Air Goes in

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lovedoll; magic; transform; nc; X


Candace opened the door to her house and strolled inside whistling a happy tune. The blond haired beauty flung her packages on a nearby chair and sat down on a dining room chair chuckling out loud. Candace looked at one of her bags in particular that had a cardboard box sticking out and snickered softly out loud. Several nights earlier, she had come home early from her position as manager of one of her husband's businesses and found quite a surprise when she walked in the bedroom.

When she opened the door then, she had found her husband Jack in bed with one of those inflatable sex dolls that she saw for sale in the windows of sex shops around the city. The sight of him trying to extract himself from the sex toy while stammering an apology would have amused her normally if she wasn't so outraged at him. She managed to calm down after a day or two and even arranged to meet him this very evening for a night of dining and intimacy.

However, the promised night for two was just a ruse on Candace's part so she could take her revenge in a humorous yet nasty way. She had, through a little detective work she did, figured out which store he had bought the sex toy at and went down to the place. The store manager's eyes widened when he saw her name and address as if he recognized it as being familiar to him. However, he never said anything as he cheerfully rang through Candace's purchases and wished her a good day as she left.

Smiling broadly after her brief recollection, Candace picked up the bag carrying the items she bought and sauntered off to her bedroom. Looking at her watch, she figured she had time to take a shower before starting to work on her plan. She shook out the three boxes she had purchased onto the bedding before disrobing and heading off to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, Candace walked back into the bedroom rubbing the excess moisture off her slender body vigorously. She started dressing again by putting on her favorite orange choker and blue shoes while primping in front of her closet mirror. Candace was about to put a white corset that would enhance her bust line quite nicely when she glanced at the box containing the love doll sitting on the bed.

" Heh...may as well start getting my surprise ready for when Jack gets home tonight.." Candace said with a wry smile on her face. She opened up the doll's box and took out the toy as well as the inflation pump that came with it. When Candace briefly glanced at the pump, she saw it had two prongs leading from the main part yet the doll itself had only the one plug as normal with these type of toys.

" Maybe the clerk figured Jack was going to use the pump to inflate two dolls at the same time...Ha ! " Candace thought to herself as she laid the deflated doll on the partly made bed. She was going to use her feet to inflate the doll but the wire extending out of the pump was too short and, besides, her high heel shoes weren't appropriate for that type of exertion.

Flipping the doll over so that it was lying on its' face, Candace opened the inflation plug and inserted the wire from the pump. Kneeling on the bed with her lower legs tucked under her, she then started squeezing the pump in a slow and steady rhythm and watched with satisfaction as the doll slowly started to take shape with it's plastic appendages swelling outwards.

At the same time, Candace was starting to feel a little light-headed herself as if she had one too many beers at the local bar and the feeling was starting to spread throughout her body. Looking down, she saw that one of the wires from the pump was brushing up against her leg and if she didn't know better, she'd swear the wire's end was actually sticking into her lower leg.

" Maybe I better lie down after I'm done pumping up this love doll...hmmmm...?... " Candace muttered softly out loud while simultaneously trying to brush the wire away. To her bewilderment, she found that the wire was indeed stuck to her leg and she couldn't pull it out ! no matter how hard she tried. She also could see the skin on her left leg where the plug rested was starting to look rather strange. Candace reached down slowly with her left leg and felt the area in question around the plug. It felt smooth and soft to the touch although her brief caresses were causing the most delightful sensations to flow through her body.

" Hmmm...feels good..whatever it is happening... " the blonde haired beauty muttered softly even as she felt her right hand, on top of the pump, slowing down its' repetitions. As Candace continued to try and pry the wire away from her leg, she noticed the nearly fully inflated doll was moving ! With horror, the blonde haired woman saw the doll's right hand was on the pump on top of her own and the sex toy's hand had much more strength than her own. Candace could feel her strength seeping away with each new depression of the pump.

