Another Doll

by DollMaster

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© Copyright 2007 - DollMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; suit; transform; sexdoll; sexchange; maid; cons; X


My wife giggled uncontrollably the first time I told her. She told me I was being silly. Still the fantasy gnawed at the back of my mind. All I wanted was to be a pleasure toy for my wife, a doll of vinyl and plastic for her to use however she wanted. I mentioned off and on again over the next few months, and each time she would giggle and call me silly. She said she wanted me, not some toy. At least she loves me, I thought.

I had nearly forgotten the whole incident when, one after I came home from work, she met me at the door and gave me a rather long and sensuous kiss. I knew she wanted something by the tone of her voice.

"Matt, honey," she cooed sweetly, "do you remember that little fantasy you had a while back?"

My cock stirred as the images came rushing back. "Uh...yeah. Why?"

"Well, I've been thinking, and maybe it might be nice to try it out once, and see what happens. I found a place on the Internet that sells what we're looking for, and I took the liberty of ordering a few of their... unique products."

A slow smile spread across my face. "So, Kelli, you want to screw a doll now. You know I'm game."

She leapt up and gave me a big hug around my neck. "Oh, we're going to have so much fun! Just you wait." She giggled and kissed me again. Her hand drifted down to the front of my jeans and she began to knead my hardening manhood. I smiled slyly, picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. We had the best sex either of us had had in quite a while.

* * * *

A few weeks later, the UPS man rang our doorbell and my wife signed for a box about the size of a large briefcase. She set it down in the living room and opened it up, sort out all of the contents. In the box was a vinyl body suit, tailored to my measurements, a voice-activated remote control, a small vacuum pump and an instruction page. My wife hungrily began reading the instructions and anticipated my return from work.

I got home around 6:00, and Kelli leapt up from the couch and nearly knocked me over at the door.

"It's here.", she whispered in my ear.

I set my briefcase down by the door. "Great. When do we start?"

"Now. Get undressed and get in the shower."

I did as I was instructed, leaving my clothes in a pile beside my bed. My wife joined me in the bathroom hold several bottles of depilatory.

"The instructions said to remove all the hair off the subjects body, otherwise the suit will cause some pain when it is put on."

I was paying no attention to her as her soft hands smoothed the lotion all over my body. She paid special attention to my cock and balls, probably more than was necessary, but I didn't care. I loved her touch on my naked body. After a few minutes, she turned on the shower and I watched all of my body hair swirl into the drain, leaving me as hairless as my wife. She repeated the process twice more, making sure every last hair was gone from my body. After drying me off, she spread a moisturizer over every inch of my skin. It took quite a bit of will to keep from cumming all over Kelli as she spread the sweet-smelling lotion over my manhood.

"Ok. Time for the suit." She handed me a man-shaped piece of vinyl. I had a difficult time trying to find the opening.

"There is a slit up the back so you can get in."

"That's nice. Which end is the back?"

After a few more second of fumbling with the plastic suit, I found the slit. I slid my left leg down into the suit's leg. The feeling of the slick plastic against my smooth, hairless leg was excruciatingly wonderful. My foot settled into the suit's molded foot, and I pulled the leg up to my crotch and made a few adjustments. I repeated the process with my right leg, and enjoyed every second of it. I now had two plastic dolly legs, with a single sweep of plastic for toes. I found the molded pocket for my cock and balls and slipped my balls inside. I groaned as the plastic went over my hard-on, hoping that I wouldn't cum just yet. Somehow, I didn't, and I pulled the suit up over my ass and up to my armpits. I put my arms in the suit and straightened it. I grabbed the mask with my now plastic, featureless hands and smiled at Kelli.

"Wait," she said softly. "I want to do the honors."

She took the mask from my hands and kissed me. She slipped the mask over my head. For a moment I couldn't see, but as she adjusted the mask, I could see out of the clear plastic eyes built into the suit. The mask even had a molded tongue and teeth, and I tasted the vinyl as she arranged the plastic in my mouth. She turned me around and ran a finger up the slit in my back. I heard a soft sucking sound, and I knew I was trapped in the suit until Kelli decided I should come out. I turned towards the mirror and was delighted at my reflection. Where there was once a handsome man now stood a plastic sex toy for Kelli. She reached down and attached the vacuum to the small nozzle just above my crack. She flipped it on, and began to suck all the air out of the suit. Where it fell snug before, now it was like the plastic had been painted on my skin, and was shrinking by the second. Every feature on my body was clearly distinguished. Inside, the tightness was wonderful.

