The Choice

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; magic; transform; lovedolls; nc; X


Gwen and Donna had been room mates for about two years after they met at a local college party. The two almost immediately discovered that they had a lot in common including everything from an interest in old science fiction TV shows and movies to healthy sexual desires. Judging by the parade of men that came and went from their apartment, they also both had trouble settling into a long term relationship.

As it happened, both had no plans for a weekday night after their respective workdays had ended so they decided to make a girl's night in. Gwen went down to the local convenience store to pick up some pop, beer and popcorn while Donna sorted through her DVD collection for some scary movie titles to watch that evening.

" Hmmm.... let's see... Outer Limits... nahhh.... Night Gallery... nope.... Star Trek.... some other night..... hmmmm... Twilight Zone.... ahh... the classic black and white episodes..... these are cool to kick back and watch! " Donna exclaimed softly as she pulled out a black and white DVD case

Ten or so minutes later, Gwen returned carrying two plastic bags full of junk food plus a couple of tabloid newspapers for the two to look at and laugh while watching TV. After they got their drinks and changed into comfortable clothes, the two settled in as the familiar theme music started to play.

Several hours later, the room looked much like a college dorm room with empty beer cans and kernels of popcorn strewn over the floor and furniture. Gwen and Donna had alternated between laughing at the images appearing on the screen and drawing themselves up tightly into balls as the tension mounted in a particular episode. They discussed the ending for each tale with Donna suggesting what a real life person might do in a particular situation.

Just as the watches and clocks chimed the fact that it was now midnight exactly, there was a knock at the apartment's door. Puzzled by the lateness of the visitor, Donna clicked off the TV and jumped up to see who was at the door. When the blonde opened the door, she found a mid 40's man dressed in a long rain jacket with a bowler hat on his head and carrying a mid size package in his hands.

" I apologize for visiting at this late hour, Miss Donovsan, but part of the terms of my employment is that I can't visit potential clients prior to the stroke of midnight. If you'll allow me inside your charming home, I'm prepared to make you an offer that will be unlike anything you've heard before in your lives, " the man said sincerely and with an honest ring in his voice.

Ordinarily, upon hearing such an outrageous statement by a complete stranger, Donna would have laughed derisively and declined the stranger's request. However, between the beer and the TV watching of mysterious fantasy episodes, Donna was feeling pretty good and her curiosity was piqued by the request so she ushered in the man.

Taking off his rain jacket and bowler hat, the mysterious man handed his garments to Donna and moved over next to the kitchen table. After motioning Gwen and Donna to take seats around the table, he set his package atop the table and slowly began to unwrap it.

A few seconds later, the two women saw what looked like a metal rectangular case with no artwork or anything visible on the sides. On the top of the case, there appeared to be what looked like a large red button with a clear plastic bubble visible below it. Other than that, there were no other markings or indications what the purpoe of the item was for.

Once everyone was comfortable, Donna introduced Gwen to her visitor, who smiled and said he knew who she was. The man went on to introduce himself as Mr. Leblanc, an employee of a company geared to supply various types of items to clients worldwide. To procure the items, the company sent agents to various homes that were randomly chosen with a unique offer that was totally legitimate, no matter how outrageous it seemed.

" The offer is this: the device you see before is specifically designed for a unique power. It is activated when the button atop is depressed and can't be stopped until it is finished. My company is prepared to pay the two of you $10,000 once you depress the button. However, this offer is only good for seven days so if you don't push the button before then, I will return for the item at that time and move onto the next client, " the company agent said somberly.

" Umm...what exactly does this thing do anyway? " Gwen inquired as she nervously eyed the device in question.

" This item, to put it simply, is designed to transform two individuals into inanimate objects according to the company's inventory needs. Before you ask, this will not involve any of your friends and family in terms of who it is directed at. To you, the two ' future items' will be complete strangers. Once you depress the button, I will show up at your door with a suitcase containing the money in question. No one will ever know what happened unless either of you decide to tell someone and I rather doubt anyone would believe such a story, " Mr. Leblanc replied in a tone that never wavered.

Gwen and Donna looked at each other with mutual looks of shock and disbelief visible on their faces. After an uncomfortable minute or two of silence, Donna coughed slightly before focusing her gaze on the mysterious Mr. Leblanc and the proposal. " Lemme get this straight. You'll pay us $10,000 to push a button that turns two strangers into a coat rack or TV or something like that. Why wouldn't you do that on your own to begin with and why such a large sum of money for such a simple task? " she asked firmly.

