An Assistant Job Unlike Any Other

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


As Jenny let the hot shower water flow off her lithe body, she reflected how her life had changed over the past seven days. She had answered a personal ad for a job that read " Personal Assistant needed immediately for 12 month period. Applicant must be willing to work closely with the client and put personal life on hold for duration of employment. Please submit a photo with a detailed resume to this address." It was an unusual ad to say the least but Jenny was glad she did . From the moment she met the mysterious Mr. Bill Jones, she was dazzled by his charm, sophistication and seemingly endless wealth. The fact that he had hired her 30 minutes after the initial interview was great as well.

The first few days were spent pretty much as Jenny desired with her closing out her apartment, putting her belongings into storage and informing friends and family she would be incommunicado due to work commitments over the next twelve months. After moving her personal effects into the mansion where she would be working with Bill, she got to know her employer quite well to the point where she found herself romantically as well as sexually involved with him.

Jenny leaned over and turned off the shower as she stepped out onto the plush bath mat feeling a little exhilarated. After towelling off, she wrapped the soft white towel around her ample tits and made her way out to the Jacuzzi where Bill awaited her.

" Jenny, you look simply sensational even just wearing an ordinary towel ! " crowed Bill as he embraced her closely. She could tell that underneath his softy terry cloth robe he was just as naked as she was.

She looked up into those soft brown eyes she had learned to love looking into and smiled sexily. " Well, shall we step into the Jacuzzi and see what's underneath " she purred.

He grinned " Well, it can wait for a bit .I think I'd like to take a closer look right now ..." he whispered as he tugged away the white towel circling her to reveal her beautiful body in all its glory. As they fell to the ground kissing and groping each other hungrily, she franticly removed his robe as she ran her hands over his chest.

As the petting and fondling became more intense, she on impulse pushed herself up on her arms and legs and while thrusting her ass high in the air hissed " Fuck me, Bill ! Take me right in the ass now !

Bill's eyes smoldered with lust as he moved behind her. Jenny could see out of the corner of her eye he was taking some sort of tube out and smearing the cream from it onto his massive cock " Lubricating that monster.. my god, this is going to be fucking incredible ... " she thought as her body literally quivered in anticipation.

He started to tease her swollen and damp sex with the tip of his cock causing her to moan in deep lust. Suddenly and without warning he thrust deep into her filling her with an incredible explosion of energy . Over the next few minutes, he continued to ram piston like into her while at the same time caressing her firm ass and and fondling her firm breasts.

As Jenny felt like she would go blind from the multiple orgasms he was causing her to experience, she also felt a little odd as though her body was stiffening and was no longer responding to her thoughts.

" God, this feels incredible but..  can't move... can't talk... mmm... but this feels so right... I'm so happy making Bill... Master.. happy.." thought Jenny as her body slowly started to change form. Her smooth supple skin was being transformed into shiny latex and rubber with no sign of being human whatsoever. Her magnificent breasts, hanging down like ice cream cones, were changed into taut domes of plastic capped by nipples that stretched out an inch or two like the rubber ends of pencils.

As Bill withdrew himself, the change began to complete itself. Jenny's mouth slowly constricted into a perfect O-shape with nothing but smooth supple rubber and plastic inside. Her pussy was now parted wide open with the pink walls of flesh now lifeless blades of flesh colored plastic. Seemingly out of nowhere, a plug grew out of the back of her neck clearly for the intent of removing or adding air.

What was a few minutes ago a living breathing woman now was an incredibly lifelike but inanimate love doll. The only indication of what it once was came with the slight twist to the side of the head with the look of fear and lust still visible in its' eyes.

After a minute or two, Bill stood up, dressed in his robe and walked over in front of the doll . "You see, Jenny, the assistant job I had in mind for you was as an always willing fucktoy for the next 12 months. I even built in certain responses for your new state.. your pussy will grip anything inserted in it, your mouth will close sensuously around my cock and other things. The best thing is that you'll feel nothing but a desire to give pleasure to me on a constant basis." he said leaning forward to fondle her plastic tits.

" Yesss.. squeeze my tits... caress me... let me please you... fuck me.." thought the doll as all her thinking now focused on nothing but for what she was made for... sex and lots of it.

Bill then spent a few minutes cleaning the doll up before carrying it back to his master bedroom where he sat in on the floor for a second while he opened a recessed locked cabinet. " By the way, this will wear off after a year's time and you will return to human form with total amnesia as to what happened to you. You'll be told by me that you had a bad fall and your memory suffered as a result. For now, though, I'll be storing you away." he said picking up the doll and laying her still inflated flat inside the cabinet.

"By the way, you won't be alone for long. I've placed an ad for more assistants needed today. After all, I've got quite a few rooms to fill here. Don't worry, I'll be back soon." he said chuckling softly before sliding close the door.

" Hurry.. use me again soon... need you.. " thought the doll as it was enclosed by the darkness . Without Bill's touch or voice, it's thinking drifted also into darkness waiting for what it was made for... used as the best sex doll it could be.


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