Casino Dolls

by Paul G Jutras

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© Copyright 2007 - Paul G Jutras - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X


As the apartment door slid open into the wall, Brenda's spike-heeled sandals clicked along the tile floor as she went and set her purse on a table. She was dressed in her pink sleeveless top and yellow skirt. A brown polish was on the toes of her stocking free feet. "I can't wait to get out of these shoes," she said out loud, "my feet are killing me." As a shadow fell on the wall, however, she turned and screamed.

Later at the United Earth Police Headquarters, Captain Jane Raven walked in with Captain Paul Star. Chief inspector Sam Borg had a grim look on his face as his two top agents took their seats. "I'm glad you were both available. There has been a report of another disappearance of a female guest from the Casino of Love. I need the two of you to investigate and find out what you can."

It wasn't long before Paul had used a gender morph gun and wore a purple gown at the black jack table while Jane, in black evening gown, was at the roulette wheel. As Paul watched the dealer placing his cards, he heard a red headed girl dress in a skimpy harem type outfit talking to a well dressed man in black.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" The woman asked.

"Yes, Marla." The man smiled. "I hear you owe the house a lot of money."

"Yes sir." Marla said as she lowered her eyes so not to meet his face. "If I can have an advance I can win back what I lost and even more."

"Have I not already been generous?" The man asked. "As owner of the club, I have ways for you to work off your debt."

"I've been doing my best to please your clients," Marla said with fear in her voice. "I am sorry if there've been complaints. I'll do better."

"You'd better." The man said as he took a sip of wine. "Otherwise I'll have to call in your debt, in full."

"Yes sir." Marla said in fear as she walked off and smiled at the guests while rubbing one male's shoulders. "You are tense. How would you like to cash in your chips and loosen up with me?"

"What am I doing here?" Brenda asked as she lay strapped down naked on a reclining chair. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"You owe my casino a great deal." The owner who had spoken before with Marla said. "I gave you a chance to please my guests by way of your own free will. Now it seems more drastic means are needed."

With the press of a button, a section of wall slid open and out appeared a large gun-like contraption on a mechanical arm. As the beam from the gun hit Brenda, her struggling slowed while her flesh turned to latex with seams up along the body like they were glued together. Her fingers and toes fused together into solid masses of rubber. The last movements of her mouth trying to scream caused it to freeze into an O shape as all three of her openings remained open for future penetration.

The owner surveyed the results. "You'll make a lovely love doll my dear. Best part is that you'll remain yourself in mind and soul so you'll always remember once being human and what it was like to move and make love rather than just being used for making love to."

"Hello, my name is Marla," Marla smiled as she seated herself next to Paul, feeling a bit out of sorts. "I see you're doing well."

"I picked an easier game than my friend Jane," Paul said as he lost the next hand and the other after that. Paul quickly saw the familiar pattern of a casino house getting you hooked with winnings and then taking one for all they had. "My name is uh, Paula."

"Nice to meet you, dear," said Marla. "I suggest you be careful or you'll end up in debt and working for the place like me."

"I'll keep that in mind." Paul said as he knew that was the fastest way to find out what happened to the missing girls.

After Marla left, Paul moved over to Jane to see how she was doing. The two met in the ladies room. "How are you doing?" Paul asked.

"I keep winning like this and I'll take the house to the cleaners," Jane said. "They tried to pull some tricks to cheat but I caught them and forced them to play honestly. I think that they're more upset with me and my winnings than if I had been in debt to them."

"Shows you're the brains of this team," Paul said as they headed out together, only to run right into a pair of security guards.

"The owner of the casino would like a word with both you ladies." One guard said as each of them were grabbed by the arm and escorted over to a nearby elevator. Paul recognized Marla, who was also being escorted up at the same time by another security guard.

"Oh," Jane was the first to moan as the three girls were each shot by a stun beam and collapsed in their captor's arms.

"What's going on?" Paul moaned as a feeling of pleasure shot through him. It began in his crotch and worked its way up to his head and back down to his toes. Marla and Jane looked on in shock as the two girls stared at the love doll waiting for a man's touch that was once Paul.

"Glad some of you could be awake before undergoing the process yourselves," The club owner smiled. The front door has a brain scanner that took some time in confirming your true identity and mission thoughts. Once we knew the truth and your plans it was simple enough to deal with you as I had planned to do with others who couldn't pay off their debts."

A short time later, three new love dolls were making the casino guests happy. The casino owner also used his brain scrambler to ensure that the police didn't send any more people to investigate or remember those they had sent.



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