Becky and Tina came first and marvelled at the house. They liked my wispy summer dress and I told them I'd gone shopping with Debbie yesterday. I still had stacks of things to hang up too. I fixed them something non-alcoholic to drink and as I did I told them about what had happened with me and Catherine.

"Oh yeah," Tina said when I mentioned the milk, "I'd forgotten you could do that."

"Thanks; but I didn't know. Freaky -- first I got drunk, then wanted to fuck everything in sight. Catherine was under the influence, too."

"Sorry, but the milk shouldn't make people super horny. I wonder why you reacted that way..."

"Where's that milk?" Becky asked, grinning slyly. I showed her the container and she chuckled evilly. "Everyone likes to put milk in Winna's tea and she'll be bringing some for later. This could be fun..."

"There's not much," I said with a smile, shaking my head ruefully.

"Oh, I think Alice and Sue won't mind." Tina and I rolled our eyes.

"By the way, how come you didn't want us to look in the basement?" she asked curiously.

"It's a surprise." And I grinned.

Next came Ms. Winna, bringing her tea, who congratulated me on the house and smiled at my own compliment for becoming Accepted. Debbie arrived, then Roxy, who I hugged and kissed deeply; it had been a long time since we had seen each other and we wanted to make up for it. Heather, Sue, and Alice arrived all at once and gaped at the huge house for a while before coming in. We all gathered in the main living room as Winna's tea was being prepared in the kitchen.

She smiled at us all. "I think I should tell the other half of the people here why this meeting was called. Mr. Rayborn called Edgar, now Ellen Lovecraft, and three of our members to his home. After doing a favour for him, he gave them some important news. We have been Accepted."

Heather, Sue, and Alice stared for a moment, then began laughing and hugging the other members of the group.

"Another reason was to congratulate Ellen for her new house which Mr. Rayborn gave to her as a token of his thanks."

The crowd applauded me. "Must've been SOME favor," Alice cracked with a smirk, and I flushed.

"I still want copies when those tapes are finished," Debbie cried. Becky and Tami cracked up laughing as I blushed redder, Roxy raised an eyebrow at me and I knew she was going to demand an explanation later.

"Ahem!" Winna said and everyone quieted. "Other matters we can attend too and discuss later. But now, I wish to ask the group's opinion for new membership now that we have been Accepted." That got her our full attention. "I think you will all think them acceptable: Roxanne Easly and Ellen Lovecraft."

Me and Roxy were a little stunned as the rest whooped their acceptance. Becky and Toni jumped up to fetch Winna's tea to celebrate.

"U-Us?" Roxy stammered, a little overwhelmed.

"Certainly," Winna said, smiling, "you have the Gift, as does Ellen. Do you wish to?"

"Y-Yes!" she said, nodding. "I've found I like all of you, but--" she looked at me.

"I'm not human though," I said.

"Your soul is, and that's what counts." Winna looked at me speculatively. "I suspect you will be busy learning how to control the powers that body gives you first, however. Do you wish to?"

I nodded. "Yes." Roxy hugged me and I hugged back. "Excellent." Becky and Tina came in with cups of tea that they gave to everyone.

"To our newest members!" Winna cried and everyone echoed her, drinking the tea down to the last drop. "And the initiation I think you've already undergone, albeit early," she said wryly.

I stood, grinning. "I think it's time we went downstairs then. Mr. Raymond had some fun down there which I think you'll find amusing."

Everyone, puzzled, followed me to the basement door and descended with me. There were quite a few gasps of astonishment when we came down, and outright laughter with the three who recognized it. I opened the door to the bondage boards and most filed in to look at them and the devices on the walls. Then I showed them the waterbed and the belts, which the other three who had used them recognized immediately.

"Whoa! Those things?" Becky said. She was about to say more but Alice was holding a hand to her stomach with a puzzled expression. Winna noticed. "What's wrong, Alice?"

"I feel... warm all of a sudden," she replied, starting to pant as her face flushed. Sue and Heather were looking about the same and were starting to remove their clothes.

"My-my body feels so... aroused..." Alice groaned, following the other two in disrobing, her hands playing over her perspiring body.

Winna was puzzled and a little concerned, but a small chuckle escaped from Becky which raised her suspicions. "Becky?" The red-head started at Winna's dangerous tone. "Did you instigate this?" The trio were naked now and had fallen into a group on the bed, writhing and sucking each other with a passion.

"Um... Hahahahaha," she laughed nervously. "Good joke, huh? Er, I used some milk from Ellen that she made accidentally as a side-effect when she tried reducing the granddaughter. It makes people real horny for an hour. Kinda fun, I thought..."

"I see," Winna said, turning on a timid Tina. "It must have been in the tea, which I do not find amusing, so you must have helped also, Tina. You two know I disapprove of this sort of prank, and especially with MY tea." Both girls gulped.

"Let's use the belts on them," Debbie replied with an evil grin, and the duo truly looked horrified now.

"Since you are so eager, you may join them, Debbie." Winna ignored the now paling Debbie and turned to me. "You should have told me about this, but I'll let you off this time. Everyone strip," she said and the remainder of the women obeyed her. "What exactly do these belts do?" Winna asked me in an aside and I explained. Roxy seemed to become intrigued too and our leader noticed. "Hmm... Perhaps we should initiate you two after all. Becky, Tina, and Debbie, you must put on the full belts. Roxy and Ellen, you put on the partial ones. Perhaps you should become Roxy's twin again, Ellen, for what I'm planning to do."

