Bondage Barbie Deluxe

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

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Several years ago I got talked into a kind of modeling job for one of the owners of the company I work for. I had never even met the man, but his nephew was present at my one and only gangbang, as I was briefly dressed as Ken's favorite Barbie doll. I was given to Ken as a birthday present by my boyfriend to cheer him up, (see Ken's Birthday Gift). Apparently Don, the company owner, was so impressed with his nephews recount of his experience, that he had to have a Barbie of his own.

Don, the company owner had contacted Ken, because he was the only one besides my now husband who knew that I was the Barbie persona at his birthday party. It's a complicated story how Ken became the man who was my primary lover, and a very good one, and how my husband became like our pet dog when we played. We don't feel guilty because hubby likes being our dog, and we only feed him the best dog food. Ken even built him a three foot high dog run around the old dog house at Ken's cabin. Ken built the dog run so that we could lock our pet dog outside with food and water if we wanted to go out for awhile.

Don was insistent and Ken suggested that he tell Don that I was an expensive present, and that he would make up some crazy price for the weekend. Ken was certain Don would choke at some price, and that would spare him from telling the intimidating man no. In all fairness to Ken, I thought it was the best plan at the time also!

Ken was invited up to Don's huge house on the hill for lunch on Saturday, and Ken was told that it was very important that he have HIS Barbie for an upcoming party he was having. Don even told Ken that the date of the party was contingent on HIS Barbie's attendance. Ken realized he was far out of his element with Don and his huge house, all three of us having modest roots in another town. As we discussed, Ken told Don I was an expensive toy, and that I was saving for a new red Mustang, and that ten grand would get me into the drivers seat. Ken couldn't read Don's face it was so impassive, and went on to explain that I wasn't a pro or anything, just a woman working toward a goal. Ken didn't know it at the time, but if he had told Don I was a hooker, the deal would have been dropped like a hot potato. Don was a man who got what he wanted, and so far that has made him the wealthiest man in the county, why stop now.

Don excused himself from the room and returned with a thick business envelope and a Bondage Barbie Deluxe doll that he handed to Ken. Don shook his hand with a more than firm grip to remind Ken who the top dog was here, and before he knew it agreed to the terms that he proposed to Don. Don told him the details, and half the cash was in the envelope, the rest to be paid on delivery. Don told Ken thank you and make sure to pass on my gratitude to Debbie as well. Ken was sure that his face went white at the mention of my given name, and thought to himself that Don does his homework. Ken told me later that Don's attention to detail made a profound impact on him from then on. Ken said goodbye and left in his old pickup truck thinking about how he was going to tell me he had just rented me out for the weekend.

Ken called me from his house and asked me to come over, and I could tell by his voice it was bad news. I gave hubby a second list of things to do while I went out, he no doubt thinking I was seeing Ken, but he would have been mistaken as to why. Ken told me how he got me into this, and I should have been angry, but I kept thinking about my one & only gangbang and my secret desire for a repeat. Ken read the note to me in the envelope full of cash, and I almost choked when I heard ten thousand dollars. Then Ken held up the Bondage Barbie Deluxe I was to emulate, complete with her own custom box. I just looked at the box and said "Oh my God Ken, what have you gotten me into?"

Bondage Barbie Deluxe was apparently a custom one off doll made for a collector. She was complete with black bustier, high boots, and thong. In the box were accessories; mask, ball gag, and riding crop. Barbie was wearing leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that were attached with heavy chain, and a leather collar also with a length of chain. Ken took her out of the box and as I watched he stripped the doll to find her atomically correct, but clean shaven. I looked at Ken like he was some kind of pervert, but he just sheepishly smiled back at me.

Concealed in the rear of the box was a sealed envelope that Ken assumed were more instructions about my upcoming "modeling job". Instead, it was a handwritten letter from Don's ex-wife, to paraphrase: she thought Don was a sick freak and this doll was probably what he thought the perfect woman should be, and that he would never find a woman to willingly play in his "toy room".

I completely changed my mind about Don after that letter. At first I just thought he was some spoiled rich guy who wanted somebody less than half his age for him and his buddies to have his way with. Now I felt sorry for him, his wife dumped him after he apparently shared one of his deepest desires with her, what a bitch, I thought. I had a lot of conflicting thoughts on this whole deal, and judging by Ken's face so did he. If I decided not to do this modeling job, I knew somebody else would. Ken would know where I was so Don couldn't get too wild with me or the cops would get involved, and he couldn't have that. I would be nearly naked, and delivered in a box that I was secured to, and cuffed. That's about as helpless as it gets, and the thing that got me hot just to think about. I would likely get the gangbang of my life, and used like the inanimate doll I would transform myself into. I also thought this would be fun, dressed like a doll for hours with no choice in what I did.

