The Bonding Solution

by Tiny Sexy Girl

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© Copyright 2013 - Tiny Sexy Girl - Used by permission

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When did this all start? Probably after my party. Yes, that had to be it.

I'd had a few friends over. Nothing major, just five or six friends who sat around and had a few drinks and pretty much bullshitted the night away. It's went on like that until about 1 AM, at which point I had to chase everyone out 'cause I'd had a very long day and I was ready to hit the sack.

Kim had stayed to help me put things away. Kim was someone I'd known since college. We'd taken classes together our last two years, and we'd been friends for the last five years since graduation. Kim was a classical beauty, at least to me. She was truly gorgeous. She was Chinese, with a slim figure and pert breasts and lovely black hair that reached just past her shoulders. She'd been born in Beijing, lived there three years, then left China with her parents when they immigrated to Holland. She'd lived in Amsterdam until she was sixteen, then her family moved to the US.

She was something of a free spirit. She once told me that growing up in "the land of legal prostitution and drugs" will do that to a person if they have an open mind. She knew a lot of things about art and literature and architectural design, stuff that I knew little about. She liked to dress in what some would call a "provocative" fashion, with very short skirts, reveling tops and high heels. She did drugs in moderation and really didn't care to drink. She mentioned one time that she masturbated at least once a day, and preferred dildos to the real thing.

Needless to say, she had an active imagination as well.

We'd just gotten everything in either the garbage or the dishwasher, and we were relaxing in the living room, me on the sofa, her on the love seat. I was in my black slacks and matching pullover, and Kim was wearing this little brown number with matching tights that drove me just a little crazy. She was sitting with her back against the armrest, her legs together and stretched out. She sighed and then, out of nowhere, goes, "What's the strangest fantasy you've ever had?"

I had to think about that one. When it came to fantasies I wasn't really out there. Oh, there was the "I wish I was an elven princess" sort of thing, but I knew what Kim was asking about were sexual fantasies. Of which I didn't have many. I didn't really need them. My sex life was good, thank you. About the kinkiest I ever got was being spanked once in a while, although I did allow someone--Kim, if you must know--simultaneously penetrate my vagina and anus with vibrators one night.

I thought for a moment, then I told her, "I think I'd like to be forced to wear really slutty looking outfits, like leather and latex all the time."

"Oh, you would?" Kim arched her brows and smiled. I knew she liked looking at me in leather, and had even bought me a leather mini skirt for those times "when we're out, so you have something nice to wear when I'm looking at you."

"I think I could get into that."

I smiled and tried not to appear as if I would enjoy the attention. "What about you? I mean, I know some of the things you like . . .."

Kim stared at me for about twenty seconds. I could see she was thinking, more than likely wondering if what she was going to drop on me would be a little too strange for me to dig. I remember when, nine months before, Kim had confessed that she'd always wanted me to urinate on her. I'd nearly fallen out of the booth at TGIFridays when she told me that. "You know I like bondage, right?" she asked me.

Oh, did I know. Kim and I had been fooling around as long as we'd known each other, and I was intimately aware of her love of bondage. One of the first times we gotten into bed together, Kim had me tie her to the headboard. I found it very arousing, and Kim . . . well, she just went nuts over it. She loved being tied up, or restrained in some way, or just having a corset on that someone had tied just a little too tight, or being forced to wear a very uncomfortable pair of shoes.

I nodded. "Sure, Kim, I know."

"I was thinking . . . what if you could be in bondage all the time." She got a smile on her face. I knew the idea was turning her on. "Like . . . you would be restrained constantly, have something you are forced to wear all the time . . . maybe not even be able to move."

"Permanent bondage." I'd heard of people like this. I remember reading something on the Internet once. It was a story from a girl who had been locked into a chastity belt that had been welded shut. She liked the idea that she could never have vaginal penetration ever again. Personally I thought it was very bizarre. Why not have your spinal cord severed at the neck? It would be the same thing.

"Yeah, that is pretty strange, Kim. I never would have thought you'd have liked to be in bondage all the time." I smiled a little to show her I didn't think she was totally out of her mind.

"I've thought about it a lot . . . maybe being locked into an outfit, or having to wear a belt with my wrists manacled to it . . ." She stared at the ceiling. I knew this to be a quirk she had when she wanted to say something, but didn't know if she should. "Or being frozen," she finally said, finishing her thought.

I didn't get that last. "Frozen? Like . . . ice?"

"Frozen like . . . not being able to move," Kim replied. "Like being perfectly still all the time. Like being like--"

I cut her off. "That's sort of extreme, Kim. I mean, I don't care what you like, but you're talking about being locked up in restraints and never being able to move. It's not possible--"

"It could be . . . Glinda."