Nervously, we all complied as Winna took out one of the master units. We stood Becky and Tina against the walls, cuffed them securely, then went into the room with the bondage boards. Roxy and I were placed onto the double sized one and finally Winna secured Debbie into the single. "I'm sure you will all enjoy yourselves until the others recover," she said drolly, and without further ado, turned on the belts.

"Ah!" Roxy cried, shocked, beside me and jumped in her bonds as much as she could, unprepared for the vibrations. Her torso writhed under the stimulation. "My G-God!" she gasped, and I knew what she was feeling -- it was a torment not to be able to touch ourselves to get relief as the belts brought us to the edge of orgasm, but no further. "H-here we go again," Debbie moaned.

Winna kept it up non-stop for at least an hour, I think; time became kind of blurred after the first few minutes. We weren't very much aware of anything, other than the need to cum very, very badly. All five of us were still groaning and twisting in our restraints when the recovered trio came into the room that held me, Roxy, and the devious Debbie. They eyed our helpless, flushed and sweaty bodies with delight as we moaned with desire. "Seeing this scene was almost worth it," Alice giggled.

"I want Ellen," Heather said with an impish smile. "Winna said she knows she can make milk now."

"We should switch her with Debbie then for easier access," Sue advised. "But later. She and Roxy look so delicious together like this."

The trio fell on us with a will. Black-haired Sue licked Roxy's sweaty breasts teasingly, making my girlfriend arch her back to get more stimulation, but Sue backed away with a smile. Alice straddled Debbie and kneaded the spread out woman's D-cup breasts as the helpless prisoner writhed under her. She twisted the tight nipples suddenly and Debbie went over the peak with the sudden sensation and screamed out her orgasm at last.

The red-headed Heather had fun with me. She whispered in my ear, "Make me some big tits with lots of milk to suck so you can get off."

In my frenzied state, I immediately complied. My tits expanded and filled with sweet milk before the smiling Heather's eyes as she licked her lips. She sighed as my tits LOOKED full and locked her red lips on my left breast and started sucking away greedily. The added sensation set me off and I squealed and bucked as I went through my long-awaited climax. I couldn't relax though, not with the vibrator going non-stop in my drenched pussy. Sue finally couldn't wait and using a dildo from the wall took off Roxy's vibrator belt and plunged the big phallus into the willing woman, who screamed in ecstasy as she tried to grind her cunt into the tool filling her tunnel and finally giving her release. It was another long love-filled night of abandon. A fitting housewarming, in a way.

Catherine opened her eyes, sweating and flushed on her bed, with her legs spread wide open. Her big nipples were erect and pussy wet. She had been observing the group's actions with her clairvoyance spell for the last few hours and had finally had enough tittillation. She fumbled in her drawer for the dildo she had taken from the basement. She had never been with a woman before all this had happened to her, but the recent actions downstairs had made her more excited by the thought of Ellen's touch than she would have expected. Cathy couldn't see the dildo plunging into her because of her huge breasts, but she groaned with pleasure when she felt it spreading her lower lips and filling her dripping tunnel. She concentrated on settling into the correct rhythm, the erotic feedback loop between her hand and her cunt.

What really confused her was the excitement she had had when watching as Ellen, the human male turned love doll, turned and moaned with ecstasy as the other women sucked her milk-swollen tits or ate out her pussy. Why? This was the person who had cursed her lover to being an inflated freak and almost done the same to her. It made her realize finally becoming, painfully aware, of how hollow her previous love for Robert had actually been. His participation in their relationship was being fulfilled by a twelve-inch piece of plastic. That alone didn't explain her current arousal as she plunged the fake dick into herself, groaning more often now. It probably had to do with the fact that Ellen could be any woman, anyone's ideal sexual partner; she was becoming more powerful and adept at her craft every day. A lot of men and women would kill for someone like that, much less herself. Catherine reached up idly and tweaked one of her large nipples, sending a wave of sensation through herbody. What she was really afraid of was getting used to these freakish breasts, more balloon than tit, but just as responsive as her original equipment had been. Finally she reached a point where she stopped thinking about it and just kept fucking herself with her dildo. Nothing else mattered for the moment.

* * *

"Ummm..." Roxy groaned then opened her eyes. She smiled sleepily when she found herself on her favorite mattress: me.

"Good mor-ning," I said with a chuckle in my voice.

We were laying on my normal bed after I had carried the unconscious Roxy upstairs following our hours-long torment/fun of last night. At the time she had been utterly exhausted, now after a rest she snaked her hands under me and pulled herself up to give me the most intense kiss I'd ever gotten from her. "God, what a night!" she said breathlessly when she broke away from the kiss. "I'm still sore, but I feel damn good. Those belt things drive you wild, don't they?"

"Yup," I said with a grin. "I think Winna was going to make Becky wear one till she dropped for spiking the tea, so I think we'd better go down and see the aftermath. We can maybe play together again tonight," I said suggestively.

Roxy smiled as she snuggled her head into my still-large breasts. "Sure," she purred, licking the tip of a nipple.