Mr. Leblanc nodded in understanding. " Well, to answer the first part, the reason we ask individuals such as yourselves to push the button is that when it comes to the operation of devices such as these, the employees of the company are forbidden from using it themselves. As for the other part of your question, the sum of money we pay out is below what we sell the transformed individuals for to the buyers that are located around the world, " he said in a straight forward manner.

Somewhat satisfied by the response, the women spent the next thirty seconds or so gazing at the device and at Mr. Leblanc in silence. Finally, Donna stood up and started to pace back and forth wringing her hands nervously. She paused as if to ask a question but remained silent.

" With that, Gwen and Donna, I shall take my leave. The only communications I will have with you is to deliver the money or retrieve the unused device in seven days. I bid you good night, " Mr. Leblanc intoned before bowing slightly and leaving quickly and quietly.

" Ummmm.......if I didn't know better, I'd swear this was April 1 and someone was trying to play an April Fool's joke on us. I mean, this sounds so ridiculous, " Gwen said as she ruffled her hair with her right hand.

" It is weird, huh? Let's call it a night for now and we'll talk about this more in the morning. After all, we've got a week to decide what to do, " Donna exclaimed in a solemn tone that indicated she was taking the whole proposal far more seriously than her room mate.

With that, the two headed off to their individual beds where they both fell quickly to sleep thought it was a restless one. Indeed, over the next six days, Gwen and Donna debated the proposal over and over again. Once Gwen got over her initial disposition, she wanted to know if it was morally right for them to get rid of two people in such a bizarre manner. Donna replied that there was no way for them to know if Mr. Leblanc's claims about the device's abilities were true short of them asking for proof. Donna went on say that if the whole process involved two strangers to them, why not push the button and take the money?

" My god, are you that callous? Doesn't it bother you in the slightest that we change two people's lives, possibly forever, by doing this? Are you that money hungry? " Gwen said as she paced back and forth trying to weigh the decision the two were facing.

" Look, you're thinking that whoever gets targeted by this device, if it works anything like this Mr. Leblanc says it does, will be virtuous people on the verge of curing cancer or something like that. How do we know that the two people aren't cold hearted criminals just one step from going to jail for life? Or that they aren't fated to die tomorrow from some accident just as bizarre and freakish as the device delivers? The thing is, we don't and never will so why not push the button, collect the money and make our lives a little better in the meantime? " Donna exclaimed sincerely as she nodded towards the metal device that was the focus of the debate.

" I.... maybe...... I guess what you say makes sense...... " Gwen said slowly as she glanced around the modest furnishings of the two's apartment.

" Great! Time to get things done! " Donna exclaimed as she jumped up from where she was sitting and ran over to the table.

" Hey! Wait a second, I didn't say that I agreed...." Gwen shouted as she stood up with her eyes widening in what looked like horror.

Flipping open the plastic hood, Gwen slapped down on the red plunger with her right palm and held it there for a second or two. After removing her hand, Gwen and Donna ( the latter had her mouth open in shock) stood in silence for thirty seconds or so waiting for a sign that the device had carried out its task. However, the room remained silent as they stood and waited with no sign whatsoever of anything out of the ordinary happening.

" Well, I guess we'll see if Mr. Leblanc makes good on his promise. Until then, I'm going to put this out of sight in case any of the neighbors come by and... ugghhh... geez.... " Gwen said as she put her hands around the metal box and tried to pull it off the table with no success. Even with Donna's help, the two couldn't move the box even an inch from the table. After several more minutes of trying, Gwen gave up and decided to throw a cloth over it until it was retrieved by its owner.

Thirty or so minutes later, there was a knock on the apartment door. When Gwen opened it, she found the mysterious Mr. Leblanc waiting at the doorway and holding a large gray metal suitcase in his right hand. Tipping his hat to greet her, he walked into the apartment and immediately headed for the table where the device sat.

After removing the cloth draped over the box that he had brought just under a week ago, Leblanc sat the briefcase next to it and, flipping open the locks on it, opened it for the two women to view the contents. Despite the man's earlier promise, Donna and Gwen openly gasped at the sight of bundles of cash aligned in rows in the suitcase.

" As I promised you just under seven days ago, here is your payment for the satisfactory conclusion of your end of this transaction. I will leave you now to decide whatever your plans are for this money, " Mr. Leblanc said simply as he turned to leave with his device.

