Chef's Surprise

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


".....and after we come back from the break, I'll show you all how to make Canadian bacon soufflé with 7.... 7different herbs and spices!! " a dark haired man extolled to the audience seated in front of him. As the crowd burst into loud applause, the floor director signaled to the man, as well as the blonde haired woman next to him, that they were now in commercial. With that, the man ran over to the left to take a sip of water while the woman moved behind a large piece of staging and lit up a cigarette.

"Jack is certainly boisterous today..... maybe it's the fact that this is the last show of the week and we can get out of town to his cottage in the country....." Anne thought to herself as she took a deep drag on her cigarette. She knew the producers of the show "Great Cooking!" that she and Jack worked on frowned on anyone smoking while on the set but Anne figured that rules like that were meant for the staff and not an important person like herself.

"Psst... Anne.... 10 seconds......! " Anne's assistant Gloria called out as she leaned around the staging to speak with Anne.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Anne muttered as she tossed her cigarette on the floor and stomped it out with her right shoe. She then hurried out to her spot behind the counter beside Jack. With applause starting up once again, Jack welcomed the TV viewers back and the rest of the show went without a hitch.

At the end of the show, with the audience slowly filing out, Jack and Anne made their way back to the dressing rooms chatting about the upcoming weekend and so on. Anne had just entered her individual dressing room and was about to start changing into her own clothes when she heard a knock at her door. Figuring that it was Jack knocking to ask about some detail he had forgot to check with her, Anne went quickly to the door wearing only a bathrobe that was loosely tied at best.

To Anne's surprise and chagrin, it wasn't Jack knocking on the door but a dark haired stranger dressed in an expensive looking business suit waiting for her. Flustered somewhat, Anne quickly tied her robe a little tighter before turning her full attention to the visitor.

"Ummm..... can I help you?" Anne stammered as she heard a knock on a door to the far right of her right. She thought it might have been Jack's door but now was not the time to investigate.

"Sorry to have caught you at an inopportune time but your assistant informed that you leave for your place in the country rather quickly after the Friday show wraps up. If it's not too much of an inconvenience, I was wondering if I might be able to talk to you for five or so minutes about a business opportunity," the man said sincerely.

"Sheesh.... I hope it's not another guy trying to get me to invest in some revolutionary cookery that will change the way people prepare their meals......." Anne thought to herself as she smiled and motioned for the man to take a seat inside.

"I realize your time is rather limited so I'll get right to the point, Ms. Gables. My name is Bill Conolly and I represent a European TV consortium that is looking to put together a cooking show that can be syndicated throughout Europe with worldwide penetration being the ultimate goal. We've gone over an extensive list of people we think would be good to host the show and you're at the very top of the list. If you agree to leave your current job, we can offer a guaranteed three year contract that offers 25 % above what you're making now plus other incentives and a great incentive package that will satisfy all your needs and then some. Does this sound like the kind of offer you'd be interested in accepting?" the man asked Anne with his tone completely businesslike throughout his speech.

Anne was stunned by what she had just heard and was silent for several seconds. As if he was sensing some disbelief in what he had just said, Bill reached into the attaché case he was carrying and withdrew several multi colored pages. He handed them to Anne before sitting back and waiting for her to respond.

"Ummm..... ummmmm.... can I take the weekend to think this over. This is a lot for me to digest," Anne stammered while flicking through the pages nervously.

"Of course, Ms. Gables. My partners can give you until the end of next week for a response to the proposal. The only thing we ask is that you keep our private and not discuss it with anyone else especially the staff of the show you're currently part of," Bill said smoothly as he pulled himself to his feet and brushed out a wrinkle on his right trouser leg.

"Oh.... oh, sure, no problem at all. I'll have an answer for you by then. Is there a phone number that you can be reached at if I have any more questions about your proposal?" Anne asked as she tried to figure out why such a proposal was being made to her.

"My firm's email address is listed on the last page of our proposal and is monitored on a 24 hours basis. I know you're in a hurry so unless you have an immediate question, I shall take my leave. Please remember what I have said before about confidentiality..... my firm finds it VERY important. With that, I shall take my leave," Bill intoned as he stood up and tipped his hat in Anne's direction before leaving.

When the door to her dressing room closed and Anne was alone by herself, she let out a deep breath as if she was holding her breath for an extended amount of time. Glancing briefly at the documents before shoving them into a travel bag, the blonde haired woman finished changing into her outfit and quickly applied her make-up before heading out of the room.

"OOOFFF!!!!!" Anne gasped as she walked right inside someone outside her dressing room without even seeing him or her at all. Staggering backwards, she saw that the person she slammed into was none other than her boyfriend and co-host Jack.

"Whoah there, geez, Anne, you'd think you were already on the road to the cottage," Jack said with a wry smile crossing his face.

"Sorry, Jack. I've just, dunno, got a lot of things on my mind, I guess," Anne said softly while brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes.

"Oh. Uh.... I guess...umm.... I can see that but c'mon, it's Friday! Let's get the heck out of here and have some fun!" Jack replied enthusiastically after a moment or two of hesitation. Anne saw that he was holding several pieces of folded paper in his right side and was clutching them tightly next to his leg as if he was afraid Anne would see them.