I inhaled sharply before batting her off me; I could handle another wrangle now but she couldn't. I was feeling nicely warm inside from all the sexual activity last night and wondered what had happened after we left. Leaving the bedroom, we saw a naked Alice in the kitchen humming happily, she greeted us with a sunny satisfied smile. "Have fun after we left?" I asked.

"Yeah! Oh, most everyone is still asleep. I'm just getting something ready for Becky -- sort of a dessert for us, too" she said impishly. We saw she had gathered a banana, honey, and a pressurized can of whip cream.

"Where is she?" I asked, knowing what she had in mind, Roxy was chuckling too.

"On the bed downstairs. We put her there after she passed out," she said with a grin. "We're going to do one last thing to her for doing that trick to us last night."

Roxy and I left Alice to her preparations and went downstairs. Tami was asleep on one of the fold-out couches, strapped spread-eagled to it by previously hidden bands of velcro. Winna and Debbie were sound asleep on either side of her. Sue and Heather were arranged alongside the similarly spread-eagled Becky. Moving as silently as she could and suppressing a snicker, Alice began to prepare her 'dessert'...

Becky took a long time to wake up. First, with half-asleep detachments, she noticed something strange on her breasts, then other sensations on her chest. But when something was stuffed into her pussy her eyes popped wide open. She saw me and Roxy standing grinning by the door while Alice, at the end of the bed, continued pushing a banana into her warming cunt. Sue and Heather, on either side of her, started pouring honey all over her body after finishing putting the whipped cream swirls onto the tops of her breasts!

"What the...?" Becky demanded, still sleep fogged.

Alice only smiled as she poured some chocolate syrup over Becky's cunt and clit. "We're hungry this morning. And guess who's the main course?" She grinned as she put the syrup bottle to one side and started licking it off her body while Sue and Heather started on the whipped cream on Becky's tits.

Becky moaned plaintively. "It was just a joke, girls!" she pleaded. "I... aahh!" she cried when Alice pushed the banana in with her tongue.

"I'm smiling, aren't you, girls?" Heather said sweetly and the other two chirped an affirmative and kept licking away. "That's going to take a while to get all that off her," I commented. "We know!" they chorused. "Yummy..." Becky groaned deeply.

Tami had to drive a limp and sore Becky back home. The smirking trio who had been the victims of the red-head's joke left with a sparkle in their eyes as they left. Winna kissed me and Roxy warmly before going home herself. Debbie, however, stayed a little long to help me tell Roxy about something important; namely, Catherine. "So he asked you to try to reform his granddaughter?" she said disbelievingly. "I'd think she'd really hate you after what you did to her. Where is she anyway?"

"In her room," I sighed. "And she has to walk around naked because nothing she owned before will fit her now." I thought about the matter. "She doesn't hate me, I think, she's just a little angry for what she has to put up with now because of what she tried to do to me. And perhaps a little lonely too. I did manage to shrink her tits half a foot, even if I passed out later. I'll reduce her again, then Pam next and I should get better."

"Great," Roxy smiled.

"I kind of got to like Pam while I was at Winna's." Debbie sighed and stood up. "I hate to go, but I have some things to do. Good luck, Ellen, you'll need it with her." She kissed each of us before she left.

"What do you want to do?" I asked Roxy, who sat back in her chair tiredly. "Sleep, or take a bath." I stretched slowly, catlike. "There IS a big jacuzzi in this place." She perked up at the suggestion. "How about we ask Cathy to join us?" I continued. That made her more dubious but she agreed after a few moments of thought. "You get the bath ready and I'll get Catherine," I concluded.

We went off to our respective tasks. I knocked on her door, first changing into my more familiar red-head shape, and entered after she grumbled "Come in." I paused when I entered, sniffing. I looked in surprise at the angrily blushing Cathy, who realized I had recognized the scent of female sex in the room. "Um... I came to invite you to come bath with me and Roxy. I thought you felt cooped up in here."

"A bath? With other women?" She looked shocked, which annoyed me a little.

"We won't molest you if that's a worry," I retorted. "You DO need to wash up anyway."

"Fine, fine. I'll come." She got up from her bed, balloon tits bouncing a little and followed me.

The bath was in a separate room because of its size. It was getting full when we walked in. Roxy had already stepped in and blinked at the beautiful, but hugely titted, woman who walked in with me. "You're right, she is smaller than Pam," she commented, making Cathy blink in surprise.

"Smaller?!?" she gaped.

"The second person I inflated was trying to attack and steal me thinking I was only the doll Desire. It was my first conscious attempt at controlling my powers so she got kinda big before I got the hang of it. Three feet big." Cathy stared at me, slack-jawed. "Her name's Pam and she's still stuck down in Winna's basement since she cannot even fit through a door. She doesn't take it personally; after all she WAS aiming a gun to my head. So she's become friends with the group and I hope to shrink her back too. Later..."

I waved her in and she numbly obeyed. The swirling hot water felt heavenly and I sank in gratefully, thankful I had enough water in me to prevent me from floating to the surface. But Cathy could only go in so far before her huge breasts started floating upwards, which provoke a look of annoyance. "Here, wait," I said. "Let me try something."

And before she could protest, I put a hand on each air-filled breast and concentrated fiercely.

"What ARE you doing, Ellen?" Roxy asked me. Then blinked as Cathy's tits started to sink into the water, their amazed owner with them.

"How are you DOING that?" she said in an awed voice.

