Anne was a Doll

by Dollguy22

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© Copyright 2008 - Dollguy22 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; doll; boxed; cheerleader; oral; cons; X


Anne was a doll. And, not to say, just a great person and all around good girl. Anne was quite literally a doll. She didn’t think she had always been a doll, but then again Anne didn’t do much thinking these days, being a doll and all. But when she did, she was pretty sure she used to be a girl. She didn’t remember much about being a girl, just a little bit about the last day she had been one, because she was quite happy being a doll

Anne had just gotten home from somewhere, after some kind of cheerleading practice maybe? She walked in the door and a nice lady asked her how her day had been and how practice went, then said something about her father being late for dinner. After that Anne climbed some stairs and entered a room, some foggy memory said it was her room, but she thought that was a little silly, for a doll to have a room. Then she remembered she began to take her clothes off, and this is why Anne thought she might have been a real girl once, because dolls can’t undress themselves, the people playing with them have to decide that.

After getting undressed she stepped into a bathroom with a shower and began to run hot water, which Anne also thought to be a little silly. Why would a doll need to clean themselves, dolls didn’t get sweaty and if she got dirty someone would surely clean her when they were finished playing with her. After the shower Anne got out and amazingly dressed herself in pajamas! More proof to Anne that she had once been a real girl. She remembers doing a few other silly things that night, like choosing her own clothes for the next day (a cheerleaders uniform) eating something with the nice lady (dollies don’t eat!) and then reading through some book for some reason, although for what reason a doll would need to look at books Anne couldn’t figure out. Then she crawled into bed and fell asleep

Anne awoke the next morning feeling quite funny. Instead of a bed she was in some kind of box!

She could feel that her arms were out to the side of her body but she couldn’t move them and when she tried to turn her head to look she couldn’t do that either. She could feel something around her wrists and her ankles and around her waist. Whatever they were held her snugly against the back of the box. The front of the box was clear and there was some kind of writing on it. For some reason Anne thought that she should be able to understand it, but whenever she tried she felt all foggy, so she didn’t try anymore. She could see a slight reflection of herself in the clear plastic front of the box. Anne could see that there was a wide smile on the face of the reflection. Oh! That meant there was a wide smile on her face. Smiles meant something, but Anne had trouble remembering what, then she figured it out. Smiles meant the person smiling was happy! So if she was smiling she must be happy! And with that realization any doubts about her predicament melted away. She no longer bothered trying to see her reflection in the clear plastic front of the box and was just content with being.

If Anne could see what she now looked like it would be quite a sight. On the outside of the box in big letters at the top it read “GO TIGERS ANNE” and underneath that in smaller letters it read “Cheerleader Doll”. In spiky bubbles elsewhere on the clear plastic front (but not blocking the view of the doll inside) were written things like “Fun for boys and girls 15 and up!” and “turn her key and watch her cheer” and of course “and much much more”.

If Anne were a real girl, the high school she would have attended was known as the Tigers, and Anne certainly looked the part. The doll wore a much skimpier version of the cheer uniform she would have worn as a real girl. The skirt was bright orange nylon and was contoured to the shape of Anne’s hips (much like the skirts worn by figure skaters), but it was barely long enough to cover anything, and certainly not were Anne to bend over. Unlike other cheerleaders, Anne was not afforded anything underneath the skimpy skirt, and indeed she could feel the cool back of the packaging on her bare bottom. Instead of the sweater like top worn by the real girls, Anne’s top was a skimpy sports bra that barely covered the lower half of her very perky breasts. If the sports bra was any lower cut everyone would get a good luck at her plastic orange nipples (that of course matched her skirt perfectly).

Her top was mainly black but the word “TIGERS” was embroidered into it in orange and white letters. The skimpiness of her outfit left her with a very bare midriff, around which at the moment was twist-tie that was keeping Anne snug in her packaging. Inset into her belly button was just that, a button! It was black with orange glitter and shaped liked a heart. A text blurb on the back of her packaging noted that pushing the button would activate other modes of play.

Around Anne’s neck was choker of black ribbon and at the center of that was a plastic orange heart. Embedded into the heart was a small speaker and indeed any sound Anne would be making in the future would be coming out of that little speaker in her neck. Just like Anne saw in her reflection, Anne wore a wide smile on her face. That smile was surrounded by a pair of orange colored lips. The shade of course matched her skirt and nipples but the texture of the paint on her artificial lips gave them a wet just applied look. Also framing the bright smile on each cheek was a modestly sized bright orange dot, again a perfect match to her lips, tits, and skirt. Anne’s eyes were open quite wide, and even her irises added to her school spirit, as they too were bright orange. Would she have been able to blink, or were her eyes closed, one would be able to see the orange eye shadow permanently added to her eyelids. It was quite as bright as the rest of her orange accents, but it still went well with everything.