In the end I decided I would do this job, because I didn't want Don's ex-wife to be right, and I thought it would be fun. The money would be great, but two things bothered me about it: one, this made me a kind of professional, although I told myself it was a modeling job, and two, if Don was paying ten thousand dollars for me for the weekend, that meant he expected to get ten grand's worth of use or fun out of me depending how you look at it!

I also realized by looking at Ken sitting across from me that he didn't like the idea of sharing me, which is why he probably never proposed another gangbang for me, even though he knew I loved it. I found it ironic the man who was my full time lover, only because my hubby initially shared me, didn't want to share me himself. I thought that other than my boyfriend, now husband, and Ken, and his friends at my only gangbang, Don was probably going to join his most exclusive club with only five members, so far. I found it amazing all this went through my head in just a few seconds, and Ken must have thought I was being flippant when I told him we would do it.

Ken took on the job of building the box I would be packaged in, and it took him three days to make an exact copy of the one Barbie was in. Ken's box was a work of art compared to the one hubby and I made years ago. His was made from oak and the clear window on the front was thin plexiglass so I could see out as clearly as somebody could see in. It was perfectly lettered, and there were many tie down points so I wouldn't get damaged in shipping.

I had the job of getting the kinky clothing to match the doll at the boutique that Don suggested in his letter. The place was hidden right in town, and I never even knew it was there. When I walked in the two ladies behind the counter were embarrassingly helpful, and when I told them what I needed they insisted on fitting every piece for me, right in the middle of the store! I didn't notice one of them lock the front door and place a sign in the front window closing the boutique for lunch. I reluctantly modeled the bustier and thong with the high boots and had to admit I looked good in the full length mirror. With the extreme high heel and up past the knee boots I could hardly walk. The girls then fitted the cuffs and chains with the matching collar, and I hoped they didn't notice how aroused I was getting. The ball gag and my Lone Ranger mask didn't need to be fitted, and neither did the riding crop. I was so far past embarrassed I thought I would die! I paid for my new toys with some of the cash from Don to preserve my anonimity, ironically the same reason the Lone Ranger wore HIS mask.

After the girls were sure I was gone they called Don, the owner of the store, and told him I had been there. He asked the girls what I got and for the in-store security camera video. He also told them to erase all evidence of my visit.

Both Ken and I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to let hubby know what we were up to, and Ken devised a plan to keep him safely away for the upcoming weekend. I would dress him as a woman and Ken would put him on a train bound for a station hundreds of miles away with only meal tickets and a return ticket after a layover. I knew hubby could make a good looking woman, because once Ken and I had "forced" him to dress as a college cheerleader for a halloween party. We had dumped him there by himself to fend off the horny guys as we had a not so quickie in Ken's truck. I had suspected hubby hid some closet bisexual desires, and being forced to dress as a woman only fueled them I suspected.

I wanted to do a dress rehearsal and Ken agreed. I came out of Ken's bedroom dressed as Bondage Barbie Deluxe and Ken secured me into my custom package after saying just one word over and over, "WOW". My box was stood up and placed against the wall and Ken put the lid on. I was now a life sized Barbie in a box, being prepared for delivery. We had agreed earlier that four hours was a good test and Ken checked on me often. I was glad he did because in exactly matching the toy's box, he left out air the holes that I require and she doesn't. The condensation built up quickly inside the plexiglass window and some well placed air holes fixed it perfectly. After the repair I spent four hours immobile in the box, looking at my sexy reflection in the window as Ken puttered around his house cleaning up. I couldn't believe how wet I was getting, and I knew I would be washing my outfit before the weekend.

I realized I had been neglecting Ken's needs lately, and as he released me I plopped on my ass right in front of him with my legs splayed out in front of me as far as the chains would let them go. The long boots I was wearing made bending my knees almost impossible, and the extremely high heels on them made walking an erotic experience. My cuffed hands were chained together with enough chain that unzipping Ken and taking out his hard cock was easy. I love sucking his cock and gave him one of my best blow jobs and swallowed his large load of cum. At least I made Ken a little more relaxed, but I would have to wait for my own release.

The weekend finally came and I dressed up hubby in his gaff panties and glued on false tits, after I had him shave his legs and face clean. I did up his hair in a short bob and he wore dark stockings with the low heels I bought specially for him. One of my sweater dresses completed the transformation along with my makeup job. My little sister had done a better job on him once, but I still made him an acceptable woman.

