Broken Dolls

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2023 - bentbliss - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; MF; M2doll; M2f; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; blindfold; spreader; oral; anal; chastity; buttplug; drug; kidnap; bodymod; hood; straitjacket; slave; reluct; nc; XXX

Author's note: This is an origin story for Dolly, a character in the Subspace series. She is first introduced in part 9 of Emma’s Fetish Cruise Adventure and appears in later stories at the time of this writing. It introduces Suka, who is likely to show up in a future Subspace story. It also provides some more story about Miss Keys who is also in the Subspace series who was introduced in part 3 and will be found throughout most of the rest of the series. This story's beginning predates Emma’s story by roughly ten years. It is a stand alone story, so you need not have read the other series.

Michelle was reapplying his pink lipstick in the mirror of the club bathroom. He had been there a few hours and had a few trysts in Dolly Michelle persona. But he was on the prowl for at least one more to finish off the first night of his weekend. It had been a long week and he needed to blow off some steam.

One last look in the mirror reflected back a bimbo doll. The opaque white latex suit only left his eyes and mouth exposed. Fake black hair spilled out in pigtails to shoulder length from the sides of his hood. His pink glittery eyeshadow complemented his lips, corset and ankle boots. The corset helped exaggerate a slim waist while enhancing the giant balloon-like tits. He didn't have breasts in his mind. They were his bimbo tits.

He had lost his panties in one of the earlier trysts. More specifically they were torn off and eventually used to gag a guy who struggled to swallow a mouthful of his cum. This still made it harder to hide or keep in check what he had down there. The tight latex tended to give away secrets anyway.

Michelle had taken a lot of grief over his name growing up until he filled out. He ended up on the basketball team while he grew to his nearly six foot six inch height. But his mother pushed him more for his intelligence, so he had to keep his grades up much higher than others just for her. Both things helped him get a scholarship to a decent university. Basketball was never his passion but fun. He was currently wearing his passion and why he took less to work at the smaller company when he graduated. He was a lead researcher and designer for a company that specialized in manufacturing rubber products and was currently trying to diversify and expand, which included the fetish industry.

Michelle found himself at the bar finishing his latest drink when someone sat down next to him.

"Are you looking to entertain?" The guy asked Michelle.

"Usually one offers to buy a drink first," he answered in his Dolly voice as he continued looking forward towards the bar.

"Figured a bimbo like you would prefer action instead."

"Depends on what you are looking for."

"Oral and anal."

"Hmm, you want me to suck off here then bend over so you can take me?"

The guy stuttered a moment, "No. Yes. I mean I want you to give me a BJ and take my virginity."

"Fantastic. Far more interesting. But I have one condition and you will get the full Dolly experience. I want you restrained so you can't chicken out."

"I wouldn't…"

"Wouldn't be the first to run from Dolly's dong when it came time. Since there are no drinks, let's find an open private room."

Dolly Michelle stood up and headed towards one of the hallways further into the club. He still hadn't looked at the man yet but he had his reasons. But Dolly Michelle still couldn't help but flaunt his assets and put on a bit of a show. He ensured each step was in front of the other like he was walking a line. He had no doubt the guy behind him would be staring at his latex covered ass as he made his hips sway. He knew when others in the club turned to watch him that he got the desired reaction he wanted.

Michelle was passing by a small crowd when his hand was snagged. He was pulled down until he bent over showing off more of his latex covered ass. The petite Asian woman, with her face painted, smashed her lips into his and forcefully tried to insert her tongue in his mouth. He easily gave in and returned the kiss.

As they broke the kiss, she asked, "Suka suka Dolly dong now?" Which in her accent sounded like, "Soo-kah soo-kah doh-lay dong no-wah?"

Michelle was used to Suka and her geisha persona. She was not like the fabled and respected ones from Japan. It also wasn't her only persona in the club. But Suka loved to play up the stereotypes starting with her broken English despite him knowing she was a prominent and well respected business woman who spoke fluent English. They had hooked up and had fun on many occasions inside and outside of the club.