I let go with a pleased look, Cathy now able to immerse herself completely and appearing to enjoy it.

"After I passed out, Cathy said I started floating so I figured I could control my weight a fair degree. And since her breasts are filled with my magical air--" I shrugged, smiling. "Couldn't hurt to try, I thought."

Cathy sighed in reluctant pleasure as the warm water swirled around her and her breasts. She looked at Roxy. "So you're Ellen's girlfriend?" she asked her.

"Yes. And don't worry, I'm not jealous that you're living with her."

"Jealous??" Cathy said with puzzlement.

"Yeah," responded Roxy with an equally puzzled look. "You do look great, with or without the tits."

She blinked when Cathy turned on me angrily. "You told her to say that!" she hissed and would have left if her tits hadn't been made heavier.

"I didn't tell her anything," I said mildly, not opening my eyes. "Just that I'd inflated your tits."

Roxy looked from Cathy, to me, to Cathy. "Am I missing something here?"

Cathy stared at her; she could see Roxy was honestly confused. "I-- don't look fat to you?"

"Christ, no! Playboy would freaking want you to pose for them if you didn't look so damn angry. Why do you think you're fat??"

"I thought---I was."

"Who agreed with you?" I asked softly.


"Great, you loved a man who liked thin women so you thought you were fat." I sighed disgustedly. "What if he had said you were too thin? Go pig out for him?"

"Not a very healthy relationship," Roxy said, looking at Cathy with sympathy.

Cathy looked like some conflicting emotions were going through her.

"I think you look perfect for your height right now," Roxy concluded with another appreciative glance.

"Getting her to believe it is the hard part," I murmured as the topic of our discussion glared at me angrily. "Lighten up, Cathy!" I grinned with sudden inspiration and let all the water in me flow out my anus. The other two blinked in surprise as I started rising out of the water and my skin took on a slightly plastic sheen. I let my arms and legs spread out in inflatable doll fashion and pushed myself over to the staring Cathy. "What? Never play with a rubber ducky in the bathroom before?"

"You're crazy," she said, then was even more startled when I shrank to a height of three feet while changing into my sex goddess form. Still floating in front of her. "My God..." she whispered and Roxy swam over for a closer look at me, "you're almost the size of my breasts."

"Hey, this body was made for this kind of stuff," I said. "Come on, lift me up," I requested, "You don't have to worry about squeezing too hard."

In a daze, she grabbed me around the waist and lifted my lightweight, dripping form out of the water. "You're so light," she marvelled. "I can't believe you can do this." I tried shrinking some more and managed to chop off another foot, almost startling her into dropping me. I kicked my legs playfully as the giant Cathy held me. Roxy was grinning, finding a mini-babe-me to be very funny.

"Have some fun, girl -- ask this inflatable sex goddess doll to do something and I'll give it a shot," I offered.

"C'mon, Cathy, enjoy life a bit!" I teased, trying to break her out of her shell of self-pity. She hesitated, reluctant to do so, but the temptation of ordering around her captor/host was too great. "All right then. How fat can YOU get?"

"Set me sit on your two hands," I asked and she did, slightly curious and excited.

"Dip me for a half-minute then lift." She managed to dip the tiny woman in spite of her tits.

"I didn't know she could BE that small," Roxy exclaimed. "Desire could only go four feet even as a child!"

"Child?" Cathy said, startled.

"When Ellen was still Edgar, we tested her form changing abilities. She was absolutely amazing; she could be almost any female we asked her to be. Race, age, color; you name it." She peered into the whirling water. "I think it's time."

When Cathy raised me, she almost dropped me in surprise. I was massively round and fat in my tiny form. If I'd been a normal human I'd've weighed over five hundred pounds. My breasts were bloated, huge gut sagging, and I must've had eight chins for a neck. My arms and legs were overstuffed sausages with pudgy hands and feet. Her expression of disgust told me she'd had enough so I swiftly went back to normal to her immediate relief. "You're heavier now," she commented.

"Swallowed some water to look more realistic. Next request?"

"Hey!" Roxy protested. "My turn!"

I turned my head to look curiously at my blonde girlfriend. "What does that form look like at ten years old?" She said. I blinked and tried her suggestion. I shrank even more and my tits did too. My hips shrank and I looked much less womanly. When I stopped I looked at myself curiously, Roxy came over to look with Cathy at my tiny form in fascination. I stood straight and looked wide-eyed at the giants.

"Christ, she looks absolutely adorable with those big eyes of hers and that pixie face," she giggled, as she whispered to Cathy who, to her surprise, smiled too.

"Cathy's turn!" I cried, and my higher voice amused them.

"Um... Christ, you still look sexy like that," she groaned. Roxy whispered in her ear for a minute, making her smile devilishly. "Great idea!"

Uh oh, I thought.

"Change back to the adult size, grow back to three feet, and fuck my entire middle finger."

"Hah???" My mouth gaped and the two giants giggled conspriatorially.

"You said you would, Ellen," Roxy sang out.

Apprehensively, I grew to three feet and in the adult sex goddess form. Cathy folded all the fingers save the middle of her right hand after transferring me to her left. She put me on my back in the water and I was still buoyant enough to float. A grinning Roxy swam around and positioned herself at me head, using her hands around me so I couldn't drift forward, also manipulating my breasts with them to arouse me and my nipples stiffened. Cathy looking at my nervous face smiled a little wickedly as she spread my tiny legs and placed her middle finger at my cunt. She'd been itching to do SOMETHING to this body and now she was getting her chance; on her terms.

