Agent OOD - License to Dollify

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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The gray stone building looked very nondescript with the moderately priced cars parked next to it and the signage outside indicating there were government offices inside that dealt with employment, immigration and foreign affairs. For the people walking by the building who saw the people, dressed in business suits and such, leaving and entering, it looked like just another building for civil servants.

However, the truth was the building was just a facade as were the offices that made up the floors above ground. Underneath, there was a vast complex of top secret offices, laboratories and a host of people working for a top secret organization dedicated to maintaining the peace of the world covertly through extraordinary means and circumstances. The OTTA ( Order Through Transformation Agency ) was a hive of intelligence gathering specifically oriented to identifying women who were at the core of large scale criminal operations and remove them permanently from the scene. However, their method of achieving this goal was rather unique to say the least.

Each agent had, upon their hiring by the agency, been bioengineered by OTTA's top scientists for transformation of their female targets during acts of intercourse. The agent's sperm had genetically changed to include genes that, when entering a woman's vagina, anus or mouth and mixing with the fluids already present, would trigger a rapid change in the woman's cellular structure from a living, breathing woman to an inanimate object. The fact that the transformed women resembled love dolls in their final state was somewhat of a mystery to most of the younger staff at OTTA though some speculated that it was because of the inventor of the gene changing formula had a fixation with sex dolls.

For Henry Charlton, the lead agent for OTTA, the speculation behind why the organization transformed its' targets into inflatable sex toys didn't matter to him at all as he strolled down the brightly lit hallways of the base. He had received an email earlier in the day that the intelligence section ( known as Section ' I ' ) had determined who and where his next assignment was going to be. Dressed in his usual dark blue pinstripe suit, he was quite dashing and handsome who drew many a stare from women that he passed by. However, given his 'abilities', he tended to avoid any deep relationships else his lover wind up on a shelf in some adult entertainment store.

" You know, I should ask the lab boys if this procedure can be reversed when I decide to retire from the agency. It's one thing I should have looked into before joining up to help protect the world. Ah, the mistakes we make when we're young, " Henry thought as he stopped at the last door on the hallway's left side. Pulling out his wallet, the agent withdrew a silver and black card with OTTA stenciled in large letters in the center. Swiping the car through a device mounted to the wall next to the door, Henry waited until the panel flashed a bright green color before pulling open the door.

When he stepped inside, he found himself standing in the main office for OTTA's head of operations, Gerald Olsen. Gerald, a mid 50's man with thinning black hair, growing waistline and a disdain for modern technology. Although he approved of the use of every bit of technology, secret and otherwise, in the pursuit of OTTA's goals, Gerald kept no computers in his office and insisted all reports be given in person or submitted on paper. Despite his idiosyncrasies, he was well known in the agency for his razor sharp intellect and ability to adapt to any change in situation.

" Mr. Olsen, what do you have for me today in terms of gadgets and intelligence? " Henry asked in his usual confident manner as he took his seat in a highback leather chair opposite his boss.

" Agent Charlton, I'll remind you this isn't some sort of British secret service agency like you see in the movies. We operate on a clandestine basis underneath the usual government inquiries but part of our organization which is similar to the espionage world of governments everywhere is a sense of discipline and order. In short, knock off the breeziness when you address me at all times! Is that understood, Agent Charlton? " Gerald said with a rigid determination evident in his voice.

" Geez, Gerry got out of bed a little on the grumpy side this morning. I better tone things back for now.... " Henry thought as he mutely nodded and his face took on a more somber expression.

" Now, then, your next assignment is to take care of the woman named Christiana Flirdato, head of a cosmetic empire based in Europe. She's secretly testing new lines of cosmetics on beavers she's smuggling in from Canada and when she's done with them, she's arranged for them to be secretly released into the wild. If that wasn't bad enough, there have been rumors that she's starting up an aphrodisiac line that involved testing on human guinea pigs that she's abducted. We want you, Agent Olsen, to infiltrate her organization, use your charms to get yourself in a relationship with the woman and then resolve the situation as normal. Any questions so far? " OTTA's head said sternly to the agent while shuffling through the papers on his desk.

" Nothing so far, sir. Do we have any information on the people that work for her or any potential problems I might run into? After that mission in Canada, I'd prefer not to have any surprises to deal with, " Henry said as his memory flashed back to the moment where he was almost killed by a group of killer hockey players.

