Artificial Opportunities

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; lovedoll; mannequin; boxed; nc; X


Bonnie glanced at her watch as she sipped on her coffee while sitting at her dining room table. Her lawyer Gwen Sawyer had called her earlier in the day to say that Bonnie's ex, Gil, had finally agreed to turn over the money and items Bonnie has asked for when she filed for divorce. Gwen went on to say that she'd be over later that day with some papers for Bonnie to sign. The fact that Gil was giving in after a great deal of acrimonious debate was extremely satisfying to Bonnie and she looked forward to rubbing it in the next time she saw him.

Just as Bonnie finished drinking her coffee, she heard a knock on her front door. However, when she opened it, she discovered that her visitor was not her lawyer as she expected but two delivery men carrying what looked like a large screen TV as well as some other boxes. Behind them, with a smug look that Bonnie knew all too well and had grown to hate, was Gil.

"Gil! What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you were talking to my lawyer and finally giving me all the stuff I deserve!" Bonnie snapped even as the workers set up the TV and deposited the rest of the boxes in the middle of the living room. After everything had been left, the workers left leaving a fuming Bonnie and a silent Gil alone in the room.

"Look, asshole, if you don't answer my question right now, I'm gonna call the cops and get your ass thrown in jail!" Bonnie hissed as she saw her ex husband fiddling with the TV in the corner.

Upon hearing Bonnie's implied threat, Gil stopped his gaze and turned his attention to the auburn haired woman. "Calm down, Bonnie. I'm hooking up the TV here and should be done in a minute or two. I think you're really going to like it," the man said with a smile that was somewhat unnerving to Bonnie.

A minute or so later, Gil made his way out from behind the television and, standing just behind the auburn haired Bonnie, withdrew what appeared to be a remote control for the TV. He was about to depress the POWER button when Bonnie whirled around and grabbed the control out of his hand.

"Lemme have that! I've read the stories on the net about the tales of men using 'magical' remote controls to take control of women they have problems with. They may be just urban legends or the products of some warped Canadian minds but I don't trust you!" Bonnie snapped as she waved the remote in the air.

Gil's response was to remain silent as Bonnie motioned him to move in front of her. With a smug look on her face, she motioned her ex husband to stand between her and the television and, with a bit of a flourish, depressed the power button.

To Bonnie's slight disappointment, the TV flickered on with nothing out of the ordinary happening. She started flicking through the channels and privately admitted to herself that the picture and sound were very nice indeed. However, when she went to tweak the television's brightness, the remote seemed to go dead.

"Hey, you cheap asshole, the batteries on this remote are dead. You might try splurging on a set that didn't come from the discount store for a change!" Bonnie snapped in a manner that indicated her resentment towards her soon to be ex husband hadn't eased in the slightest.

"Shoot! Give me a second, I've got some spare batteries out in the truck. Just give me a minute or two," Gil said as he grabbed the remote and headed outside before Bonnie could give any kind of response. Slightly bemused by her ex's enthusiasm, the blond haired woman walked over to a window facing the driveway and watched Gil fumble around clumsily like he had in bed all those years.

Several minutes later, Gil trotted back into the house with the remote in his right hand and his smile, if anything, larger than before. "Well, the remote's all fixed now, honey. Let's get things going, shall we?" he exclaimed while hitting the POWER button the control.

"Give it h...UUURRKKK!!!" Bonnie started to say before she fell silent as she found she was unable to move or talk whatsoever.

"You know, Bonnie, you were right to suspect something was amiss when I came to visit. Truth is, your suspicion that there was something more to this remote control than controlling the TV was correct. You see, I have a friend who works for a private military contractor and he.... ohhh.... it's a long and rather boring story. To sum it up, this remote, when it has contact with your flesh as long as it did, can control you and your actions quite comprehensively. If you think I'm making any of this up, maybe I'll start with a small demonstration. How about I get you to take off your blouse and skirt? Let's see, this should do the trick," Gil murmured before clicking a couple of buttons as he pointed the remote at the transfixed woman.

