by Hellcat

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Storycodes: F/f; lovedoll; mast; toys; cons; X

For my Alice, with love.

'What have we here? Guess this came out of the entertainment budget. Oh well, I suppose it could have been something frivolous like, oh, replacing the dishwasher. Ah, well, priorities.'

I look at the box, half hidden under the bed, and laugh a bit wryly. 'He paid that much for you? Wow. You’re a high class whore doll, aren’t you, Adventurous Alice. Hm. Let’s see: ...Eyes open in wonder as she sits up, and close in orgasmic pleasure as she swoons delicately in your arms.'

I prop you up for a moment, watching as your eyes open, and you stare glassily into the distance, then lay you back down. 'Oh, you’re a bit heavier than a blow-up doll, though, Alice. Need to lay off those plastic packing peanuts, I suppose. Or are you just less of an airhead?'

I continue reading. ...Highly detailed mouth, complete with teeth and tongue to provide a variety of pleasures. I tug on your chin to open your mouth, sliding a finger between your unresisting lips to run my finger over your teeth and tongue. 'Hm. Quite detailed, although Alice, I can’t quite shake the feeling that you’re about to bite me. And why does a sex doll need teeth anyway? Wouldn’t they just get in the way?'

... Exquisite detailing, including real human hair and eyebrows. 'You know, Alice, somewhere in a third world country there’s a woman walking around without eyebrows, and all for you. Don’t you feel bad about that? I reach over to shake your head ‘no’. "Oh Alice, how callous of you." I smirk a bit and keep reading.

... Perky breasts topped with realistic nipples. I unbutton your blouse enough to get a proper look. Cute. I smile a bit wryly. 'Well, Alice, if my boobs were 100% silicone, they’d be perky too. I squeeze your breasts experimentally and tweak the erect nipples. Hm. Are you cold, Alice?'

...Moldable hands, capable of holding lightweight objects, to add realism to your play. I reach down to pick up one of your hands, and examine it closely, bending the fingers into various signs. 'You have potential, Alice. I’ll take you to parties, drape you over my shoulder, claim you’re very drunk, and you can flick everyone off for me. You can be my rude cousin from New York, an eccentric bohemian theatre major who communicates purely in mime. Believe me, I’ve seen stranger at his stupid networking parties'.

'Oh. My. God. you’re the perfect confident-- we’re gonna sit down and have a tea party, and I’m gonna tell you all my secrets. I smile wryly, and shake my head. Relax, I wouldn’t bore anyone like that. Not even an “Adventurous Alice” doll.'

...Soft, round bottom conceals an opening reproduced in detail for the naughtiest pleasures. I lean you up once again, propping you over my lap so I can flip up your skirt, and run my hands over your ass. I pull down your panties, and swat you a few times, smiling a bit as the motion of my hand presses your breasts against my leg. 'Look at how hard your nipples are, Alice, what a naughty girl!'

... Feminine charms reproduced in exquisite, loving detail, both inside and out, to provide you with endless nights of pleasure. 'As real as the rest of you, Alice? That’s quite a selling point.' I lift your skirt, and slide a finger under your panties, fingering your pussy, and brushing across your clit. 'You’re not very wet, though, Alice'. I sigh sadly. 'Wow, not even the sex doll wants me. That’s sad'. I shake my head.

I smooth your skirts back down, rearrange you on the bed, then lay down next to you, my head against your shoulder, and pull your arm around me.

'So, did he talk to you, Alice? How well do you know him? The other woman'. I laugh, turning towards you-- The perfect woman, really. Exactly what he wanted. Polite, silent. Never questions, never disobeys. Keeps in her place. Always ready for a quick fuck, well, that’s more than he got from me, anyway. I laugh a bit sadly, stroking your hair back. 'I have to envy you a bit, Alice, I bet he was always pleased with you'.

'So what it’s like being a sex toy, Alice? To know that your purpose in life is nothing more complex than to lay there and be well fucked. Oh, I suppose we could put it in prettier-- more politically correct terms, giving me -um- *him* pleasure, or, what does the box say? “...A life like toy designed to release the stresses and cares of the day. Be transported to a magical wonderland.” Oh please. Wonderland my ass. When I-- when *he* gets done cumming this is still a crappy apartment, he still has to go to work, the bills still need to be paid, the ex still hates her. Him'.

I lean up, so that I can look at you. 'When you get down to it, that’s all you are, Alice. A toy, designed to be played with, to be fucked. Something I-he can use purely for his pleasure. No need to buy you dinner, no need to make sure you cum too'.

'You’re such a high class whore-doll. So realistic. Such pretty hair, soft skin. I wonder if you ever get hot and bothered'. Absently I tug on your head to make you nod.

'Oh well, whore-doll, I don’t suppose it matters much, does it?'