Dismissing the sight quickly, Anne smiled and kissed Jack. "I'm with you, darling. Just let me swing by my place and I'll pick up that black bikini you like so much," she said softly while playing with the bottom of Jack's tie. Jack's face turned red and there was a slight bulge visible in his trousers as he absorbed what he heard.

"Ummm, I think that would be more than agreeable. In fact, why don't you pack that see through nightie that ya wore last month? I never got much of a chance to see you in it, if I remember right!" Jack whispered into her right ear as the two embraced. With that, the two walked quickly out of the studio and headed out to start the weekend.........

Monday morning.............

Anne arrived back to her place with a disconcerted look on her face evident as she walked in the front door and tossed her bags onto a nearby couch. She had planned on a relaxing weekend with Jack but thing didn't quite turn out as she had expected. For one thing, Jack seemed aloof and much quieter than his usual energetic self when they were sharing a weekend together. Another thing that bothered Anne was the mysterious phone call she answered during the Saturday afternoon part of the weekend. The female caller asked for Jack yet refused to give her name or the reason for her calling him. As it turned out, Jack happened to walk into the room at that point and took the call before any hassle materialized. However, when he finished the call, he was nonchalant to Anne's inquiries and said it was a woman who looked after his stock portfolio with a hot stock tip for him to mull over. Although she believed what he said, Anne though there was something in Jack's tone of voice that indicated there was something else going on.

"What the hell is going with Jack anyway?.......... can't be another woman as I've never seen him around any of them once we started dating...... yet he's acting so strange..... hmmmm........." Anne thought to herself as she got herself a drink from her fridge and sat down in her living room to mull things over. Sipping her drink, the blonde glanced over in the direction of her answering machine and saw that it was flashing, which indicated there were messages waiting. Rubbing her right hand over her forehead for a second or two as a bit of fatigue washed over her, Anne stood up and went over to check what messages were left for her.

The first three or four messages were fairly routine telemarketing calls looking to sell her cell phones or get her to sign up for a credit card. After erasing that bunch, Anne found that the last message seemed to be from Mr. Conolly in his usual serious tone. Bill's message was that, due to circumstances that were very much unforeseen, he requested that she give an answer to his proposal no later than midnight on Monday. Frowning as she had yet to really give the proposal any serious thought as to its answer, Anne thought about settling back and thinking things over when she glanced at her wrist watch. She let out a little gasp when she realized that it was later than she thought and she had to get to the studio ASAP.

90 minutes or so later.............

".......didn't think you were going to make it here for today's taping. To be honest, I'm glad you did as I've got something important to tell you after the show, ok?" Jack said to Anne in a mysterious tone.

Before Anne had a chance to reply, the theme music for the show started to play with several show personnel exhorting the audience to cheer loudly. The taping of the show went as usual and, at its conclusion, the staff quickly left the set leaving Jack and Anne seemingly alone.

"Ok, Jack, what is this important thing you want to tell me?" Anne asked her boyfriend and cohost while mentally thinking how ironic it was that HE was going to tell HER something important. After all, she was close to doing the same thing.

"Hmmmm, I guess that before I tell you, I should propose something a little more risqué. Why don't you hop on the prep table and I'll help you slip out of your apron.... and other things?" Jack said smoothly while glancing around as if to make sure no one else was lingering besides them.

Anne mentally blushed as she remembered the chats the two had in the past about exotic places they wanted to make love in. Aside from the usual places ( in an airplane washroom, in the outfield of the local baseball field and son ), one place both thought was intriguing was making love on the set they did the show at. With a sly smile crossing her face, the blonde haired woman cleared off the items on the table in question before sitting atop it and letting the straps for her apron slip from her shoulders. She watched as Jack dashed off for a minute to retrieve something that he said was important for their spontaneous lovemaking.

A few minutes later, Jack returned wearing only a bath robe carrying what looked like a bowl of fresh strawberries in his right hand. "I figure a quick little snack might help you with your energy level during our fling. Close your eyes and I'll feed you a couple right now," he murmured while plucking one of the berries out of the bowl.

Winking seductively, Anne closed her eyes and opened her mouth seductively as she waited for the treat. When Jack slipped the fruit into the blonde's mouth, Anne thought she detected the taste of chocolate as well as strawberry on her tongue though the chocolate was unlike any she had tasted before. She was going to ask Jack where he got the treat but he had slipped another piece of fruit even before she finished swallowing.

After a few minutes of this, Anne was starting to feel a bit odd as if her strength was starting to leave her body. She tried to ask Jack if he noticed anything wrong with her but she couldn't get out more than a few unintelligible words. A minute or so later, she sagged backwards and her mind tumbled into an unconscious state at the same time.

An unknown amount of time later............

".......must admit that your former co-host will fit in very well in you first show, Mr. Jones. Are you sure that your former employers will accept both of you leaving in such a abrupt manner?" a familiar voice asked in a conversation that was taking place out of Anne's line of sight. When she tried to turn her head to figure out who was talking and where she was, she discovered, to her shock and horror, that she couldn't move at all! Anne tried to yell out to draw the attention but found her ability to speak even a word was gone as well!

