After Hours Fuck Toy

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: M/f; transform; potion; lovedoll; boxed; revenge; oral; anal; cons/nc; X


Lucy had worked as a personal assistant for Donald Vickers, a corporate lawyer working on his own, for about eighteen months and she had found him to be a most generous boss. If she showed up a few minutes late on a Monday morning or made a typing error when filing away the odd document, he never scolded her beyond a disappointed look that was evident in his eyes. The only demand that Donald ever made of Lucy was that when he asked her, she would available to work after normal business hours.

At first, this late night work involved dictation of several legal letters or sending email to clients overseas and other routine stuff. However, before long, the two discovered they had a mutual interest which blossomed into a full blown affair that was extremely intense. A lingering kiss or two quickly led to wild sex that would scatter the contents of Donald's desk as their naked bodies intertwined in passion and lust.

Lucy had suggested several times that they should adjourn to a hotel room or, at least, have their romantic trysts end back at her place. However, Donald was very fearful that someone would spot them outside the office together and go running to his wife Patti. He insisted that they keep their relationship secret for now and not let anyone else know about it. Donald went on tell Lucy that when the time was right, he would divorce his wife and they could be together openly from that point on.

"I'm no idiot... Donald is going to string me along for as long as he can until he gets caught and then I'll be out the door like yesterday's dishwater. For now, I'll play along but there's a day coming in the not too distant future where I'm going to hit him with an ultimatum... Patti or me !!!!" Lucy thought to herself as she stepped out of her skirt followed quickly by her blouse.

Looking around Donald's office, Lucy saw that Donald had laid outfits and accessories for one of his favorite role plays. He would pretend to be the nasty prison guard and she would be the newest prisoner to the jail he worked at. She had to admit being handcuffed to various objects in the office while he 'disciplined' her by fucking her repeatedly. All in all, it was one scenario that Lucy looked forward to and she started to put on the torn denim shirt and lacy black panties that were part of her look. She was about to slip on the white cotton bra that was part of the outfit when Donald came into the room in an obviously agitated state. Lucy moved over towards him as he sat down on the leather couch and clasped his hands tightly together seemingly oblivious to her presence.

"Is there something wrong, Donald ? Did one of your clients stiff you with a bad check?" the brown haired woman said softly as she leaned up against the lawyer with her right breast pressing up against his arm.

"No, nothing I can't handle. Besides aren't you supposed to be trying to get me from putting into solitary confinement?" Donald said as he turned and kissed Lucy hard on the lips.

At the same time, the lawyer put his left arm around Lucy's back while his right hand came to rest on the brown haired woman's chest. He gently squeezed the left and then the right tit, which resulted in a soft moan of pleasure from Lucy. Within a few moments, the two were exploring each other's bodies with Lucy sliding down Donald's body to his rapidly stiffening cock. Wrapping her mouth around the head, she started to massage the stiffening member with her tongue as well as her soft hands in a slow manner at first. Donald told her that she gave the best blow job of any woman he had ever been with and she took that praise with great pride and motivation each time she sucked on his cock and felt his warm spunk fill her mouth after several minutes of frenzied exertion.

Shortly after Lucy had licked the last of the spunk from her lips, she felt her hands being gripped around the wrists by Donald and being lifted above her head. Dragging her twitching body to the floor, he handcuffed the writhing woman to one end of the coffee table before hoisting her body onto the glass surface.

"Ooooh, fuck me... stick that big fucking cock in me right now!" Lucy moaned as she bucked her sweaty hips up and down in anticipation.

She felt Donald's strong hands grasp her around the waist as he lifted her up several inches in the air while letting his tongue dance up and down her slick, sweaty torso. Lucy thought she would go blind from lust as she continued to beg Donald to fill her with his big dick. Suddenly, her whole body started to tingle as she felt Donald's cock start to tease the edges of her pussy, which was already sopping wet from anticipation. After spending several long sensations probing her hot box, Donald slowly pushed his cock into Lucy as the two continued to moan in pleasure while their bodies pressed tightly together.