I tightened up. My name is really Glennis--not a name I particularly like, but it's mine and I'm stuck with it. The only one who ever calls me "Glenda" is Kim. She gave me that name the first time she found out I could do magic.

I'd been into "the arts" since I was twelve. Got the interest from an uncle who passed down what he knew. I was never a Wiccan; my magic was more Hermetic in form. Maybe a half-added "Order of the New Dawn" sort of deal, lots of formulas and incantations and such. I never used my magic that much, although the few times I had it worked very well. I never did anything way out of the ordinary with my magic--although once I did summon this spirit to put a hurt on a guy I'd just broken up with so he'd leave me alone.

Having this ability is not something I wanted people to know about. Normal folks tend to view you a little strangely if they find out you can do magic. Or if you "think" you can do it. Most people don't believe in magic, and why should they? It's not like they see it everyday.

That's because it's not easy to perform. A lot of times spells need months to research. You fuck something up, and not only won't it work, but the effect might also eat you. Even then, you have to be careful that you don't try to do something that overextends reality. Someone I knew once tried a spell that would let him win a hundred and sixty million-dollar Powerball lotto, and he turned into a puddle of goo. At least I thought it was him.

Kim knew I did magic. She walked in on me once when I was changing an outfit, transforming it from a simple smock to a beautiful silk dress. I tried to fast talk around it, but Kim wasn't given to seeing things and didn't buy anything I was selling. Finally I confessed to her what had happened and what I could do, because I knew she wouldn't blab. Since then, she would tease me with the name "Glinda," as in the Good Witch.

Kim had seen me do magic a couple of times after that. Once I even changed her and me for Halloween, giving us both huge breasts and large, round asses so we could dress like total sluts. She was surprised that I could change her. I explained that I could make changes to others, but that they had to be willing. If I were to try something like giving a woman big breasts--and doing it against their will--I'd likely have the spell boomerang back and change me into something that look like a set of breasts with legs and arms.

I gave Kim as stern a look as I could muster and told her, "Don't even go there." I had a feeling she was considering some options, and that she wanted me to do something to make it happen. I could, I knew it. The problem was, given what Kim was discussion, what was she considering? Having clothes become part of her? She'd once talked endlessly about having silk stockings and shoes bonded to her so that she couldn't take them off, and I even obliged her by working up a spell that let her find out, for a week, what that was like. Or maybe she wanted to have other things done? This wasn't something I was into, and I hadn't give it a lot of thought. Kim obviously had, and I knew she had a good imagination.

She could be thinking about anything.

We didn't discuss it any more that night. Kim got the hint that I didn't want to talk, so she came over and started rubbing me, touching me . . . and I understood that she now had other things on her mind.

I didn't need to ask if she wanted to spend the night.

* * *

It was quiet until the next weekend. I was thinking of going out and maybe dancing a little, hanging with some people, anything to get out of the house, when Kim called me at work as asked if she could come over about 6 PM. (Yes, witches do have day jobs. Most of them, that is. The ones with a lot of power, the ones you don't hear about--well, they don't need to work.) I almost said "no," but Kim was too good a friend, and saying no to her was a difficult task for me.

Kim was a little subdued and not her normal, exuberant self when she arrived. She didn't look sad, but instead she seemed lost in thought. This worried me; I'd seen her like this before, and I knew she wanted something--something magical--and she was unsure of how to ask me to make it happen. My mind went back to our conversation last weekend, and I was afraid she was still obsessing on that.

She gave me a peck on the cheek, then sat and asked me how my day had been. We chatted for about twenty minutes--small talk, nothing more--then she dropped it on me. "Glennis, I've given it a lot of thought, and I want to do this thing--"

"What thing is that, Kim?" I asked naively.

"The permeate bondage thing." Her eyes were sparkling. "I want it, I really do."

I nodded and tried to show no emotion. Inside I was torn by the urges to first slap the shit out of Kim and then give her what she wanted. "Okay." I tried to be nonchalant. "So, what do you want? To have gloves on all the time? A corset? Maybe have you legs locked up?"

She got right to the point. "I want you to turn me into a mannequin."

I didn't say anything for about thirty seconds. Instead I gave her that "Are you outta your fuckin' mind?" stare that I reserve for people who are usually too stupid to live. Her only reaction was to smile like a fool the whole time.

Finally I asked her, "You're fucking kidding, right?"

She shook her head. "No," she said. "I want you to turn me into a mannequin." She touched me on my chest with her right index finger. "In particular, I want to be your mannequin."

"You want to be my mannequin?"