"Don't worry about pain, she doesn't feel it much," Roxy advised. Thanks a lot, I thought nervously. And I gasped as the finger began pushing inward, withdrew a little, then pushed again. At my current size, the finger felt like a log trying to force its way into me. Cathy, seeing me not cry in pain, tried harder and amazingly succeeded.

"OOHHHH FUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" I screamed, arching my back as the mammoth finger entered my loins and plunged deep into me, actually distending my belly slightly. And she kept pushing! I quivered in Roxy's grasp as inch after seeming inch ground into me. I was wide-eyed and panting when Cathy had it all the way in. Roxy and her then turned me upright in the water so that Cathy's hand was under me as I sat on it, shaking with the sensations. "Myyy Godddd..." I gasped.

Cathy looked at me sitting halfway in the water as I grit my teeth together. She could feel my warmth engulfing her finger and found the sight erotic, as did the heavily breathing Roxy. The hand lifted and I came fully out of the water, impaled on her finger with my thighs spread apart. My girlfriend then gripped me under my shoulders and Cathy started pumping her hand up and down, smacking my ass, generating such intense suction and pressure I began cumming on the spot.

"AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!" I cried continuously after every thrust, shaking from the non-stop orgasm I was having.

Even for a love doll, the sensation was too much for me and I fainted with a gasp, still impaled. Cathy immediately stopped when I slumped unconscious and pulled out her wet, cum covered finger. "Oh shit! Is she...?"

"No, just overloaded, I think." Roxy shook her head as she gently let my body down to float on the water. "I guess we finally found out how much she could handle." She tenderly kissed my forehead.

"How did you manage to keep loving her after she changed from being a man?" Cathy asked the blonde woman curiously.

Roxy shrugged. "I just do. I liked Edgar's personality and he really cared for me. I cared for him too. Ellen is pretty much like Edgar, only more so in a strange way, and she cares for people a little more than Edgar used too. More sexually confident as well. Even when she's not in this damn sexy body I want her, no matter which form."

Cathy looked subdued, reflecting on her own life. "I wish I could say the same with Robert, but I can't." She looked away at one of the room's tiled walls. "Our sex was infrequent and always too brief -- he never laughed with me -- never did anything that said he really appreciated my company. He didn't like the way I looked even then, and I was quite thin before meeting him because I didn't eat much after my parents' death. He didn't seem to care about me at all -- I think he just wanted my grandfather's money." She started softly sobbing and Roxy came over and hugged her from the side.

"We'd better wake Ellen up," the blonde said after Cathy had calmed down, "or your breasts will look more like prunes than balloons."

The black-haired woman laughed a little. "How do we do that?" Cathy said, a leading question for my creative girlfriend. "Hmmm...." Roxy parted my tiny legs and started slowly licking me, very gently. After a minute, I blinked and started moaning. She immediately stopped and lifted my upper body up.

"Ohhhh God, that was intense," I groaned, shaking my head.

"I think we've had enough water for today," Roxy said crisply. "Could you lighten up Cathy's breasts, please?"

"Yes, I think I've enjoyed myself more than I have for a while."

I was confused by their sudden familiarity, but shrugged and after growing to normal size, went over to the submerged breasts and placed my hands on them. Concentrating, I brought them back to their original lightness and they floated on the water. Cathy stepped out of the water, followed by me and Roxy. We dried ourselves off and before Cathy left she hesitated and said, "Thanks you two for... for caring." And she hurried to her room.

"She's making progress," I said, smiling. Roxy nodded and wrapped an arm around my waist.

* * *

Events that night, however, took an ugly turn. After dark, a shadowy figure crept up to the side of the house and lightly climbed over the fence. It didn't worry overmuch at being seen because of a misdirection spell. Expertly, it picked the lock of the back door. Before going in, a gun was pulled out and a silencer screwed into the barrel. It checked out the main floor, then silently went upstairs. One room held two sleeping women, but neither was the one it wanted. A few more rooms brought it to the one it had been searching for. There was a moment of stunned realization that it WAS the one the intruder sought, then it came over and gently shook the woman awake. She had changed so much.

"Wha...?" Cathy said, then blinked as she saw long black hair framing a familiar blackened face. "Angela!" she hissed, shocked and embarrassed that her friend was seeing her like this. She was getting used to the fuller body, encouraged by Ellen and Roxy's compliments, but the oversized breasts were still freakish. "I told you not to come!" she whispered angrily.

"You sounded like you were really in trouble so I used my tracking magics," Angela was unrepentant. "But what happened to YOU? Fuck, you've got the body of a playmate and breasts that look like they've been inflated with a tire pump!"

"They were bigger," Cathy murmured, thinking happily that even her best friend thought her new body looked better. Angela blinked. "Someone's helping me fix that." She saw the gun her friend held and her eyes widened in panic. "Don't use a weapon on her or try to kill her or you'll wind up like me -- or worse!"

"On who?" Angela said, puzzled.