After several minutes of slowly pushing his cock in and out of Lucy, while running his hands up and down Lucy's twitching body, Donald started to pump faster to Lucy's delight. Finally, he couldn't hold back any longer and Donald unloaded his hot semen into Lucy that filled her sex to overflowing. A few seconds later, Lucy achieved her orgasm and the room's walls echoed with their mutual cries of celebration.

Several hours later, and multiple orgasms experienced, Lucy laid half asleep in the arms of Donald as the two rested on top of the couch. Around the room, there was the usual signs of their intense lovemaking as the crystal table Lucy had been cuffed to was totally destroyed. Several picture frames on the walls had been knocked askew or were lying on the floor in pieces as a result of Donald and Lucy fucking while standing against the wall. Donald's desk had been wiped clear of items when Lucy enthusiastically jumped on it and dragged her lover on top with her for some anal sex. All in all, it was a fairly typical looking office after the couple making love.

After 30 or so minutes, the two rose together off the couch and started to search around the room for their respective clothes. They had almost finished dressing when Donald's cell phone, placed on the receptionist's desk outside the office, started to ring. Sighing, the lawyer hitched up his pants and went out to the desk while Lucy finished dressing. A few moments later, just as she was finishing buttoning up her blouse, Lucy heard Donald's voice grow quite verbose in level as well as several choice profanities mixed in. It was a bit of a surprise to hear the smooth, polished lawyer use such language in the office area (well, outside their little fuckfests) as Lucy was accustomed to his slick, professional demeanor when he was on the phone.

Lucy waited patiently in the office for several minutes before Donald came back in. Although his usual smile of confidence was present as always, the fact that his cheeks still showed tinges of red in them indicated that he was extremely upset by the nature of the call. However, when Lucy pressed him about the caller and what it was about, Donald dismissed it as a client that was trying to weasel out of a bill for previous work he did for them. Although Lucy nodded in understanding, she privately thought there was something else bothering Donald and she could only wonder what exactly it was.

"Could it be a threat from the local mob guys ? Naaahhh... Donald usually steers clear of those type of clients. A threat of blackmail from someone in his past? Well, he told me that our affair is the only thing that he keeps from that old hag of a wife he has. What could it be ?.....what could it be ?..... " Lucy thought to herself as she drove her car home from the office. She figured that regardless what the exact problem Donald was having, he would tell her about the cause for his distress.

When she parked her light blue Toyota in her driveway and stepped out, Lucy noticed that the green station wagon that had been parked across the street yesterday was there again with the driver, a mid 40's overweight guy currently sipping on a cup of coffee, in no big rush to leave. Lucy thought for a moment to go over and ask the man who or what he was waiting for but figured that might an invitation to trouble so she bit her tongue and headed inside for the night.

Next morning, just as she was about to head off to work, Lucy received a call from Donald, who sounded even more stressed out than the day before. He asked her to park to the rear of the office building when she came to work and to use a side entrance when she entered the building. Puzzled by the request, Lucy asked Donald for further details but he rebuffed her attempts for an explanation and told her that she'd have to wait till she got into work for the reasons and such. A little miffed by Donald's requests, Lucy nevertheless agreed to go along with what he asked. Grabbing her stuff, she headed outside with the same questions from before running through her mind. Thankfully, the station wagon she had spotted yesterday seemed to be gone so that was one thing she didn't have to worry about.

After arriving at work and following Donald's instructions to the letter, Lucy entered the reception area of the office where she found Donald waiting for her. He quickly ushered her into his office while he took the phone off the hook on her desk and put an OUT TO LUNCH sign on the front door. When he closed the door to his inner office as well once inside, Lucy briefly thought that Donald was interested in a secretive fuckfest during working hours. However, this idea quickly faded when she saw Donald's reddened face and the clenching and unclenching of his fists.

"Sorry for the subterfuge, Lucy, but I got some disturbing news today which affects us both. It seems my wife has secretly suspected that I was having an affair with you so she hired a private detective to follow us both around in the hope that he find out the truth. She pulled out this folder which had all sorts of notes detailing our meetings after hours as well as photos of us in intimate embraces just outside this building. Patti is asking for a divorce and is hell bent on dragging us both through the mud to get her revenge," Donald said softly while punctuating the last part by slamming his fist against the desk.

