Becoming a robot... at last!

by Robotunit8

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Storycodes: M/f; office; therapist; desire; fantasy; machine; bond; straps; inject; cond; mc; mindwipe; transform; F2android; pleasurebot; oral; climax; cons; X

Woman to Robot TF

He looked over at the young lady laying on the couch trying to remain calm, but clearly distressed at where she had been sent by ‘friends’ in an attempt to sort out her ‘strange desire’ in life. A curvy, blue eyed blonde who was pretty enough to attract admirers even in her forties, without being stunningly beautiful, but who seemed to put off potential suitors of both sexes with this strange desire of hers to be controlled in a very extreme way. Something he really couldn't understand if he was being honest, but.... Still he was being well paid for these sessions by her friends, so maybe he should get started.

“So Miss Bell.....”

“Please call me Stephanie.” she replied.

“So Stephanie, when did you first get this desire to be turned into a robot? And why do you want it to happen so much?”

She blushed a bright red at this direct question, not because it concerned her, it was more surprise at the blunt, honest way it was asked.

“As to the when Sir, I guess it was as quite a young child, and seeing robots and cybermen on TV in things like Star Trek and Dr Who, and thinking to myself, perhaps with an element of surprise that I fancied being like that. And it simply developed from there, and when I saw the transformation scene from Metropolis at about the age of 14, and suddenly discovered I’d soaked my panties with excitement I knew I wanted that to happen to me. And of course the brainwashing process that I’d love to undergo has a similar background, though I suppose the first thing that brought that idea to my attention was a Carry On film when Barbara Windsor was ‘brainwashed’ by some wonderful looking electrical helmet along with an episode of The Avengers where Emma Peel was brainwashed as well which played a part. And then it all just blossomed from there, all my ‘teenage discoveries’ of my body seemed to relate to those sort of fantasies, and of course with the ‘pleasure’ my body got from those, the desire just grew within me.

The why has changed over the years, back then it was just seeing controlled women and obedient robots on TV and wanting to be just like them, but now its probably as much, if not more down to the way life has treated me over the years. Most people I’ve had emotional attachment to over the years have ‘kicked me’ so the idea of becoming an emotionless machine who cant be hurt anymore just appeals so much. Also it would take away that psychological barrier in my head that stops me from having any sort of emotional involvement with anyone nowadays.

So therefore becoming a mindless, controlled robot has so much attraction for me. Even if I couldn't enjoy sex as a person, my body could then enjoy it without any emotional attachment being involved. Mind now, I wouldn't mind a younger looking robot body, but lets face it, even if I could be robotised, which I’d love, I would still have this body as concepts like mind downloading is still decades away.”

He continued to make notes all the time she spoke.

“So for example, say it was actually possible to robotise you, or transfer your essence into a controlled android body, would you actually go through with it? Or is it just a desire because you think it isn't possible?”

He was surprised how quickly she answered,

“If it was possible, I’d be the first in line to volunteer, not a moments hesitation. It would clear away all the concerns and worries in my life while allowing me to fulfil my lifelong desire. Alright, I’d like to be ‘aware’ I’ve become a robot, but if that wasn't possible I’d still go through with it all the same, life has kicked me too often to feel otherwise. I only wish it was possible so I could actually just become a machine. Brainwashing, or at least memory erasure would be nice so I could start afresh in my new robot body.”

“So if I said to you that there was a machine in the next room that could turn you into a mindless, obedient robot, would you walk through to there? Even if I said you had to make a decision now, and not be able to reverse it?”

She smiled at him and his heart melted, “Yes, and I’d run through that door, not walk if the chance arose.”

“One last question for now, what type of robot do you envision yourself as, something useful to humanity, or simply a machine to bring pleasure to others?”

She blushed, then grinned coyly, “Well to be honest I’d become whatever type of robot my new owner wanted me to be, I don't need any say in the matter. But it would be nice if I could do good for others in such a role. Mind, with my sexless life being a Pleasure Unit might make a nice change!”

He looked towards a hidden door and smiled, “Thank you Miss Bell, please make your next appointment at the desk on the way out for the same time next week.”

She climbed down from the couch, smiled at him and said, “Thank you, I don't know if this will really help me in life, but its nice to have someone I can talk to openly about this.”

* * * (One week later)

She walked into the room for her next appointment, took off her coat and went to lay down on the couch as she had done the previous week, but he stopped her doing so. She looked at him questioningly.

“Stephanie, I asked you a question last week, but I just want to make sure I have got the right answer before proceeding any further. I wish to ask it again, is that alright with you?”

Trying to work out which question it might be, she simply nodded and said in her quiet voice, “Yes.”