" What the hell is happening....why am I changing ? am I ?..." Candace shouted out loud though she found her voice was starting to fade. She tried to move away from the pump but her lower legs refused to respond to her thoughts at all. Candace looked down and saw that the change that had started on her right leg had now fully engulfed both her legs turning them both into what appeared to be shiny tubes of latex. When she looked to her left, she saw the doll was starting to look more human at the same time with the shine fading and freckles appearing on its' skin.

" Am I becoming a doll...A DOLL ???.... " Candace yelled before her voice completely faded away. She felt her pussy clutch shut sending an intense wave of pleasure surging through her body before it opened again like a flower with the inside looking the same material her legs were made of. Candace saw her right hand being pushed aside by the doll ( or was it still a doll ? ) which was starting to stir as its features became more human by the second.

As the changes swept through her body, Candace found that she was having increasing difficulty moving her head but with the little movement she did have, she saw lines were starting to appear on her body that looked suspiciously like seams that were disappearing from the doll. She felt her breathing slow to practically nothing as her breasts swelled slightly forming soft yet semi rigid domes of rubber capped by bright pink circles and small erect nipples that begged to be sucked or nipped by....somebody.

Unable to move in the slightest, she felt the doll ( or was it still a doll ? ) stir and suddenly sit up on the bed. Candace could look on as it/her pulled loose the wires connecting to both of them. The transformed woman then found herself being pushed on her back where she laid while her opposite walked murmuring softly as it breathed air for the first time and reveled in a human body for the first time.

A few minutes later, the transformed doll sat atop Candace's inanimate body wearing the white corset that Candace had picked out for herself earlier. She leaned over and put her hands on top of the newly created doll's breasts squeezing and kneading them with a playful look on her face. Candace even felt the hole where the wire had been seal up and become smooth rubber like the rest of her.

" Well, Jack will love playing with his newest love doll tomorrow, I think, after he gets home tonight and tries out a new and improved Candace for some hot love making...giggle... " the newly humanized doll said looking down at Candace's face, frozen in a state of arousal.

" LOVE DOLL !!!...I'M A HUMAN BEING .....NOT A FUCKTOY....NO!!!!.... " Candace mentally screamed even as she felt her body being caressed by the woman on top of her and feelings of pleasure raced through her air filled body in spite of her strong feelings otherwise.

" Jack's done this before I guess...he gets bored of wives after a while but can't bring himself to let them go so he worked out a special plan. The local adult shop owner is actually some sort of wizard who enchants love dolls so they switch places with his current wife. At first...ummm...the doll, that's me, doesn't really remember who she is or what her past is and..umm..the ' new' doll, that's you, still thinks she's human. However, as time goes on and Jack has sex with both of us, it'll all work out and we'll both know nothing but bliss....isn't that super ? " the 'new' Candace said as she flipped the doll over and flipped open an inflation plug which had just appeared.

" NOOO!!!!!!..... " Candace screamed as she felt her body lose shape quickly until it became a flat sheet of rubber with painted features and inviting openings. Her replacement quickly folded up the flattened form and placed it inside a clear plastic bag before putting the bag inside a cardboard box. The box had a picture of Candace posed erotically with the title " Candi - Wife # 7 " stamped on the front.

The new Candace then opened up the bedroom closet door and opened up a secret compartment hidden behind the closet wall that the newly created doll had never known of before. She was put on a shelf next to a red-haired ' Diana ' and a brunette ' Janice' doll with an air pump sitting in front of all three.

" Good-bye, dollies...Jack will treat you all really good...hehe...I've got to get ready for him now...maybe I'll just wear this corsetwhen he gets home...giggle.. " the new Candace said happily before closing the compartment door leaving the dolls in darkness...until next time....

Six months later.....

Jack rolled over and embraced the two dolls that laid beside him on either side. " Well, my sexy toys, are you ready for a night of hot intimacy? " he said running his hand over their latex and rubber bodies.

" Ooohh, Jack...I want you to fuck me good.... " the Janice doll thought as he squeezed her left breast and caressed her face.

" Need to make you happy, Jack....use me.... " the Candace doll thought as Jack ran his hands over her inanimate form as she looked forward to another night of glorious lovemaking...

After all, that was what she was made for....



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