Michelle grabbed her hand and lifted it up. With her palm facing him, Michelle licked up from Suka's wrist, across the palm of her hand to her fingers before encasing her ring finger and sucking it off.

He finished with her finger and replied, "I have a guest to entertain first."

He had turned her hand around so the back of it was facing him. He encased her middle finger as he gently pushed down the others. Her eyes went wide as she said, "Luh-kay… Yu. Mei. Doh-lay dong. Bast-ass. Lay-tah."

Michelle just smiled as he released her finger, "Only if you are not too busy. Get back to work and suka Suka."

Suka started bouncing up and down while giggling as she shouted, "Yay-yah!"

Michelle turned and continued his path towards one of the private rooms. He still hadn't looked back at the man who followed him. While it wasn't a guarantee, he had no doubt he would still be following.

They both entered the room as Michelle spoke, "If you're ready for Dolly experience, strip and put the blindfold on while I prepare the rest. This is your last chance to back out. Once you commit, Dolly keeps her word and you get the full experience. No getting out until it's done."

Michelle soon had the man's wrists bound in the leather cuffs over his head. He toyed with him as he ran his latex hands over the man's body until he reached his ankles. Taking his time, he placed a spreader bar between his legs, sealing his ankles to the leather cuffs at the end. Michelle had learned they sometimes like to kick or get violent, hence the precautions, especially with this one. This included a large ball gag to keep the noise down and the potential for silly things like biting and spitting.

It was time to start his Dolly experience and it likely won't be how the man imagined it. His latex clad fingers caressed and touched various parts of the blind man's body. He particularly enjoyed the reaction when he flicked the man's testicle. Tweaking the man's nipples and flicking the head of his penis took away the erection he was sporting.

Michelle may not like this man but Dolly always gives his best. This meant he seductively got to his knees not that the man could see. Cupping his tiny balls, Michelle started to massage them gently. His tongue flicked out catching the tip of the cock in front of him. The man's erection grew again as he groaned through his gag.

With the man's short height, Michelle saw he had more reasons to try and compensate for his shortcomings. His thin penis may have been four inches if he was lucky but seemed closer to three. It was more than easy enough for Michelle to work his magic on it. The man was clearly excited without much self control as he unloaded his load into Michelle's mouth with little effort.

Michelle swallowed and stood up as she announced, "Mmm, despite it ending quickly, it means we get to move on to the fun part faster."

The man started trying to escape his bonds, yelling while gagged. Michelle understood most of it and got the gist of the rest but pretended he didn't.

"Oops, I did the wrong order again. You did say blowjob first then anal, I thought. Don't worry little boy, you will still get the full Dolly experience. Best part is you will likely love it more in the long run when you look back on it."

He still fought and shouted so Michelle let him know, "I had planned to skip this part but seeing as you are being a naughty boy."

Michelle went searching for an item that he knew the club kept spares to play with like some other toys. When he found one, he made his way back. He lightly caressed the man's balls causing the man to jump. Taking the flaccid penis, he placed a plastic ring around the base of his balls. Soon after he took the plastic sheath and slid it on until it lined up with the pins on the ring and fully slid in place.

The click of a small lock temporarily sealed his fate as far as use of his penis. Though Michelle knew it wasn't long term and not properly fitted. He didn't appear to be in any pain from it. He was quite angry though, considering what came out of his gagged mouth.

Michelle stood up again while running his hands over the man's body.

"Be a good boy and relax. It is Dolly dong time and everyone knows that is the real treat."

Grabbing a bottle of lube, Michelle poured a fair amount and watched it dribble down his crack. Eventually he used his latex finger to rub and spread it before slowly inserting his index finger. He instantly puckered up causing Michelle to say,

"Relax. You will only hurt yourself when you can have so much pleasure."

It took some time to get him to relax and Michelle to get three fingers in.

"Good boy. Now for your treat."

Michelle pulled out his cock from his own suit. While he had no real interest or attraction to this man. He was hard at the thought of taking his virginity and his tension out on him. This man had been the heart of most of his stress this week.