" I can certainly understand your desire for foreknowledge, Agent Charlton. After all, I assumed my position as agency head after the previous one died when he went flying and forgot to check the weather forecast before flying into the Bermuda Triangle area. One can never be too careful, " Gerald replied as he opened one of his desk drawers and started rummaging through them.

After a minute or two, OTTA's head pulled out a bright red folder and handed it on the agent. Stamped in bold, black letters were the words OPERATION: BETTER WORLD with a fair amount of paperwork included inside of it judging by its' thickness.

Opening up the folder, Henry saw there were several 8 X 10 photos of Christiana and a few of her other associates. There was also quite a bit of material detailing backgrounds, characteristics, known associates, etc. with synopsis written by various department heads.

" All right, Agent Charlton, you can go over the details for your mission in the 48 hours before you leave for Europe. Right now, I'd suggest you head down to the R & D department and see what they have for you in the way of gadgets, " Gerald said in a dismissive tone as he opened a folder for himself to read and twirled around in his chair so that its' back was facing the agent.

" Same old Gerald....when he's done talking, he's got to make a big dramatic gesture to emphasize it....sheesh! " Henry thought to himself as he left the office quietly and made his way to the elevators at the end of the hallway. Pushing the button for SL3, the agent slowly descended in the elevator car until reaching the floor in question.

Stepping out on the desired floor, Henry walked down the corridors of a floor that looked very similar to the one he just left. The main differences were that there was the audible hum of electronic equipment coming from behind every door on the floor along with the odor of various types of take-out foods that seemed to hang in the air.

" Geez, these guys exude the phrase ' computer nerds', " the agent thought as he swiped his computer card on a panel near a door at the end. After allowing the computer to scan his eyes and right hand, the door opened a few seconds later and the agent stepped inside.

The room Henry entered seemed to be a typical work area for the inventors in OTTA with numerous wires, computer components and partly completed shells lying on numerous work tables. At the far end of the room, there were several rooms with clear glass walls that were set up to demonstrate and try out experimental devices with female volunteers.

In one such room, a nude blonde was standing in front of what looked like a bathroom vanity. When she opened the cabinet, a stream of thick, pink goo streamed out and totally enveloped the woman. Henry watched in fascination as the goo quickly tightened around the woman and in 30 seconds or so, a pink love doll laid sitting on the floor with an O shaped mouth and vagina. The only facts that indicates the woman herself was still alive was that the eyes were still human and moving and that there were no seams visible on the limbs or torso.

" Hmmmm...that would be an interesting, and fun, way of trapping a female assassin....doubt the research boys have that in mind... " Henry thought as he moved onto the next experimental room. He saw that there was a naked redhead strapped into what looked like a mechanical fucking machine. As the dildo shoved in and out of the writhing woman, Henry saw the woman's eyes roll about as her pending orgasm seemed to be consuming every part of her body. Just as the woman reached the pinnacle of her passion and her hips started to bounce up and down, her whole body seemed to be enveloped by a mild wave of electrical energy that seemed to lock the woman in place completely immobile. A few moments later, two metal claws at the bottom of the bench the woman was on grasped hold of her ankles and spread the legs into a V shape. Simultaneously, two other claws grabbed hold of the immobile woman's wrists and gently pushed her arms into L type positions. To complete the process, a clear plastic hose slowly lowered from the ceiling and sprayed a fine, pink foam over the woman's body. After thirty seconds or so, the foam dissipated revealing an inanimate love doll was the woman's new form with no signs of life whatsoever.

" That one is a temporary change, Agent Charlton. The OTTA higher management types want a procedure like this in place in case the mission target's ultimate status has yet to be determined at time of assignment. However, this won't apply to your mission at all so we can move on to your gadgets for this outing, " a rotund mid 50's man chirped while making a note with a stylus on his laptop.

" Ok, sounds good, Gadgeteer. Tell me what your boys have come up with this time, " Henry said while running his hand over what looked like a latex boob

" Don't touch that!! If you stimulate the nipple, it activates the explosive inside the shell and there won't be anything left in a thousand foot radius, " the scientist exclaimed while shaking his head in disappointment.

" Sorry about that, G. I'll try not to stimulate anything else here during my visit, " the veteran OTTA agent said in a voice that seemed sarcastic in tone.

" Agent Charlton, I'll remind you, like I've told you every time you come to my labs, that my name is not ' G' or something like ' Gadgeteer'. Just address me as Mr. Gatchison, thank you," the R & D chief exclaimed while waggling a finger in Henry's direction.