"Your. Wish. Is. My. Command," Bonnie said in a dry monotone even as she mentally screamed in rage. To her surprise, her hands moved of their accord upwards and mechanically started to unbutton her blouse. Once the last button was loosened, Bonnie jerkily pulled her blouse off and dropped it to the ground. Even as she mentally screamed in rage her hands moved to the zipper on the back of her skirt and pulled it downwards. After tugging on the sides of the skirt, Bonnie let it slip to the floor before resuming a rigid pose.

"Cool! That worked just as it should! Now, let's get you to take off your bra and panties, shall we?" Gil exclaimed before depressing another series of buttons on his remote.

"Of. Course. Mas. Ter., " Bonnie intoned as her hands lifted upwards and undid the clasp on her bra. After removing her bra, her fingers moved downwards and under the strings of her thong panties. She had pulled them about halfways down when Gil clicked the PAUSE button.

"I think I'd like a sexy pose when you pull your panties off. This should make you turn around and bend over before you pull them off," Gil gleefully intoned as he clicked on his remote once again.

A moment or so passed with Bonnie locked her in rigid position before the remote's commands. Suddenly, the blonde haired woman straightened into a rigid pose with her eyes looking blank and staring straight ahead. "I. Will Obey. Mas. Ter.. Of Course," Bonnie intoned before stiffly turning around and bending over at the waist. Lowering her panties down to her shoes, Bonnie exposed a firmly toned and luscious ass that Gil had always admired when they were married.

"Heh. You know, Bonnie, I always said you had the most luscious ass. Wait, I know just the thing to add to this little picture. Don't move...... heh....... " Gil said with a chuckle before leaving the room and heading for the bedroom. A few minutes later, he returned with what looked like an oversized butt plug. With a sly look on his face, Gil bent down and pushed the plug deep into Bonnie.

"You bastard!!!..... When I get loose from whatever he's done to me, Gil is going to prison for a very long time.... if I don't castrate the bastard first!!.... he's going to...... OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!..........." Bonnie thought angrily to herself before her thoughts were interrupted by the erotic sensation of having her anus filled with the plug.

"Yeah, that makes you look quite nice. Time to get back to some fun though. This combo will have you turn around and pose sexy for me while cupping your breasts," Gil said before picking up his remote and punched in a bunch of numbers.

Moments later, Bonnie's body tightened ever so slightly as her brain received the order. "Yes. Mas. Ter.. To. Serve you. Is pleasure," she said before her body straightened up and she moved jerkily to face her grinning ex. Her hands moved upwards and cupped her petite breasts in an inviting manner. The only hint that something was amiss in her erotic pose was the bland look on her face even as her subconscious mind screamed obscenities in defiance.

In fact, Bonnie's expression was noted by Gil at that moment. "Tsk, tsk, time to turn that frown upside down. You want to look like you're enjoying this, sweetie," he said before depressing a single button near the top of the remote. Almost instantly, a big smile appeared on Bonnie's face with her white teeth showing in a look that was dazzling and somewhat unnerving at the same time.

"I know this remote doesn't remove all of your independent thought so you're probably thinking on some level that someone will show up and rescue you. In fact, I bet you're counting on that bitch of a lawyer coming here and stopping me. Tell ya what, while I'm taking a closer look at your lovely body, I'll spin you a tale that will explain where I was before getting here today and answer any thoughts of a visit soon at the same time," Gil said even as he ran his right hand over Bonnie's right tit.

"You see................ "

Approximately 3 hours earlier................

