Company Dolls

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lovedoll; magic; transform; nc; X

Esmerelda tapped on the desk with her pen as she gazed at the computer monitor in front of her. Judging by the pronounced frown on her face, the owner of Adult Products and Accessories ( APA was its' stock symbol) was not a happy woman to say the least. According to the figures the woman was looking at, her company was operating at a loss for the last four months and projections over the next year were dismal to say the least.

Turning the monitor off, Esmerelda leaned back in her chair and stared at the ceiling in quiet contemplation. She mulled over her options of how to solve her problems but there was one thing she could not do: use her powers of witchcraft to fix her financial problems. When she decided to live in the mortal world, the High Council of Witches had reminded her of the decree they had made long ago that she could not use her powers to better her finances and that she should not use her spellcasting abilities blatantly in full public view.

" If it wasn't for the High Council's edict, I'd turn that bitch Serena into a big statue of gold, melt her down into bars and make the money I need by selling her to antique dealers and collectors. I wonder, though, if I can get around the edict and still get rid of that slut, " Esmerelda thought to herself as she sat up in her chair and started thumbing through her rolodex. She was about to start dialing phone numbers of people she thought suitable to replace the product manager when her cell phone started chiming.

To her consternation, it was her husband Dick calling to tell her he had to cancel their plans for the weekend as he had to go out of town to attend an advertising and marketing meeting that the firm he worked for was holding. After mentally grumbling for a moment, Esmerelda wished her husband well at his meeting and exchanged words of love and affection with him before hanging up.

" Geez, this day just keeps getting worse and worse by the moment.... I better find a replacement for Serena to improve it in a hurry..... " the witch thought as she started dialing the numbers she had selected. After finishing arranging the interviews for the following week, she turned her attention back to what was most troubling to her: her company's sagging finances.

Esmerelda figured that part of the problem was that most of the company's products were geared towards the male 18-49 customers particularly with the love doll products. If she could discover a way to tap into the female side of the equation, her company would be much better off. Looking at some notes she had jotted down, she figured that her company would produce a new love doll that would be for the woman like herself who spends time away from a husband that may be fooling around her. If the product ( specially imbued with a spell she cast) worked the way she envisioned, the woman who bought the doll would be very happy indeed with her purchase.

She was just sketching out pictures of what she figured the prototype would look like when her desk phone lit up indicating an incoming call from the personnel department. Picking up the phone, Esmerelda heard the familiar voice of Camellia, head of the department, letting her know that Serena wouldn't be able to attend the meeting with Esmerelda as she had called in sick earlier in the day.

" Hmmmph... can't even show up to be fired.... sheesh... I bet she's off enjoying an early start to the weekend... maybe I'll take a peek and see..... " Esmerelda thought to herself as she stood up from her desk and, grabbing her organizer, went into her private bathroom.

Looking into her organizer briefly, the witch then gazed into the large mirror that loomed over the sink. Speaking several words in Latin while gesturing with her hands rapidly, Esmerelda watched as the mirror's surface turned from normal glass to a swirling pink smoked opening.

" Show me Serena ! " Esmerelda intoned while looking at the mirror. Moments later, the smoke started to clear somewhat showing what looked like the interior of Serena's house. However, the images that followed caused Esmerelda's jaw to drop open and her eyes to spark with intense anger. The witch saw Serena and Dick walk into view holding hands in a very intimate manner before stopping and embracing in an intimate manner. Moments later, there was a long kiss accompanied by both of them exploring each other's body with their hands. Esmerelda gestured angrily at the mirror causing the image to fade away before she saw anything more of the secret tryst.

" Damn them.... damn them both to hell ! " the witch fumed out loud as she stormed back into her office and flopped down a nearby couch to brood over what she had just seen. After a few minutes of contemplating her options, she came to several conclusions of how she should react to what she just found out. The first thing she decided was that she would forgive Dick as she loved him too much to say goodbye. She also partially blamed her heavy workload and long periods of time away from home for causing Dick to astray from his wedding vows.

As for Serena, Esmerelda was more determined than ever to get rid of the little bitch but how to do it without violating the Witches Council's edict ? That was one question that Esmerelda pondered as she stood up and went back to her desk to think over her options. She stared at her desk for several minutes while randomly gathering up the papers on and about its' top and turning off her computer monitor. The witch was about to stand up and do a little pacing back and forth when she glanced at the sketches of her prototype love doll she had done earlier. As the seconds ticked by, an evil and truly wicked smile appeared on Esmerelda's face and she nodded as if answering an unspoken question.