Finally to top it all off literally, Anne now had head of bright orange hair (again matching her skirt, lips, cheeks, and tits). Her hair fell to about the bottom of her face (about two inches off her shoulder) and was very very straight. To accent it, two pigtails were held in place by some black ribbon. Just like she could feel, Anne’s arms were spread out and twist tied at the wrists. Her plastic fingernail alternated between orange and black on her splayed out hands. Below her left arm hung a pair of appropriately colored pom poms, but below her left hung something most would confuse for an orange and black striped dildo. However, the packaging indicated that this was a “key” to make Anne “go”.

Anne didn’t really bother to look around the room anymore but was brought out of her reverie of just being when the door to the room she was being stored in rustled then opened, allowing about 4 real high school girls to enter. “OOOh” thought Anne, “People to play with me!”

“Oh wow! It’s finally here” said one of the girls. All 4 of them were dressed in a similar cheerleader’s uniform.

“Yeah, this should make an excellent holdover till we can have trials after the end of the season” said another. Of course it didn’t occur to any of the girls that it was odd that they needed some kind of holdover.

“Well, let’s get her out of there and see what she can do!” said yet another girl. With that all four of the girls began working at getting the doll out of the packing. Armed with letter openers and scissors they began to cut the tape holding the box shut. Soon Anne was out of the box but still attached to the backing board with the twist ties.

“Ok, you guys stand out front and catch it, I’ll try to remove these things” said the last girl as she ran back and began to untwist. Soon Anne slumped forward into the arms of the other cheerleaders. One of them sheepishly pulled the “key“ from the packaging as well.

“Excellent, let’s see what she can do now….um how do we make her go?” asked a redhead who seemed to be the leader of the squad (Of course a day ago it was Anne who had that spot).

“I think we’re supposed to wind her up with this “key”” said the blonde who had removed the oddly shaped key from the packing. She was holding it out for the other girls to see while trying not to make direct eye contact with it herself while turning a deepening shade of red. “Um, but I don’t know where it’s supposed to go…”

“Duh, don’t be such a prude” said the redhead snatching the key from the blond with a wry smile on her face. “Here, hold her up” she said to the blonde cheerleader and another of the girls in the squad. The redhead kneeled down and flipped up Anne’s skirt getting a perfect view of her cute little pussy. She had the key ready to part Anne’s lower lips when a bespectacled brunette cheerleader spoke up from behind the box.

“Wait” she said while reading the instructions given on the back of the box “It says to bend her over to get to her keyhole” and she came out from behind the box and took the key from the redhead and motioned for the girls holding Anne up to bend her over. As the girls tried to bend her over they only succeeded in getting Anne down on her knees when the cheerleader with the glasses stepped in and pressed her hand to the back of Anne’s head. The girl bent Anne forward, causing a few slightly audible clicks from the joints in her hips, until Anne’s forehead was touching the ground. This position caused Anne’s little skirt to flip down towards the ground giving everyone a good view of what was under it. The artificial skin of Anne’s bare ass slightly gleamed from the light of the supply closet

“See, right here” said the brunette pointing to Anne’s ass. Where most people had an anus, Anne now had black plastic ringed hole about the diameter of her “key”. The brunette then took the key and slid it into the hole until everyone heard a click. Anne felt very right at the moment and full of anticipation, she needed for someone to turn the key. All that was left protruding was a white knob that had been at the bottom of the key. The brunette leaned in and began to turn, and with each turn Anne felt like she was getting closer to something. The brunette stopped turning and went back to read some more instructions

“Did you turn it all the way? Why isn’t she doing anything?” said the redhead.

“No not all the way, just enough for a little…..hmm it says here push the button at the end of the key, or her left nipple to make her go...”

“Oh ok said the redhead” and she leaned in and pressed the button at the end of the key. Suddenly Anne felt a great need, she had to cheer and she knew exactly what to do. She could feel herself begin to move, but still not as if she was moving on her own. It was as if someone was moving her, but the guidance came from inside her own body. She began to straighten up from her odd prone position. Her movements were very robotic at first until she got into the standing position. Then Anne opened her mouth, but she did not form any words, she just flapped her mouth as the sound came from the voice box on her neck “Ready! OK” she said, and then began a series of cheers. “Gimme a T” and then she moved so her body resembled a T. Her motions were a quite a bit less jerky, but still not completely fluid. “Gimme an I” and she stood straight to mimic and I. “Gimme a G!” She curved herself into a G “Gimme an E!” she turned sideways and formed and E with both her arms and a leg “Gimme an R!” and now she made the top of the R with her hands and the base with her legs “Gimme and S!” and she made a kind of an Egyptian pose to form an S. “What’s that Spell? Tigers! Tigers! GOOOOO TIGERS!” and with that she kicked up her legs giving everyone a perfect view of her cute little slit. The redheaded cheerleader poked the girl with the glasses.

“That should get us some attention from the fans. Hmm, maybe we could use her to distract the other team.” She said.