Michelle took his time entering him. He wanted this man to fully feel every bit of him while Michelle savored this moment. He fucked him slowly allowing the man to feel his length, girth, and the stretch. It must have been at least a half hour before Michelle picked up the pace. After filling up the man, Michelle pulled out and quickly filled his gaping hole with a butt plug, keeping a majority of his seed in the man.

"Be a good boy and wait here until you are released. Make sure you repay your savior when they release you. Now I hope you enjoyed the Dolly experience and your first foray into sissyhood. It suits you and is likely your destiny."

Michelle gave the man a swat on his ass as he walked by to leave the room.

As he passed him, he spoke one last time, "See you Monday, boss."

As he exited the club, he asked Suka to release the guy and headed home. Late that night Suka showed up and they spent the weekend together. It wasn't the first time and she was just as crazy in private.

At one point she locked her arms behind his back while they were in a standing reverse sixty-nine with her throat impaled on him. She weighed less than a hundred pounds with her short petite frame, but she found she couldn't pull herself up and had to rely on Michelle to let her breathe. Of course Michelle took the opportunity to edge her until she was about to cum before letting her back down, causing her throat to be impaled again.

Despite her light weight, it still eventually caused Michelle to sit down as she wouldn't tell him where the key was to release her wrists. This turned into roughly two hours of torment for both. She was edged and never allowed to orgasm. He was milked by her mouth as she hoped he would give in and let her finish. Michelle could only smile to himself when she gave in out of desperation to finish herself. That led to the next venture of standing up and getting to the key in another room while exhausted.

As they laid there late Sunday evening after their marathon weekend of sex and erotic games, Suka asked Michelle, "When are you going to ask me out?"

Michelle wasn't expecting that. Suka, also known as Yua Koizumi by birth and in her professional life, and Michelle had always played together and with others at the club. Just that Friday they had been with multiple people. But while they had private intimate times, this had been the longest without anyone else involved. He took a few moments trying to process the question and what it meant for him, for them.

"Would it change things between us now?"

"I hope so but probably not in the way you are asking. Suka is a part of my life as Dolly Michelle is to yours. I am not suggesting we stop that at least yet. I think it's an integral part of us for now. Maybe forever."

"And what about Miss Koizumi?"

She smiled at him, "That prudish bitch who works her employees like dogs and fucks them in the ass to get them to work harder."

"Sounds like my kind of boss."

"I wish I could do that if it would motivate them. Those are actually the words of some of my employees, not mine. But I guess dating me means you have to suffer through hearing the horror stories and drama. Just like how you involved me in yours already. You humiliated your boss, took his anal virginity, and your soon to be girlfriend forced him to give her a rimjob until she came to earn his release."

They both had a bit of a laugh over that as he asked, "Does that mean I finally get to met Yua and spend time with her to get to know her?"

"Maybe, you will have to find her and help her find herself. She's a bit lost."

As the conversation went on, Suka slid down to the point her hand was around his cock with her mouth over it.

"Are you going to ask me out?" She said as she slid her mouth over his cock.

He looked down at her and put his hands on her head and held her there as she deepthroated him, "I need to think about it."

She was struggling as she was out of breath when he released her head.

"Kusoyarô," was her first word when she finished taking in her first breaths.

"Yes, no doubt yours is still gaping."

She smiled at him as he continued, "I know Suka's feelings towards this treatment. What is Miss Kouzumi's?"

"That prudish bitch rejects your animalistic behaviors and tendencies. She is also horrified at the idea of subjecting her life to you. She would likely put you in your dolly place and store you in some dark place forever."

Michelle grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her back down until she engulfed him to the hilt.

"What about Yua? Is she into this?"

He held for a little bit before releasing her. As she got her wind back she answered, "To be determined."

Once again he forced her back down and waited a bit. She was looking up at him with watery eyes as she struggled with the lack of oxygen before he asked, "Would you, Miss Yua Koizumi, my Suka suka, be my sexy nympho girlfriend?"

He let her go again and she pulled up enough to breathe but not release his cock before she started pumping her head up and down. She toyed with him until he was on edge before stopping. She slid up his body, even dragging her wet pussy over his cock before maneuvering it inside of her. As she rode him she finally answered,

"Yes, I'll be your sexy nympho girlfriend. Cuz doh-lay dong ez bast-ass."