Lucy was stunned by the news. "Oh, no! What... what are you going to do now, Donald? Should I leave town until things settle down and you can send for me when the divorce is settled? " she said hopefully though deep down knowing that if she did indeed leave, she probably won't see Donald ever again.

Donald shook his head slowly in obvious frustration. "She plans on dragging you through the courts as well. The only thing we've got going for us is that Patti doesn't have all the details as of yet of your personal life. If you leave, she'll probably send someone like her PI or the cops to drag ya back. Why did I ever marry a cold calculating bitch like Patti ? " he said shaking his head angrily.

"Well, what do you want to do now? Should we hire a detective of our own to uncover Patti's skeletons? How about dragging it out so she eventually settles out of court?" Lucy replied as she racked her brain trying to think of a way the two could extract themselves out of this.

"I was up most of the night thinking it over and I came up with an idea about an hour or so before I called you. However, I do have to warn you that it's going to sound bizarre and even borderline insane but it's all true. You see, I figure the only way to disprove Patti's proof of infidelity is by saying to the judge that you don't exist and to prove that by having pictures taken of you that show you're not even a real person! The latter is going to be achieved courtesy of a client I helped in court last year by the name of Arthur Crandall. Mr. Crandall is the president and CEO of CGD Chemicals, a company who manufactures and researches different types of chemicals for both the public and private sectors. When I managed to get his company out from under a nasty hostile takeover bid from a big European conglomerate, he thanked me and told me whenever I needed a favor, all I had to was call and ask. Figuring he might forget such an offer, I asked him if there was a chemical in development that could temporarily turn a person into an inanimate object as I had heard rumors his company was working on such a thing."

"At first, Arthur vehemently denied the existence of any such substance but after a few drinks and other 'recreational' activities, he finally admitted to having such a chemical. I then asked him to provide me a small quantify of the substance with the chemical altered so that the person ingesting it had to be a woman and would change her into a realistic yet inanimate love doll. At first, I had planned on using it on Patti when I wanted to have a weekend to myself and she was on one of her drinking binges but then this happened," Donald said while pulling out a small vial filled with a clear blue fluid.

"Lemme get this straight now... you're going to solve our problem by turning me into a... a love doll? I gotta admit, that sounds pretty weird to me though... somehow intriguing. How long before I change back to the sexy woman you've come to love and fuck all day and night?" Lucy said with a perplexed look on her face.

"According to Arthur, the transformation wears off after about a month or so with no physical or mental damage to the subject. In fact, the person who takes the substance finds their sensitivities heightened quite a bit in her new form. That's why, I think, they were developing it as a product to sell to world military leaders or defense contractors. As I said, Lucy, it's unusual but short of dragging it out in court and both of us losing every penny we have, it's the only solution I have. What do you say... is it acceptable?" Donald said looking into Lucy's face for any other questions she must have.

"Well, as long as you fuck me as much when I'm an inflatable sex toy as now, I'm willing to give it a try. Give me the potion and I'll take it right here and now. How long before it kicks in and I turn into your wildest dreams?" Lucy asked while seductively unbuttoning her blouse.

"About 5 minutes after you swallow the drink, the first effects of your transformation should become visible on the outside with the whole process taking about 30 or so minutes. Oh, and don't worry about your apartment and such... I'll contact the building's superintendent and arrange to have all of your stuff put into storage plus convince him to tell anyone who asks that you never lived in the building. It'll cost a bit of money to get him to talk that way but you know what they say: 'in for a penny, in for a pound', " Donald said with a soft chuckle as he started to take off his shirt and jacket followed by his pants. Clutching the vial in his right hand, he watched in unabashed appreciation as Lucy slowly stripped off the rest of her clothing until only her black satin/lace half-cup bra remained.

"Ok. One sexy fuck doll coming up... try to keep me in a nice box when I'm not in bed with you, Donald," Lucy said before tilting her vial's contents and drinking down the contents in one swallow. She licked her lips with her tongue as if she had just swallowed a scoop of delicious ice cream or some of Donald's warm spunk. With the blood already flowing to his loins and his rapidly stiffening member, Donald quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes and, taking the vial from his lover, quickly pressed Lucy against him. After several passionate kisses, Lucy slid down to the floor and wrapped her mouth around Donald's rapidly hardening member.