" Hold on for a second or two, Mr. Leblanc or whatever your real name is. It seems to me that the money you're paying us for this transaction is a little on the low side. Considering the fact that you seemed to need us to activate the device for a result that benefited you directly, I think we should receive more cash for our part in the whole deal..... say DOUBLE what you paid us. After all, we ARE keeping quiet about this whole arrangement and I'd hate to see our continued silence be disturbed by worrying over our future financial affairs, " Donna said coldly while ignoring her room mate's soft protestations.

Mr. Leblanc stopped in his tracks and gazed back at the two women. " Well, that is a most interesting proposition. Ordinarily, I'd decline your proposal immediately but I detect something in your tone of voice that indicates I should bring your proposal to my superiors immediately. You shall have the decision from my superiors before tomorrow at midnight and as a sign of good faith, I shall leave the company's property here for now, " Mr. Leblanc said in the same flat monotone that he used seemingly every time he spoke. Depositing the metal box in the middle of the living room door, the man turned and left the apartment without a back glance.

" Are you nuts? You decide at the last minute to ask for more money and you don't tell me anything before hand! Don't you think this could be a little dangerous? " Gwen asked in a voice that, if anything, was even more hysterical than during their discussions.

" Geez, are you going to go to pieces every time someone takes a stand around you? Look, Donna, think about this for a second. A company that's willing to pay money for us to enact some fiendish scheme for them has to have deep pockets. You've always talked about traveling to Europe and hitching up with some rich guy who has a home on the Riviera. Don't you think that dream could go a little farther with more money to spend? " Donna asked her room mate hoping to settle her down.

After a minute or so of silence with her eyes looking downwards, Gwen slowly nodded in agreement though, as before, her face clearly showed she was still wrestling with the whole situation in her mind. Over the next 24 or so, her mood improved considerably to the point that she was talking about what kind of man she would be looking for in Europe in the near future. The blonde haired woman even showed her room mate several outfits that she might entice the glance from a wealthy tycoon or two.

Just after supper, and with several hours to go before Leblanc's deadline for his reply, Donna was just stepping out of her shower and had wrapped a towel around her body when she heard her room mate calling for her from her bedroom. When Donna went and stood in Gwen's doorway, she saw her dark haired friend was stretched out on her back on top of her bed. Gwen had taken off most of her clothing and was clad only in her bra and panties.

" Ummm, Gwen, why don't you put your clothes back on in case that Leblanc fellow swings by with our money? " Donna asked her friend leaving out the part that the mysterious man might have something or someone with him besides money.

" Ohhh, pshaww....he won't be coming by for hours and hours. Why don't you lie down with me here and we'll think up things we can do with that money? " Gwen called out as she stretched and tucked her hands behind her head in a very relaxed manner.

If Donna didn't know better, she would have suspected that her room mate had been drinking that evening judging by the giddy nature in her voice. However, with the prospect of a large sum of money landing in the two's laps in a matter of hours, Donna decided to humor her room mate and stretched out beside her friend.

" Ya know, I was just thinking that there was nothing stopping you from joining me in Europe and hooking up with a man of your own. I mean, your boyfriend just dumped you to take some high paying job in India so it's not like you have any close ties in the..... mmmmm.... the area, " Gwen said softly while twitching slightly as she spoke.

Listening only to her room mate's words, Donna quickly responded to Gwen's idea. " Well, the idea of champagne and caviar is nice but there are..... hmmmmm.... plenty of opportunities for us in this area. In fact I.... oooh.... I saw ..... mmmm .... feel tingly all of a sudden, " the blonde murmured as her eyes fluttered in response to unexpected pangs of pleasure that seemed to be washing over her body.

" Yeah.... mmmmmm.... I know.... uhhhh... know what you mean.... it's.... good..... though...... " Gwen murmured as she stared forward with a dreamy expression on her face. She could see her reflection in a dressing mirror she kept across from her bed in her room and what happened in the next few seconds was startling to say the least. Her bra and panties were disappearing right before her eyes yet strangely this didn't seem to bother Gwen in the slightest. Moments later, Donna's clothing started to vanish as well leaving her completely nude though she also seemed oblivious to the startling events.

" I could lay here all day.... mmmmmm...... " Donna murmured as a contented smile remained on her face. As the two women laid back with a soft cooing noise of pleasure audible from them, there started to be a very unusual glossiness appearing on their bodies with pimples, freckles and other imperfections disappearing rapidly around their extremities. However, if Donna and Gwen were noticing the drastic changes to their nude forms, they weren't showing any signs of it as they continue to lay peacefully on the bed.

