Chair of Justice

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Connie was, to say the least, extremely nervous as she waited in her jail cell to be led back to the court room for sentencing. She had been convicting in the cold blood killing of her long time lover Ned Carlton, a wealthy man who owned a string of beaver farms on several continents and sold the beavers for everything from pets to lethal trained protection animals. She thought the idea of beavers being used as guards was ridiculous until she saw them tear apart a couple of maple syrup dealers from Canada trying to kill Ned.

After spending some time with Ned and arranging herself to assume power over much of his money, she got greedy and decided the time had come to dispose of him. She contacted a lethal assassin from the south, Jack McDonald, and arranged for him to come for a talk about how dispose of Ned. Known in the underworld as the " Weather Widowmaker " for making his murders look like death by freak nature accidents, he agreed to wait until a nasty storm rolled into the area and make his move then.

When a late spring storm of snow and freezing rain rolled through, Jack made his move and drowned Ned in the waters of one of his many beaver ponds. Unfortunately, before he could make his escape, he was captured by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who had been tracking Jack for some time and surrounded the assassin with their horses before he could flee.

Once captured, Jack quickly confessed everything under the RCMP's polite interrogation including Connie's role in the murder. She was arrested before she could leave town and, six months later, was on trial for Ned's murder. Her lawyer tried to make the jury believe she was an innocent dupe of the assassin but the evidence against her was overwhelming. After final statements, the jury deliberated for only twelve minutes before finding her guilty of first degree murder which led to Connie's current status.

" I should have hired one of those high priced Hollywood lawyers to defend me at the trial. He would have gotten me acquitted...instead, I'm now referred to as the ' Woman behind the Beaver Tycoon murder '.... " Connie thought while kicking the concrete floor in anger and disgust. She spent the next few minutes contemplating ways to extricate herself out of the predicament she was in before an impatient rap on the bars by a prison guard interrupted her thinking.

" Let's go, Connie, the judge is scheduled to deliver your sentencing via internet video conference in thirty minutes. Your lawyer is already online and has submitted your video appeal via email attachment which the judge has looked at. " the guard said slightly impatient in her mannerisms.

" Yeah, yeah, I hear you..." muttered Connie as she stood up and followed the guard down to the internet ' Room of Decision ' ( as the prisoners had dubbed it ). Since the criminal system overhaul in 2010, most sentencing hearings were done via the internet to save cost and free up the court's time. Connie hoped that her lawyer's appeal was successful otherwise she'd be facing the death penalty......

Two days later......

Connie sat sullenly in the back of the prison bus as it drove towards the prison she was being transported to where she would reside on death row. The judgment was swift and her lawyer's appeal had fallen on deaf ears as the judge sentenced her to death by inflation ( Connie wasn't sure what the heck that meant but it sounded final to say the least ). The convicted murderer sat back in her shackles and stared straight ahead wondering if she could avoid her fate.

Suddenly, the bus swerved to the right violently causing Connie to tumble forward in her seat. She looked up to see the guards moving towards the front of the bus as the driver wrestled frantically with the wheel to avoid...something.....

" Moose stampede !! " the driver yelled out as he frantically clawed at the wheel to avoid the onrushing beasts. Before Connie had a chance to brace herself, the whole bus shook several times as it collided with the large animals before it went a dramatic skid off the road. A second or so later, the bus turned on its' side and skidded for an unknown distance before colliding into some nearby trees and coming to rest with a loud crunch. Billows of grey and black smoke erupted from the back of the vehicle as the twisted metal hulk sat in silence while the moose herd passed through.

Inside the bus, the occupants had been tossed around like rag dolls by the crash with several suffering fatal injuries. Connie had been lucky as the upending of the bus had not only left her relatively unscathed but free from her shackles as they had popped open when she fell on the floor along with everyone else.

" Lucky for me, the prison system bought their handcuffs from a guy who used to do stage magic..." Connie muttered as she crawled over the dead and unconscious people in the bus towards the front. The raven haired woman, clad in an orange prison jumpsuit, made it to the front of the bus just in time to see a one armed man man being pursued through the woods by another man waving a pistol while simultaneously two cars roared down the road. Both drivers were dressed in all in black with one sporting a button displaying the number 6 and the other had a number 1 on his button.

" see all kinds on these back roads.... " Connie thought as she pulled herself free from the wreckage and walked out to the deserted road, where only a fading cloud of smoke was visible from the cars that just passed. Walking a short distance, she came to a crossroads and quickly glanced around to see if there was a house she could hide in or get out of the clothes she was in. To her left, she saw a roadside motel with Bates Motel - NO occupancy available flickering on the neon sign. On her right, she saw a large corn field that stretched as far as she could see with a huge scarecrow sitting in the middle of the rows.

Shaking her head slightly as she heard the wail of approaching police sirens, Connie looked straight ahead and saw an impressive mansion up ahead surrounded by woods. Deciding she had little time to pick and choose, the dark haired woman sprinted down the road and into the trees heading towards the house in question hoping no one was home.

After 15 or so minutes later, Connie managed to get through the woods and get to the back of the house where, peeking around the corner, she saw a large group of police cars forming near the crash site. Knowing they'd be checking all the buildings in the area, she took a quick peek inside the house and determined there was no one home at the present. Finding a basement window that was unlocked, Connie slipped through the opening and dropped onto a large oak cabinet. After closing the window behind her, Connie dropped down onto the plush carpeting and crawled out of sight of the basement window behind a large chair where she waited in silence.