" Fine, fine, G....Gatchison, show me what you tech fellows have whipped up for this mission, " the agent said with sincerity though both he and Gatchison knew he didn't really mean it.

" Uh-huh. Well, the first thing we have is looks like a normal, everyday condom to anyone who sees it. However, it has very unique properties that are specifically designed to your ' unique' abilities. To begin with, the condom can be put on up to 24 hours before the initiation and will be completely invisible to the naked eye. When you engage in your...umm...physical interaction, the condom protects your dick and several inches around it from the unique properties of your body, " Gatchison said solemnly as he tried to maintain his usual sense of decorum and handed Henry what looked like an ordinary condom wrapped in plastic and tinfoil.

" Well, this is certainly an idea that was long overdue. If you can ship me a case or two, I might consider resuming a relationship with a young lady I met back in a mission in Brazil. A lovely young lady with a great....personality that..... " Henry said with a sly smile appearing on his face. However, he stopped his reminiscing when he noticed Gatchison's face grow dark in anger yet again.

" Agent Charlton, as I've told you in just about every visit you've made to these labs, the devices we design here are manufactured for use by agents like yourself on the missions they undertake. The items are not to be used to enhance your sexual libido outside of work! If you want to use them privately, you can submit the proper paperwork to Mr. Olsen for approval, " the scientist said waggling his finger once again at the agent.

" I've applied six times already and been rejected six times....I'll be 95 and using Viagra by the time Gerald gives me the ok....! " Henry thought as he nodded several times in response to Gatchison's continued rant.

".....and that's why we do things that way. Ok, the other item we have for you to use in your next assignment is rather unusual. It looks like an ordinary box for the storage of a deflated sex doll but when the deflated dolly is placed inside and the top is closed, the box acts much like a trash compactor and condenses itself and the doll until the two are as thin as a piece of paper. In this state, which can be reversed by the depressing of a button on the back of the box, the doll can be slipped under your shirt or another article of clothing in case the need for a quick departure is needed. However, I must warn you that the compression effect starts ten seconds after the top is closed so I would advise that you don't try and cop a last second feel, " Gatchison intoned with a straight face.

If it was anyone else who had said the last part of what Henry just heard, Henry would be doubling over in laughter. Mindful of the atmosphere he was in, Henry silently accepted the items for his mission and kept his thoughts to himself. After going over the details on safety protocols in the event Henry needed a quick extraction after completing his mission, the agent was sent on his way to make ready to leave once again on a mission to make the world a safer place......

Three days London.......

" Give up, Charlton! You haven't got a chance! " a policeman called out from a position in front of a row of rundown warehouses. Inside one of them, Henry was crouched behind one of the crates with his handgun clutched in his right hand. The agent glanced around for a back exit while lights from an overhead helicopter illuminated the interior via an overhead skylight.

" I'm driving down the twisted streets of this city and a mime jumps out in front of my rental. Next thing I know, sirens are going off and bobbies are chasing after me. I should have taken the Prague assignment....much more civilized place, " Henry mutters softly as he moves steadily towards the back of the warehouse. Just as he spotted the back door and the multiple locks securing it, the OTTA agent heard the front door starting to buckle and splinter under the force of a battering ram. Realizing it wouldn't be long before the SAS came charging into the warehouse, Henry started looking around for another exit out of the place.

Glancing around, he spotted, of all things to find, a manhole cover under one of the crates. Pulling open the plate, Henry looked down into the stinking, dark abyss that awaited him and sighed openly. " When I get back to OTTA HQ, I'm going to be having a talk with Gerald and the other bosses about letting the authorities in the countries that I'm going to know that I'll be here, " the agent murmured as he quickly descended down the ladder and pulling the cover closed behind him. After fusing the underside with his mini laser ( which looked like a ball point pen to the uninformed ), the agent headed down the sewer pipe using the laser as a light source to find his way. As he went, Henry muttered softly about sending the dry cleaning bill directly to Gerald.......

Two weeks or so later............

Henry sipped on his non alcoholic drink while he walked around the plush surroundings of his host. Mounted on the walls all around the expensively decorated room he was in were pictures of models holding or showing cosmetics of various types and sizes. The one thing all the pictures was a single word printed at the bottom in big, bold letters - FLIRDATO.

