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Storycodes: M/f; lovedoll; transform; cons/reluct; X


A bell tinkled as Len walked through the door of the Fetish Emporia. The place smelled fresh and clean and was brightly lit, something new in Len's experience of out of the way sex shops.

"May I help you?" a voice said.

Len turned to find a tall, regal woman dressed in a simple black suit. She wasn't unattractive, a little too skinny for his taste, but not bad.

"Er.. yeah," Len said. He was a bit flustered by the woman. She had the officious air of royalty, of someone not to be messed with. "I heard about this place from a friend of a friend."

"I see," the woman said.

"And I just wanted to take a look around."

"Be my guest," the woman said. "I am Ms. White, let me know if you need any help."

It didn't take long for Len to find what he was looking for. Before him was a huge rack of inflatable sex dolls, acres and acres of them. Many were brands he had used before. Further down the isle he began to see ones that were new to him. There were boxes with gorgeous women on them, obviously touched up to give them a glossy sheen as if they were the dolls, but Len knew better. At best they were the models the dolls were patterned after.

Len noticed that the boxes had no logos on them, no company names, nothing, just names like "Tammi" or "Cinnamon." He picked one box off its peg; one called "Candi." It was surprisingly heavy.

"You have good taste," said Ms. White from behind, startling him. "She is quite satisfactory."

"Yeah," Len said. "Looks like. I don't see any brand on this, who makes these."

"These are a special line made especially for the Fetish Emporia," Ms. White said. "We call them superior fucktoys."

"Oh, well," Len flustered. "How much?"

"Is this your first time at the Fetish Emporia?"


"Well first time customers get a 10% discount, so it'll be $45."

Len looked at the gorgeous woman on the box.


At home Len shook out the deflated woman. It had the wonderful scent and shiny smoothness of new plastic. Len felt his penis stir in anticipation, even in it's deflated state he could tell it wasn't your ordinary blow up dolly.

He fished around in the box and found the small pump. It was elliptical and fit neatly in his palm. There was a short air hose and nozzle from on end and a button on the other.

Unfolding the Candidoll more he found the mouth with its pink lips, inserted the hose and pressed the button. The pump hummed in his hand and the air hissed as the doll inflated. Len was astounded as the doll filled. He had used vinyl dolls before, but none as detailed and lifelike as this one. The other dolls always had that seam up and down their bodies and the fused fingers and the blank stare of painted on eyes, but this one was magnificent. She was extremely detailed: long, shapely legs, round ass, spherical breasts (not like the lumps on the other dolls), full, pouty lips, petite nose, realistic blond hair, eyelashes and separate fingers and toes complete with glittery nail polish.

"I guess the box didn't lie," Len said.

As the Candidoll neared capacity Len noticed something strange, the doll seemed to move on it's own a little bit, seemed to adjust its legs. Just as he was about to curse himself for being so stupid the doll's hand reached up and placed her hand delicately on the pump and pulled it out.

Then she opened her eyes, they were a glorious blue.

"Oh, thank you," the Candidoll said in a high, child-like voice. She smiled at Len. "What's your name handsome?"

"Um... Len," he said, flabbergasted.

"Hello Len, my name is Candi," the doll said. Candi sat up on the bed and fixed her hair. As she moved her body squeaked like rubbing balloons, the light reflected sharply off her perfect shiny skin. She appeared to be wearing a pink microdress of the same translucent plastic. Len's dick was straining.

"Oh my," Candi said spotting Len's woody. "Let me take care of that."

Candi moved off the bed and kneeled before Len. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Len was in heaven, his wildest dream (or at least one of them) was coming true. This vision of a woman, this voluptuous object of sexual perfection was servicing him as if it were second nature to her.

Len began to move in rhythm with Candi as she worked her magic. He placed his hand on her head and was surprised at how it gave slightly under the weight of his hands. She was a toy, a fucktoy, the ultimate sexual object, and all his.

It was by far the most intense experience Len had ever had. Candi's expert mouth and tongue brought him slowly and intensely into decadent bliss. She kept working his shaft until he finally unleashed his load and had the most intense orgasm of his life. As he was catching his breath Candi was still working on his dick, cleaning it with her tongue.

"Mmmm, yummy," she said.

"You mean you can taste it?" Len said, impressed at just how lifelike this doll was.

"If you want me to," Candi said. "I can be whatever you want me to."

