Big Bat

by Wanabe Inflatable

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© Copyright 2012 - Wanabe Inflatable - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; transform; doll; inflatable; bodymod; club; stage; display; deflate; sextoy; fold; cons; X


Ralph expected the bad news, opening door of Mrs Silvershtein's office. Something like, bad exams session?

"Yes of course, I understand, I'll do my best and stuff. - Ah, Ralph, take a seat" - Mrs Silverstein waved her plump arm towards a chair.

She wasn't old, may be in the beginning of her forties, pleasant face, and not too obese, yet definitely fat, Ralph could see her massive bust over the bureau. Taking into account the topic of discussion, Ralph recalled visions of Jabba the Hutt.

As Ralph got himself prepared for misery, Jabba Silverstein opened her mouth to exceed his worst expectation, "Regarding your underperformance in the last semester, the fund council has decided to withdraw your education grant".

Well, this wasn't yet another strict warning. This was execution.

He tried to argue, but Mrs Jabba was politely heartless. In the end she wished him luck, and suggested taking a loan or getting a part-time job.

There were two banks in the town with education loan programs, whose offices Ralph visited on his way back to campus. Bad enough, the whole education loans business was widely recognized as a bubble, so it was now difficult to sell the loan further to some investment fund. Banks suddenly become picky: they had questions: why does Ralph need a loan on the fourth year? And the fact that his education fund has just dumped him didn't add to his chances.

So the last alternative was getting a job. Although he hadn't too many classes now, two years short of graduation, still he had to attend some. This excluded all the full-time job opportunities. Also Ralph could hardly could qualify as engineer yet, and there were no jobs in the industry. His programming skills couldn't bring enough income too, as well as, babysitting, courier jobs and so on. He wandered his way towards the dorm, calculating his options, he almost handled last exams session and even had some free time, hardly enough to make five thousands in a month, yet he didn't gave up before at least trying.

Mike, his roommate was in a yet another boss raid high on some online game, so he was only formally present, when Ralph come in. Mike was on the loan from the beginning, so there were two good reasons why Ralph didn't seek his sympathy now. Instead, he went online.

First job aggregator returned zero offers matching his requirements, second one - three pieces of obvious scam and a position in night club called 'Big Bat', Ralph had never heard of this name, out of desperation he followed the link.

It was a 'for ladies only' place, male dancers were wanted. That was awful, yet somehow intriguing. Surprisingly, the club was located nearby. How come Ralph had never heard about it, odd? But even the guaranteed compensation was rather nice, and the numbers of estimate bonuses, he grinned to his thoughts - girls putting bonuses into his pants, on second thoughts this desperate job could be a lot nicer. Another good thing about this club that it was for girls only. He glanced over his shoulder: no, of course, Mike was not peeking into his monitor, just too busy slashing some golems.

Ralph wasn't very muscular, but not a bit of fat either, and he could dance. He never practiced stripping of course, so he browsed for some videos. Tried repeating some moves, that didn't seem too tough. Mike's soul was still far from his mortal coil, so Ralph even unbuckled his belt, pulled it out, trying to coordinate his moves with music. Okay. He was bold enough to go right now and try. It was evening, and the club was about to open at 10 pm.

Ralph took a shower, and couldn't help repeating strippers' moves while he undressed.

An hour later, he went through unremarkable street and found his aim. Big bat, pretended to have baroque architecture, some casually dressed women chilled out on the piazza. When Ralph passed, they looked at him and murmured.

At the door, he went to the reception. A nice girl with a bat-shaped badge directed him.

Ralph opened a thick oaken door, and saw wide marble stairs. This all looked a bit surreal. The club didn't look that big from the outside, indeed Big Bat. He descended, yes stairs led down, not upwards. Then was a big hall with tables, a lot of guests - all women, despite his fears, there were no one ugly or even visibly older than early forties, yet a lot of guests were plus sized to say the least.

He went round the hall towards the administration door in the opposite corner. The stage was bound by marble columns and well lit, apparently the previous performance has been over, there were a male shirt, jacket, belt and trousers on the floor. And another odd thing, that looked like deflated blow-up doll. Girls from the staff, all wearing cat-woman masks, collected the garments and raced away, freeing the podium for yet another dancer. Very muscular guy, dressed like guerilla fighter - camouflage, weapons belt with grenade and so on, Ralph didn't stop to see, he proceeded, bumping into bat-shaped balloons that floated in the air around the scene.

The administration room was quite large, and adjacent was a little dancing hall with mirrors. At the opposite wall was a vast sofa: a woman in a long blue dress, obviously the boss here, and a redhead girl, probably her secretary, sat on it. Ralph started to think, all the staff except strippers were female.

