Big Surprise

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; potion; transform; lovedoll; cons/nc; X

Melanie drove her SUV along the crowded highway humming to the tunes that were blaring from the CD player. The road was heavily congested with supper time traffic which meant very slow going for everyone trying to get home from work. Normally, this would cause Melanie a great deal of stress but strangely she had a look of serenity on her face

Earlier in the day, she had received a call from her husband Bill, who worked in the R & D department of a large pharmaceutical firm, which had recently bought out the soft drink company he formerly worked for. He told her there was a new product he was working on that had just reached the trial stage and the company had permitted him to conduct some of them at home. He went on to say that it was a drug designed to heighten the stimulation of the pleasure center during intimate relations as well as provide temporary physical changes that would add to the greater stimulation.

" Hmmm..sounds like some sort of mind altering drug with hallucinogenic side effects. It doesn't sound like the kind of thing that Bill usually works on. Still, if it makes our usual lovemaking more interesting, I'm willing to try anything once... " Melanie thought to herself as she pulled into her driveway where she saw her husband's car was already parked. Getting out of her vehicle, she called out her husband's name as she walked inside her house and was slightly annoyed to find that he wasn't at home.

Tossing her stuff into a nearby closet, Melanie walked into the living room to watch a little TV, check her email and see if Bill left her a note of any kind. To her mild surprise, the auburn haired woman saw what looked like a black leather box on the coffee table with several sheets of paper underneath along with what looked like a note from Bill next to it. Glancing over Bill's note, Melanie frowned as she read that Bill had to go out of town on an unexpected business trip and wouldn't be back until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. However, he did suggest that she check out the samples he brought home BUT she should read the instructions before using the samples.

" Geez, Bill, it's not like I planned on sucking this stuff down without glancing over the do and don'ts, " Melanie muttered as she put down the note and turned her attention to the samples in question. Opening the box containing them, she saw that it contained two fairly large test tubes containing clear fluid with one tube marked D and the other marked A. After looking over the tubes for a few seconds, Melanie put them back where they belonged and went to pick up the accompanying instructions.

However, it was at that point that Melanie felt a familiar craving come over her and she realized she hadn't had a cup of coffee since early morning. Deciding that reading the instructions could wait, she headed into the kitchen to make a pot of her favorite gourmet coffee. Twenty or so minutes later, after taking off most of her clothes and slipping on a bathrobe, Melanie had poured herself a cup of piping hot coffee and took a seat once again in her living room.

" Experimental drug # 1000UD-FH-X.......subject will, if dosage is correct to their physical make-up, find herself changed into an inanimate figure that is composed of several synthetic materials with latex being the chief component. In addition, the subject's senses will increase in intensity by 67-85 % depending on body mass ( see Chart # 1A). Applications for the formula, public and government, are detailed in Chapters 3-7......blah blah...... " Melanie read out loud as she paged through the book. After glancing over the pages, she put aside the book and turned her attention once again to the vial containing the formula.

" If all this technical junk is correct, I drink this liquid in the D vial and I'm turned into a latex and rubber doll that looks just like me. Hmmmm, I should give this a try to see what I'll look like when Bill gets home though I should put something on that looks a little more enticing than a bathrobe, " Melanie said out loud before glancing down at she had on. Setting the vial aside, she headed back to the bedroom to change.

Emerging a short while later wearing nylons, high heels, a see through white T shirt and several large pieces of gold jewelry on her right forearm, Melanie picked up the vial and, with only a brief moment of hesitation, downed the entire contents in one swallow.

As the seconds ticked by, Melanie waited with anticipation the first sign, either externally or internally but she felt nothing at all. Frowning, she tapped her right foot on the floor impatiently for something to happen but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

" Geez, this stuff seems to be a dud. I wonder if Bill forgot to get this stuff......oohhhhh.....wait a second.....I feel something, " Melanie muttered before suddenly stopping as she felt something odd coming from her stomach. At first, it seemed like a sensation of warmth that was spreading outwards from her lower torso. Within a minute or two, this feeling spread rapidly to all parts of her body and, at the same time, she discovered that she had lost the ability to move completely. Luckily for Melanie, there was a mirror mounted on the wall opposite her so she was able to see, as well as feel, what was happening to her.