The escaped convict had been in hiding for no more than half an hour or so when bright lights shone in through the same basement window Connie had entered through. At the same time, she heard the distinctive sound of police radios being used by several officers close to the house itself. The brunette stayed as still as she could in spite of her trembling hands and fervently hoped that the cops would not investigate the inside of the house. After about 45 minutes, the lights and voices moved away from the window and Connie distinctly heard the sound of car motors starting up before moving away. She stood up and silently moved over to the window she had climbed through. Climbing up to it, she peered out and saw no sign of cars anywhere near the house.

Connie waited in the darkness for another hour to make sure there was no one left outside before she turned on the basement lights with a light switch she located on the wall. When the lights flickered on, she saw something that looked to be a cross between a gynecological office and a BDSM setting complete with whips and chains. Connie walked to the middle of the room and looked at the chair that stood by itself in the center of the room. Sitting fairly low to the ground for most of it with the center being the lowest part of all, the white plastic chair with bright orange padding looked to be in brand new condition like the rest of the room.

Knowing she had to get out of her prison uniform as soon as possible, Connie started to look through a nearby closet for clothes she could put on. To her surprise and amusement, the only clothes she could find were of the latex and leather variety of several different sizes with a white pearl necklace being the only thing normal looking. Fearful that a trip upstairs could yield unwanted surprises or even the appearance of the house's owner, Connie started looking through the garments for something in her size and weight.

Fifteen minutes later, Connie finished lacing up the black leather boots that ended just below her knees and stood up straight next to the chair. She had also donned the necklace she had found as well as a black leather bra with a zipper front though she was unable to find any panties she could wear or something else to cover her exposed sex. Figuring there was no one there to notice, she shrugged it off and figured she'd find something later on.

" Whew..been a long day...I better sit down and rest..." Connie said softly as she sat down into the oddly shaped chair in the room. She quietly unzipped her bra as she closed her eyes and imagined herself being in this kind of situation with a man ready to have hot and steamy sex with her over and over. It was with those visions that the brunette feel into a light sleep not noticing the opening of plastic panels under her arms and upper legs and the gleaming of metal inside...

" OOWWWW!!!! " Connie shouted as she felt the jabbing of what felt like 4 needles simultaneously into her body. She arched herself upward as her eyes opened wide in shock and she grabbed the back of the chair to pull herself off whatever had stuck her. However, it was at that instant that she found her body had locked in place and would no longer move in the slightest. Her ability to talk and breathe vanished altogether though she was still conscious and aware. Before she had time to contemplate this predicament, she saw, to her horror, that her very body was starting to change in color and look. She saw her lower legs changing from their normal appearance to a shiny artificial look to them with no blemishes or freckles visible anywhere. Connie felt a growing sense of sexual excitement in spite of her situation in addition to a feeling of lightness like her body was becoming one filled with nothing but air or helium.

The change swept up rapidly through her body and Connie found she could barely move her head at all now. She felt her pussy change into the same material that her legs now were composed of and visible seams appearing on her legs and lower torso. She next felt her breasts slightly inflate and push against the leather bra under them as they formed mounds of soft yet rigid plastic capped by bright pink areolas and dime sized nipples. When Connie felt her mouth stretch and pull itself into an O-shape, she realized suddenly what was happening to her.

" A LOVE DOLL... I'M TURNING INTO A SEX TOY... A DAMN DOLL FOR SOMEONE.... WHY ME?... WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN ..." Connie screamed mentally as her eyes opened wide before becoming painted features like the rest of her as the process was completed and what was a living woman was now a rubber and latex love doll existing to give pleasure and nothing more. The doll slowly bobbed up and down as it's light air filled body waited for someone...anyone..

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Connie wasn't sure how much time passed as, in her current state, she found it impossible to focus anything but the erotic sensations that she was feeling. Suddenly, she saw a familiar face standing directly in front of her. It was the judge who had sentenced her to death earlier ! Judging by the big smile on his face, he was not the least bit surprised by the sight that greeted him.

" Ah, you must be the one I sentenced to be executed who just escaped custody according to the internet news reports. It was extremely fortunate for me that you found this chair I keep in my country house. Normally, I use it for my ' private hobby' but I recently had it modified to use as a prop for my proposal to my fellow justices. I call it the " Chair of Justice", a chair to be used on female convicts who are sentenced to die by the state. In my proposal, they would be given the option of being permanently turned into an inanimate love doll or face execution. Of course, that option may not exist if it ever comes to be part of law." the judge said as he quietly stripped the doll of its' clothing and jewelry.

" I'll wait a few months until the authorities have given up trying to find you and then I'll be getting you out again. Oh, and I should tell you that after a short amount of time, your conscious mind will fade away and be replaced by the simplistic thought of a love doll... at least that's the way it's planned." the mid 40's man said while pulling open the inflation plug and letting the air rush out.

" NOO!!! " the doll thought as it quickly went limp in his arms like a sheet of rubber. The judge then took a cardboard box and, putting the deflated doll in a bag, put the toy in the box. He then took the box upstairs to his bedroom for future usage.....

And the doll ? A new sentence for it... though whether Connie preferred it to her previous one would never be known...

She only knew there was a day coming of inflation.. and being used as the sex doll she now was..

Case closed...


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