" Well, well, what's that saying ? Two birds with one stone.... yes, this will do nicely..... " Esmerelda said as she spun herself around in her chair in obvious delight.

Monday afternoon.......

Serena entered Esmerelda's office feeling everything from trepidation to nervousness and even anticipation as she waited for her boss. When she got back from her road trip, she found a message waiting for her from her boss stating for Serena to be at a meeting just before the end of the day in the head office. The message also mentioned the fact that Esmerelda was heading out of town so it would be a short meeting.

Emboldened by the message, Serena decided to prepare for yet another secret tryst with Dick by wearing a sexy, black laced corset, see through and barely hiding her private areas, to work that day under her normal clothes. Before heading up for the meeting she was currently waiting for, she went into her office and slipped out of her outer wear before throwing on a long, white lab coat over herself making sure no one could see her lack of clothing underneath.

" If I can get out of this meeting quick enough and not have a bunch of crap from the bitch to deal with, I can get hold of Dick and we can have some fun while she's out of town, " Serena thought to herself while absently twisting one of her long locks of sandy brown hair. She was about to walk over and pour herself a cup of imported Czech coffee ( with a blend perfected by overworked computer technicians of that country) when Esmerelda stormed into the room and took a seat behind her desk.

" All right, Serena, come over here next to me. I want to conduct this meeting face-to-face with you so there's no misunderstanding what I'm going tell you today. This affects your future so you might want to pay close attention, " Esmerelda said as she got out what looked like a large red candle and black mat and put it on top of her desk.

" What's the old hag up to... is she inviting me to a meal or does she have something crazy in mind ? " Serena thought as she timidly walked up to the desk and stood next to her boss, who was wearing a strange looking blue and white overcoat.

" Just stand right there, Serena. I've got my daily ritual to perform that is based on an old family tradition of evoking the spirits of good luck and fortune, " Esmerelda said with a mysterious smile as she lit the candle and placed both her hands on the mat.

" Geez, she's even wackier than what Dick suggested. Maybe I should tell Dick about this and he can get a quickie divorce from her based on diminished capacity..... uhhhh.... why do I feel so strange all of a sudden? " Serena thought to herself before her thinking was interrupted by what seemed like an intensely erotic feeling that seemingly passed through her entire body.

At that same moment, Esmerelda had started to chant what seemed like sort of ancient Latin words while gesturing feverishly in the air above the mat. She would pause every few seconds and gesture dramatically in Serena's direction before resuming her fevered chanting. This went on for several minutes with Esmerelda occasionally rocking back and forth in her chair and rolling her eyes dramatically.

During the whole ritual, Serena remained silent with her hands clenched tightly to her lab coat as if she was using them to anchor herself from emitting a loud whoop of laughter over what she was seeing. Strangely, the erotic feelings she was experiencing were growing more intense by the second and she felt her nipples starting to slightly harden in response to them.

After another minute or two, Esmerelda stopped her chanting and hand waving abruptly. Before Serena could ask a question or say anything, she felt herself surrounded by a faint yellow tinged aura. She tried to ask what the hell was going on or even take a step towards her boss but found her ability to speak or move had vanished.

" Geez, did this crazy bitch do something with all her mumbo jumbo?.... ya don't suppose she is sort of witch?.... uhhhh... I feel pretty good though.... if only...... " Serena thought to herself as the pleasure she had started to feel before seemed to increase. Oddly, her immobility and inability to tell anybody about it didn't seem to bother her as much as it normally would have as the pleasure going through her body seemed to blot out all her normal thinking.

However, Serena's mental enjoyment abruptly ended when Esmerelda pulled out a fairly large mirror from her desk and set it down so Serena could see herself in it. Strangely, Esmerelda also turned her computer monitor so that Serena could see it as well.

" I don't want to just stand here the rest of my life.... I swear, Esmerelda, I wasn't trying to seduce your husband... it was all just a game.... well, in the beginning, it was but.... HUH??.... " Serena thought to herself before she noticed, to her amazement, that her thoughts were showing up on the monitor she was staring at. It was as if she was typing the words at the same time that she was thinking them. At the same time, she saw her reflection in the mirror from what she looked like at the present to one of her wearing just her lingerie and finally an image of her completely naked. She glanced around as best she could and saw she was still wearing clothes which conflicted with what she was seeing.