Ken picked hubby up right on time like they were going on a date or something, and he drove him to the station and made sure he actually got on the train before leaving. I was taking a long bath at the time and shaving everything off that a Barbie shouldn't have. I was nervous and determined all at the same time and took my time in the bath as there was no hurry getting to the party. I looked as good as I could one hour before Ken strapped me into my box for the short ride to Don's mansion. I was secure and helpless in the box all at the same time dressed in my sexy attire.

Ken borrowed a box truck from work to move me, and I was feeling like an object before he even closed the rear door sealing me in darkness. Ken delivered me on time but halfway through the party to the rear entrance as instructed by Don. I had decided on the trip to Don's that I would keep my eyes closed under the mask, and only peek through my eyelids ever so slightly. One of Don's men took the hand truck and me from Ken and handed him the envelope with the rest of the cash Don had promised.

I was wheeled into a ballroom and behind a roped off area and strapped to something near the wall. Unless somebody stepped over the rope, they would be kept at least five feet away from me. There were at least forty people there and all of them eventually walked by my box. The compliments I heard made me feel like the sexiest woman in the world, but I could tell that all of them except Don thought I was just an expensive doll. I learned this was Don's happy divorce party and at least one couple were friends of his ex-wife that Don invited on purpose, just to see me. One time when Don was alone and looking right at me I smiled at him and startled him so badly he dropped his drink... The party was over in less than an hour, and I watched the catering people clean up as I was mostly forgotten behind the ropes.

Eventually, everybody left the ballroom and the lights were shut off and I was alone. I don't know how long I stood there in my box before I saw the light from an open door behind me and I felt my box being moved toward the elevator. I was wheeled into it on some kind of hand truck and the elevator went down instead of up like I expected. When the short ride ended the door didn't open like I expected and I heard what I assumed was Don's voice behind me. He said, "The door in front of us leads out to the parking garage, and if you would like I will call Ken and take you there myself. You can leave now with my gratitude, or if your as adventurous as I think you are, we can go through the door behind us and I'll show you a room full of things that has caused me a lot of problems. But," Don cautioned, "you can't talk about this as long as I live."

"Well sir", I told him, "I didn't think dolls could talk, but if I could I would say I'd love to see what's in your toy room, and I promise not to tell a soul for as long as you say."

The phrase "toy room" got Don's attention because that's what his ex-wife called this place. Don was no doubt trying to think to himself who else could have told me about the toy room, and my unintentional slip might force me to reveal the letter that I intended to keep secret. Ken took a key out by the way it sounded, and the door behind us opened. I guessed we were heading back under the ballroom floor that I thought was the bottom floor of his mansion. Don backed me through the open elevator door and into a dark chamber, that got real dark after the elevator door closed into the stone wall. Don turned a knob on the wall and many medieval looking torches lit, obviously fueled with gas. A large stone chamber came into view, it looked like part dungeon and part museum. I was literally overwhelmed, and didn't see Don come around in front of me to gauge my reaction. He stood there just looking at me through the plastic window and finally I broke the ice and asked him if I was a talking Barbie or not. He chuckled and said I could talk all I wanted.

"Thank you", I said.

He asked me what I thought of his little museum, and I told him I could see it better if he let me out of my box. That was the second time I got the man to smile and he said "of course" as he pulled the lid off the box and removed all the straps holding me in there. It felt better to not be talking through my box lid and I asked Don if there was a bathroom down here. He showed me the way to a nice bathroom with a large bathtub, the door hidden behind an alcove wall as not to spoil the effect of the the room. It took me longer than I would have liked with the boots on, and I told Don I was sorry to keep him waiting. He said it was OK, but I could tell by his face I was delaying something he had waited for years to achieve. I was glad I left the chains from my cuffs in the bathroom, it would have only slowed me down even more.

He started the tour at the hand tools hanging on the wall, and he assured me all of these things were authentic and old. He explained what the less obvious ones were for, and most of those were ghoulish and designed to kill and injure mostly women. Don theorized that medieval men were as sexually repressed as any others, but that women had such a low status in that society that they were fair game for the most heinous treatment. I could see the disgust on his face at the design and purpose of the hand tools, but oddly I think understood why he had them. I just didn't think most other people would, and it was best to keep them hidden down here.