"On me," I said, grimly, from the doorway and stepped into the room. I'd woken up a few minutes earlier, feeling something was wrong, and had seen a figure slip by the open doorway. The hushed voices from Cathy's room prompted my arrival. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The slender woman spun on her heels and waved a glittering crystal pendant towards me. It flashed and suddenly I found I couldn't move an inch! Fuck! "What?" gasped Cathy, looking at my immobilized form. "She's frozen!"

"Holding spell I got. Expensive, but handy and non-lethal. Thanks for the warning," Angela said with a grin. Walking up to me she looked at my rigid figure more closely and whistled. "This one's quite a looker. Who is she?"

"My girlfriend, bitch!" Roxy screamed and leaped into the room. She had followed quietly behind me, but my unexpected capture must've frightened her into action. She reached the black-clad woman in a flash, striking out swiftly to the diaphragm with her flattened fingers. The woman sidestepped and tried to return the favor, but Roxy was too good for that. She blocked the incoming chop with a raised arm and started to strike with the second. There was a muffled 'chuff' sound and Roxy suddenly doubled over, face turning white with pain. Angela stepped away calmly and raised her gun. "Don't attack an armed person, bitch."

"Goddamn you, Angela! She's a friend!" Cathy cried.

"She shouldn't have attacked me then," the black clad woman protested. "If she's lucky I didn't hit something vital. Personally, I think you've been charmed or something."

"I--" Cathy began to say, but something else had caught her attention. Me. I had gained a red aura of fury over the callous disregard of Roxy's shooting. It outlined my stiff body as astral energy flowed into me. My defiant scream of sheer rage shattered the spell holding me captive and I looked over slowly at the amazed Angela with glowing blue eyes. No wind surrounded me yet, but magical energy from air and earth came to my bidding. I didn't want to do anything lethal to her, if I could help it, but this bitch was going to pay. I wasn't aware of how I did what I wanted, but I didn't care. I spat a glowing ball of energy and it hit Angela before she could move.

Now it was her body that was transfixed in place, bound by forces beyond her knowledge. She screamed for a moment as energy crackled over her lithe form, then stopped, panting, when it stopped without apparent effect. During this, I rushed over to the crumpled form of Roxy who was whimpering in pain. It looked like she was hit in the stomach. I swallowed angrily, knowing it was a slow death. I looked at the recovered Angela, who was cautiously backing away from me, and the terrified Cathy.

"Looks like what you wanted, didn't work," Angela crowed, "I guess those protection spells I bought worked instead," the confident woman replied.

"Mark," I said coldly. "Every thirty seconds after mark you will increase your bust by a cup size. This will only stop when Catherine chains you downstairs and at that time you will inflate your bust to twice the diameter of hers. If you ever leave this house, you will continue to inflate until you can not move your arms or legs."

This was not a threat, just a clear statement of fact. I turned my attentions to Roxy.

"Yeah right," Angela said, a little uncertain.

"I don't think she's lying," Cathy told her cautiously.

"Bull..." she began to say, but stopped when she suddenly inhaled and the front of her black shirt pushed out a bit and did not recede. Angela paled after she closed her mouth again, feeling her new size. "No way," she gasped. "This can't be happening!"

Cathy jumped off her bed and pulled her friend out the door. "Quick!" Ken's granddaughter cried. "I have to get you downstairs before you get too big!"

Leading her stunned friend, her own breasts bouncing greatly, Cathy raced to the basement. Angela gaped at the decor, but Cathy had no time to explain. "Come on! I have to chain you to the wall! You heard the spell!"

Angela had been a B-cup and hadn't worn a bra fortunately, for her C-cup had suddenly turned into a D-cup when she involuntarily inhaled again. She hesitated, but let Cathy guide her downstairs imprison her spread-eagled to the wall. When secure, she inhaled and kept inhaling. Cathy watched as Angela's breasts bulged under the black shirt, straining the tight-fitting garment. Cathy's breasts remained at two feet in diameter so twice that meant Angela wouldn't stop until she had reached four feet. Her friend watched in panic as her breasts strained the stretchy fabric beyond its tolerance. It ripped apart and the ever-growing spheres burst out from their imprisonment as they approached the two-foot mark.

The balloon-titted Cathy watched in awe as her friend's breasts in front of her became tremendous. When they stopped, they were incredibly gigantic and almost perfectly round at four feet wide each. The areola were the size of tea cup plates and the nipples half that. They were eight feet wide combined and took up a lot of room. Unable to see her friend's face in front, Cathy slipped around them and reached a stunned Angela who sagged forward from the weight of her expanded chest. "I though I might be shot, or electrocuted, or burnt to a crisp one day," the long haired woman said dazedly, "but not be turned into a human balloon. That's a new one on me."

Back upstairs, I cradled my girlfriend's head in my lap."Oh fuck, Roxy, why did you have to attack her," I sobbed.

"Im-impatient I guess," she smiled through her pain, "I couldn't stand t-to see you t-taken away." Tears grew in her eyes.

"Goddamn it, I am NOT going to let you die, you stupid little bitch!" I shouted. "You are going to live and be with me forever!"

"Hah," she weakly shot back. "I'm human, you're not, you'd outlast me anyway. Stupid lifetime warranty."