"Mmmmm... yeah, baby, take it all the way..... " Donald muttered softly as he felt his cock being wrapped by Lucy's warm tongue and his balls slapped gently against her chin as Lucy started to suck on it like the many times before she had given him a blow job. However, this occasion was far different as he could feel the interior of Lucy's mouth starting to change in feeling as it worked up and down his thickening member.

From Lucy's perspective, she also felt a change starting with her mouth area and feeling like it was spreading outwards. Just as the dark haired beauty started to feel a small trickle of pre-cum come from Donald's cock, she felt her tongue merge with the rest of her mouth followed seconds later by her teeth. In a mere few moments, the entire interior changed to a soft rubber sac that seemed to shift and distort slightly as the hard member rubbed back and forth against its' warmth. With her vocal chords vanishing as well, Lucy was unable to tell Donald that the change had begun so she waited in silence for the exciting transformation to continue.

Donald usually was able to hold back from ejaculating for some time to allow the pleasure for both to build to a crescendo. However, his cock seemed to be cocooned by warm rubber made it impossible for him to contain the building fire in his loins and after only another minute or so, he unleashed a load of warm spunk into Lucy's mouth even as her mouth continued to twitch around his member. With his spunk starting to trickle down Lucy's chin, Donald removed his softening member and noticed how Lucy's mouth formed into a perfect ovular shape. It was then that the lawyer noticed that her mouth, and the area immediately around it, were starting to show the effects of the change. Her cheeks were taking on an artificial color in them and her eyes seemed to becoming fixed in their look.

As Donald slid his cock down Lucy's chest and rested it between her breasts, he saw Lucy pull her hands up to support her boobs while tilting her head in passion as she readied for a titty fuck. As he started to slide his member back and forth between her soft mounds, Donald noticed that the transformation was spreading rapidly downwards. He could see what looked like seams starting to appear on Lucy's arms and around her breasts. His cock's sliding started to produce quiet squeaks as the tunnel it was in between Lucy's boobs became shiny latex like her head and shoulders.

"Oooohhh... this is incredible... my whole body is really turning into a hollow latex form to be used over and over for hot fucking..... mmmmm..... " Lucy thought as the sensation of Donald's cock rubbing against her new, synthetic boobs triggered what felt like an orgasm through her changing body. She wanted to reach up with her hands and run them up and down her lover's body but her arms were locked in place now and wouldn't budge whatsoever. Her transformation into an inanimate love doll was moving as fast as Donald said it would.

As his rapidly stiffening dick slid faster by the second, Donald felt another burning in his loins yet again, which surprised him as he usually had to wait more than a few minutes before he could have another stream of warm spunk flow from his cock. As it was, after just another few minutes, he did just that and droplets of spunk spurted onto the latex pillows that now comprised Lucy's chest. After sending a steady stream of semen spurting over Lucy's face and chest, Donald stepped back for a few seconds to catch his breath. As his breathing returned to normal, he saw that the nipples on Lucy's boobs had become bright pink in color, matching her areolas in that respect, and now looked to be longer and thicker in appearance. With a happy smile on his face, Donald leaned forward towards Lucy, who was sitting in a kneeling position with her rapidly dwindling weight resting on her thighs, and gently rubbed his left thumb and forefinger over the enticing protrusions.

"YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!..... that feels so good... don't just stand there, Donald, keep fucking me!!!" Lucy thought as she felt what seemed like an orgasm rip through her mind. Her mental pleas seemed to be answered as she felt herself being picked up and placed on the nearby chair with ease that surprised both her and Donald.

Donald, after a few moments of silent contemplation, reached over and pulled down Lucy's bra from her chest. Her latex boobs sprung free bobbling up and down slightly finally free from the restrictive undergarment that harnessed them. Looking over Lucy's body, Donald saw that her transformation was now working its' way into her lower torso as her mound of pubic hair was getting smaller by the minute. Deciding to seize the moment, Donald lowered his cock towards the edges of Lucy's moist cunt and brushed against the edges of it with the tip of his dick.