" I.... I wonder when Leblanc is coming...... OOHHHHH!!!..... THAT... FEELS SO GOOD!!!!..... " Gwen moaned as her eyes twitched in response to the erotic sensations flowing through her. She let out a little gasp of contentment as she felt her pussy contort before forming into a thin pink slit with the interior becoming the same artificial material that her body was becoming. Her room mate Donna was uttering the same notes of satisfaction as her nipples and areolas were becoming bright pink in color with the surrounding areas taking on the same glossy texture that her pussy and feet were showing as well.

" It should be.....yesssss!!!..... sooonnnnn....... HUH?...... WHAT THE? " Donna said softly before a sense of normalcy returned to part of her thinking and she realized what was happening to her. She desperately tried to sit up or move any part of her body but the best she could do was wobbling very slightly side to side. Judging by the movements next to her, Gwen was realizing the same thing but was just as limited in her response as Donna was.

" I'm...... we're.... I..think.... WE'RE BECOMING LOVE DOLLS!!!... FUCK TOYS!!!!...... " Gwen wailed though her voice was much lower in volume than she intended. In fact, both her and Donna's voices quickly diminished to nothing more than whispers that couldn't be heard outside the room they were in.

The transformation for both women swept upwards as flesh and bone became shiny rubber and latex devoid of any human imperfections or signs that they were alive. Long seams were starting to become visible on their limbs as well as across their waists. The wobbling of their bodies as the two struggled was decreasing rapidly in direct proportion to the changes sweeping through their bodies.

" I.... this.... we..... NOOOOO!!!!!!...... " Donna moaned before falling silent as the change reached her upper torso and her ability to speak, as well as her breathing, vanished altogether. Her breasts seemed to swell and enlarge by at least one cup size even as they changed to twin mounds of latex that were firm yet somewhat malleable. Donna's nipples and areolas became bright pink in color with the areolas becoming idealized circles and the nipples lengthening to several inches that would tempt any man to nibble or suck on them.

"THIS... THIS CAN'T BE... THIS ISN'T FAIR....... OOOOHHHH!!!!....." Gwen mentally shouted as she struggled to maintain her grip on sanity even as changes similar to the ones happening to Donna rippled through her body. The brunette sensed what seemed like an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back for her to be inflated or deflated at the whim of her body.

At the same time, Gwen felt her face start to change as her transformation into an inanimate love doll neared its completion. Her head swelled slightly as the hollow sensation she felt elsewhere in her body was now evident above her shoulders. Gwen's mouth twitched and contorted like her other openings had previously with her teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed into a smooth rubber sac that was already longing to be filled. With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features and her hair becoming synthetic threads of black nylon, Gwen's transformation into an inflatable, and very realistic, love doll was complete.

A few seconds later, Donna's change was finished as well and two latex toys laid silently on the bed with no sign whatsoever that there were ever human. For the women, their thoughts ranged from how this could have happened to them to who was going to use them for pleasure.

A short time later, the two dolls heard a disturbance emanating from the living room followed by a familiar face entering the bedroom carrying a device that was similar to the one they had.

"Ah, I see everything has gone according to plan and then some. I suppose I should test you two dolls out to make sure everything is in order, " Mr. Leblanc said as he set the metal device he was carrying on the floor and sat on the bed between the two realistic sex dolls. Withdrawing a bright pink dildo from his jacket pocket along with a tube of ointment, he smeared the end of the dildo with the cream before inserting it into the bright pink opening that was now Gwen's vagina. At the same time, he took the index finger of his free hand and inserted inside Donna's mouth. A smile crossed the man's face as he saw, as well as felt, the dolls immediately start to suck on the objects in their openings. After thirty seconds or so of this, Leblanc removed the dildo and his finger from the dolls and stood back up.

" I know you two can still hear me on some level so let me explain what has happened in case you think I lied to you. As I said before, the device that was left in your care, when activated, would not cause any physical changes to you or your loved ones. However, I never said that there wasn't more than one of these devices in circulation and that one similar to the one you possessed might be activated by someone YOU don't know. I know, an important detail but if I told you it you might not go through with the deal. Speaking of which, I do have two recently created mannequins to pick up a short distance from here. Don't worry, though, I'll be back to deflate you and introduce you to you new homes, " Mr. Leblanc said as he nodded slightly in the dolls' direction before turning and leaving the room.

The inanimate love dolls were left alone on the bed with their minds bouncing between chastising themselves for giving into their inherent greed and wondering who their new owners would be....

Details they were no longer in control of.......



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