Suddenly, Serena felt another jolt of extreme pleasure ripple through her body but this felt different to her this time. Glancing down with her eyes, she saw her breasts seemed to be swelling and pushing outwards against her corset and the lining of her lab coat. She also felt what seemed like a growing sense of lightness creep through her body as if she was becoming something that was not human.

When she gazed at the image in the mirror once again, it confirmed what she was feeling. She saw blemishes and freckles rapidly disappearing from her entire body as her skin seemed to be taking on an artificial appearance with what appeared to be a tan color. The pleasure that had started rippling through her body just a few minutes ago was increasing in strength at the same time her body was changing.

Although Serena couldn't talk any longer, a faint gasp escaped from her lips as she felt her pussy start to twitch and contort on it's own. She saw, in her reflection, her pussy forming into a perfect ovular shape with the interior turning bright, artificial pink in color. As she looked on in silence, the image in the mirror seemed to rotate around to show her from the backside and the changes that were happening to her there. She saw ( and felt) her anus move upwards by several inches before forming into the same O shaped opening as her pussy. She also saw something growing out of the small of her back that, crazy as it seemed, looked like an inflation plug for adding or subtracting air.

" What's going on?.... What's Esmerelda doing to me?...... Esmerelda, let me go.... I'll quit my job, move far away and never have anything to do with Dick again.... please let me go!..... please... oooohhhh.... " Serena mentally pleaded even as pleasure continued to assail her mindset over and over. She saw her pleas show up on the monitor screen upon which Esmerelda turned and regarded the newest thoughts of Serena quietly as if she was considering granting the request.

" Sorry, my dear, but I'm afraid I'll be only able to grant part of your request today. After this little incantation is done, you won't have to work your job anymore so that part I can give you. However, I'm quite sure you won't be going too far from my home in the near future and, in fact, you'll be having a lot more to do with Dick from now on, " Esmerelda said with a trace of irony evident in her voice.

" More time with Dick....?...... what do you mean?.... ohhhhh...... " Serena thought before another, perhaps most intense so far, wave of pleasure rippled through her as her transformation continued upwards. She could see what looked like seams were now very prominent on the mirror image even as her breathing ceased altogether. She felt her breasts become rigid mounds of latex that were firm yet looked to be squeezable by someone like Dick. Her normal nipples and areolas were being replaced by similar ones that were bright pink in color and seemed to beg to be fondled, sucked or nibbled.

When her transformation reached her head and shoulders, Serena felt her head tilt back slightly and she was no longer able to view the monitor or mirror. However, at this point, she was becoming certain what it was that she was changing into even as her mouth's interior dissolved and formed into a smooth rubber sac.

" A LOVE DOLL... I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL.... ESMERELDA IS TURNING ME INTO NOTHING MORE THAN AN INFLATABLE FUCK TOY!!!...... WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?.... SHE'S A WITCH, SHE COULD HAVE TURNED ME INTO A FROG OR A BAT BUT GOES FOR THIS.... AN INANIMATE SEX DOLL!!! " Serena mentally wailed as she found herself slightly bobbing back and forth with her lightweight latex and rubber body buffeted by the waves of cool air emanating from a nearby A/C unit.

" Why am I doing this, Serena? Let's just say that having you in this state makes my plan that much easier to play out. Hmmm... very nice, " Esmerelda murmured as she reached over from where she was sitting and pulled open the white smock on the doll. She noticed how the frilly black lingerie's straps were pressing deeply against the love doll's glossy skin while simultaneously pushing upwards her firm, hollow breasts.

" Let me just relieve you those garments, my little love dolly. Oh, don't worry, though, I'll find some new garments to show off your sexy new body, " Esmerelda murmured as she pulled off the smock somewhat roughly with her right hand. The witch's efforts resulted in the doll becoming unbalanced and tipped towards the seated woman. Chuckling softly with her tongue clucking in mock disapproval, Esmerelda reached up with her left hand and stopped the love doll from landing on her or toppling to the floor.

Standing up, Esmerelda proceeded to quickly strip the doll of its' corset, panties and high heels shoes before setting the doll lying face down on her desk. She then put the clothing in an empty cardboard box that was sitting next to her desk before returning her attention to the love doll.