"Mister?" the older woman asked.

"Tanner, Ralph Tanner"

"Good evening, Ralph. I'm Gretta and it is my assistant, Annette. You are here for casting" This didn't sound like interrogative, she just stated that Ralph came here to get a job, not to deliver pizza or something.

Still he confirmed: "Yes"

"Okay, pass your documents to Annette, and show us what you can"

So fast. Ralph oddly didn't feel any hesitation, he handed file to the redhead and started dancing, synchronizing his movements with the distant rythmn of the show, his improvisation wasn't too bad, he got rid of his belt, unzipped the vest and left it on the floor after rolling over backwards. Then it was time to get his pants down. His jeans were a bit loose without the belt, so he just turned his back to the jury and swayed his hips letting jeans slide down a bit. And a bit more.

"Good for a newcomer" - Gretta interrupted - "But we can not give you an offer right now, you have to seriously visit gym and then come back. "

Ralph was disappointed, no he has no time to pump perfect body, he needed money for next payment in the next month. He stopped dancing and pulled his jeans up, then Annette said, "But there is a shortcut".

Ralph turned to them, "What shortcut?"

The redhead just smiled enigmatically and said, "Follow me", she went into the room with mirrors. When Ralph entered the door after her, Ann had both her hands closed in fists, hiding something.

"Good that you agreed. By the way, there is no way in, besides the shortcut. And now some questions, when you were kid, did you like balloons?"

Ralph nodded, "Sure"

"Great. The other option", she opened one of her hands, there was a transparent thing, looking like inflation valve, "Is fun too, but I love balloons too. So just turn your nice ass to me again and repeat what you've been doing."

He did, his jeans started to slide down and fell to his knees. Then he felt warm the fingers of Annette on his butt, and then something sticky and cold. A cold feeling radiated from that location. He stopped dancing, and tried to look on his back. It was difficult, yet there were mirrors.

As the girl stepped back, letting him get a better view, Ralph noticed something on his left hip or rather on the buttcheek. It was like a plastic ring, connected to his skin through a short neck of skin. His jeans fell to the floor leaving Ralph in his white swimmers. The thing looked like mouthpiece of a balloon!

And the skin around - ass, whole left hip, lower part of back has changed color a bit, getting more tanned than the rest, yet a bit unnatural. To confirm the fears, Ann closed up again, twisted the mouthpiece and tied it with a white ribbon.

Ralph got out of stunned trance, "What did you do to me?"

"Relax and just watch, it is fun to see the change. And this is the shortcut you wanted."

The change was not only altering his skin. It took his body hair. When it crept to his neck and ankles, he also felt unnatural lightness, and then pressure within. Everywhere. It was odd, yet strangely pleasant. A minute later all was done, the last sensation - change moving over his face, eating his bristle, when room before him gained better focus and more saturated colors - he knew, it took his eyes too.

Annette continued, "You look good, but we were here to pump you some muscles, remember?"

She moved one of mirror panels aside and took an air tank from the little niche in the wall.

"Ha, patient, prepare for injection! And don't twitch, it is not painful" - with these words, she pulled the ribbon. Immediately, Ralph heard hissing, and felt cold … of air rushing out of him, it was a real jet - thrust was enough to even lift him off the floor! In the same time, sensation of releasing pressure was delicious. The girl caught him with one hand, holding the tie with another, to stop air rushing. And in that time, in just a few seconds Ralph had considerably lost volume and strength, judging by the reflexion in the mirror, he now matched Annette in height. Minutes before he was taller. For a moment he wanted her to open her fingers and let him down in her hands, but this strange obsession had waned quickly.

She attached him to the tank and turned the valve. A stream of gas rushed in, expanding the boy. Suddenly he felt an erection, or was it due to inflation? She held him on the tank, while his body: shoulders, pecs, abs, arms, legs and even butt - inflated and bulged, emitting a hollow whooshing sound. He struggled to contain the air, but air prevailed pushing his taut skin outside, shaping him right for a performance in the Big Bat. Guys had to spend years in the gym, to gain kind of body he got in seconds.

Then Annette closed the valve, and dutifully tied him again. Ralph now was taller, bigger and felt stronger, yet very light. And his swimmers became very snug.

"So I'm balloon now?"

"Yes, and welcome aboard. You are now part of the team. You may not fear pins and scissors, you cannot be punctured easily, and if so you won't pop unless seriously overinflated. Ah, your tie leaks air slowly, we'll inflate you every night and that should be enough for the working day outside the club."

"Can I even get outside looking like this?"