I had trouble keeping up with Don, my legs were stiff both from the boots and hours with my knees locked in the box. We got to a rough hewn oak bench with it's narrow top and sides worn smooth. It was more like a massive heavy saw horse than anything else and it had heavy iron rings riveted at the base of each leg. Don could see my interest in that one and explained it was Scottish and at least four hundred years old. The surfaces weren't sanded smooth for comfort, but were de splintered and worn that way by thousands of torture sessions on it. I rubbed my hand on the surface and let how it got that way sink in as we walked toward the next area. I wanted to try that one, I thought to myself.

The next area was a jail cell that was made out of stone, with a heavy oak door and a small window for the people on the outside to see if the people on the inside were still there. A small opening on the bottom of the door would let the guards push in food or water if they felt like it. There was a bucket it there for relief and I walked into the cell to see it from the inside. Don playfully closed the heavy door on me and I felt trapped inside the dark cell. I couldn't believe how hot this stuff was getting me! I wanted to try this one out also, maybe even overnight.

There were several other stations, one with chains and iron cuffs hanging down, and matching ones on the floor. There was a gibbet cage hanging near the other chains, and a selection of iron cuffs and various whips and floggers. Of all the things down there the stocks looked the least menacing, and I pointed that out to Don. He told me I guess that all depends on what is being done to you when your in them, and I conceded the point. Don told me all were several hundred years old, but not from the same collection, or even the same country. I asked him if he had a rack, and it was apparently a sore subject as he told me authentic ones were hard to find outside of a real museum, and so far weren't available at any price. I noticed there was room for Don's museum to grow and wondered if it would with his divorce.

That looked like it concluded the tour and we had a "what now" kind of moment. I was still hardly dressed and just took a tour of a much older man's private dungeon, and as crazy as it seems, I wanted more than a tour from this older powerful man. I reminded myself that at the start of the night I was expecting a gangbang, and so far it didn't look like I would get that. I told Don that with the exception of the creepy hand tools, I would like to try out all of his collection. I didn't think I could be any clearer than that, and Don apparently didn't think so either judging by his ear to ear grin. "It could be rough" he warned me. I asked him to TRY not to leave any permanent marks, if he could help it. I was so hot I would have had sex with a porcupine.

Don told me to strip and put my things in my Barbie box. I told him I wasn't going to make this easy on him, and if he wanted me nude he would have to do it without my help. I told Don I wanted the whole treatment, just like I was a prisoner in one of the castles where he found this stuff. And I told him to hurry before I lost my courage and chickened out on him. Don grabbed me by my collar chain and dragged me over to the hanging chains and secured my wrist cuffs high up on the chain, removing the antique cuffs first. Next my legs were secured with the leather cuffs, still around the ankles as part of the long boots, to the floor chain firmly fixed to the floor, about three feet apart. I was helpless when Don started cranking an old wooden wheel on the wall. My body was stretched tight and my tits were trying to pop out of my top. I held on to the chains to relieve the pressure on my wrists as I watched Don walk to the elevator door. I just stared in disbelief as he shut off the torches and left in the elevator plunging the whole room in complete darkness.

I just hung there on the chains and the dungeon was silent, no noise at all except my breathing and my heartbeat. I don't think I was there very long when I heard what I thought was something moving down there with me. I struggled in vain with the same chains that no doubt held countless prisoners like me hundreds of years before. My struggles cracked about every vertebrae in my back all at once like I was at a chiropractor, and I felt great! As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a faint blue glow from the torches pilot lights, and every once in a while thought something moved in front of one of them in the direction of the noise I heard. I suspected I wasn't alone!

I heard the elevator and was relieved to see Don step out and relight the torches, this time bare chested and wearing loose fitting black pants and boots like the dungeon master in an old movie. A small part of me wanted to laugh, but I knew I was helping Don to live out his fantasy, and he was helping me live out mine. I didn't tell Don that I thought his toy room was haunted, the thought slipped away from me as quickly as it came. Don had a serious look on his face when he told me he wanted to know how I found out about the toy room! And if I wanted him to show me mercy, all I had to do was tell him where I heard about it.

"Good luck with that", I told him! I thought to myself at least now I have a safe word if things got too rough, but I did freely offer myself and I knew there were consequences. I wanted to be taken someplace that neither hubby or even Ken would take me, because they both loved me too much. To Don I thought I was just entertainment, something to be played roughly with and then discarded, much like the Barbie doll I was dressed like.

Don unsnapped my bustier from the front and when my tits were released they didn't move at all because my arms were so taught over my head. I wanted Don to play with my tits so bad, but he had other ideas. Don grabbed an antique flogger off the wall that was made of some soft hyde. First he ran the ends over my tits making my nipples even harder than they were. Then he ran the same ends over my thong covered pussy as I thrusted my hips out to meet it. Don gave me some light smacks with the ancient whip on my ass and back, probably not knowing the extent of the damage he could cause, or my toleration for pain. I was so hot with lust that I taunted him by asking if that was all he had.