Gwen struggled to comprehend what was going in her house and to her. She was gathering up a few papers before making arrangements to have papers served to finalize a client's divorce. To her surprise, she was visited by the client's husband and before she could ask why he was there, the man pulled out of some strange device and took control of her physical motions completely. Before she knew it, she had stripped off all of her clothes and posed in several degrading yet highly erotic poses for the man. Worst of all, she was responding to the man's clicking of his remote by saying statements that indicated her acceptance and obedience even as her subconscious raged against her predicament. At the moment, she was standing in the middle of her living room with her arms tucked behind her head and her mouth pursed in a sexy manner.

"Ya know, I wasn't quite sure if this thing would work or not when my buddy loaned it to me. I guess it's a good thing I tried it out on that pizza delivery woman last night before I came here, eh? Luckily, she never saw my face and she regained consciousness in the middle of an abandoned mall's parking lot by herself. However, for you, miss lawyer bitch, I have something else in mind," Gil called out as he sat up in the chair he was seated in.

"Lemme see, this should make you straighten up, walk over and put your signature on a few documents I've set up," Gil exclaimed before staring to click on the remote pointed in the woman's direction.

A few moments later, Gwen's arms stiffly returned to her sides and she stood at attention. "I. Hear. And. I. Obey. Mas. Ter. Of. Course." the blonde haired woman intoned before turning stiffly and walking in a robotic manner towards a desk to the right. Bending over, Gwen grappled onto the pen resting on the desk and, in a manner that resembled an automated machine, signed the papers where it was indicated. After setting the pen back down, she turned in a robotic manner to face the man who controlled her every movement and waited silently for his next command.

"Excellent! Thanks to the papers you've just signed, your disappearance will be written off by your letter of resignation and the note saying you're moving to Canada to live in seclusion. The bank document you notarized that gives me control over all your money and property so it shouldn't be a problem to cover up all traces of your disappearance. Of course, I'll know that you won't have changed residence but rather a change of a different type," Gil said with a chuckle as he stood up and stared at his remote for a second two.

With an arrogant smile crossing his face, Gil raised his remote up and pointed in the direction of the nude woman. "I think for this final part, you might be most comfortable by taking a seat in front of the fireplace," he said with an almost childish laugh before depressing another two buttons.

"I. Live. To. Obey. Mas. Ter." Gwen said before turning and walking to the location in question. Moving in a tight circle, she sat down on the hard brick hearth in front of the fireplace and awaited her next command with a vacant smile plastered on her face.

Gil glanced at his watch and smiled. "I'd love to stay and have a little more fun but I should get over to my ex wife's home and prepare for her imminent arrival. Before I do that, however, I should make you ready for our trip out of town. The other function of this wondrous remote is that it is able to change organic material into organic material via tiny nanites. The nanites are programmed to transform the targeted subject into a new form according to the combination I program into the remote. Let's see.... hmmmm... that should do it! Now, all I have to do is this!" he exclaimed as he excitedly punched numbers into the remote before moving over and touching Gwen's shoulder with the remote's top end.

The blonde woman's body started to twitch slightly and she let out a slight gasp of pleasure. "I. Am. The. Mas. Ter's. Love. Doll." Gwen started to intone over and over even as her body started to show the effects of the nanites. Freckles and blemishes disappeared rapidly all over her body as her skin took on a glossy appearance. Seams started to become apparent on her arms and limbs as Gwen's flesh and bones turned to rubber and latex. Her legs spread into a more open position that mimicked the V shape found in the traditional love dolls used by enthusiastic men.

Gwen openly moaned as her sex started to twitch and contort as if it had a mind of its own. A moment or so later, her pussy closed tightly before opening into a perfect ovular opening with the interior becoming a sac of rubber and latex aching to be filled by a sex toy or her owner's hard cock. Although Gwen's thinking was focused mostly on being the best love doll for her owner, a small part of her consciousness will still existed and that part was not happy at all.