Anne continued her routine of kicking and jumping, all the while her hands clasped around phantom pom poms as hers had yet to be removed from the box. Again with every kick and jump her skirt would flip up letting the world see what was underneath. Then she began to slow down until finally she stopped moving completely and bent slightly forward, her arms hanging out in front of her. There was a slight “click!” and her key slid out of its hole and landed on the ground.

“Wow! That’s pretty cool” said the last girl, a black haired part Asian girl. “But what are the other modes of play the box talked about?”

“Oh… that’s a surprise” said the redhead giggling naughtily. She approached the bent over Anne doll from behind and wrapped an arm around her to push the belly button. She pushed it once and sound came from Anne’s voice box “Girls are the best” said Anne’s voice. Anne suddenly felt a burning desire. She desperately wanted to be wound up so she could play with the girls in the room. She needed to pleasure them any way possible and suddenly all the girls in the room were absolutely beautiful to her. She felt a rush as the redhead leaned in and pressed her button again. “I want to play with the boys” said Anne’s voice box. Anne still felt the desire but the girls in the room now meant nothing to her. She wanted to be used. Someone who wasn’t a boy leaned in close to her again “I want to play with everyone” Her desire for the beautiful girls in the room returned, while her other desires still burned hotly inside her dolly body.

Finally the red head pressed the button a final time “Ready to cheer!” said Anne again, and all the heat and need was gone to be replaced by school spirit and the need to perform.

“Does.. does that mean what I think it means?” said the black haired girl, a deep blush forming on her cheeks. She received a knowing nod from her squad leader and then replied “Well we might want to make sure she’s in the right mode before we start her cheering”

“Oh don’t worry about that, it says if you press her right nipple she instantly goes to cheer mode” said the brunette reading instructions from behind the box. The redhead tried it out a couple times changing to different modes then pressing Anne’s right nipple, to which she always would say “Ready to cheer!”

“Well I don’t see any reason not to try out the other modes” said the brunette while approaching the blonde from behind. The redhead winked and reached down to pick up the key. She inserted it between Anne’s perfect ass cheeks and began to wind up. Meanwhile the blonde let out a little shriek when she felt the brunette sneak up behind her and begin to unzip her skirt

“Wha.. what are you doing!” she asked incredulously while trying to get away from her fellow cheerleader. She managed to get away as her skirt fell to her feet. It caused her to trip and fall into the arms of the black haired girl who held her fast.

“Oh come on, it’ll be like using vibrator, we all know you’ve never even gotten yourself off” said the brunette approaching her prudish friend. She got down and began to peel the girl’s bloomers and panties down her legs. “Oh! Completely shaved! I never expected that from you”

“I..I.. like it be clean…” said the blonde stifling a tear.

In the meantime the redhead had turned the key as far as it could go, so she made sure to push Anne’s button until she said the correct phrase “Girls are the best” then pressed her left nipple. Anne knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The right speed, the correct pressure, in fact it was all she knew how to do at the moment. She straightened up and immediately pulled the redhead in for a deep embrace. The redhead was surprised but soon relented and after a thoroughly enjoyable experience pointed the doll in the directed of her blonde friend. At the moment she sat spread legged on the floor, being kept from moving by the brunette and black haired girl.

Anne approached and got down on her knees and crawled forward and began to place her head between the girl’s legs. She kissed the blondes inner thighs working her way up to her pussy. The blonde let out a little squeak when Anne finally reached her clit. The squeak turned into a sensuous moan as Anne worked on the girl. She briefly stopped, rising up to kiss the girl on the lips before slipping a few fingers under the hem of her cheer top and lifting up. As she leaned in to remove the top she kissed the blonde on her neck and then began to undo the girls’ bra. Once everything was free, Anne got back to the girl’s pussy, occasionally tweaking one of the girl’s nipples with her dolly fingers. By now the brunette and black haired girls (who were quite more than just friends) had stopped holding the blonde down and were in equal state of undress. They stopped when a loud moan elicited from the blonde indicating Anne had helped the girl achieve her first orgasm. Then she helped her achieve her second, third and fourth.

Anne got to play with all the girls for the next couple of hours before she again wound down. Mercifully they put her back into cheer mode before the put her back in the packaging. But later that evening she was removed again when the blonde girl snuck in again for a little more fun.

Anne’s remembrance of her early days as a doll was interrupted by a cold feeling in her pussy. She was brought back to her present to the view of a neatly trimmed red haired pussy. She could feel a couple fingers in her pussy applying some kind of lubrication. She got back to the task at hand and continued licking the pussy in front of her. That’s when she felt the boy penetrate her so she gleefully thrust her hips.

“Hmm that’s a little odd” said the redhead, “She stopped for a second, like she was thinking of something else” said the redheaded cheerleader to her boyfriend.

“Hey, don’t forget to put the condom one when I switch places with her ok?”


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