Another day of filming...?

by Robotunit8

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Storycodes: Solo-F; filmset; bodysuit; character; M+/f; roles; captive; brainwash; reprogram; shock; cond; mc; F2robot; command; oral; climax; cons; X

(As far as I know there is no adult channel that goes as far as having its actresses giving blow jobs during a programme. So that part at least is pure fantasy, but I just felt it would work for the story. I hope no one minds.)

Stephanie Willis climbed out of her car, having arrived for her last days work at the studio as ‘Robot Girl’ in the adult TV series of the same name. She’d played the role now for almost 4 years and had reached the point where she was afraid of being typecast, so she’d handed in her notice, and ‘hinted’ through the media that she’d like to try something different.

So OK, it was the end of the series, and it was about 6 months or so before any more Robot Girl programmes would be filmed, but even so she was surprised that her bosses hadnt seemingly made any great effort to find someone to take over the role from her. Because as one of the top ratings programmes they werent likely to stop making them! But that was their problem of course, she thought to herself.

She entered her dressing room and smiled wistfully as she spied the silver suit awaiting her with the RG crest on it. It had been part of her life now for so long, but after today...

“Maybe they’ll let me take one home as a souvenir?” she thought, “After all its designed to be body hugging, so unless the new girl is exactly the same height and size as me they’ll need a new suit anyway. I’ll have to ask.”

She stripped naked and picked up the suit and started to put it on. She didnt even wear a bra or panties under the suit, the designer of the suits had made them so that the equivalent of bra and panties were sewn into the lining of the suit, to protect her modesty and keep her fresh while at the same time giving no tell tale signs that the silver suit wasnt actually her physical body, because of panty lines or bra straps. The storyline being that Stephanie, now known as Robot Girl had been working at an experimental lab as a humble cleaner when a power surge had activated one of the machines just as she was cleaning it, and she had been turned into a robot with incredible strength. Of course the incredible strength she had was purely generated by computer graphics! She had wondered once or twice what it would be like if she really had those powers?

It was funny, the suit seemed slightly heavier today as she put it on, and if anything seemed to cling to her figure even more than normal as she pulled it up over her. Maybe she was just a little more tired than usual and thats why it felt heavier? She guessed that must be the case. She felt a slight tingle as the suit panties touched her pussy, and again as the bra nestled against her tinyish B cup breasts giggling to herself as she imagined it was electricity to ‘recharge’ Robot Girl, which of course as she was human wasnt necessary, a large shot of coffee was all the recharge she needed!

She pulled the hood up over her blonde hair and checked herself in the mirror, the only thing that looked human about her now was her face, but that was the idea, though silver make up would be added to heighten the effect shortly. Make up done, she headed for the set.

“Ah, the star arrives for her last day.” said the director as she appeared, “Going to miss this at all Stephanie?” he asked.

“To some degree I will.” said Stephanie with a smile, “Its been a good role and made my name for me, but I think its time for a change. So what’s planned for today then? Big last scene perhaps?”

“Yes there will be Stephanie, after all we need to set things up for when the new girl replaces you in the next series to explain away the changes in ‘your’ looks. We’ve arranged for one of your favourite opponents from over the years to help us out with that one. We will be shooting that after lunch, I’ll explain more then. OK?”

Stephanie nodded contentedly. Most of the mornings shooting went according to plan, Stephanie and the other regular cast members were by now well into their roles and it went pretty much according to plan. She laughed to herself when ‘The Mad Professor’ appeared on set towards the end of the morning, she’d always enjoyed her ‘battles’ with him over the years, and seemingly he was going to be the last opponent she defeated, that should be fun! She didnt even worry when he ‘captured’ her just before lunch, it had all happened before, and she always won in the end of course. After that scene they broke for lunch. The only thing Stephanie had noticed different during the morning was the odd, strange, tingling sensation from within the suit.

“Hi Pete, so it seems you are going to be my last victim as Robot Girl, I’m glad of that, I’ve enjoyed working with you, and of course ‘beating you up’ with the aid of CG.”

“Yes, I guess you probably will Stephanie, though it seems from the script I’m going to have a little fun with you first. Seems I get to do things to your body as well, guess its to explain the new look next series.”