She stepped in front of me and picked up the remote. She held it to her lips and spoke too softly for me to hear through my vinyl ears. Instantly, the suit became rigid, or so it seemed, for I couldn't move. Hey, I though, this wasn't part of the deal. She came up to me and posed my arm as though I could move freely.

"Now you are my dolly, subject to my commands. As such, I think you need a new name. Hmmm...Kevin. Yes, Kevin is a nice name."

I tried to protest, but to no avail. The plastic in my mouth kept me from speaking. She spoke into the remote again.

"Kevin, eat me. Eat me all night long, even if I'm asleep."

I, or the doll, rather, removed what little clothes Kelli had left on and dropped to my/its knees and began to lick her sex. She moaned and braced herself against the marble counter top as its wet, plastic tongue caressed my wife's pink, luscious pussy. She slid down onto the thick carpet of the floor as the doll probed deeper with its tongue. The suit must have done something to me, because my tongue could never have gone that deep into Kelli's sex. I, or it, grabbed her round ass and pulled her pelvis toward me, thrusting my/its tongue even deeper into Kelli. The tongue swelled, filling every crevice like a phallus.

Kelli moaned even louder and started making little cat noises, as she was wont to do when having good sex. She pressed my head into her and mewed even louder. Her back arched and her hips shifted, and I knew this was it. With a great, animal cat roar, she climaxed, and her juices flowed. How I longed to taste the sweet nectar, but the plastic prevented it. The doll, as programmed, didn't stop, but redoubled its efforts, and soon my wife climaxed again. She came 7 or 8 times before she collapsed and fell asleep, physically and mentally worn out. The doll didn't stop and throughout the night, I felt her hips quiver each time she came in her sleep. I could only imagine what her dreams where like.

The first rays of the morning sun splashed into the bathroom, and the doll stopped as told. I/it stood up and waited for a new command. Kelli, however, didn't wake for several more hours. I used the time to make a mental checklist of what had happened. My beautiful wife came a total of 24 times last night, yet I felt nothing. I could feel her body and its warmth, but I got no urges at all. I was still rock solid, after 13 hours of being in the suit. I felt like a bystander, while the suit used my body to fill itself out and pleasure Kelli.

Eventually, she did wake up, and she smiled when she saw me, or was it the doll...I couldn't be sure. She slowly got up and, balancing herself on my shoulders, impaled herself on my member. I felt her envelope me, but there was no electricity, no sexual sensation. She rocked slowly back and forth, and soon I could feel the heat inside her. Still, no response from my cock. It literally was like unfeeling stone. She picked up the tempo, and soon she orgasmed with an ear-splitting scream. I felt like a human dildo... nothing at all like I had planned.

"Well, Matt...or should I say Kevin. I might just keep you in there a little while longer." She picked up the remote. "Follow me."

I did as I was commanded, having little choice. I was led into the bedroom and told to stop and face the mirror. She stepped away but returned quickly. She held something up so I could see.

"Isn't this pretty, Kevin? I wish I could wear something like this."

I was stunned into mental silence. Before me was a shiny, lycra catsuit, complete with feet, gloves and closed hood, with a skimpy French maid's outfit with an impossibly small waist attached. How would I fit in that? A better question, why was Kelli acting like this? She's never done anything like this before. I started to get worried.

She stepped out of the field of view, and said something into the remote. Instantly, I felt a tightness in my waist and crotch, while something pulled at my chest, hips, and buttocks. Kelli stood beside me while I watched in horror as my body changed into that of a woman. My waist grew smaller as my hips and butt grew round. Two large, firm, round breasts jutted out from my shrinking torso. My hands became small and slim, and even my face changed, with my nose getting smaller and slightly upturned, my cheekbones moving higher, and my lips growing fuller. The worst part, though, was watching my genitals change. The stone cock I had moments before grew limp, then shortened until it was a tiny nub. My balls disappeared entirely, and the sack formed a covering over my new dolly clit and newly formed mound. I was no longer a male love toy, but a petite girl dolly, looking no more than 18 years old. Mentally, I cried. Outwardly, nothing.