" Mmmmmmmm, this stuff makes feel as if I'd taken an extra large dose of an aphrodisiac. I hope that......uhhhh....hope that Bill......urrrrrhhh..........Bill gets.....what is happening? " Melanie gasped in fits and starts before she saw her reflection in the mirror and was amazed by what she saw. There appeared to be what looked like seams starting to appear on her arms and legs with her skin taking on a glossy appearance in small patches over body. Her breathing seemed to be growing shallower by the minute even as the pleasure she was experiencing was increasing by a substantial amount. She could feel herself getting lighter as if her insides were somehow turning into helium or air.

" Oooohhhh......this feels soooooo to.....need to.....uhhhhhh....... " Melanie moaned as she saw, and felt, her pussy start to twitch and change in shape and appearance. Even as her body took on a glossy appearance over her entire body with birth marks and freckles disappearing right before her eyes, Melanie's eyes fluttered as she reveled in the increasing amounts of pleasure she was experiencing.

Through a haze of erotic pleasure, Melanie saw her finely trimmed mound of pubic hair shrink quickly before disappearing altogether. Her pussy clenched shut before blossoming into a perfectly symmetrical circle with the interior changing to a bright pink sac made of latex and rubber. While this was happening, Melanie felt her anus start to shift upwards by several inches before forming into the same O shape as her pussy had.

Glancing downwards with her eyes ( the only part of her body she still could move), Melanie saw that the seams were becoming prevalent by the seconds with some becoming visible around her waist as well as her boobs. As the change moved rapidly upwards, the lightness Melanie felt before seemed to increase exponentially and her body started to wobble ever so slightly. Her moans and gasps faded away as did her breathing though, figuring this was part of the process, Melanie remained relatively calm mentally.

Her breasts, which Melanie had always felt to be on the flat side, slightly swelled even as her nipples thickened and became bright pink in color. The woman's areolas changed color as well in addition to becoming perfect circles that surrounded her nipples in a very inviting way. She had an increasing desire to have Bill ( or, oddly enough, her owner) squeeze and fondle them as much as possible.

" A DOLL.... I'M ACTUALLY BECOMING A BLOW-UP DOLL!....... THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!..... IF HAVING SEX IS AS GOOD AS THE CHANGE INTO A DOLL IS, I MAY HAVE TO DO THIS QUITE A BIT......... OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!......... " Melanie thought as the transformation moved into her head and shoulders for the final part of the process. Her mouth moved on it's own with her tongue and teeth dissolving as the interior formed into a smooth rubber sac like her other two openings. The mouth's exterior formed into a circular opening that looked perfect for wrapping around any object or dick shoved into it.

With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features and her hair turning into threads of dyed nylon sewn into her hollow head, Melanie's transformation into an inanimate love doll. The living sex toy wobbled back and forth slightly on its hollow legs as the stream of cool air from a nearby air conditioner flowed across the doll's vinyl skin.

" Ooooohh, I hope that Bill gets home soon...... I can't wait to see what he thinks of this....... wait.... is that a car I hear coming?....... can't be Bill...... he's not coming home until tomorrow...... who could that be?........ " Melanie thought as she realized she was in no position to find out.

Standing in silence, Melanie waited to see who the visitor was and why they were coming by. After the car motor went silent, there was about 30 seconds of silence before the blonde haired doll heard the lock on the front door rattle noticeably. A minute or two later, a mind twenties, well endowed brunette walked into the love doll's line of sight carrying a brown overnight bag and was instantly familiar to Melanie.

" Natalie?........ John's ex wife?..... what the fuck is she doing here?.... the divorce was finalized three weeks ago..... shit, I bet John told her to come by to pick up her things..... this isn't good at all....... " Melanie thought to herself even as Natalie dropped her bag to the floor and stared at the sex toy before her.

" What the fuck is this thing? That asshole Bill told me to swing by and pick up the rest of my things today while he was away. He must have left this here to mock me and the fact that he won the divorce case. Hmmmpphh!!! " Natalie exclaimed as she walked over to the standing love doll. With a look that seemed to be both incredulity and anger visible on her face, she stared intently at Melanie's face for several seconds in silence as if she was trying to figure out why the doll was so lifelike.