"I had dropped a few hints to them that I was going to op out of my contract at month's end and by exercising the 72 hour walkaway clause, they'll put their show on hiatus while they look for a new pair of hosts. As for Anne, the news of her going missing during her trip to meet me in the mountains will be quite tragic. I just hope I'm able to hold back the tears at the news conference," a voice sounding very much like Jack replied with little sincerity evident in the last few words.

"Jack? Jack, do you have something to do with me being unable to move? You bastard! I thought.... what are you doing...mmmmphhh....." Anne screamed mentally before she felt something being shoved into her mouth that tasted much like the strawberries she was eating before. However, there was something else in the item that seemed odd as it slid down her throat and Anne realized she shouldn't have swallowed the food so easily.

A few moments later, Jack walked into Anne's line of sight though her head was cocked to the side so she didn't have much of a view otherwise. "Well, Anne, I suppose I should tell you that the company which approached you also approached me as well. However, my offer was a bit more complex as it involved becoming the host of a late night adult only TV show and bringing a product with me that was guaranteed to improve their product sales. I figure that the best way to do that was to introduce a new and amazingly realistic sex doll- YOU!" the man said as he ran his hands over the blonde's face and shoulders.

"JACK!!!!.... YOU BASTARD!!.... YOU BETTER PRAY THAT I DON'T FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS!!... I'LL MAKE YOU PAY, YOU..... OOOOHHHH!!!!!!" Anne mentally shouted in defiance before her thoughts were interrupted by the sensation that her body was, in some way, changing. This wild thought was confirmed when a mirror was brought into her line of sight by Bill, the man who Anne realized was ultimately responsible for her predicament. When she saw her reflection, Anne realized that her hopes of escaping her situation were fading as fast as the blemishes and freckles on her increasingly shiny skin.

Anne watched in silent horror as the glossiness spread rapidly from head to toe with what appeared to be seams forming along her arms and legs that would indicate she was becoming an object made of sheets of vinyl and latex sewn together by a machine. Despite her situation, she mentally moaned in pleasure as he felt her pussy, as well as her anus, start to twitch and contort on their own. Seconds later, she saw her anus form into a perfect O shape with the interior becoming a bright pink sac of rubber and latex. Although she couldn't see it, Anne assumed that the same thing was happening to her pussy and she now had two openings that resembled any sex toy sold in an adult novelty store.

"THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!..... MMMMMMMM...... THIS IS JUST A NIGHTMARE.... A BAD CASE OF FOOD POISIONING!!..... I CAN'T BE..... OOOHHHH!!!!!!..... BE TURNING INTO A LOVE DOLL!!" Anne mentally screamed even as what she was trying to disbelieve swept into her upper torso. Her breathing, which was already coming out in short, ragged breaths, ceased altogether while her breasts swelled in size by at least a cup. Seams similarly to what saw on her limbs became visible around both of her enlarged breasts with bright pink nipples and areolas capping both of her inflated tits. Her mouth stretched and twitched with her teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed into a rubber sac that was already longing to be filled by a dick or sex toy. The exterior of Anne's mouth formed into a perfect circular opening with red lips that were perfect for pleasing a future owner.

"A SEX DOLL!!!.... A DAMNED SEX TOY..... TOY.... I HOPE MY OWNER TOYS WITH ME SOON....." Anne thought as a simplified thinking of a love doll started to overwhelm her thinking. With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features that had a look of frozen lust visible in them and her hair changed to yellow nylon threads that were sewn into her head directly, the transformation of the woman into an inanimate love doll was complete and the doll wobbled ever so slightly on the counter.

"I guess we better put her away until we're ready to start taping the first show," Jack said as he moved his hand over to where a clear inflation valve was sticking out of the doll's back and pulled it open.

Anne's world quickly faded to darkness...............

An unknown amount of time later............

".......welcome to today's show and I want to remind everyone watching that the content of this program is strictly for adults only so if you're under 18, please move to something more civilized like afternoon European TV. Without further adieu, I'll pass the show to our host Jack Anderson! Take it away, Jack!" a pudgy man standing before a floor mike said before gesturing to the right and the set there.

"Thanks, Rory! As our audience can see, I've inflated the doll to maximum capacity thanks to overhead hoses we have here at the show and have set a vibration level for the doll's opening at about 75 % to ensure that I receive maximum pleasure from the use of its 3 openings," a naked Jack said as he climbed up onto a wooden table and bent down behind the dollified Anne, who was posed with her lower legs tucked under her and her hands in front of her.

"Make sure to apply plenty of lubrication before using any of the three openings on your toy. We'll discuss which types are the best ones for usage in a later segment of the show," Jack said as he entered the doll's pussy with his hard cock with an humming noise audible as he rammed back and forth.

For the doll that used to be Anne, it was happy being used for the purpose it was made for. For the tiny bit of Anne that was still part of the love doll, there was the maddening knowledge that she did get to host a new show after all....

Just not in the way she envisioned.....


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