"'re gorgeous!", exclaimed my wife. I saw her finger herself while staring at me in the mirror. The reflected light exposed her very wet sex. "Now, put this on." She handed me the outfit. I put it on, sliding the lycra over my skin. I could feel it, and it was amazing. I chided myself for enjoying it. Before I put the hood over my head, Kelli stopped me and glued a mass of dark brown curls to my bald, plastic head. She helped with the hood, guiding my new hair through a hole at the top. She zipped me up and turned me to face the mirror. I was ashamed. In the mirror was a beautiful female doll, with skin of black lycra and wearing a French maid's outfit, but I knew what was within. A man, struggling to escape.

"Now, pleasure yourself."

I couldn't believe what was happening. The gloved hand moved down and unsnapped the crotch of the outfit. That was when I noticed the zipper in the crotch of the catsuit. The hand opened the zipper, and slowly rubbed it's clit. Lightning bolts of pleasure shot through me, and no matter how I resisted, the pleasure kept coming. The fingers slid inside me (inside! nooooo.....) and I quickly came. For half an hour, the hand made me come, until Kelli said something.

"Stop, doll. That's enough for now. Let's'll need a new name. Kevin won't suit you now. " She smiled. "I like Cassandra. Yes, that will do nicely. Now, Cassey, clean this house from top to bottom, and maybe I'll allow you some more pleasure."

I jumped at the chance, forgetting my earlier disgust. I only wanted to feel that immense pleasure again. By that afternoon, the whole place was clean. I walked back to her and stood there, waiting for a command.

"You've done a good job, Cassey. You may pleasure yourself after you make me come."

I got down on all fours and mouthed Kelli's sex through the hood. The motion of my mouth and head combined with the slickness of the lycra quickly brought my wife to orgasm...or was she my mistress? My mind was getting foggy. I quickly turned my attention to myself, unzipping the catsuit and caressing my sex. I must have come 4 or 5 times before Kelli realized I wasn't going to stop.

"You may stop now, Cassey. Not too much." She giggled again. "Oh, we're going to have so much fun!"

* * * *

For an entire week things were like this. By this time, I didn't care anymore whether I got out or not. The pleasure was too great. Kelli had changed as well. She never dressed, and was always horny, wanted me to either pleasure her or clean while she pleasured herself. Once a day, for an hour, I was allowed to pleasure myself. I could feel myself slipping away, my only thoughts being how I can please my mistress. That week, we did many bizarre things. She had me wrap her in plaster bandage with a powerful vibrator inside her, making her a statue of pleasure She was like that for 2 days. When I got her out, she collapsed from lack of food and water, but the smile on her face was unmistakable.

She did things she would never try with the old me, and somewhere deep in me I was sad that she was so happy with just the dolly and not me. Once she said she loved me, not some toy. Now I don't think she remembered my name. I barely could... Matt... no, Kevin? It didn't matter. I was Cassey now. I loved being Cassey.

Late in the week, a lady visited the house from the company who Kelli had bought the suit. She asked Kelli if she was enjoying her products, and Kelli proceeded to tell her all about the past week. The woman looked slightly annoyed, but produced a small, curved, triangular piece of hard, shiny plastic from a briefcase. It had a small protrusion on the inside. She told Kelli it was a new vibrator design, and she had been chosen to test it. Kelli eagerly took it and fitted it to her pelvis. It covered her completely, and from where I was, it look like she was sexless. The device was turned on and instantly Kelli writhed all over the bed. Then, she did something strange. She got up, the vibrator still attached, and put on a black lace thong and matching bra with 3-inch patent pumps, all the time moaning and shifting her hips. Then she stood in the middle of the room and posed like a store mannequin.

The orgasm quickly took her, and I watched in amazement as the hard plastic spread out from her sex and covered her body. Her breasts were frozen into their raised, youthful position, and her legs retained their sculpted appearance. Her arms remained delicately posed at her sides, and her fingers were splayed into the familiar mannequin pose. Her face was frozen at the instant her orgasm took her, and she stared wide-eyed and mouth barely open.

The lady removed the bra, panties, and shoes, and leaned my solid mistress against a wall. She came over to me and removed the catsuit and maid's outfit. She found the remote and told the suit to deactivate. But something had happened. My skin was no longer plastic, but soft and smooth. My hair fell in chocolate cascades over my shoulders and breasts.

She touched me, and startled me out of my trance. I looked over at the mannequin against the wall. I didn't care about her... what was her name? Kelli? Kathy? Oh, well, I thought. I turned the woman and spoke for the first time in a week. My own, new voice startled me. It was soft and sultry, but high enough pitched so it was unmistakably female.

"Hi, I'm Cassey. How can I pleasure you?"




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