"A LOVE DOLL!!!..... NOOOO!!!.... THIS CAN'T BE!.... IT'S JUST A NIGHTMARE.... A VERY BAD NIGHTMARE...... VERY GOOD DOLLY..... I HOPE TO PLEASE MY OWNER..... NOO!!.... I'M NOT JUST SOME INFLATABLE FUCKTOY!!..." Gwen thought with her last shred of cognizant thinking and even that small part was being bombarded by the simplistic desires of a blow-up doll. Her transformation into a synthetic being continued as the nanites swept into her upper torso and chest. Gwen's breathing slowed considerably before ceasing altogether even as her breasts swelled to become enticing mounds of latex that wobbled ever so slightly. Her nipples and areolas became bright pink in color that stood prominently on the inflated boobs and seemingly begged to nippled or suckled on.

"Geez, this is turning out even better than I thought. Man, oh man, what a nice looking doll!" Gil exclaimed as he absently rubbed the growing bulge in the middle of his pants. He looked on as Gwen's eyes became painted features, green in color, that had a desire for pleasure etched into them and her mouth formed into a circular opening devoid of teeth, tongue or anything that would suggest she was once human.

"Let's see just how realistic this dolly is," Gil said as he stuck his right index finger in his mouth for a second before pulling it out and inserting it in the doll's mouth. Almost immediately, the doll's opening closed around his finger and Gil could feel the doll starting to suck on the digit in a very pleasurable way. He was tempted to sample the doll's other openings with something other than his fingers but he had plans for the rest of the day.

"Sorry, my dear dolly, but I'm afraid I've got to take care of some pressing matters. For you, that means it's time you were introduced to your new home. I hope you like it!" Gil said darkly as he extracted his finger from the doll's mouth and reached around with his right hand to grasp hold of the inflation valve sticking out of the blow-up doll's back. Without a moment of hesitation, he pulled open the valve and watched as air rapidly escaped out of the sex toy's form.

"NOOOOO!!!!!..... DOLLY WANTS TO BE USED!... NOO!!!... I'M A LIVING WOMAN, NOT A SEX TOYYYYY!!!!!" Gwen thought in conflicting directions before her mind slipped into a bottomless pool of darkness as her hollow body lost all of its shape and became a flat piece of latex and rubber.

Chuckling out loud, Gil picked up the deflated doll and carefully folded it up so that Gwen's head was sitting on the top of the pile of latex. Setting the deflated sex toy down, Gil trotted outside to his truck and returned with a cardboard box and a large plastic bag. With some carefulness, he slid the doll into the bag and the bag into the box before glancing around to making sure there was nothing else out of order. Tucking the 'remote' into his pants pocket, Gil tucked the box under his right arm and headed outside to his truck and set off to meet his wife in a much anticipated meeting..... for him......

End flashback..............

" that means your lawyer friend won't be joining you today. I know you really don't care about that much right now but I figure some small part of you might be hoping for a last minute rescue. Mmmmmm, you really do a very nice blow job when you put your mind to it..... heh....... " Gil said as he looked down at his ex wife and ran his right hand through her short blonde locks. When Gil and Bonnie had been married, she rarely, if ever, sucked on his cock and had once called the act a 'revolting thing'. However, her attitude had changed considerably thanks to the remote clutched in Gil's left hand and she sucked and massaged his cock with a gusto that surpassed anything she had displayed before.

A minute or so later, with beads of sweat starting to trickle down his face, Gil finally let the mental barrier he had up dissipate and a stream of warm semen spewed forth from his cock into Bonnie's mouth. He saw a small of trickle of fluid spill out of the enthralled woman's mouth and dribbled down onto her chin and neck though Gwen's expression, a vacant look to follow Gil's every desire, didn't change in the slightest.

"Damn! I gotta say that was the best blow job I've ever had! Ya know, if I didn't have everything already planned out, I'd keep you around as my personal blow job giver or cock cleaner. Oh, well, I don't really have a choice at this point. Ok, this should get you to stand up, move over to the couch and sit on it in a very sexy manner," Gil murmured as he pulled his cock out of the enslaved woman's mouth and punched another series of buttons on his remote.