Michelle grabbed her hips and pulled out of her before reentering her ass, "Suka ass is best ass when gaping."

She had initially gasped when he entered her but now she was just giggling. As the giggling stopped she said, "If you didn't ask me out, I was going to make you my personal doll whom I locked away at my home. I still might."

"Then I wouldn't be able to finish my dolly suit I am working on."

"Hmm. True. That would be a shame. So that idea is on hold as long as you make me one after yours. And then you propose to me while you have me under your control so I can't say no."

She started giggling as she continued to ride him. She eventually had another orgasm right before his. She collapsed on top of him with him still buried in her ass.

"Consider it and don't wait too long as I may propose to you with you in your suit, forced to answer yes," she said as they started to drift off to sleep.

Work turned out to be quiet on Monday as well as the rest of the week into the next. It wasn't hard for his boss to figure out who it was as no one was close to his size in the company. Things eventually returned to normal at work. He continued working on his suit, though technically it was proprietary to the company, as well as multiple smaller projects he was in charge of.

What had changed as time went was his relationship with Yua. He finally got to meet her and started to get to know her. That didn't mean there wasn't a lot of Suka as well. Even the prudish Miss Koizumi had some interesting if not wildly dark fantasies. Michelle found he was enjoying the brash woman, who wanted him to ask her out, on levels he never expected.

Things had settled in at home and work. He had dropped Yua off at the airport as she had a business trip for two weeks. While they had both been to the club many times since they got together, this would be his first trip knowing she wouldn't be there or back at home later that night. Things just felt different.

Michelle had a number of suits along with a collection of accessories. More recently he had dressed up and accessorized as Dolly Michelle by Yua. Today he went with a powder blue latex hooded catsuit. He decided on an orange leather harness with a built in collar. The leather straps crossed from his neck down to his thighs, leaving his lower zipper enough room to be used if needed. Black calf boots and black forearm bracers were added. He finished off with his make-up to compliment the rest of the outfit.

Michelle made it downstairs. The cool night air tried to penetrate her suit. Things appeared quiet, even more so with his ears covered by latex. It didn't make him deaf or anything but muffled certain sounds and made some lighter ones mute. That was the main reason Michelle didn't notice anything wrong around him as he felt something prick his neck through the latex. Michelle didn't have a chance to drop as both of his arms were grabbed as whatever was injected into took his consciousness away.

Michelle woke up groggy. He quickly found he couldn't move. He didn't know if he was bound but he couldn't feel any part of his body except for possibly some minor tingling. Even those feelings were faint and he was unsure if it was his imagination.

He began to wonder if he was awake at all or lost in some dream. He had yet to blink not realizing his eyelids had been removed. While he had a sense he was breathing, he didn't know that he was breathing from a ventilator through a hole in his throat and small tubes that had been surgically implanted in his nose and led to his lungs. His mouth and throat had been modified. Modifications to his anus, rectum, colon, and other parts of his digestive tract also existed with more changes to his urethral tract and his penis that were unknown to him. He had unknowingly gone through these extreme changes.

He noticed movement as a masked face entered his view.

"Glad you are finally with us once again. You see Michelle, this is the last time you will know of your existence as Michelle. Despite the humiliation you inflicted upon me with your dolly experience, I have decided to give you your ultimate wish. To become a doll, my personal subservient living doll. It's a better fate than you deserve for what you and your whore did to me.

Oh your disappearance has crushed her. Suka has faded from the club's existence along with Dolly Michelle. It turns out the environment there is much better without the two of you. Sadly, Miss Koizumi has lost everything including herself. I had hoped to turn her into my second personal doll once I was finished with you. But I have lost track of her as she has seemed to have disappeared much like you.

Not that any of it will matter after this conversation. You have been modified extensively to go with the modifications I made to your suit and control system. Only Dolly will exist when you wake up next. A toy for me to use. A happy ending for both of us. Farewell Michelle. Our fantasies and dreams are one step closer to reality."