" Well, Serena, I guess its' time for me to explain to you why I changed you into a love doll. You see, I've been thinking of starting up a new product line of sex dolls that would be bought by both men and women. The doll, such as yourself, is going to be enchanted so that when it is dressed in the lingerie that comes with it, it triggers a rather unique spell. When the man goes to use the doll ( regardless of whether the lingerie remains on the doll or not), his wife or girlfriend will feel the pleasure simultaneously as if the man is actually fucking her. To make sure there is no misgivings afterwards, the husband will feel like he has had a great night of sex with his wife instead of just fucking a sex doll. I think a sex toy that gives pleasure to both a man and woman simultaneously would be a great seller in the marketplace. Wouldn't you say so, Serena? " Esmerelda said as she flipped the doll over and whispered the last part as she leaned close to the doll's synthetic face.

" What?..... I'm some sort of test product for the company?... you bitch!.... how could you?....... " Serena mentally wailed in anger and distress. If her new state wasn't bad enough, the blonde felt her tormentor reaching around her back and rest her fingers against her inflation plug. The doll felt a momentary pang of intense pleasure but this was quickly washed away by Esmerelda tugging the plug open and the air escaping with a quiet hissss-ssss-ssss. As the air rushed out, the little bit of Serena's consciousness that remained disappeared as well until there was nothing left.

Once the doll was nothing more than a flattened piece of latex devoid of shape or form, Esmerelda, chuckling softly, carefully folded it up into a pile with its' lust filled face sitting on top. The witch then slid the doll into a clear plastic bag and then placed the bag inside the box with the clothes. After closing the box lid, Esmerelda gestured briefly at the box with her right hand and, moments later, the words LOVE DOLL FOR TWO appeared in bold type on the lid with Pleasure for both a man and woman... guaranteed! in smaller type below.

" I guess it's time to take you down to my car so I can drop you off at home before I leave for my trip. If everything goes according to plan, you'll be having a night of incredible passion with my husband.... and I'll be experiencing every single moment wherever I am. For me, it'll give new meaning to the phrase ' virtual sex'....Hahaha!!!!!!!! " Esmerelda chortled as she slid the box under her right arm and strode out of her office confidently.

Unbeknown to the witch, there was another individual viewing the activities at APA: a squirrel perched on the ledge next to a window of Esmerelda's office. If the sorceress had looked closely at the furry animal, she might have noticed its' eyes were almost inhuman in nature.

The squirrel's eyes were, in fact, a mirror much like Esmerelda's but the viewer of the office's activities was her chief rival Matilda. As the sorceress saw Esmerelda sashay out of the office in an arrogant stride she had seen far too often, Matilda slammed her hand down on the side of her large black cauldron.

" Damn that Esmerelda! I was hoping I could use Serena as a way of discrediting Esmerelda with our fellow witches but that stupid blonde bimbo had to make a play for Dick...... darn that bitch's luck!!!! " Matilda fumed as she waved at her wall mirror. As the surface returned to normal, the witch went over to the smooth rock tableau that she used to compose her potions and write down her incantations and sat down atop it.

Putting her right index finger to her lips, Matilda stared around the vast cave that she used for her private meditations outside her normal activities. As she gazed at the trinkets she stored in her centuries of existence, the raven haired woman's mouth slowly formed into a wicked smile.

" I think Esmerelda might have been too smart for her own good this time.... " Matilda muttered softly as she stood up and started to briskly walk around the cave scooping up items she'd need to make the plan she was formulating.

Three hours later....elsewhere......

Dick opened the front door to his home and stepped inside with a relieved look on his face. It was the end of another long week, his wife would be out of town for the weekend and he was looking forward to spending some time with Serena. Tossing his briefcase on the living room couch, the dark haired man made his way to the bedroom where he started to slowly take off his suit and prepare for the evening ahead. He had stripped down to his underwear when he noticed a box wrapped in blue and yellow paper, lying in the middle of the bed with what looked like a note sitting atop it. Intrigued, Dick stopped dressing and, leaning on the edge of the bed, plucked the paper off the box. He opened up the note expecting it to be from his wife and he was not disappointed:

Since I couldn't be at home with you on your
birthday, I thought this gift might keep you
entertained while I'm gone. Enjoy!


Cocking his head slightly in puzzlement upon finishing reading the note, Dick set it aside and turned his attention to the gift. Pulling the box closer to him, he unwrapped the box quickly and was surprised to find that it was one of those expensive, lifelike inflatable sex dolls that he had heard about from a few of his friends at work. Even more surprising, the pictures of the model the sex toy was supposed to look like when inflated bore an uncanny resemblance to Serena right down to the sultry wanton look on the model's face.