Okay, well . . . this wasn't something I heard every day. Up to now the biggest thing I'd ever done was work up a spell for a girl who, for some goddamn reason, wanted to have sextuplets. That spell had worked (too well, actually. She'd been pregnant twice more since I did the spell, and each time she had six babies), but the reality was it hadn't been that difficult a spell--and the girl had been very willing.

This one . . . this would involve turning someone into an inanimate object. An object that, I was assuming, would still be able to think and feel and hear and see (I didn't believe Kim just wanted to be turned into some simple hunk of plastic); something that could be taken apart just like one would do with a real mannequin. I knew this is what Kim was looking for.

What she wanted to be.

"You know . . . this isn't something . . ." I cleared my throat. "Kim, I turn you into something like this, I don't know that I could change you back."

"Who said I'd want you to change me back?"

I scanned her face. She was dead-assed serious. Her eyes . . . pure determination, no hesitation. Kim was telling me exactly what she wanted.

"You want to be a fuckin' hunk of plastic forever?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, I do. It's . . . it's everything I'm looking for."

"It's . . ." I didn't have words for what I needed to say. "It's like you're killing yourself, you stupid little bitch!" I screamed. "You won't be human anymore, you'll just be--"

"A mannequin?" I wanted to slap her, but she was acting so normal. It scared me. It was like she'd gone insane and I was speaking with someone who wasn't in their right mind. But I knew that wasn't the case. I knew Kim. She wasn't nuts. She'd thought hard about this.

She was just being brutally honest with me, is all.

We spent most of the next three hours arguing about Kim's request. I told her she was stupid. She told me she wanted to be changed. I told her what she was asking for was beyond kinky. She told me she didn't think there was anything wrong with her request. I told her that she might as well kill herself, as this was pretty much the same thing. She told me she'd always be alive. I told her I didn't want to lose her. She told me that was why she wanted to be my mannequin, so we'd always be together.

After she left I went around and around in my head trying to come up with a good reason to tell her why I wouldn't try this. Problem was, I couldn't come up with anything. She wanted this, and who was I to tell her no? Oh, sure, I could tell her no and leave it at that, but our relationship would be screwed from that point on, because she knew about some of the things I could do, and if I said no, I was saying so because I didn't want to change her. And that, I was afraid, was something she'd never forgive me for.

If I did this, I'd lose her. If I didn't do it, I'd probably loose her.

In the end I didn't have a choice . . ..

* * *

I spent three months going over books and gathering material I'd need to make this spell work. The chant was pretty much there; I'd just use a variation of what that was used to turn people into statues. I let Kim know that I wasn't very comfortable with this spell: it was almost akin to black arts, and magical retribution could be hard for someone who wasn't attuned to this sort of shit. I let Kim know that if there were any doubts on her part about be kicking this damn thing off, it could be me who ended up getting converted into segmented plastic.

There were components that I would need to pull this off. If I were better at magic I could have probably winged this and not needed half the shit I'd gotten, but I wasn't a Merlin, so I needed every little bit of help I could get. But I was certain that I'd pull it off without a problem.

Kim would stop over every so often to see how I was coming long. Since that night a few months back we'd never made love again--not since she'd made her request to be transformed. I don't know if she was embarrassed to want to love me, or if she felt I was pissed off at her, I don't know. I did know I missed her touch and her tenderness, and in a very short time I was never going to have either again. And I was going to miss it . . ..

"I want to make love," I told her one night. Kim had come over, I'd told her that I was just about ready to perform the spell, and then I dropped this bombshell on her. "I want to . . . be with you before . . ." I couldn't say it.

"Before I turn to plastic?" asked Kim. She grinned. No matter what arguments I used with her, she wasn't about to be swayed. "You're really going to miss me, aren't you?"

I could have slapped her. "Are you fucking serious?" I screamed. "You don't know? What the fuck is wrong with you, Kim?" I was almost crying at this point.

Kim's tone changed considerably. Where she'd been a little standoffish and nonchalant, she quickly because soft and serious. "I'm sorry," said Kim. "I guess I've been only thinking of myself, of my fantasies, and . . . I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about you. What this is going to do for you--to you." Kim's eyes were starting to mist a little. It confirmed what I'd thought: that she might not have wanted to do this, but her fetish was driving her on--and it was a lot stronger than anything else that drove her.

I slid up next to her on the sofa. "I understand," I told her. "This is really . . . I mean, I keep thinking about turning you into a fucking statue, and it's hard to imagine you as this . . . plastic . . . thing . . ." I couldn't complete my sentence. I was too choked up.

Kim slid a hand into mine. "I'm too strange for you, ain't I?"