He smiled, “In that case, if I said to you that there was a machine in the next room that could turn you into a mindless obedient robot, would you walk through that door? You have to make this decision now, and you will not be able to reverse it?”

She laughed, “If I say yes, then it would be pretty irreversable anyway! But all the same, thats the answer, yes I would become a robot willingly, and mindless obedience still sounds nice to me.”

He took her by the hand and said, “In that case you’d better come with me now.” and led her to what looked like a blank wall... until he put his hand on a panel and an opening appeared. She gasped at the sight, slightly in shock, but more in delight at what she saw... well assuming it was real! There were more body restraints than she had ever seen in her whole life, a long metal table which had a metal helmet positioned at the top which seemed to have arcs of electricity already sparking out from it, and a whole row of injectable syringes filled with a thick silvery liquid.

“Well now you’ve seen this, are you still willing to go ahead if I tell you this is all for real, and you will be my obedient, controlled robot assistant at the end of the process. And my personal pleasurebot as well! It will create an entirely new you, as you say memory adjustment isn't yet possible, but brainwashing is, however I promise the new you will be as adorable and sweet as the present human you.”

She gave a big smile and said just two words, “Yes please.” and began to ready herself.

“I need you naked if that's alright by you?”

She smiled, “Very soon I will only obey your every command anyway, and I’m more than happy to start now..... for this!”

She laid down as instructed by him, and he went around tightening all the restraints as tightly as he could, telling her that when the electricity started flowing through her that her body would move a lot and he didn't want her becoming disconnected from the power supply. He tenderly squeezed her ample breasts bringing moans of pleasure from her, but nothing compared to the delightful purrs when he slid two fingers into her damp slit and played with her clit, his fingers were sticky with her juices when he pulled them out, tasted them and looked down on her,

“I promise they will taste every piece as good from my obedient robot as they do from the human Stephanie, and I look forward to tasting those precious juices as well.”

She just looked up and smiled, now this was a moment she’d looked forward to for many years! Mind for the next few minutes she felt like a pin cushion as he seemingly injected needles in every part of her body, squealing loudest at the two injected into her nipples. He then lowered a metal unit over her body, she saw the masses of electrodes as it moved into eye range and she smiled contentedly. He slipped the helmet over her head and the world around her went dark. She could feel dozens of electrodes against her scalp, and guessed they were going to erase all her old human memories. She tried to feel sad about this, but failed miserably!

She heard a voice in her head say, “Switching on now, when you wake up Stephanie Bell will have ceased to exist, but Android Unit SB001 will have come to life.”

The next thing she knew was her whole body shuddering as high voltage electricity passed through her mind and body and she passed out. For the next half hour or so her body shook as all the transformations within her took place, and all her memories of her old life were erased and replaced by thoughts of obedience to her new Master, and of a new personality which he hoped was similar enough to her old human self.

Finally, finally he switched everything off and nervously removed everything, hoping he’d only killed her human self, and not the whole body. It was only when he lifted the helmet up that he hoped even more that it had worked. He’d been given a special ‘serum’ that was designed to make her look years younger, and it seemed to have worked, she looked about 25 again. But did the Android live?”

He activated the control unit and held his breath. For a few moments nothing happened and he feared he had only killed her. But then... she sat up and opened her blue eyes, and then spoke the magical words,

“Thank you Master, Android Unit SB001 is fully functional and data readouts show all transformation processes are fully activated and complete. CPU control is total, human awareness from the body recipient is nil, though in 6.471 minutes all awareness activation programming will be completed should you wish to use it. How may I serve you Master?”

By now the erection in his pants was painful, so tests could wait, he had a more urgent need.

“Go into Pleasurebot mode and use sexual pleasure function 006 on your Master.”

“Sexual pleasure function 006 activated, Unit is ready to perform as required.”

He dropped his trousers and lowered his pants, “Then you may begin.”

She moved into position and took his erect cock into her mouth and began what was to be the most perfect blow job he had ever known in his life. The old Stephanie may not have wanted to, or indeed been able to perform this but the new Android Stephanie certainly knew how to! Even trying to make this moment last he barely lasted more than a few minutes before filling her eager mouth with his hot cum, and she lapped up every drop of it. When finally he recovered he ran all the necessary tests, and the results looked perfect. he then activated her awareness so that even if the old Stephanie had ceased to exist, her ‘essence’ knew that she had truly become a robot and could rest and be happy at last.

He had no plans to create another Android Unit, why should he, he had the perfect lover, secretary and assistant all rolled into one, and one who would obey his every command. What could be more perfect.. for both of them.


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