Michelle felt the lethargy as something stronger started coursing through his veins. His mind was screaming many thoughts. Helpless and unable to move, the drugs were acting quickly. He couldn't make a sound much less scream as consciousness faded.

*years later*

"If you can hear me, try to move your fingers," came a soft feminine voice.

It startled Dolly, as Dolly had never heard anyone speak. She had known language and understood it but couldn't remember ever hearing it or anything else for that matter. It took a few moments to comprehend what was said. As usual, her dolly body resisted her but she fought against it to twitch her index finger.

"Good, can you do the same with the other?"

Dolly was in an incredible amount of pain all over. She focused as best she could through the resistant rubber and gave her finger a slight jerk.

"Good, I am going to ask some yes or no questions. Right hand for yes. Left for no. Try both for maybe or I don't know. Does that seem doable for you?"

Dolly moved her right finger after some effort.

The voice seemed content with how the response was going despite it being slow.

"Let me introduce myself. While I know you will not remember it or this conversation, it is still appropriate. My name is Miss Keys and I am trying to help you out. There are lots of questions to ask and most will be asked by people smarter than me in areas that can hopefully better help you. Let me start with something simple. I am told that you are called Dolly now?"

Dolly slowly responded with an affirmative hand signal.

"Do you know who Michelle is?"

Dolly tried thinking about it but it hurt her head more than usual and eventually signaled no.

"What about Yua Koizumi or Suka?"

At the mention of the names, Dolly's head really started to hurt. Something was wrong as it seemed like her mind shut down. In essence it did as she blacked out.

Dolly was not able to accurately judge time. She was blind up until recently when the cameras were repaired. It still took weeks for her eyes to focus from basically be blind from her suit and to calibrate the cameras. They had made headway to help reduce her pain but it was still there. Some of the suit circuitry and wiring ended up fused into Dolly's body. Whether intentionally, in some cases, or accidentally when the suit was corrupted and unstable, Dolly found herself electrocuted over much of her body due to it.

There were still issues with her memory starting with the computer and storage that were damaged and corrupted that possibly was blocking access to her brain. Though there were other theories that Dolly had no recollection of. They did stabilize the suit to a degree to help her regain some movement but it was like a heavy resistance workout and she was just starting it. There was much work ahead and other issues they couldn't fix yet or were unable to.

Two figures stepped up in view of Dolly's camera eyes.

One was an average height woman. Her flaming red hair was clearly dyed. Her make-up was subtle besides her bright cherry red lips. Her true age was masked except for her eyes. While her glasses helped distract from or enhance them, depending on how one saw them, the piercing gray eyes hinted at her years of experience.

While Dolly was unable to realize that she had met the woman a number of times. Others were surprised by her more toned down look. The floral pattern maxi dress was completely out of her usual character. Hints of a corset or something else were noticeable with various movements. Her nude nylons and white heels finished off her more average everyday person look that no one had seen on her before.

"It's nice to see you again, Dolly. I am Miss Keys."

Dolly had the mildest inclination that they had met before and that he should know who she is.

Miss Keys continued after a brief pause, "I hope you are feeling better today and things keep improving for you."

Dolly had vague impressions that things used to be much worse for her.

"We brought you a guest and I apologize ahead of time if this causes you distress. We are trying different ways to help you."

Dolly took a look at her guest. The canvas straitjacket was one of the more prominent features that stood out. The other was the inflatable sensory deprivation hood. Her thin legs were covered in pastel pink latex that encased her feet like booties. Thick medical grade leather cuffs encircled her tiny ankles with a small chain connecting them together. She was at least six inches shorter than the other woman with an incredibly small frame.

Miss Keys turned the woman until her back faced her and deflated the hood. She took her time to remove the hood before grabbing the petite woman's shoulder and turning her around to face her. Her bald head was unexpected but her Asian face with dark circles around her eyes caused a slight twitch in Dolly as it felt like her heart stopped momentarily.

The Asian woman's chin was against the straitjacket as she looked at the floor when Miss Keys cupped her chin and lifted it until they were eye to eye.