I shook my head. "No, no you're not," I said. "I just . . . fantasy is one thing. But what you want goes way beyond that--"

"It's what I want," said Kim softly. "I can't explain why I want to be changed; I only know I have to do this." She leaned in and hugged me. "You have to believe me when I say if I don't do this, I'm going to lose my mind."

"Why?" I asked. "I just don't get it. Why do you want this?"

I didn't know if she was going to come clean with me or not. She was quiet for the longest time, staring at the floor and the wall, everywhere but at me. I figured after a few minutes she'd just ignore the question and leave, or try to change the subject.

Suddenly she said, "I want to be with you all the time."

I giggled. "I got no problem with that."

"But . . . I don't want . . ." She sighed deeply. "I want to be your slave, Glinda."

"Don't call me that--"

She ignored me. "I want to be under your control. I want you to do any fucking thing you want to me. I want . . ." She hugged me. "I just want you to play with me, make me your toy." She released me. There were tears in her eyes. "I can't explain why I feel like this, but I do. That's why, that one time, at when we were out, I wanted . . .."

"You wanted me to piss on you."

Kim nodded. "Yeah, that time." She stood and walked over into the corner. She faced the wall for about a minute, then turned back. "I have this dream . . . that if I'm your mannequin, I'll be there frozen, feeling, hearing and seeing everything, and you'll be there, taking care of me, and . . . I'll love you so much, because you'll dress me and touch me and feel me and maybe--"

"Love you as well?"

Kim nodded, looking down, seeming like she was ashamed. "It's pretty fucked up thinking, isn't it?"

I started to nod, but caught myself. "In a way, yeah, but I guess it's your life." I leaned back and folded my hands behind my head. "You wanna be a statue, that's your fuckin' business."

"But you don't really want to do it."

"No, I don't," I told her, shaking my head. "I'd rather have you as you are. To be honest, I don't think I can relate to you as a mannequin."

Kim looked shocked. "You couldn't?"

"I don't know. Every time I'd look at you I'd want you back as you are now--the girl I want as a lover, not as a dressing dummy." I smirked. "Besides, I've got my own fantasies."

"To be dressed like a slut all the time."

"Hey . . . it's not much," I said, "but it works for me."

I thought that Kim was going to leave after that. I felt that we had nothing else to discuss. In a few days I'd have the spell worked out, after which I'd let her know. She'd show up, I'd cast the spell, she'd be transformed . . . and then what? I'd put her up in my bedroom or some shit like that? I couldn't really didn't know what I was going to do. As much as she wanted this, I knew I'd never be able to look at her once she'd become a mannequin.

Kim's face suddenly lit up. "I've got an idea," she said. "But before I tell it to you--"


She took me by the hand and led me towards the patio door. We went out into my back yard. Because I some times performed rituals back here in the nude, there was tall privacy fence all around. Kim led me a few feet from the house. She took my hands and looked into my eyes. "You trust me?" she asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. So far--"

"I want you to trust me."

The way she spoke . . . I nodded. "I trust you."

She knelt to the ground. Kim reached up under my skirt and with one quick, violent yank ripped my panties from my body. "Piss on me," she ordered.

I stood looking down at her. "Kim--"

"I won't tell you what I have in mind if you don't do this!" she exclaimed. "Please! You said you trusted me."

Yes, I did indeed tell Kim I trusted her. And truth was, I did. So I didn't hesitate. I allowed myself to relax . . . I stared into her eyes . . . and I heard the splash of my urine on her body followed quickly by her gasp--

I couldn't wait to see what she wanted to do now.

* * *

The next three weeks came and went very quickly. I'd taken everything I'd gathered, everything I'd learned, and prepared the spell. I didn't need to do a "test run" of it: it was going to work the way I wanted it to work--

And the way Kim wanted it to work.

I had no fears whatsoever.

The night I'd picked to perform the spell we decided to go out and have dinner. A little quiet time for ourselves, you could say. This was going to be one of those life changing experiences, and both of us sort of wanted to say goodbye to each other--and possibly goodbye to our old lives. At least in Kim's case it was gonna be a big goodbye . . ..

We dined and drank and when it was over we headed back to my place. It was about 10:45 PM when we arrived. We sat on the sofa and relaxed. We both had a bit of a buzz from our drinks, and I wanted to be certain we were both pretty sober before I attempted this spell. Wouldn't do to slur a word and have both of us end up being turned into toads or something.

After sitting close to each other for close to twenty minutes, Kim leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks."


"For what you're doing."

I smirked. "I haven't done anything yet."

"You will." She raised her eyebrows. "You are going to, aren't you?"

"Of course," I told her. "I promised, didn't I?"