" Heh...... wait till I tell Serena about this...  she'll be shocked by how an adult toy manufacturer found a woman who looks like her to be a product cover subject..... hmmm... might as well try this out.... " Dick thought as he gently pulled off the contents of the box. He was amused to find that in addition to the deflated doll neatly folded up, there was an inflation pump and what looked like a lingerie outfit tucked neatly in a bag next to the sex toy. According to a note inside the box, the doll's owner should ' dress this amazingly realistic sex toy in the sensuous lingerie provided and it will greatly enhance the pleasure felt when using the doll'. Grinning, Dick took the inflation pump and quickly inflated the love doll to its' maximum proportions.

" Dick, it's me!!!... SERENA!!!!.... your wife did this!... I'm not just some fucking sex doll for you .... oooohhh ... don't touch me.... yessssssss!!!!..... " Serena thought as her mental shouts of protest quickly became mixed with ones of pleasure as she experienced the sensations of her soft vinyl skin being caressed by Dick as he slipped on the lacy black corset and stockings she had worn when still human.

When the lingerie was fully on the doll, the second part of Esmerelda's spell took effect and Dick's mind started to become cloudy. His perception of the scene before him changed dramatically though his mind, in the foggy state that it was in, didn't seem to notice the change. Instead of an inflatable love doll dressed in provocative lingerie lying in the middle of the bed, Dick now saw his wife, wearing the same clothing, beckoning to him from under the satin sheets on the bed.

" Let's make love, honey.... a night of nothing but hot, steamy love, " the voice of Esmerelda seemed to call out Dick from the bed. In reality, the room was completely silent save for Dick's breathing that was growing ragged with lust.

" I think I can accommodate you, darling, " Dick said with a smile as he quickly stripped off his clothing and climbed on the bed. In his mind, Esmerelda reached up with her arms and pulled her husband closer to her. However, in reality, Dick was pulled the doll's hollow latex arms upwards until they were wrapped around his body.

" Dick, I'm not your wife!..... it's Serena.... oooohhhh..... STOP THAT!!!!!....... DO IT AGAIN!!!..... NO!!!!!... " Serena mentally shouted even as the pleasure she was feeling from Dick groping her soft latex breasts and probing her inviting vagina with his hardening member threatened to wash away her protests. Indeed, as Dick's passion grew and his movements more fervored, all the doll wanted was to be fucked......and fucked again......

Several hundred miles, in an expensive hotel room, Esmerelda was starting to experience the reward of the spell's second component. As Dick started to have sex with the love doll in earnest ( unaware of its' true nature), Esmerelda, naked and lying in the middle of her bed, experienced the first of what she knew would be many waves of pleasure courtesy of the sex toy. Now that it had been dressed in the lingerie, the witch would feel the sensations of Dick's passionate usage of the doll wherever she was in the world. In a way, it was a bit of delicious irony - Serena had been spending the last few months (or longer) fucking her husband and now she would be able to continue in that role though Esmerelda would be the beneficiary of such passion.

Monday..... around noon........

Esmerelda arrived home from her plane trip in a better mood than she normally would have been. The pleasure she had felt earlier was quickly balanced by the fact that the plane she had originally boarded for the return trip had encountered mechanical problems shortly after take off. After the plane returned to its' original airport, Esmerelda found out that the next plane for her wouldn't be until early morning. Consequently, she was late returning and would miss half a day at work.

Ordinarily, such a disruption in her schedule would have enraged Esmerelda and the sorceress would have been tempted to turn the ticket agent that gave her the bad news into a gerbil or something similar. However, Esmerelda's victory over Serena had left her in such a good mood that she quietly accepted the delay and spent her waiting time thinking up ways to torment her dollified rival in the future.

Throwing her bags on the living room couch after entering her home, Esmerelda quickly made her way to her bedroom to see where Dick had left his ' gift'. She figured it would be shoved in the closet or under the bed in a hurry if she knew her husband's habits.

However, to her surprise, there was no sign of the doll or its' box anywhere in the bedroom. Puzzled and annoyed, Esmerelda made her way out into the dining room where she saw a note waiting for her on the dining room table.

I know what you did to the one who was screwing your husband
behind your back. I thought I might examine your transformed
rival a little more closer so I've borrowed her temporarily. If you
want to have your little toy back, meet me at the place we first
did battle - my home in the Caves of Zartok. We can discuss the
terms then. See you soon!!


" That bitch!!!! " Esmerelda grumbled as she tore the note to pieces. Just when she had resolved a thorn in the side of her personal life, her old rival Matilda sneaks in and messes things up. Esmerelda figured that Matilda must have observed Serena's transformation in a manner similar to her spying on Dick earlier.