"Headmistress," she said with a slight nod despite her chin being held.

"I am not a Headmistress anymore. It is just Miss Keys now. But you know that and are trying to push me, Suka doll."

"Are you going to punish me? Let me feel your kiss again?"

"It is doubtful you will feel my kiss in any form after your betrayal. And does it look like I am dressed to punish you?"

Dolly watched while highly confused as the woman called Suka doll checked out Miss Keys. The more she looked and focused on the Asian woman the more her head hurt.

"Not really," she responded, "but you always liked creating new punishments. Maybe today's punishment is to be a walk in the park. Possibly a picnic. Someway of slow torture through kindness. Are you taking me back?"

"Not a chance."

"Then why am I here?"

"To try and help someone. And by proximity, it may help you."

"Who?" As her head shot around and caught sight of Dolly. Dolly watched as she peered at her. Her serious expression was mixed with confusion.

Miss Keys' voice broke the momentary silence, "This is Dolly. If all goes well you can be reacquainted with…"

Suka shouted, "MICHELLE!"

Dolly watched as Suka tried to run towards her but she was yanked back by the back of her straitjacket and fell flat on her behind especially since her latex feet didn't have as much traction.

"My Michelle. Let me go!" Suka screamed as she scrambled to her feet.

"He's mine. I need him. You can't keep me from him," she cried out as she began to cry.

She started trying to get away again despite how bound she was. Miss Keys took her to the ground and mounted her. She burnt through her energy as Miss Keys waited patiently. As the screaming and crying settled, Suka asked, "Why are you punishing me?"

"I am not punishing you. I am protecting Dolly. Now are you calm enough to listen to what I have to say?"

Suka nodded.

"Her suit is broken. She is in lots of pain. We have reduced some of it but it is a work in progress. If you touch the suit, you will likely inflict more pain on her. Is that what you want? To cause her harm so you feel better?"

"No. Why do you call him, her?"

"Because he is programmed literally to be Dolly and set to a female personality. So to confuse her less, we treat her as female."

"It was him, wasn't it?" Suka shouted out, with Miss Keys acknowledging it. "I'm gonna kill him and…"

"You will be doing no such thing besides going back to the asylum you desperately wanted to get into. Besides, I need him alive and capable if I have more questions that need answered especially as it pertains to Dolly.

I'm sure you remember having begged for death a number of times knowing it is the easy way out. Well for now he is being interrogated and trained by Demonica."

Suka shuddered at the name, "She's not as good as you, but he doesn't deserve your touch either."

"And neither do you. Are you done playing?"

Suka nodded after a small whimper, "What do you want me to do?"

"To heal. I don't have time to deal with two broken dolls. If you want to be part of the solution, fix yourself first. Earn your way out of the asylum and finish your contract with your Mistress."

"Can't you just buy out my contract and let me help now?"

"I can't trust you. You quit on me once and stabbed me in the back. You didn't trust me to follow through, but I did, as you can now attest to by Dolly being here. You were only brought here to get information to see if you could help her. I owe you nothing else.

You wear my scars on your skin because you begged me to give them to you. I wear your scars inside to match my earlier ones I carry inside and out because I was foolish.

To you, this is still about you and your wants and needs, not me. I help Dolly cause it's the right thing to do. I never questioned your devotion to Michelle but you have none towards me. I am not your tool. If anyone is going to be a tool, it will be you in order to help Dolly.

So you are going to help Dolly by getting broken parts together and repaired. Follow through for once and take care of your business so Miss Yua Koizumi the businesswoman can start chipping in to help the one she loves. Because if you screw up again and you will never see her again. Do we understand each other?"

"You don't own her."

"Hmm. I own the company that owns the suit. So I do until she can be removed from it, which is highly unlikely if she wants to remain alive. If you want to fight me on technicalities or play games, remember you will only be hurting her cause you have proven you have no problem hurting me. But make no mistake, I will protect her from everyone, including you."

There was a bit of silence as Dolly continued to watch on, unsure of what to make of what was going on. She had moments when her head would hurt a lot but only when it seemed memories tried to seep through. There were also moments of déjà vu that seemed to be happening more often.