Kim put her arms around me. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes, you did." She kissed me again. "And when do we start?"

I grinned broadly. "You're really eager, aren't you?"

"Very, my dear."

"Well then . . ." I extracted myself from her grip. "I guess now's as good a time as any." I went to my bedroom and pulled out all the stuff we were doing to need (which I'd put into two boxes) and brought it out into the living room. I pointed to one box. "You need to get changed," I told Kim. "Put that stuff on while I get the circle ready."

I stared laying out the circle. All good magic needs some kind of focus, and for the spell I was taking no chances. A circle is one of the best foci a witch can use, and when one is getting ready to kick off something big--like I was about to do--one needed all the help they can get.

Kim laid out the outfit I'd picked for her. She looked it over carefully. "This is what I'll be wearing," she said simple. Kim grinned as she spoke. She'd known what she'd be wearing, 'cause she'd helped me pick out the outfit.

I finished up, then walked over. I ran my hands over the black thigh high boots. Finding a good pair with five inch heels had been a pain, but we'd found them. The black leather thong and matching opera gloves. And the full leather corset that would become the final component of Kim's transformation-- It was all there, all ready for her to wear. "Nervous?" I asked.

She began stripping off her clothing. "Yeah." She tossed everything in the corner. "But I trust you." As soon as she was naked she sat down and began slipping on the boots. As she finish putting on the first one, the look on her face was one of extreme pleasure. This girl was ready, no doubt about it.

After getting the second boot on Kim stood. She modeled for me. "Good?" she asked.

I smiled. "Wonderful."

"You sure you want to go through with this?" I asked.

She slowly ran her legs over her now-booted thighs. "You know it." She winked. "Particularly if things work the way we want them to work."

I saw the look of satisfaction on her face. "You liking that?"

"If it feels as good as this," said Kim, "I'm gonna love it."

I nodded. "It'll feel better," I said.

Kim picked up the thong and began slipping it slowly over her booted feet. "Then we should get this party started, shouldn't we?" She pulled them up snuggly into her crotch and moaned slightly between pursed lips. Then she picked up the gloves and began easing them onto her arms. "And I'll begin to change when?" she asked.

"Once I have you secured in the corset." I began removing my own clothing. "Even though the clothing is enchanted, the spell won't kick off until you're standing in the circle and I get the corset on your and tied up." Kim nodded and finished putting on the gloves in silence.

Kim took a couple of steps around the room in her nearly-completed outfit. She'd always looked good in leather, but seeing her like this stirred something inside me. I knew what was going to happen the moment I put that corset on her, so I admired her body as it was now, knowing I likely would never see it again in this way. She lifted her right foot and twisted it slightly. "I never could get used to these five inch suckers," she said.

"In about fifteen minutes you won't care," I told her. I was completely naked now. I took the paint I'd prepared earlier and began drawing sigils on my body. "I should be ready in a couple of minutes."

"No hurry," said Kim, watching me closely. She'd never seen me going through the process of preparing a major spell before. No one ever had. Well, no one who wasn't a witch, that is.

Finally I was ready. I motioned to Kim. "Enter the circle" I said somewhat solemnly. Kim did as she was told, her eyes never leaving mine. I picked up the corset and moved in behind her. "I have to ask you this: you are doing this of your own choice, are you not?"

I had told her that I needed to ask her questions that would set her frame of mind. "Yes," she said without hesitation.

"This transformation is of your choice?"


"You have no doubts in your mind about what is to occur?"

"None at all," she shot back.

I slipped the corset around her body, getting it in place around her waist. "You understand that once I've finished tying off this corset the spell will enact?"

Kim nodded. "I do."

"And you wish to continue?"

"I do."

That was all I needed. As I started to chant, just under my breath, I began to tighten the corset around Kim's waist, pulling it tight . . . then tighter . . . then tighter even. I didn't have to worry about the spell kicking off early; nothing would happen until I made the final knot and spoke the last part of the chant.

Kim grunted each time I pulled the corset tight. She had a 23 inch waist, but not much in the way of hips or breasts. That was changing, however, as I contracted her waist. Normally I wouldn't be able to get her down below 20-21 inches (Kim had never worn a corset before now), but there was a little magic involved here . . . she gasped a little as her hands moved over her now very narrow waist. "How . . . how--" The scent of Kim's musk filled my nose as she grew excited over what I'd done.

"Probably 19 inches," I told her. I made a few more adjustments, tightening the laces just a little more . . . there. Now Kim had hips and breasts. I'd shrunk her waist down to an impossibly slim 18 inches with this corset. If I pulled the garment off her body now her waist was slowly snap back to 23 inches, but if I tied this off . . .