" I must say, you've been quite the enigma since I first ran into you during that tour you were on of our factory, Mr. Charlton. At first, I thought you were just another American businessman looking to buy into my company but the way you managed to help those workers out of that terrible fire that erupted in the R & D section was magnificent, " a female voice called out from outside the room.

" Well, in that type of situation, some individuals such as myself rush in action rather than think of their own safety first, " Henry said without a trace of egotism evident in his voice. Secretly, he knew that he had arranged for the fire to start to ingratiate himself with Flirdato's owner. Given his training in removing personnel from hazardous situations, it was child's play to rescue a few scrawny science geeks from a localized incendiary device.

" I think you're being entirely too modest. In fact, I was going to introduce you to Lanny Chichicutt, my head of security, but I haven't seen him since last night when he left to investigate a possible break-in at a testing lab I own about ten miles from here, " the woman said while puffing a little as if she was exerting herself greatly.

" I'm sure he's an exemplary fellow who does a phenomenal job for you, " Henry replied with a mysterious look crossing his face. In truth, the OTTA agent had been at the lab after it had closed for the night looking for more clues to the operation. He had just discovered paperwork indicating that all subjects ( human and animal both) used for trials were ' disposed by shipment ' after they died. Henry was about to start looking for the names of the companies on the other end of this insidious transaction when he was jumped from behind by Lanny. A ferocious struggled ensued between the two men that lasted for some time before Henry ended it by knocking his opponent unconscious with the remnants of a packing crate. After tying and gagging Lanny, Henry dumped the man into a crate that looked it was getting ready to be shipped out the next day. Sealing the top of the crate, Henry slipped out a window just as the blaring sirens heralded the arrival of local police.

" Oh, he does indeed. I'm sure he's off checking into something trivial that he considers of utmost importance. Well, what do you think? I decided to slip into something a little more comfortable after our meal, " Christiana said as she swept into the room. The blonde was wearing a leopard skin bathrobe with white fluffy slippers and, oddly, white gym socks visible on her feet. Of course, the fact that she didn't seem to be wearing anything outside of that judging by the view of her tits she flashed when sitting on a couch was a bigger distraction than her socks.

" I think your outfit looks very comfortable indeed. It looks like something you can slip out of extremely quickly, " Henry murmured softly as he looked into the blonde's green eyes that looked so lovely and belied the fact that she was a ruthless businesswoman who had killed or mistreated untold numbers of people. Nevertheless, Henry was an experienced OTTA agent trained to not let moral judgments get in the way of his mission. After a few more minutes of fondling and caressing each other's bodies, the two quickly stripped off what little clothes they were wearing and started to make wild passionate love.

As Henry's rock hard cock teased the edges of Christiana's moist vagina, he silently thanked himself for putting on his protective condom before visiting Christiana's home. Even so, a small part of him worried that it would not protect him from the effects of his semen and the mission would wind up like his first one in Mexico. The humiliation of having to wait for a fellow OTTA agent to enter the room he was in and scoop up two inflatable sex toys ( Henry and the female target) before someone else found them. Luckily for Henry, OTTA had developed an antidote for the transformation, as long as it was applied within 24 hours of the change. If the agency had no such cure, well, Henry didn't want to think about where HE would be these days.

" Mmmmmm.... yes.... give it to me!.... give it to me now!!.... fuck me!!!!.... fuck me hard!!!!......... " Christiana cried out as her body started to twitch and writhe on the couch. By the way she was moaning and calling out to be fucked, she sounded more like a prostitute from the streets of a major city than a powerful ( and corrupt ) CEO of a big company. Without hesitation, Henry plunged his erect member into Christiana's wet vagina as the two rocked back and forth seemingly as one.

" Ohhhh.......OHHHHHHH!!!!.....FUCKKKKK!!!!!......YOU'RE SO BIG!!!....... YESSSS!!!!!.... HARDER!!!!..... FASTERRR!!!!!....... " Christiana exclaimed as she dug her fingernails deeply into Henry's back while rolling her back in bliss. Henry winced slightly in response and reminded himself that this was all part of working as an agent for a clandestine agency. He silently figured that if his past experiences were any indication, the scratches would subside in intensity very shortly.