"Well, just hide your ass from unwanted eyes, we'll help you with some things like adding extra weight, bypassing medical tests and so on. You just have to be cautious. If you stay, you get other benefits, generous compensation, more girls than you could ever imagine, superb looks. You have immunity to all the diseases of a flesh human, practically no aging. And no need to sleep, you spend your nights here, your days - at university or anywhere you want."

"All this looks quite difficult to conceal" - Ralph said - "And, what would happen if I turn down your offer?"

Ann's voice gained a cold note, "I'll let you go, but ask you to return my ribbon first"

Ralph quickly played the picture in his imagination, can he stop her hands, before she unties him? He had to admit, he was quite helpless and easily deflatable, "Cent for enter, dollar for quit, am I right?"

"Yes you get the basic idea. Look we are not that bad. You just know too much to let you go so easy."

"So I just asked out of curiosity," Ralph tried to look bold, "What's next?"

"We'll now return to do the formalities. Normally, newbies pass training first, but I suppose, you need money soon and your show was not too bad. Far from premier league, but good enough to start today. We have about two hours till midnight, when main show starts. In the meantime, you can try … I can lend you an idea for your show, if you don't mind."

"Sounds tempting, but I need a suit and a couple of runs to practice"

"No problem, follow me" Annette moved another mirror panel, revealing the entrance into a hallway, which led them to the small storeroom. Various boxes on the dusty shelves, numerous hangers with all sorts of suits. The girl peeked into several boxes, took one and handed it to Ralph. Then she picked a hanger with white navy jacket and equally white wide trousers. With these gains they returned to dance hall.

The redhead explained, "You will be a steward".

"Don't you think this suit will sit too loosely on me?"

"It should be OK, and if not, we can quickly adjust your size" Annette slapped the airtank, she put the uniform on the floor: jacket, trousers, white peaked cap, dark blue shirt with short sleeves, polished black shoes, black trunks and white strings for men.

Ann commented the latter detail, "Look, according to rules, you should never expose your device to public. But girls like when the dancers take their pants off, sometimes they can even help you with this. So there are two, this one you should keep" - she pointed at the strings - "but black trunks are expendable, even more - you must take them off, to let em play with your tie"

"What? Tie?" Ralph had stunned face, "You mean, they will..."

"Yes, they may want to deflate you!" Ann took from the box a bottle looking like champagne, except for valve on the neck. "And in the end of your performance - shhh" - she hissed and waved her arms.

"Deflate me? How can it be, well, is it dangerous? Frankly speaking, it felt very good, when you untied me, but - what will happen to me, if I deflate?"

"Completely? You will be flat and tiny" She expressed the size with her fingers. "And unable to do anything, until someone inflates you again. I suppose, one of the guests will do it, in a more private place. Hope you don't mind this, and you better be OK with that outcome of the evening. Look, if you end up reinflated by staff, this only means that nobody liked your show. As to clients, nobody is old, yet a lot of them, I'd say majority, are quite big girls."

"You mean fat?"

"Right, but we don't like this word. And I know, you like voluptuous women."

"Frankly speaking, yes. But who told you that … so far, I know nothing about the club, and you girls seemingly know very much about me. That's intriguing, of course"

Ann nodded, "Okay, I'll tell you more. Hope that will let you feel easier and dance better. Well, this place, is not an ordinary strip club. And our clients, and all the female staff, are special. In a short word, we are witches. Plain people never enter our doors, they just do not notice this little street. Why are we transforming guys? Oh, it is pretty simple too - to keep the Power, we have to stay virgin, in a sense of not having any sex with men. Fortunately there are ways to sidestep that rule. Inflatable men don't count" - She chuckled - "Few sacrifice power for pleasures of love. Most either transform their husbands, or visit our little club. And there is a question: how to ward the rest of the men off? Attractive girls get a lot of men, and it is bad for us: we refuse them, and this drives them mad. If enough men are mad, things become really sour. In the old times, a witch may end up on the fire. So artificial uglines in fact saves us from excessive attention. Nowadays being fat is enough to get rid of followers. And also, we like candies. We have no problems like diabetes or tighteners, with only minor effort, curves are not sagging down, no flabbiness. Actually, most of witches beyond their thirties start getting curvy. Well, lets return to our business, you have less than an hour for preparations".