"One last time," I asked. "Are you certain you want me to proceed."

I couldn't see her face, but her nodding head told me all I needed to know. "Yes," she whispered. "Please."

There was no point in delaying the inevitable any longer. I pulled the corset's laces tight and knotted them securely. After I released them I chanted the final phrase--

Then turned Kim so I could watch her.

At first nothing seemed to be happening. Her eyes were somewhat glazed over--that was an aftereffect of the spell as the thermic energy began flowing through her, leaving her a bit disoriented. Then her eyes seemed to pop out of her head. Kim's mouth flew open as her body shuddered . . . "Oh, my . . . oh fucking . . . GOD!" Kim's crotch thrust forward as the orgasm I knew she was having hit her like an oncoming train. "Oh, Christ, that's good!" Her hands went to her breasts, giving them a little squeeze through the leather corset covering them.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"I feel . . . like--" Kim looked herself over. "I feel it happening!"

"What is it like?" I was truly curious. I wanted to know what was happening to her.

"My skin feels all chilly all of a sudden." Though that might have been true, I didn't notice any gooseflesh anywhere on her chest and neck. Not did Kim seem cold. "I can't . . . I can't flex my toes!"

I suspected that might happen. "You're changing from your extremities inward," I told her. "Try moving your fingers."

Kim's hands were cupped around her breasts. She pulled them way and tried to move them, but the remained in the cupped shape. "Oh, shit," she exclaimed softly. "I'm changing! I'm really changing."

"You might want to start getting into a pose--"

But Kim wasn't listening. "I might as well put them back," she said, replacing her cupped hands over her breasts. "I can . . . they feel like plastic. It's incredible! I mean . . . oh!" She squirmed slightly. "My legs are frozen at the knees. They've . . ." Kim lifted her arms. Her elbows were now frozen into place as the transformation moved inward towards her torso. She put her hands back into place. "I'm all tingly all over--"

"Your body is becoming more sensitive," I said. "You'll have--"

"The leather on my legs, my hands . . ." Kim moaned again. "God, it feels so good. It's like I can feel every pore in the leather, every imperfec--" She moan again, this time louder. "Shit, honey, am I gonna feel like this all the time?"

I nodded. "That's how you wanted it," I said. And that was when I saw it; the change that came over her shoulders, over her upper thighs and her hips.

Her skin was taking on the glossy sheen of high-grade plastic.

It was fascinating to watch. I could see her skin becoming hard--I mean, one second you could see the indentations in her body where the muscles pulled in and others pushed out, but as the effects of the spell took over, the flesh changed and became smooth, unblemished, looking so artificial. The color changed as well: it turned from a slight-tanned shade to "flesh tone", that color that people used when they wanted to make something look lifelike. Kim was becoming like that--she was going from living to lifelike. She was really turning into a mannequin.

The changed flowed over her shoulders and hips and began working towards the center of her torso. I'd set the spell to change her head last, and the altered plastic that was becoming her new flesh had taken over her neck and was halted just below her jaw line waiting for everything below to finish. Kim was feeling fantastic; the spell was having the effect of turning her changed body into a huge erogenous zone. I could see the expressions on her face as she struggled with the fact that she was unable to move, that her hand and feet and arms and legs--and now her hips and waist and neck--had transformed into hard, unyielding plastic, and that a life of perfect immobility was no longer something to fantasize about . . ..

"I can't . . ." Kim sucked air into her mouth and gasped out words. "I'm . . . not . . . breathing."

"You can't, honey," I said softly. "Your chest is all plastic and hard now." It was true: the visible parts of her chest were now transformed, as were her hips. I was somewhat sorry that I couldn't see her crotch or her breasts, because watching her vagina vanish into her body as her crotch became smooth, flesh-colored plastic--or seeing her breasts become devoid of areola and nipples . . . fuck! "Can you feel your pussy?" I asked.

Kim tried to nod, but she no longer had any muscle in her neck to allow her such an action. "I . . . feel--" She sucked in another mouth full of air. "It's there . . . I felt . . . it . . . seal up . . ." She closed her eyes. "So . . . exquisite . . .."

Suddenly the plastic began creeping up onto Kim's face. Her eyes widened slightly as it moved onto her jaw line. "It's . . . almost--"

"You don't have long, Kim," I said. "It's almost done."

"I . . . feel--" The realization hit her. "I'm . . . going--"

The plastic was running up the side of her face now. I touched her transformed shoulder. Kim was hard and smooth and room temperature. No longer flesh, no longer living. "Don't be scared," I said in as comforting a voice as I could muster. "You're almost there."