After a minute or so of probing Lucy's hotbox, Donald bent down and probed it with his tongue flicking it in and out rapidly. Judging by the fact that Lucy's legs were noticeably trembling, she was definitely enjoying the sensations on some level. With his dick starting to turn hard once again, Donald stood up and, pushing Lucy's legs upwards onto the chair, swiftly thrust his cock into Lucy's cunt. As he started to push in and out in a rhythm that increased in speed, Donald noticed the change was now fully engulfing Lucy's waist and hips. Seams were becoming visible on her legs and across her waist and Donald found that he had to pick Lucy up by the waist as he fucked her or else she would have slid to the floor due to the loss of weight. Within a minute or two, Donald felt the sopping wet cunt his dick was buried in was becoming softer and seemed to be wrapping itself around his cock. Looking downwards as he braced himself on the chair arms, Donald saw Lucy's pussy becoming ovular in nature with a bright pink interior visible around his cock.

"Ooooooh... god, that feels so fucking good... geez, sex as a doll is incredible... maybe after all of this is done and I'm human again, I'll get Donald to obtain more of this special formula....... " Lucy mentally purred as her lightweight body bounced up and down on the chair in response to Donald's motions.

After erupting with another load of spunk into Lucy, Donald stepped back and poured himself a glass of water as he recovered his strength. While he drank, he saw that Lucy's body, now about 90 % of which was fully transformed, laid half off the chair with the only part of her body still moving on its' own being her untransformed toes. Finishing off his drink, Donald decided to finish his introducing Lucy to life as an inanimate love doll by fucking her in the rear. Picking up Lucy (who now seemed to weigh only a few pounds at best), he carried her over to the couch where he laid face down on the couch with her lower half draped over one of the arms. As he did so, he saw that her waist had narrowed by several inches and her anus had already formed into the O shaped opening as her mouth and cunt.

Propping the doll's arms up so that the limbs were supporting its' front half, Donald was about to enter the sex toy with his stiffening cock when he realized that the doll's anus might need some lubrication to make the experience more pleasurable for both of them. Quickly moving over to his desk, he rummaged around the drawers for several minutes before pulling out a small tube from one. Although he had never used it, Lucy had suggested some time ago to buy lubrication gel for when they wanted to try some anal sex. Figuring there was no time like the present, Donald walked over to the dollified Lucy and started to smear the gel over the edges of the doll's anal opening as well as the interior.

"Oooooh... that feels so good... yesssss... please stick that big cock in me, Donald!.... " Lucy thought as she reveled in the waves of pleasure that surged through her body as she felt the stimulation of her anus being stimulated. A few moments later, her mental pleas were answered as Donald plunged his cock into her latex and rubber orifice and started to pump it and out. If she was still human, she would have cried out in pleasure.........

An hour or so later...

Donald sat down on the couch and put an unlit cigarette in his mouth while pulling the sex toy that Lucy now was closer to him. Wrapping his left arm around the doll's back with his left hand coming to rest on the doll's soft boob, he leaned over and rested his right hand on the other latex tit. Smiling, he looked up at the camera he had set up and, a few moments later, the camera clicked a picture. After taking about a dozen or so pictures, Donald put the camera away and dressed himself. He then took Lucy's clothing and stored them in a cardboard box in the corner of his office. The lawyer then picked up his doll/lover and, after cleaning her up, he caressed her face while looking into its' lust filled painted eyes.

"Ok, Lucy, I'm going to deflate you now and store you in a box I picked up from a friend who owns a normal love doll. Don't worry, though, I intend to have you out and used quite a bit in the next month or so. My wife is going to visit some relatives the next couple of weeks which means you and I will have lots of time together, " Donald said smoothly while simultaneously reaching around and pulling open the doll's inflation plug.

"Yes, please fuck me again and again... having sex as a dolly feels so gooooooooddd......... " Lucy thought as her body rapidly lost shape and size. As it did, her thinking seemed to disappear as if her mind was slipping into darkness.