"Can you let me up so I can say goodbye to her. I won't touch her as I have no desire to ever hurt her whether Michelle comes back or not."

"You know she will forget all of this by tonight?"

"I don't care. If you want me to heal as you suggest, I need to say my peace to both of you."

Miss Keys dismounted Suka and grabbed the front of her straitjacket, hauling her up to a standing position.

Suka bowed to Miss Keys, "Thank you for finding and caring for Dolly. You are right that it is my responsibility to help Dolly whether or not Michelle comes back. I wanted her back in any form and now she is here.

I am also truly sorry for losing faith in you and doing what I did. You are right, you owe me nothing. I disgraced and dishonored my family and self. But I find myself now in a life debt to you no matter what happens to Dolly. You got her away from him. I know my word means nothing so I…"

"Don't waste time promising something you don't mean. You got the initial part of what you wanted. Just do what you need to for her."

"You know you should get yourself a doll suit like us. I think you will fit in with the rest of us, broken and all."

"Who says I don't already have one? I already serve the most sadistic and cruel bitch I know."

Suka added, "Yourself."

Miss Keys gave a slight smile and responded, "Myself. Just because my suit is invisible to everyone else doesn't mean I don't wear one each and every minute of every day. I am very self aware of how broken I am and my empathy towards others who are as well tends to haunt me.

You at least have Dolly and possibly Michelle to fix yourself for. Though I can't promise she can be fixed. I am told the chances are low but I will try in any case."

"And how do you fix yourself then?"

"I don't."

"Oh so your advice only works for others?"

"Last time I tried you were part of it. I failed you and learned what I am. So I focus on something else, my legacy."

"What is your legacy?"

"Nothing relevant to anyone but me for now. And I don't trust you enough to go deeper."

"I am sorry. Truly I am. Hopefully you can forgive me someday when I earn it."

Miss Keys wiped away some of Suka's leftover tears, "I am sorry too for my own failures that caused this. But if you want to understand my thoughts on forgiveness, ask beta."

Suka shuddered knowing full well what she did and still does to her former lover and master who intentionally hurt her. He left her scarred in a multitude of ways for the rest of her life. It dawned on Suka that she committed something just as grave as beta did. There will never be forgiveness. The only reason she isn't suffering a similar fate or worse was that she cowardly ran to someone else.

"Now say what you want to Dolly as I need to take you back to the asylum."

Suka bowed to Miss Keys and stepped towards Dolly before dropping to her knees.

"I love you Michelle. If Dolly is all that is left of you, I will love you the same. I failed everyone but most importantly I failed you. As no one else will believe me, I promise you I will get my shit together and finish out my contracts. Then I will return to Miss Keys to accept my fate that I ran away from with my choices. Hopefully she will let me help you and maybe see you.

I will even bring back that prudish bitch everyone hated, Miss Koizumi. She will hopefully get back into things quickly and help support yours and Miss Keys efforts. On top of that, any free time not paying for my sins to Miss Keys or anyone else I may owe, Suka suka everyone to make more to help. My life is indebted to getting you back or supporting Dolly while paying back what I owe to those who gave me more than I deserve.

Just know, I will be back for you and hopefully one day we will both be locked in our doll suits forced to marry each like we joked about. Last thing, remember… Soo-kah soo-kah, doh-lay dong, bast-ass, ehvah."

The sense of déjà vu and nausea hit Dolly hard. The pain in her head was massive. She must have blacked out cause the next thing she saw was Miss Keys pumping up the sensory deprivation hood on Suka. The two of them walked out of her range of sight soon after.

Part of her hoped she wouldn't forget this exchange as she was constantly confused every time she woke up with her mind wiped. Something also suggested the things she had witnessed today would be important to know going forward. The basics and many things would be there as they were programmed but not her personal memories after she woke up. Then there were the nightmares when she slept. She did not remember any of the nightmares, just the residual feelings.

For now Dolly was just Dolly and her focus was to be a toy to please her owner. It was her place in life and what she made for.


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