I truly did not want her to die, damn it! I LOVED her, more than life itself, I realized. This body was amazing, and I could do things to other people when under attack or really pissed off. So why couldn't I do something when my heart is breaking and healing was needed! I strained myself trying to get my body to do something, anything! to save her. For some fucking reason all I ended up with was milk filling my breasts. Oh hell, I thought despondently, I can try to use it. I fought back tears as I suggested to Roxy, "Try to suck my breasts Roxy? You never did when I had milk in them."

She laughed, and spasmed a little, bringing up flecks of blood. "Sure, why not. Be a great way to go."

I gently lay her down and leaned over her to place one of my tits into her mouth. Her lips closed on it and began to suckle my breasts like a babe, but she was dying, not newly born. My tears started flowing, but she couldn't see them as my head was ahead of hers. She was sucking harder now and despite myself it sent pleasant tingles though me. It soon became empty and I switched tits quickly. The second was emptied too. I could feel she was getting weaker. I shifted and kneeled at Roxy's head. She smiled up at me.

"How-how did you like it?" I gulped, tears in my eyes.

"Best I've ever had," she grinned.

"I'm gl-glad. I never knew how much I loved you; now you're dying!" I cried, tears flowing freely down my cheeks.

Time passed.

"Ellen?" she said gently, evenly.


"How bad is the wound? Really. I'd like to know. Please?"

"A-all right," I said, and looked reluctantly at the bloody, crusted area. "It-it's pretty messy. I ca-can't see the wound."

"I thought it would be obvious."

"I... You're right," I said, blinking as I looked for the hole. Carefully, I started probing with my fingers in the pool of blood and found... a bullet? I picked it up and brought it to my eyes. "What the hell?"

"That's the bullet that hit me?" she asked, an impish light growing in her eyes. "It has to be... but how..." I gaped as Roxy, without any obvious pain, sat up and smiled at me. "B-b-but..." I stammered as she wiped away the rest of the blood to reveal unmarked skin underneath.

"B-b-breast milk, you wonderful ninny," she said wrapping her arms tightly around me and I hugged her back desperately hoping this wasn't a dream. "As I drank it, I felt better and that bullet got shoved out of me. How come you didn't know?"

"I tried doing something to save you but then only the milk came. I didn't know it would heal."

"Thank God for breast fetishes then," Roxy sighed shakily. I pulled out of her hug and kissed her deeply, which she reciprocated in kind.

"I love you, Roxy," I said when we separated.

"I love you too, Ellen." And she smiled into my eyes.

Cathy was worried when I came down the stairs, but flabbergasted when a living Roxy stepped down behind me. She ran up to her and looked her over. "How...?" she said, shocked.

"Milk does a body good," Roxy replied with a grin. She whistled at the mammoth sized, ballooned breasts of Angela. "Good grief. They get bigger and bigger."

"Shrink them to half size, Angela," I ordered, and the breasts began to decrease in size. Soon we saw Angela's face exhaling the air from her breasts until she was Cathy's size. "You," I stated, "are one damned lucky woman."

She saw the now unharmed Roxy. "How did you--? Oh, so you healed her now? Fine. Can someone tell me what the HELL is going on here?"

"Cathy, who is this?"

"She's my best friend. We've known each other since before my parents died. She has some magical talent, but it's only for tracking so she went into recovery work for people with stolen property. It's why she's so trigger happy; if you aren't you can die a messy death in her line of work."

"And this happens when I try to rescue my friend and not during a job, Christ," Angela said with disgust.

"You certainly know a lot of dangerous people, Cathy," I said wryly. "Robert knifes my old body, tries to take my soul from this one, you try to knife and curse me, and now this one freezes me and almost kills this woman I love. I'm not having much luck meeting your friends, am I?"

Angela looked at me with renewed surprise. "So you're the one who did Robert? Great, I can thank you then."

"Angela!" Cathy cried, shocked at the disgust in Angela's voice at hearing Robert's name.

"Catherine, the guy was scum! Trust me, I know what scum looks like. I didn't tell you before because you were so hung up on him -- you would have hated me -- I didn't want that." She looked plaintively at Cathy. "I can't afford to lose good friends like you." Then with more control she looked at me. "Why IS she here?"

I tried to explain. "After Cathy attacked me and I reflexively defended myself, her grandfather gave me this house. He left her with me so I could try to bring back his cheerful daughter again as well as return her back to her normal proportions."

"Good, but I'd advise you to keep the body though, Catherine," Angela said with a grin and Cathy flushed. "What did you do to me, anyway?"

"I gave you the ability to inflate yourself, but only I have full control still; you won't have any until I choose to give it to you."

"And how the HELL did you do that?" she demanded and I had to explain most of my previous history to her, particularly my newfound abilities. "Sounds like a damn tough and pretty body for a guy," she commented. "Damn shame."

"Pardon?" I said.

"Angela is a lesbian; it's one of the reasons she protects me so much." Cathy said with a blush. "I like that body of yours too, Ellen, but so does everyone else and Roxy loves you anyway you are. It was fun last night, but for me, I mostly like men to have sex with."

"I wonder what you'd call a love doll who likes women and sometimes men?" my revivified love said mischievously.

"Horny," I said, deadpan. Both Cathy and Roxy giggled.

"Pardon me, but could you let me go now?" Angela demanded. I looked at Roxy, then I looked at Cathy, who shook her head. They seemed to agree with my thought: "No."