"You . . . love . . . me?" Suddenly her lips fused shut as the lower half of her face turned hard. Her lips became a little fuller and turned a bright, painted red as the image of Kim the Mannequin became reality. Her eyes still sought the answer to her question.

"I love you, honey." I moved in closer. Her nose was now changed, and the plastic was moving up over her ears towards her temple. Her hair was becoming a shiny black as it transformed from real human hair to a human hair wig. All that was left of Kim that was human was her eyes. "I will always love you."

Kim blinked once, then her eyes opened slightly as the spell's transformation changed the last of her flesh. They changed into something akin to glass orbs that had been pushed into her plastic head, and were painted with the most loving care.

Kim, as I knew her, was no more.

I stepped out of the circle to take in Kim. She was no longer having to balance on her heels; her feet fit the boots perfectly, and mannequins do not have a problem with balance. Her pose was incredibly sensual: feet slightly apart, back straight, breasts out, hands cupped over her breasts, head turned just a little to the right, lips pursed, eyes half-open and smoldering. Just as I walked around her the seams that defined her as a plastic object appeared: now, if I were of a mind, I could take her apart and put her in a box, move her somewhere, and put her back together again. But only after dressing her properly, mind you.

Her body was just . . . it was perfect. I was highly pleased with the spell. I honestly hadn't thought it would turn out so well, and I'd surprised myself. "Good job, Glennis," I whispered.

I finished my pacing and stood before Kim. I knew she could hear and see me, and when I lightly ran my fingertips over her breasts and hands I could only imagine what was going on inside her frozen body as her plastisized flesh transmitted the amplified sensation through your form. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of envy; Kim was now the personification of human beauty, forever caught in a moment that wouldn't ever pass--

"Only if I don't do this," I whispered. And with that I put my arms around Kim, reached up, and kissed her full on the lips.

* * *

I rolled out of bed naked well before the sunlight began streaming through the window. I stretched, scratched my tummy, then padded into the kitchen, still naked. I didn't mind the bare wood floor because I'd cast a spell on it soon after moving in to keep it nice and toasty regardless of the weather outside. Came in handy on those ass-chilling winter 'morns.

I started the coffee brewing and made my way to the living room window. The street below was quiet, though there were people out and about. I loved living in the city; I loved the constant activity. Though the times like this . . . the quiet moments where one felt like they're the only one about . . . I wished there were more.

The coffee was almost finished, and I needed to get my morning going. I didn't need to have the shop opened until 8 AM, but anymore I didn't sleep a lot. It wasn't due to a spell I'd cast--although come to think of it . . ..

I walked back into the bedroom. In the corner was Kim, frozen, the red leather mini dress and the matching boots I'd put her in last night looking oh-so-nice on her. I walked over and gave her a big kiss on her bright red lips. "Morning, baby," I said. I gave her a hug. "Unfreeze, Kimmie."

Kim's previously wide-open eyes blinked. She raised her arms above her head and stretched. "Morning, baby," she replied. She reached over and hugged me back. "Sleep well?"

"You should know," I said. "You were watching me all night."

Kim giggled. "Yeah, I did. You looked like you could have used a little extra loving to help you doze off."

"I was okay." She followed me out of the bedroom, her bootheels clicking on the hard wood floor. "If I'd have needed you--"

"You'd have unfroze me, I know." She walked into the kitchen and seeing the coffee was done poured herself a cup. She leaned against the counter. "I was thinking--"


"I'm getting a little tired of red." She shook her hips back and forth, drawing attention to herself. As if she needed to. "I'm in a bit of a hot pink mood this week."

"Wouldn't have anything to do with that pink latex suit that just came in, now, would it?" I poured myself a cup and went into the dinning room. I sat, crossing my legs. "Or an urge to model it?"

"Now that you mention it . . ." Kim walked slowly into the room. I still loved watching her move, even after all these years. "Yeah. I'm wanting to model it in a bad way, if you must know."

"Well, now I know." I sipped my coffee. "It was my intention to put you in it--"


"Well . . . I was going to wait until tomorrow, but since you asked so nicely . . .."

"Today, then."

I nodded. "Today, baby." I finished my coffee, headed for the bathroom, and began my morning routine.

I probably spent a half hour in the shower. When I stepped out Kim was there, waiting, still in her leather outfit, a ready towel in her hand. "And you know what?" she asked.

I knew this pertained to our conversation earlier. Kim was like that; she'd hold the thoughts in her head for the longest time, then bring them up whenever she felt like it. Most of that was due to the way Kim viewed time these days. It didn't mean anything to her anymore. "What, honey?" I took the towel from her and began drying off.

"Pink would be good for you as well."