After shaking her head ever so slightly, Natalie reached over and gently shoved on the doll with her right arm on its' shoulder. The doll oscillated briefly back and forth on its feet before, much to Melanie's silent relief, settling back into its standing pose. However, the brief moment of relief that the living sex toy felt was short lived as Natalie gave it another, and much harder, shove which resulted in the doll falling backwards and smacking into the couch behind it.

" Hey!..... You fucking bitch, this isn't your place!!.... don't treat me like something you own!!!........ " Melanie thought as her hollow body wobbled sideways from the impact. Her limbs formed into more traditional love doll poses with her body no longer standing up. The doll's arms formed into L shapes to hold someone with the legs spreading apart into a V shape like any blow-up doll found in an adult novelty store.

" This is fucking ridiculous! Bill was supposed to leave my stuff in plain sight and instead he leaves this.... this... fucking disgusting looking doll!! " Natalie fumed as she sat down on the couch next to the sex toy and contemplated her next move. After a minute or two, she glanced over at the doll and saw the red tipped inflation valve sticking out of its back. With a snort of derision, she leaned over and pulled open the plug with an angry gesture.

" Noo!.... You can't deflate me!!!........ I don't know how this will affect meeeeeeee.......... " Melanie thought before her ability to think, as well as her body's shape, dissipated in direct correlation to the air escaping from her body.

After the doll was fully deflated, Natalie somewhat clumsily folded it up and shoved into a clear plastic bag that she found under the couch. Tossing the bag into a nearby cardboard box, the brunette put the box in Bill's bedroom before returning to her seat on the couch.

" How do I make that SOB pay for pulling a stunt like this? Geez, he didn't even leave me a bottle of wine or anything like it, " Natalie muttered as she tapped the armrest on the couch angrily. Glancing around, she saw the two vials, one of which was empty, on the table in front of her along with what looked like some sort of manual.

" Hmmmm, looks like Bill's trying to invent some sort of new soft drink. Cool, this one smells like peppermint....vI wonder if he remembered that I love peppermint schnapps when he whipped this thing up. Since I've got some free time, I may as well give it a try, " Natalie murmured softly as she uncorked the vial, sniffed it and downed the entire contents in one motion.

" Blechhh!! This stuff tastes like crap! I've got a mind to tell.... uhhh.... tell Bill that..... ohhh..... why do I feel so strange.... so horny..... ?.... this.... my skin...... shiny.... " Natalie said even as she sagged back onto the couch with seams starting to appear and her breasts starting to swell and push against her blouse in an unnatural way............

Approximately four weeks later.........

".....good thing that you had an antidote you could give me to turn me back to human otherwise I might have spent of my existence shoved into a cardboard box under your bed, " Melanie said as she threw back her side of the bed covers to reveal she was wearing black thong panties and nothing else.

Bill nodded with approval as he sat on his side of the bed. " Oh, I don't know. I thought you made a very nice fuck toy though not nearly as nice as now, " he said as he leaned over and kissed his wife passionately on the lips.

After a moment or two, Melanie broke off the kiss and pulled herself up into a sitting position. " I hate to interrupt the mood but there is something we should discuss.... THIS! " the blonde haired woman said as she fully pulled back the covers to reveal the naked dollified form of Natalie lying in the center of the bed. The doll, with its L shaped arms and legs spread apart in a V shape, was lying on its back with its eyes still reflecting Natalie's shock at what had happened to her.

Bill looked down at the doll and then at his wife. " Yes? " he asked innocently.

" How long before you're able to transform her back to normal? " his wife inquired.

" Well, my ex drank the vial that contained the full strength formula so it may be up to a year or more before I get a proper antidote done up. In fact, there's a chance I may never get one. If this upsets you, I can take the doll into work and keep her there until then, " Bill replied as he tapped the doll's hollow left breast for emphasis.

Melanie smiled and closed her hand around her husband's so that they were both squeezing the doll's tit. " Oh, that's all right. I think we both can find uses for it, " she said softly as she pulled her husband closer with her free hand.

The sounds of pleasant moans and squeaking latex and rubber filled the air for the rest of the night....

And for many nights afterwards....



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