The two continued to writhe on the couch as they quickly built to a climax of their lovemaking. With Christiana screaming in delight, Henry finally relented and a load of hot semen erupted into Christiana's waiting vagina. Her eyes widened as her body reacted to what seemed to be an earth shattering orgasm. Moments later, her gasps of intense pleasure became mingled with ones of bewilderment as she sensed the oddest feeling rippling through her body.

" What.....what is going on? I.....I feel so strange, " Christiana gasped even as she continued to writhe from the pleasure rippling through her body. Opening her eyes ( which she had closed during the enjoyment of her orgasm), she saw that Henry had a strange look on his face even as he was starting to slow down in his thrusts into her sex. If she didn't know better, it looked like he was expecting something else to happen.

" Oh, I wouldn't worry, Christiana. In a few minutes, all those feelings that you don't understand will make more sense as you'll be experiencing the first minutes of your new role in life. I should tell you that this new role won't involve harming helpless beavers in trials to make the perfect fragrance. I think, though, that your inflated ego will be more evident than ever before, " Henry said with a certain irony in his voice.

" what do you mean..... mmmmm.... new role? " Christiana moaned as she glanced downwards to see what Henry was talking about. To her surprise, she saw there was an odd glossy look starting to appear the edges of pink vagina and it seemed to be spreading outwards in all directions! The perfume magnate tried to pull herself up into a sitting position or, at the very least, away from a man that was starting to unnerve her but found her body unresponsive to her thoughts.

" Ah, I can tell by the look on your face that you're starting to understand your situation a bit better. You see, my dear, I'm an operative for a top secret agency known to a few by its abbreviated name OTTA. I was sent by my boss to arrange for your company to halt its way of doing business and the best way to do so was by removing you. Since we're sworn to avoid killing unless it is needed for self defense, OTTA agents transform the female subject into inflatable love dolls, " Henry said simply as he withdrew his softening cock from Christiana.

" You.... can'ttttt.... getttt....... " Christiana sputtered before falling silent as the change swept through the CEO quickly. Her sex twitched and contort on its own before forming into a round opening that was decidedly artificial in appearance. The interior became a sac of smooth rubber that was perfect for the insertion of any cock, tongue or sex toy. While the finely trimmed mound of pubic hair above Christiana's pussy disappeared much like her freckles and other blemishes were, her anus seemed to take on a life of its own. Her anus moved upwards by several inches before forming into the same round opening that her sex had already taken on.

" Sorry, my dear, but in my line of work, I have and will manage to get away with what is happening to you. If it comforts you in some small way, think of it as one professional taking care of another, " Henry said softly as he watched Christiana's legs slowly spread apart into a V shape like any ordinary love doll. The transformation moved upwards to engulf the blonde woman's upper torso as well as her limbs. Seams were starting to become visible on her arms and legs as well as across her waist and around her neck like a typical sex toy sold in adult stores. Christiana had a growing sense of lightness spread through her body as if she was going to float off the couch at any moment.

Christiana's breasts inflated ever so slightly as they became twin mounds of synthetic rubber capped by bright pink nipples and areolas that seemed to beg to be nibbled or suckled. As Henry gently picked up the transforming woman, he saw seams similar to the ones visible on her limbs surrounded the doll's boobs which indicated the change was about done.

" This can't be.... . I'm a feared and respected corporate tycoon, not some fuck toy to be....... to be.... be giving pleasure..... ohhhh.... that feels SO GOOOODDDDD!!!!! " Christiana thought as her thinking was rapidly changing to nothing more than the simple urges of a sex toy. Her teeth and tongue melted away as her mouth's interior formed into a smooth rubber sac similar to her other two openings. Her mouth's exterior formed into an ovular opening that was perfect for engulfing and sucking on any object thrust into it. With her hair changing to synthetic threads that were sewn into her hollow head and Christiana's eyes becoming nothing more than colored features, the CEO's transformation into an inanimate love doll was complete.

With that, Henry gently set the doll down on a nearby chair and after positioned the doll's hands so that they were grasping the arms of the chair, he inserted his somewhat flaccid dick into the doll's inviting O-shaped pussy with a look of serenity on his face.

" I've got about thirty minutes or so before I have to pack you up in your new box and clear out of here ahead of the authorities. Until then, I think it's time you got used to your new perspective of being used, " the OTTA agent said with a smile as he started to slide his cock and forth in the rubber and latex opening.

For Christiana, it was a most unexpected end to a day.... and the beginning of a new existence....

For Henry, another successful mission as an agent of OTTA....... and this time with fringe benefits.....




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