'You only have one job, and that’s to get me off. Lord knows I deserve it'. I strip off the last of your clothes, deciding at the last moment not to bother with your panties, tug at you until you’re lying on your side, and stuff a few pillows behind you to prop you up, adding one under your head so you stare at me from under half-lidded eyes. I pull off my clothes, and stuff my panties into your mouth.

'Gotta explain your silence somehow whore-doll'. I explain. 'If you were real, I’d expect you to moan for me. Of course, if you were real human I’d care about your pleasure, but since you’re nothing more than a fuck-toy, it doesn’t much matter'.

I rummage around in my purse a bit, pull out a vibrator, and wrap your unresisting hand around it. 'Look at that, Alice, it’s almost the same colour as you are, and made of the same material. You’re really nothing more than a very elaborate dildo, aren’t you? Pretty packaging, certainly, but in the end, the only thing that matters is the dildo wrapped between your hands'.

'Now, Alice, I’m betting this is the first time you’ve ever had sex with a woman, so let me show you how it works. I rub my hand over your nylon panties, pressing hard on your clit through the thin layer of fabric. Just like that, Alice, continuing until I cum. After the first orgasm, you can add the vibrator. You’re a smart fuck toy, I’m sure you’ll catch on'.

I wriggle on the bed a bit, tugging your hand down between my legs, pressing it against me, and rubbing my clit against you. 'Mmm. You are useful, Alice'. I cum pressing against your leg, your fingertips against my clit. I fall back on the bed panting next to you, and tug you halfway on top of me, guiding the hand holding the vibrator into my pussy, enjoying the vibrations and the weight on top of me.

'Such a good little fuck-doll, aren’t you'. I gasp, panting. 'That’s the only job you have, the only thing you’re good for, nothing but a life size dildo, aren’t you? But you do a good job'. I thrust up against the vibrator, my hair rubbing against your nipples, lifting myself up a bit so that I can suck on your perky silicone breasts

'Pretty fuck-doll breasts'. I gasp, cumming against you a second time. I slide off of you, and smile. 'See, this is where I would normally be obligated to make you come, fuck-toy. But I’m not obligated, am I? Because you’re nothing more than a silicone whore built for sex, a toy for me to fuck, a life size dildo for me to pleasure myself with. And I will pleasure myself with you'. I push you unto your back, arms and legs splayed, and grind my wet pussy against your thigh. I grab a hand and shove it against my clit, moaning at the increased stimulation from your fingers. I wrap my hands in your hair, and ride you hard, slamming your head back against the pillows, watching your eyes flicker as I grind against you.

After I’ve come, you seem a bit more real. Eyes half closed, I lean against you gasping, murmuring to you--

'I wonder if the pretty doll wants to be played with? My own perfect little fuck toy. Are your panties getting wet, fuck toy?' I wonder.

My fingers dip down between your legs, rubbing circles on the fabric, over your clit. I lean down for a moment, licking at your panties, tracing where my fingers were moments ago. I smirk at you. 'You are wet aren’t you?' I tug on your hair to make you nod.

'My little fuck toy wants to be played with before I put her back in her box. She needs the touch of my hands, needs the feel of my fingers'. My hand trace across your collar bone, then move to cup your perky breasts again, fingers rubbing insistently across the nipples. 'Do you ache to be fucked, Alice doll?'

'You're a good toy, aren’t you Alice?' I rub at the wetness spreading slowly across your panties. 'A doll who can't help but respond when she's played with. And dolls need to be played with, don't they?' My hand snakes up to tug on your hair once again to make you nod. 'Yes', I whisper, slipping my fingers under the edge of your panties, tracing across the soft silicone, 'I’ll play with you'.

Under the cover of your panties, my fingers rub, creeping closer to your pussy. 'What do fuck dolls think about, Alice? Do you think little fuck toy thoughts - about being played with, used for pleasure, how much you need it and how happy it makes you? How they make you a happy little fuck toy'.

'Fuck toys need love. They want to be treated as sex toys. You crave that. You want to be groped and fondled, you ache to have your pussy - your empty, needy pussy -filled.'

You nod.

My finger traces your red lips. 'Naughty girl. Fuck toys don't ask to be played with, Alice. They must wait until I want to use them'. I slide two fingers, then three, into your pussy, pressing against you, fucking you hard, watching as you slide, unresisting against the bed, your head sliding off the pillows to loll against the sheet. I grab your hand again, sliding it into my dripping pussy.

'My fuck toy, my whore, my pretty little dildo'. I gasp, cumming again. I lay against your shoulder panting for a moment, sated.

'Hm. Maybe I’ll keep you after all, Alice, You suck on this', I mutter, laying your dripping hand across your face, and I’ll find you some proper clothes. I stagger out of the room.

Behind me, your mouth opens just a bit as your tongue wraps delicately around the tip of one manicured finger.




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