Well you know what they say, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it." I got it! I heard the whip swish through the air as he hit my ass and back, and I was sure that my back would have been bloodied by the beating I was getting it stung so bad. I think I pissed Don off because I only grunted when he hit me, and never begged for mercy. Then Don came around in front of me and he whipped my stomach and then moved up to my helpless tits. I was surprised to see the flogger not do any real damage to my most sensitive skin on and around my nipples. My tits were deflected with each blow but it was like I was watching somebody else when Don whipped me. This was the first time my pain and pleasure feelings were made to overlap, and it was an incredible experience.

My arms were sore when Don let the chains down, and when he unhooked me I thought we were done. He then lead me to the Scottish bench and easily manhandled me down on it with my tits separated by the smooth oak top. My arms were attached to the iron rings at the base of the front legs, my ankles were attached similarly to the rear legs, however with the boots on and my knees straight, my ass was up in the air invitingly. Don asked me if I would talk and I told him no!

Then he grabbed my thong right above my ass and jerked hard and the thin strings broke, but not before they dug into my soft flesh leaving red marks on my hips like I was still wearing the sexy garment. I wanted to suck his cock, I desperately wanted him to fuck me good! Don picked up my riding crop out of my Barbie box and whipped my ass gently, kind of like it was foreplay. This time I didn't mock him, I had ridden horses before and never used a crop because of what I knew it could do. Don did enjoy stroking my body with the crop and watching my skin twitch at it's touch, especially my tits.

Don pulled some kind of warm lubricant out of his pocket and greased my whole ass up, even working a greased finger into my virgin hole. I told him I never did that before, and he said he would enjoy being the first. Don dropped his pants and his cock wasn't as big as Ken's, but it was so rock hard it didn't look real! I was struggling for real trying to get away from the cock between my ass cheeks, and I pulled as hard as I could at the cuffs I was wearing and only made my hands turn purple.

Don told me if I told him what he wanted to know he might be easier on me. I decided to keep my secret for now and as horny as I was might even enjoy having Don take my ass. Don told me if I didn't relax he would only end up hurting me in the end, a kind of play on words I realized later! Don started gently with me, and when I relaxed it was easy to get his hard cock deep into my ass. Don pumped my ass as I rocked back and forth on the bench, and I was amazed at the staying power of the old guy. He started caressing me with the crop, and when he got it near my face I caught it in my mouth and sucked the thing on instinct. Don came hard deep in my ass when I did that, and I came off too when I felt him fill my ass with his hot cum. Don never lost his erection and just continued to sodomize me like some kind of superman. The sound of him refucking my messy ass would have been funny anywhere else but here. I truly existed only for his pleasure at that point, and wondered where this would end.

It was early in the morning when my ass was too sore to go on, and Don pulled my boots off and dumped them into my Barbie box with all my other clothes before he released me. As I had not talked yet, Don locked me into the jail cell completely nude and went up to bed leaving me to sleep in the completely dark room. The evidence of Don's fun with me was all over my ass, and I hardly slept, even though I rubbed myself to orgasm before trying. I was scaring myself that I was getting off on this treatment that I promised not to tell another living sole about!

In the morning a plate of bread and a large cup of water was pushed under the door and I was still a prisoner in Don's dungeon! Don came down again later in the morning and saw I had ate all the bread as I was starving. Don and I had a battle of wills with him threatening to keep me a prisoner until I talked. I knew he had to release me by Monday, but I also knew he could do a lot to me by then if he wanted. I struck a bargain with Don, if he would let me go to the bathroom and take nice hot bath, I would tell him anything he wanted, or even do anything he wanted. Don agreed and I was let out and I had to walk past Don with the bucket I used from the jail cell and dump it in the bathroom. It's odd that my latrine bucket with pee in it was more embarrassing to me than walking by him nude with his dried cum all over my ass.

Don left me in his toy room and attended to other things and I enjoyed my hot bath greatly. I felt almost human again and wondered what Don would do to me today. Don had left me a thin cotton shift to wear and I assumed it was typical for women of the time to wear them under their dresses. The hem of the shift came up past mid thigh and looked sexy on me, somehow even more so than being nude. My Barbie box with all of my clothes was removed and I wondered what I would wear home. I got bored and started wandering around the toy room and Don came down shortly after. I realized he must have cameras down here and that meant he must have some great video of last night.



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