"Yes. Mas. Ter. To. Serve. You. Is. Pleas. Ure." Bonnie said as she stood up and stiffly made her way to a nearby couch. Following the command transmitted to her brain, she sat on the couch with her lower legs tucked under her body. Her left hand came to rest on her hip while her right arm bent at the elbow as it raised upwards to the point it was parallel to her shoulders. As her right hand tucked behind her head, a cute smile appeared on Bonnie's face with her eyes sparkling with an energy that indicated she was ecstatic to give her controller the pose he desired.

"Sweet! One last program and you'll be all set for your new life. There won't be any hassles and worries where you'll be going and, in fact, your every need will be taken care of on a daily basis. When you think about it, this is just what you've always wanted," Gil said with the nasty smile appearing on his face that he flashed previously. Walking over next to Bonnie, he touched the top end of the remote to her back just below her shoulders for a second or two before stepping back and watching for signs of the program working.

As it happened, it didn't take long for the remote's effects to become apparent. Blemishes, freckles and other imperfections started to disappear all over Bonnie's body as her skin took on a tan color that was becoming glossier by the second. Squinting just a bit, Gil could see what looked like hinges starting to appear on Bonnie's shoulders, wrists and left thigh as if she was some inanimate object that could be disassembled at the whim of anyone who found her. Most striking of all, Bonnie's sex seemed to be rapidly disappearing as the area became smooth and featureless like the rest of her body. As the change swept into Bonnie's upper body, the blonde haired woman regained her ability to think for herself and realized exactly what was happening to her.

"A MANNEQUIN..... I'M BECOMING A FUCKING PLASTIC MANNEQUIN!!!.... THIS IS LIKE SOME BADLY WRITTEN STORY BY SOME INTERNET HACK!!...... NOOOOO!!!!!!......." Bonnie thought as she felt her anus form into a cylindrical hole that would be perfect for securing onto a metal display rod or something similar. She saw her nipples and areolas disappear altogether as her breasts formed into mounds of rigid plastic that would display any type of lingerie or clothing draped over them quite nicely.

With her hair becoming a synthetic wig that could be removed and replaced at the whim of a store window displayer and her eyes becoming pieces of colored glass, Bonnie's transformation into an inanimate mannequin was complete. Even as she tried to fathom what had happened to her, she found herself being picked up and carried over to a wooden crate that she hadn't seen before.

"I guess this is where we part ways for good, Bonnie. If you look at this from my perspective, I get a divorce from you that will cost a lot less than normal. For you, however, the cost is a little higher," Gil said happily as he placed the cover over the crate and nailed it shut.

With that, the fate of all three was set...........

6 months later...............

For Gwen, Gil and Bonnie, their lives had settled into a day to day routine. In the case of Bonnie, she was part of a window display at a store owned by Gil's cousin several hundred miles away. Dressed in a dark blue silk bra and panty set, the mannequin was posed atop a bed in a pose similar to the one she took when she was first transformed. A part of her mind still hoped that she would someday regain her human form but the majority of her daily thoughts were now focused on the sensations she felt when the window dresser changed her outfits......

As for Gwen, her days consisted of either lying deflated inside a cardboard box in Gil's closet or sprawled across Gil's bed in whatever pose her owner left her in. Unlike Bonnie, she had ceased thinking of herself as being human before and was fully embracing the simplistic desires of a fuck toy. She craved to be touched, caressed and fucked by her owner whenever he got home.

For Gil, his daily disposition had improved greatly over six months. His coworkers noticed he smiled more and joked frequently with his subordinates over matters that he previously would freak out over. The only thing people found odd was his sudden disinterest in overtures from women he encountered.

If the men he worked with knew that he was literally fucking his ex wife's missing lawyer nightly and that his former spouse was working in a new and unique job, they might nod in approval and a little envy.....

Though the whole truth was only by Gil.... and he wasn't saying.......


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