"You break into MY house, armed, I DON'T think Cathy asked you to come either, freeze me in my tracks before I can explain anything, AND shoot the woman I love more than anything else on this mortal coil. In general, Cathy's mad at you, Roxy might want some payback, and I am very pissed off with you because you started this whole mess. So, some form of punishment is called for here before we can let you go."

"Hey, wait a..." Angela protested.

"Inflate your torso, upper arms, upper legs, and hips until I say stop," I said. Angela's eyes widened in panic as she started sucking in air. "When I release you, inflate the other parts of your limbs other than hands or feet so you cannot move." Her clothes started bulging again but in other regions as she expanded. Her hips widened as did her waist while the other regions started ripping her clothes apart. "Stop," I said when she looked bloated out enough. I came over and released her wrists and knees which made the other uninflated parts expand as well until I said "Stop." again.

Now Angela looked like an overinflated parody of a woman, so huge she was immobile. I asked Roxy to help me and we carried the violently protesting and cursing woman into the waterbed room where we cuffed her spread-eagled on the bed after cutting the rest of her ruined clothes off. I slipped one of the vibrator belts out without her seeing and came around to her bloated thighs and hips. I had her get these back to normal so I could fit the belt on. She jumped a little when the vibrators plunged into her cunt and arsehole. "What the HELL are you DOING down there?!" she demanded, a little unnerved by Roxy and Cathy's grin.

"Deflate yourself to normal," I said and we waited for her to shrink back down. When she did I held up the remote for the belts, while Roxy cinched up the cuffs. "This is a remote for that pleasure belt I put on you. The belt is mostly a vibrator, but it can sense your reaction and will not allow you to orgasm. Though you'll want to of course; after a while you won't think of anything else. Have fun," I said cheerfully, switching it on. She jumped and twisted when it started stimulating her body..

"Ohh...F-fuck! How long do you plan to leave me l-like this??" she demanded, then moaned.

"Until I think you are truly sorry you came into this house and caused hurt to me and Roxy," I replied, waving as we filed out. "Think how long that might be, Angela." We closed the door to her plaintive cry.

"Waaaiiittt!!!" Click. The dungeon was of course well-muffled.

I came down two hours later as I didn't need as much sleep as the others. Sure enough, Angela was covered in a frantic sweat and practically pleaded for me to get her off. So I took off the belt, taking my sweet time, and finally started sucking her dripping pussy. I then got a wicked idea as she climbed towards her long-awaited fulfilment and willed my tongue to become longer, a lot longer. I licked again and covered a lot more area than a normal tongue could which set her instantly off into a shuddering orgasm. During which I stuck my longer mouth muscle into her vagina and moved it around inside. The feeling drove her nuts and she screamed like a banshee. Eventually I took it out and returned to normal. I straddled her waist as she recovered her breath and composure.

"W-what WAS that?" she panted. "You stick a snake in me??"

"No, just my tongue," I said, licking lips that were wet with her cum. "I'm very... flexible, remember?"

I quickly shifted into my red-headed, public persona and smiled at her surprise. I leaned forward and looked her in the eyes, she returned the stare until she saw that my soft-looking breasts were growing before her eyes. "See what I mean?" I said as I straightened up, holding my overflowing DDD-cup breasts with my hands. "This body was made to act just like a real woman, and more than one. It was made to give pleasure, or receive it. Oh!" I cooed, clutching them playfully as they got slightly larger. Leaning closer to her flushed face, I whispered, "I can even make milk in them too." I squeezed a nipple and drops of milk dribbled into Angela's mouth. "Now isn't it a damn shame a man is in this body?" I said with a grin.

"Okay, okay, you've made your point," she admitted with a groan. "Just let me suck them already."

"Thought you'd never ask," I chuckled then gasped as her hungry mouth covered my rising nipple and sucked.

By the time Roxy and Cathy woke up on Sunday, Angela was feeling sorry about the whole mess and apologized to Roxy in a heartfelt manner. My love giggled a bit at the mercenary's bedraggled state and my innocent expression. I let her go then and granted her control over her new ability. She smiled when I did and I had no doubt she would use it to her advantage. I also shrank Cathy again that day, another half-foot but there was less volume so I didn't pass out this time. It still aroused her when I absorbed the magical air and made more of that passion milk, but I was more coherent and controlled this time.

However, Roxy and I had some fun with the stuff afterward. More pleasing to hear, Cathy asked if I could start doing Pam before doing more with her. "A foot and a half is manageable, but three's impossible," she explained.

I worked all the next week and a half on getting the overjoyed Pam smaller, so she could finally leave the basement. Soon both could wear normal shirts again. Cathy's breasts came down to C but no smaller; she agreed they looked good that size. After ordering new clothing for her so she could walk outside again she didn't miss the admiring looks the men gave her as she became more confident and happy with herself. When she and I at last returned to her grandfather's estate the change in her attittude was apparent; Ken was most happy with her -- and me, for helping her see the light. Then he asked me what I wanted to do now.

"I'm not sure," I replied, "Become more comfortable and settled in first, I suppose. Maybe have some fun with the coven for a few months as I learn more of what I can do. Then... I don't know, Kennith. I could be or do a lot of things."

He nodded, understanding. "Very well. I may have a few ideas to offer you when you're ready. Opportunities, you might say." I thanked him gratefully and went home to Roxy, who had finally moved in with me. She did not object at all when I brought out the handcuffs this time.

The End??

* * *



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