She stood in front of him, eyes beaming up at him like he, Len, was the center of her universe, which he probably was. Len reached out to her dress and began to take it off. It peeled away with the staticy sound of plastic separating from plastic. Her perfect breast and nipples revealed themselves. Candi's body was made of translucent plastic, so not only did it reflect the light spectacularly, but her body seemed to glow as some of the light passed through. Len buried his face in her wondrous glowing tits. Candi wrapped her light arms around him and moaned in appreciation.

The incredible blow job Len got that night was just the beginning. All that night he and Candi fulfilled every fantasy Len ever had and a few he made up on the spot. Candi seemed to have endless energy and an uncanny instinct for what he wanted. Sometime she yelled and screamed her joy, sometimes she just shut the hell up. Len, as excited as he was, didn't have endless energy and after several intense hours fell asleep.

The next afternoon Len finally woke up. The escapades of the previous night still in the front of his mind. It was Saturday, but that didn't really matter, he would have called in sick no matter what, he had plans for the whole day.

Looking around he couldn't see Candi anywhere. Eventually he found her under the bed, forgotten and nearly out of air.

"I guess I don't know my own strength," Len chuckled to himself

Len searched high and low for the air pump but couldn't seem to find it. His whole house was in disarray. Every crooked painting and piece of overturned furniture brought back happy memories for him. He gave up.

"Fuck, I guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way," he said.

Picking up the limp Candidoll he found her sweet lips, lips that he had kissed and had kissed him all over the previous night. He put his lips to hers and blew. Nothing happened. He blew again, still nothing happened.

Jesus, it must have one of those screwy up valves like on pool toys, Len thought.

He felt around for the catch or something. Not finding anything he began to get desperate. He sucked in a huge lungfull of air and jamming his lips to Candi's blew in with all his might. He heard the familiar hiss of air filling Candi's body and continued to blow.

Before long Len and Candi would be tripping the light fantastic. Nearly out of breath and lungs straining Len was about to stop and take another breath except he couldn't stop! He continued to blow and blow. His lungs were on fire, he couldn't separate his lips from Candi's. He continued to blow, the pain was intense and increasing as he felt his lungs collapse, followed shortly by his ribcage. He was getting weak, feeling like he was going to pass out. He kneeled on the floor as his legs deflated. At the same time Candi was filling fast.

What the hell was happening? Len was in a near panic, near to blacking out. As his arms and hands deflated they fell away from Candi's face. They didn't fall to the ground, instead Len could feel Candi's hand supporting his head and body as she gained strength. As Len's skull finally collapsed he lost consciousness.

Candi looked at the empty thing that was Len and didn't know what to do, her empty little head slowly processed the situation. Eventually she got up, the limp Len hanging in her hand, and walked straight to the lost pump. It was her pump, she ought to know where it was. It had rolled to a space between the wall and a desk, covered in Candi's pink microdress. She laid Len out on the bed and took the pump, inserted it into his mouth and pushed the button.

Len began to fill up, but this wasn't the same Len as before. As he filled his skin took on the same rubbery sheen as Candi. His legs became long and shapely, like a woman's. As they inflated his hips flared out, his ass rounded and his waist pinched in far narrower than before. He had no male genitalia, only a plastic pussy like Candi's. His chest grew two perfectly spherical breasts, large and sensual. His arms and hands were much thinner and more delicate than before, complete with glittery nail polish. Len's face was completely different, he had full red lips, round cutiepie cheeks, large eyes and candy apple red hair.

As she was close to capacity, Len reached up and pulled the airhose out.

"Oh my, thank you," Len said.

"Len baby, you really scared me," Candi said. "But I'm glad your back."

"Yes, so am I," Len said. "But I feel so strange."

Len looked down at her new body. Her hands rubbed her waist and cupped and squeezed her breasts.

"I'm so pretty," she exclaimed.

"Yes you are," was the only thing Candi could come up with in return.

"I'm confused," Len said.

Somewhere in the void of the new Len's mind there might have been the ghost of the male Len. If there was he was struggling to say something, yell something, but he was too far gone and suffering in the emptiness of his new body.

"Say... you're real pretty too," Len said.

"Thank you Len."

Len made a face.

"Ooh, I don't like that name, it's yucky," she said. "Call me Sandi from now on."

"Okay Sandi," Candi said, smiling. "Wanna fuck?"


Sandi and Candi spent about an hour pleasuring each other until Ms. White came by to retrieve them. They both whined a childish "Awwww." Ms. White deflated the both of them and she put Candi back into her box and Sandi into a new box she brought with her. Two supreme fucktoys ready for sale.



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