" Well, I can't let her spend her time with Serena. She's not the smartest witch in the world but if she's given enough time, she'll figure out the special part of the dolly. I guess it's time to resolve things once and for all! " Esmerelda said as she grabbed her favorite wand and mesmerized a few spells to unleash on her hated rival. After a quick glance around to make sure there was nothing else she could bring with her, Esmerelda waved her wand around her in a dramatic gesture and, seconds later, vanished in a puff of crimson colored smoke.

At that exact moment, Matilda was preparing for her foe's imminent arrival. The interior of the cave, thanks to Matilda's spellcasting in the past, resembled the interior of a suburban home rather than the cold, stony interior of a typical cave. In the center of what would be considered the dining area, the Serena doll was lying on a metal table fully inflated and starting to recover from the sensations of being probed by the machine she was hooked to.

The machine itself looked to be something that could only be made by practitioners in the black arts. A set of knobs and an oversized timer were visible on the front part of the device. On the top part of the machine were three long slender rods of steel that looked to be adjustable in length according to the machine operator's desire. At the end of each of the rods, there was an object several inches long made of rubber or plastic that resembled a dildo or sex toy found in the local adult shops.

" If this doesn't get Esmerelda here in a hurry, I don't know what will. Imagine my surprise when I cast a simple magic detection spell over the doll and discovered that in addition to the transformation spell, Esmerelda had also cast a symbiosis spell afterwards on it so that she could feel what the doll felt. When I saw that, I hooked up this love doll to a rather insidious machine that will fill all three of its openings for 2 minutes on 10 minute cycles. If the stimulation doesn't overwhelm Esmerelda too much, I think she'll be here as quick as she can suffice, " Matilda said with a soft laugh as she ran her hands over the soft surface of the doll.

After a few moments of indulging herself, the witch took her hands away from the doll and glanced around the room in obvious contemplation. She then raised her hands and gestured dramatically with her hands for several seconds in all directions.
Seconds later, a shell of shimmering energy became visible around the area extending several feet in all directions from the table area.

" Well, now that I'm all set for my company's imminent arrival, I should get a few other things ready. Serena, I think I'll take you off the machine for now. Don't worry, though, I'll be giving you some more pleasure in the very near future, " Matilda said softly as she reached under the table and started looking for a few items that the witch would need in her looming encounter......

Twenty five minutes or so later..........

" Uhhh... puffff.... that.... mmmm... bitch Matilda..... I'm... going to... turn..... her into some sort of microscopic lifeform when I find her, " Esmerelda said panting noticeably as she entered the perimeter of the caves. Originally, the sorceress had planned to appear instantly in Matilda's HQ and surprise her hated rival. However, her concentration was broken in the middle of transportation and she was forced to break off the incantation about halfway to the caves. From that point on, every time she tried to start up her transportation spell again, she felt intense waves of pleasure flow through her body that almost caused her to double over. As a result, she found herself walking the remaining distance to the caves with pauses to deal with unexpected feelings of pleasure that seemed to center around her openings. Esmerelda realized almost immediately that Matilda had figured out the sympathetic magic cast on the love doll and was taunting her with it.

" Almost there.... a shortened form of my teleportation spell should get me around the entrance of Matilda's home and avoid the traps she has there. She's so predictable when it comes to attacking me... if only she was better at battle magic. Oh well, after I'm done with her, she won't have any more chances, " Esmerelda muttered as she twitched her fingers in front of herself along with the flinging of some blue dust in the air.

A few moments later, Esmerelda found herself standing on the inside of Matilda's home and, to her surprise, there were no magic traps anywhere in the vicinity. As she cautiously made her way forward, wary for any surprise attack from behind an object or the shadows, the witch saw what looked Matilda towards the back of her home standing next to a slightly elevated table. On top of the table, Esmerelda saw the Serena doll lying flat on its back with a bit more of a sheen than before, which Esmerelda figured was due to her rival's ministrations.

" Well, I see you've found my newest toy, Matilda. If you give it back to me now, I might not turn you into an eight legged tarantula for more than a year or two..... maybe...... " Esmerelda said trying to unsettle her foe long enough for her to get the upper hand.

" Hmmm... let me see........ surrender and be turned into a spider or fight it out?.... I think I'll pass on giving up though you might give it a thought or two..... " Matilda replied as she briefly ran her right hand along the doll's torso for a second or two.