Once the doll was deflated, Donald carefully folded it up and carried it over to a colorfully marked cardboard box he mentioned earlier. He slid the deflated doll into a plastic bag and then slid the bag into the box before closing it up. Dropping the box into a bag from a local store, the lawyer returned to his desk and spent the next hour or two contacting clients as well as arranging a temporary secretary to fill in for the next month or so. At the day's end, Donald headed out to his car and put the bag in the back of his HumV2 before starting up his vehicle and heading off for home. If he had looked around, he might have seen a white Subaru parked in an alleyway directly across from the building he worked out of.

"You know, Donald, if you're going to plan to make your lover disappear, you really should remember to check to make sure no one is listening on the other line. Once I found out about your bizarre plan, I decide to make my own modifications to it. I contacted Mr. Crandall and had him alter the formula that he gave to you slightly. Of course, he balked at the request at first but when I told him I would expose his little role in this scheme to the general public, he saw the light. You see, the formula you gave your precious Lucy today did indeed change her into an inflatable fuck toy but the effect is permanent. Furthermore, after thirty days, your transformed lover will think of herself as nothing but a sex doll so even if you change her back eventually, you'll have even more questions to answer. God, I can only imagine the look on your face when I tell you the news... in thirty days.. HAHAHA!!!!! " Patti said to herself before erupting in a loud laugh and pulling out to follow her husband home.

Six weeks later......

Donald, wearing only a blue satin robe, carried a glass of champagne to the bedroom where his wife Patti was waiting for him. Clad only in a bra that was pulled down to expose her breasts, the woman took the glass from her husband, who immediately turned and started to rummage through the bedroom closet.

"I must say, Donald, you're taking this whole thing very calmly. I would have thought you would have left me or even tried to kill me. Instead, you begged me for forgiveness... it was really quite touching," Patti said with a smile that was almost gloating in nature.

"Well, I must admit that the idea of leaving you did cross my mind but once I calmed down, I decided to take an alternative course of action. I contacted Arthur Crandall about a possible antidote for the formula but he told me the mixture he had given you didn't have one. When I heard that, I decided to do something else..... " Donald said pulling out the box containing the Lucy doll.

"Awww, ain't that too bad!... ummmm... why do I feel so strange all of a sudden?..... " Patti muttered before putting her glass down on a nearby end table as a feeling of weakness swept through her.

"You see, I asked Arthur to supply me another variation of the formula... a variation that his research techies did up after a wild staff party for fun. I was told that it's completely tasteless when mixed with alcohol," Donald said as he started to inflate the lifelike sex doll that Lucy was.

"Oooohhh... owner going to fuck dolly now?.... dolly wants to make owner happy..." the dollified Lucy thought as her legs slowly formed into a traditional V shape and her arms snapped into a 45 degree angle to hold its' owner once again.

"What... do you... bastttttarrrdddd..... " Patti gasped as she tried to stand up but instead sank to her knees. Her arms seemed to be moving on their own and reaching behind to grasp her lower legs. She felt her mouth forming into an ovular shape while simultaneously her pussy seemed to be disappearing altogether. On top of that, her anus, while forming into a O shape like her mouth, seemed to be having like a cork forming over it. Her body itself seemed to be forming into some sort of latex shell that was hollow in nature.

"You see, Patti, I figured if I can't have Lucy for anything other than wild sex, I figured you can experience the end result of that... as a fully automated cock cleaner. Even now, I can imagine your whole mind set is focused on nothing but cleaning my dick..." Donald said with a wicked grin. He then picked up Lucy and set her on her hands and knees on the bed. Donald then plucked up the transformed Patti and put her in the closet.

"Don't worry, my little cleaner... I'll make sure you're kept in working order. Arthur said you absorb all fluids into your artificial form but I'll check anyway," Donald said before closing the bedroom door.

"Oooooh... dolly like cock... fuck dolly goood..... mmmmm... " the love doll that Lucy now was thought as she felt the familiar entrance of her owner's cock into her aching anal opening.

"Cock... need cock to clean... it is my purpose..... " the cock cleaner thought as it waited in the darkness....

For all three, sex would be a great experience from now on... albeit on different levels of wants and needs....



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