I knew what she was doing; she was setting the idea in my mind about the color pink. "Pink . . . is good, Kim." I wasn't big on the color pink, but it was too late now. She'd gotten my mind going on this . . . 

After drying my hair and brushing my teeth I padded into the bedroom. A pair of shoes, white panties, some socks and a simple dress were already laid out for me to wear. Kim did this every morning--at least on those mornings where I unfroze her.

I stood before the garments, looking at them a bit stupidly, I imagined. Kim came over, picked up the items, and began dressing me. As I always did I didn't resist--but then, I couldn't, could I? She finished up and stepped back--

Watching the clothing change on my body.

It always felt like a film of some kind--gel, I would guess--running over my body when this happen. It didn't take long to complete, but it always felt funny with it occurred. One of these days I'll get used to it . . ..

When the crawling feeling finished I walked over to the full-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom. I never quite knew what I was gonna end up looking like after Kim dressed me. I would always guess, but . . ..

But today I was pretty much on the money. What had been a simple smock, plain shoes, socks and flats was now a hot pink PVC mini dress that showed a hell of a lot of cleavage--and probably a bit of my butt when I'd go to bend over--pink knee-high stockings, and a pair of patent leather platform Mary Janes with at least, from the feel of it, six inch heels. No one could see them, but the outfit was finished off with a pair of latex panties (call me crazy, but I was guessing they were pink) that . . . oh, yes. A built in butt plug. Oh, wonderful. Good thing I was used to these things now--

What I was still not used to were the changes that always occurred to my body.

My hair was bright bleached blond, done up in cute pigtails. My eyes were a bright blue that looked even brighter when contrasted against my alabaster skin, and my lips were extremely full and pouty and painted a pink (along with my suddenly two inch long nails) as so to match my outfit. My hips were wide, my waist narrow, my legs long and well defined--the shoes saw to that--and my breasts--

Normally my breasts stayed about a C cup, just like I was born with. Normally. That wasn't always the case, and today was a perfect example of that. I was blown up, big, like some European porn star. And fake? Shit, baby, it looked like someone had replaced my tits with a couple of bowling balls. Queen of the Wet Dreams, was I.

I turned to Kim. "I look presentable?" I asked in a little girl, sing-song voice.

Kim shook with excitement. "Perfect, my dear," she said. "Good enough to eat."

"You can do that tonight, baby cakes." As I walked past I slapped her on her hard, plastic ass. She gave me a soft squeal of delight. "Lets get you dressed and get the shop opened." We headed down the service stairs that led to our store, the one I'd opened not long after--

Not long after I'd changed both our lives four years earlier.

That time, which seemed like so long ago, Kim and I had come to an agreement. I didn't want her to be a frozen version of herself forever, and she quickly came to realize that while I would change her, it would break my heart to do so.

So she convinced me to go ahead with the spell--but to change a few things along the way.

She still wanted to be changed into a mannequin, but she gave me the ability to freeze and unfreeze her whenever I wanted. It was my idea, though, to keep her plastic when she was unfrozen--a living mannequin, so to speak. It was a little freaky at first getting used to seeing her walk around the house like some kind of plastic robot without a vagina or anus, and these hard, round, perfect breasts without nipples, but after a week or two she I only saw her as the Kim I know and love.

And as for me . . ..

She convinced me to play to my fantasies. Remember, I wanted to dress like a slut all the time? Well, we'd changed that just a little, and while I wasn't totally way from the slut thing I ended up looking like one dressed in fetish outfits--outfits that formed around my body as soon as I was dressed in something "normal". And not only that, but the spell that I'd worked upon myself left Kim as the only one who could dress me, and in a way form the sort of outfit she wanted to see me in. (An after effect of the spell that my appearance would sometimes change as well. Such is life.)

So, in letting the spell change us, Kim had gotten what she'd wanted: the ability to become a mannequin. Which usually during every day while she was modeling a new outfit in the display window of the shop. An outfit that I, or someone else, had to put on her, because like any good mannequin she had to be disassembled in order to be dressed.

And I was bonded to Kim in a way that no other woman could be--for without her, I would either spend my life walking about naked, or walking about trapped forever in an outfit that would never, ever leave my body.

We entered the store. Kim went to get the outfit that I was going to dress her in--the hot pink latex catsuit. I'd freeze her, take her apart, dress her, put her back together . . . stuff she loved a so much. I began getting the window ready, and when I was done with her I'd start setting things out for the day.

It was a routine we'd gone through almost every day since our bonding.

And one that, I hoped, will continue for so many decades to come.

Such was our life at Glinda's Erotic Clothing and Magic Shop.

And life was good.

The End

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