" Uhh... no, I don't think so. Prepare to be enwrapped in the Chains of Klarzeth!!! " Esmerelda exclaimed as the witch raised her hands above her head and her eyes narrowed in concentration. Almost instantly, a ball of swirling energy formed around her hands that shimmered and coalesced before streaking towards its target. Strangely, at least to Esmerelda, Matilda made no attempt to erect a defensive shield or move out of the way of the energy ball.

Esmerelda's bewilderment disappeared immediately after seeing the ball of energy bounce off what looked like a shell of energy surrounding Matilda and dissipate harmlessly against a nearby wall. Matilda's smile broadened just a little as she took out a tube of what looked like lubricating cream and started to apply it to the end of the vibrator.

" Cute..... real cute, Matilda. You realize that a defensive shell like that prevents offensive magic from going either way and can last for a limited amount of time at best. Of course, I can advance the dropping of the shell by a simple focused time acceleration spell spoken for 60 seconds or so. Once I recall it, I.... MMMMPPPHHHH!!!!!..... " Esmerelda started to intone before her words became unintelligible as if her tongue had gone numb.

" Hmmmm...? What's that, Esmerelda....? I can't hear you..... could it be that I just inserted a nice, big dildo into the doll's mouth? Geez, isn't that too bad? " Matilda said with an evil chuckle.

" MMMMPPPHHHH!!!!!! " Esmerelda replied in muffled tones as she realized spoken spells were impossible at the moment for her. Figuring that this was not the time to be arrogant, the witch used her trembling fingers to trace out a single word in the air using a simple Word Embolden spell - NEGOTIATE?

Matilda laughed upon seeing the gesture and picked up the vibrator without hesitation. " Considering our current positions and the fact you weren't going to extend me any mercy, I think I'm going to pass on that. However, I will make your visit to my home a little more pleasant, " the witch said as she picked up the lubricated vibrator and started to tease the outer edges of the doll's O shaped pussy with it. Almost immediately, Esmerelda doubled over in response to the intimate pang of pleasure going through her body.

" THAT.... THAT.... OOOHHHH!!!.... WHEN YOU'RE DONE, EDICT OR NO EDICT, AND THAT SHELL COMES DOWN, I'M GOING TO REDUCE YOU TO ASHES!... YOU... UHHHHH!!....... " Esmerelda railed angrily in her mind as she tried to cope with the pleasure that was threatening to make it impossible for her to concentrate.

" Does that bother you? Awww, that's just too bad. I'd ask Serena how she's feeling but you've taken that option away, haven't you? Let's see if we can raise the distraction up by a level or two, shall we? " Matilda said as she flipped over the love doll so that it was lying on its chest. The witch reached over and picked up the remaining sex toy lying on the table, a rather large butt plug, before returning her attention to the inflated doll before her.

" Hmmm..... let's see if this fits or if there is actually something out there with a tighter ass than you, Esmerelda, " Matilda said sarcastically as she teased the edges of the doll's anus with the butt plug. Turning her head for a moment, the witch saw Esmerelda fall on her ass with her rival's face turning bright red from the three pronged assault on her senses.

" Ummmppph... uhhhh... geez, I guess this dolly is going to be a tight one after all. Maybe I'll use my new tube lubrication for this.... I just whipped it up today...... " Matilda muttered as she reached under the table and pulled out a bright yellow tube as well as a pair of rubber gloves. Quickly slipping the gloves on, the witch opened up the tube and smeared a generous amount onto the butt plug. After recapping the tube, Matilda set it aside and started to shove the plug in once again.

" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BITCH UP TO?..... EXTRA LUBRICANT?..... IT WON'T BE LONG UNTIL THAT DEFENSIVE SHELL IS DOWN AND........ UHHHHH....... WHAT'S GOING ON?........ WHY DO I FEEL SO STRANGE?....... " Esmerelda thought to herself before a sudden pang of intense pleasure went through her body that emanated from her anus. She tried to stand up and cast a spell of some sort to defend herself but found she didn't have the strength to do so. The witch could see herself in the shiny surface of the table and the image she was seeing was alarming to say the least. She could see patches of gloss starting to appear on her skin that looked artificial and very familiar to her. Her legs started to spread apart of their volition and Esmerelda felt an itching sensation in the area of her vagina.