Ralph had to swallow his shame, he took his swimmers off, replacing them with the indecent string and the rest of the garments. The shoes were special, they looked like real, but could be taken off easily, without kneeling. Jacket and pants were indeed bigger than his size. Ann had the same quick solution and the boy found himself sitting on the airtank, inflating again. His pressure rose a bit more, forcing his shoulders to expand and bulge, waist and hips used all the space in the trousers, the strings clunged mercilessly, squeezing him. He was now filled with air, otherwise this would be painful. Suddenly, the girl let him off the tank, and Ralph deflated a bit, she then tied a bow on his nozzle. "Your pants should be loose enough to slide down, when you unbuckle" - she explained.

Ann experimented with the music then, and Ralph tried to dance. On third attempt he knew, when the pace of melody changes from calm and gentle to action, and finished with the jacket right in time. On third attempt he got stuck a bit with the lock of the belt, and almost stumbled, trying to drop the pants.

But on the fourth attempt everything was smooth. And in time. His entrance was soon. Ann led him to the back of the stage, so Ralph could observe the performance. A muscular guy in cowboy hat and white boxers was walking in front of the ladies, all the rest of his garments were spread over the stage. He stopped by the table of three blond fatties, talked to the girl in the center, while her curly friend in red dress hugged the stripper's butt with her hand. Ralph couldn't hear the words, due to the distance and loud music, the guy swayed his rear, letting the girl pull his boxers down, revealing his strings, same as those Ralph had on. Almost naked the guy got on the table, and continued dancing, yet his performance was over. A third girl, stood up and touched the guys back, and quickly pulled her hand away. The music started to fade and everyone around cheered the stripper loudly, his moves went slower, his pumped muscles lost their bulk. He made a few steps more and sat on the table, now visibly losing shape. Soon he collapsed and stopped moving, quickly becoming flat. The girl in the center rolled him, and pushed into her purse.

"You are next, hope you are ready!" Annette gently pushed him forward.

A voice above scene announced, "Ladies, prepare to meet our new dancer: Ralph, the rookie, lets Rock!"

And his music flown over the stage, there was no time to waste, so he rushed to the podium, holding a silver plate with champagne.

"What drink do you ladies want tonight?" he tried to improvise.

The girls were electrified from the previous dancer, so most of replies were, "show us your ass"

Ralph put the bottle down and started dancing, he did no serious mistakes and viewed the guests. Button one on the jacket goes off - Ralph noticed a beautiful girl in the front and her friend, a plump gal with stunning cleavage, their table was close to the stage. 'He have I seen them before, but where? In the dorm?'

Button two - nice company by the next table, all redheads wearing dresses of shades of green.

Button three - 'Oh my, Mrs Silverstein, is she one of them too?"

Button four, two brunettes, both more than plump, he only could judge by what he'd been seen above table, immense cleavage, one wore a red satin blouse, another one - a revealing white dress with tight top. The second girl noticed his interest and smiled charmingly. Ralph almost tumbled, but regained control right in time to get out of the jacket.

He performed some teasing moves, unbuckled the belt. It went off soon, leaving the trousers loosely sitting. The audience cheered him, and Ralph decided to jump off the stage and walk among the tables, the act of jumping took noticeable time, as he was a balloon, he floated slowly towards table of girls in green. During flight, he undid the zipper of his shirt. Letting the redheads a sight of his inflated pecs and six-packs.

Their table was wide enough to dance. Ralph rocked his lower body, making his trousers slide - his special trick. One of redheads wasn't patient enough and pulled them all the way down to his ankles. Ralph stepped out of the pants and teased a bit, before finally pulling off his shirt and throwing it to one of girls. Now he was in the same situation as previous guy, when Ralph started looking. Dancing he kneeled down to let the third redhead grip his trunks, he glances sideways and had eye contact again with the smiling busty brunette. He slowly stood up, leaving the trunks in the girl's hands.

She exclaimed, "Wow! Look, he's a balloon".

"A bow, how cute. This should be fun!" her friend added.

Ralph felt a yanking sensation, and moments later he was untied.

Unlike the previous stripper's, Ralph's deflation was not slow and sensual. The rushing air threw him upwards, making crazy tumbles, while hissing loudly. And this time, Ralph could drink all the sensations, such a joy to be a deflating balloon, the pressure leaving his stretched body, almost orgasmic feeling. His bliss was interrupted, when he bounced on the ceiling. The Room below was huge. And the women were gigantic. No, it is Ralph, who become tiny.

The jet fuel was over, so he was returning back down to the ground, his strings fell off after collision, but that was not important. A girl in a tight dress, was looking at him again, now he could briefly observe her amiable face, playful sparkle in her eyes, and vast curves. Ralph was falling and she was growing, as he get closer. She, leaned back in her chair and her cleavage was offering him a very soft landing. Ralph dived exactly between her breasts.

He didn't hear the applause, as she squeezed remaining air out of him in a very lovely manner.

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