Stephanie didnt remember this in her copy of the script and was now intrigued.

“As in what?” she asked, “I’m interested, even though I suspect the dramatic stuff will all be done in the CG room.”

“I expect it will be, be a bit dangerous if we did it for real! Apparantly the Mad Professor has found out Robot Girl’s special secret and he gets to brainwash and reprogram her mind as his slave in one of his special machines. Also I get to make some physical changes to her form which are I assume so that she looks like her replacement. Seems she must be a far more buxom girl than you Steph, seeing she is going to have DD cups when I’ve finished with her. No idea who she is though?” he said to her.

“Well I wouldnt mind being a bit bigger up top!” giggled Stephanie, “But that is quite large. Must limit the list of actresses who are replacing me, but I cant work out who it is from that description. Is she a blonde still?”

“Apparantly so.” Pete replied, “But thats all I know about her.”

“Thanks.” said Stephanie racking her brain trying to work out who it was.

After lunch Stephanie found herself being tightly restrained to a table, 2 large metal chambers placed over her breasts, something attached to her genital area and a helmet being lowered over her head.

“So Robot Girl, now I get the chance to turn you into my sex slave robot, controlled by me, and obedient to my every command.” the Mad Professor laughed as he looked at her wriggling form.

“Never!” replied Robot Girl defiantly, “My specially designed neural system will protect me.”

“Not now I’ve found out how to override it.” he said with an evil grin.

Stephanie laughed, she’d been ‘brainwashed and/or mind controlled’ so often over the years that it was just another scene to her. She knew that Robot Girl would live to fight another day. Besides which all she did was lay there and writhe sufficiently for the CG department to do the rest. Then presumably she would overcome the Professor and send him to prison yet again.

“Do your worst then.” she said defiantly.

“I will!” he said with a grin, “Activating all systems, commencing brainwashing and physical adaption units.”

Stephanie watched, waiting for him to push the button so she could act accordingly, but... she actually shuddered violently as it felt like the national grid was being pumped through her body, she tried to scream but nothing came out. Thoughts seemed to rush out of her head as the intensity of the pulsing seemed to grow, she also felt something strange in her chest just before she passed out. Pete was amazed how well she was acting the role. He was told to take a quick break before the next scene, they wouldnt need him again until CG had finished doing their set-ups.

Half an hour or so later he returned, they switched the machines off, telling Pete they had received the signal from CG that they had enough shots of Stephanie for their needs. They also told him they had ‘padded out’ her chest somewhat in preparation for the new girl taking over.

Stephanie awoke, her head full of thoughts and commands that hadnt been there 30 minutes ago. She must have felt them, but made no reaction to the now proud, and very large DD breasts sat on her chest where the little B cups had been before.

“So Robot Girl, are you ready to serve your new Master?” the Mad Professor asked her.

“Yes Master, I will obey your every command.” she said in a blank, monotone voice.

He admired her new, very large chest and wondered what padding they’d used to get such a realistic look.

He lowered his trousers and pulled out his cock, by now quite erect, “Well worship this then Robot Girl!”

She did! She walked slowly towards her Master, knelt down and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Pete was stunned, he’d heard rumours Stephanie was a lesbian, but she was giving him a blowjob very eagerly. Of course he didnt know what the machine had actually done to her...

He gasped as he came heavily, she swallowing every drop like an expert.

She looked up into his eyes and said, again very monotone, “Thank you Master.”

“Cut.” was the cry from the floor.

* * * (A week or so later)

It has today been announced that Stephanie Willis has changed her mind about leaving the Robot Girl series, and has in fact signed a new contract to play the role for another 5 years. Her fans are delighted, but the director Richard Casey is keeping fairly quiet on how he got her to change her mind.

“Lets just say I talked her round by offering her the chance to make the Robot Girl persona an even more realistic one for Stephanie. Shall we just say these changes will make her feel a lot closer to Robot Girl than maybe she did before. It seems she enjoyed the last scene she shot so much that she has decided to continue, and we are all delighted by her decision.”

Stephanie just smiled happily as she sat beside him. No one could see the control unit he was using under the counter of course! The ‘boob job’ would be explained away in time of course...


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