" GEEZ, WHAT'S GOING ON?..... COULD MATILDA HAVE CAST A SPELL THROUGH THAT SHELL?.... SHE COULDN'T..... UHHH.... THIS IS...... OOHHHH..... WHY DOES THIS FEEL SO FAMILIAR?......... " Esmerelda thought to herself even as she sensed what seemed like her skin was being stretched tighter by the second with blemishes around her neck disappearing rapidly. She was so preoccupied by what was going on with her body that she didn't even notice that the magical shell around Matilda had dissipated with her hated rival strolling boldly towards her.

" What's the matter, Esmerelda? Are you having a few problems? Maybe it's the cream I put on that butt plug for the Serena dolly..... did I mention that it's a very special cream? " Matilda said chillingly even as the doll continued to twitch slightly in the background from the power of the vibrator.

" SPECIAL CREAM?..... WHAT DOES SHE MEAN?...... OHHHHH.... HEY!.... LEAVE MY CLOTHES ALONE!....... MMMMMMMM....... YOU CAN'T DO...... UHHHHH!!!!!......... " Esmerelda mentally shouted in anger as she felt her garments stripped from her body.... a body that was rapidly feeling stranger to her by the second. The glossy look she had been seeing was spreading rapidly to all parts of her body. She could see what looked like seams starting to appear on her limbs as well as around her tits. When Matilda had taken off her clothes, she had left Esmerelda's arms and legs stretched out at right angles to her and Esmerelda sensed that whatever strength was in them was dissipating rapidly.

However, it was the next set of changes to Esmerelda's body that finally made the witch realize what was happening to her. She mentally shuddered from unwanted pleasure as her pussy twitched and formed into a perfect O shape with the same happening to her anus. Before she could try and fathom that, her teeth and tongue dissolved away as her mouth's interior formed into a smooth sac that felt like rubber. The mouth quickly formed into the same round shape that her other two openings had already formed into.

" I'M..... I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL!!!........... JUST LIKE WHAT I DID TO THAT BITCH SERENA..... UHHHHH!!!!.... BUT HOW?....... THERE WAS NO SPELL SENT MY WAY....... OHHHHH!!!...... " Esmerelda thought even as the simplified thinking of a fuck toy overwhelmed her thinking. The final part of her transformation concluded with her breasts slightly swelling even as they became two firm mounds of latex capped by pink nipples and areolas that were decidedly artificial in appearance. Esmerelda's hair grew long and blonde in color and looked nothing like her normally coiffed looks.

The sex toy that Esmerelda now was slowly settled onto its back with a slight wobble to the side thanks to the inflation plug that had grown out of her back. With her eyes, which were now nothing more than painted features on her hollow head, Esmerelda saw her hated rival bend down and wave the mysterious tube that Matilda had used earlier.

" You know, when you cast a sympathetic magic spell on someone, you have to be careful about the drawbacks. When I figured out the spell you cast on Serena, I was trying to figure out how to use it to my advantage. I remembered that, in my last trip to the local flea market, that I picked up a tube that was originally manufactured on the Earth plane of existence. It's called ' Doll Gel' and transforms the subject into an incredibly lifelike love doll on a permanent basis. For Serena, it's perfectly harmless since she's already a doll but you.... well.... I think you can figure out the results, " Matilda said with a boisterous laugh.

" BITCH.... YOU BITCH!!!... YOU.... YOU.... OWNER???....... Esmerelda mentally screamed even as her new doll thinking became more and more pervasive........

Epilogue...... about a month later..........

For the four participants in this tale of magic, love and transformation, although their fates were different in the end somewhat, their futures were intertwined to a degree....

- For Matilda, she took over the CEO position of Esmerelda's company and runs it far more efficiently than its former head. Since no one died as a result of her plan, she never had to face the Witch's Council for breaking their edicts......

- For Serena, she remained a love doll for Darren, now a single bachelor, to use at his whim. Considering their past relationship was primarily based around sex, it was an existence she could live with.........

- For Darren, his newfound bachelor life was like a breath of fresh air to him. A side effect of Esmerelda's transformation was that he no longer remembered her existence. For a time, he visited the local night clubs for the chance of starting a relationship with a woman. Inevitably, however, he found himself drawn back to his favorite plaything...........

And Esmerelda?

Esmerelda found herself in the APA product testing labs.... as the prototype for a new, amazingly realistic love doll.

" I'll sell millions!!!!...." Matilda proclaimed to her board of her directors in a happy one.

For Esmerelda, it was a fate worse than Serena's...... transformed into a love doll yet denied the basic function of the toy.... to give and receive pleasure.....

Magic just works like that sometimes.....


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