Cost of Transportation

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; potion; transform; lovedoll; package; cons; X


Daisy paced back and forth anxious for her boyfriend to arrive for the meeting they had planned. Wandering around the old abandoned Hazard farmhouse, she wondered why Bo had wanted to meet her all the way out here. He said he had a plan that would allow both of them to take that plane trip to Atlanta she didn't have the money for.

Just as the blonde haired woman turned the corner and headed for the back of the house, a cloud of dust signaled the arrival of her boyfriend at the house. Pulling himself out of his red sports car, Bo ran over and embraced Daisy for several seconds. After a tender kiss, the two headed to the house after Bo retrieved a canvas bag from his car.

Daisy sat down on an old wooden bench and brushed some straw off her long legs as she watched her boyfriend dig a small wine glass out of the bag followed by a small flask and a can of crushed ice. Smiling seductively, she slid the top of her blouse just a little off her shoulders as she watched Bo pour a glass of what appeared to be bourbon into the glass followed by a little mixer from a clear flask.

Bo then turned and handed Daisy the drink. "Well, darling, I think I've figured out a way we can both go on the plane trip although it will require a bit of a sacrifice on your part I'm afraid. Are you willing to put up with a little personal discomfort and a very unusual method for your travel part?" he inquired a little hesitatingly.

Daisy flicked back her blonde hair back as she sipped on her drink, "Darling, I'd be willing to ride in the luggage hold of the plane if it means we're both able to go on your business trip. I know you were going to go talk to the witch Lulu at her home to see if she had an idea how help us out. Did you have any luck with her at all? " she said feeling a little flushed all of a sudden.

Bo smiled a broad grin, "Well, the witch did give me a little potion to use in this situation. The only stipulations were that it had to be used in a precise amount for the desired time length and that the person who drinks it can't be aware of it until the drink is completely consumed. "

Looking at the empty glass in her hand, Daisy looked up at Bo as he walked over. "Does this mean what I think it does? Uhh.. I feel really warm all over," she sputtered as she sluggishly handed the glass back to him.

Bo nodded, "Yep, you're feeling the effects the potion. In a few minutes, you'll be transformed into a form, which I can easily take with me on my trip. Actually, it's funny you mentioned being in the luggage part of the plane since you'll be there packed safely in a cardboard box." he said trying to look like he wasn't eager to see what was unfolding before his eyes.

"Luggage... box... why would I be there...? Will I be restored.... for..." Daisy whispered as she found herself unable to move at all now. Strangely, the feeling of immobility was accompanied by waves of erotic pleasure that flowed through her body.

"If what the old lady says is true, you'll be returning to human form just in time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlanta. Now, relax and enjoy your transfor...." Bo said before his voice seemed to fade away from Daisy's perspective.

Daisy could see her skin was changing into a smooth plastic surface with no trace of blemishes or freckles visible anywhere on her bare legs. She could feel her mouth forming a smooth round shape and the inside forming a solid mass of latex and rubber with no teeth or tongue present. Suddenly, it dawned on Daisy what she was being transformed into.

" I'm becoming a love doll! Only Bo would pick this as what to have me changed into... and it feels pretty..... goooodddd..." Daisy thought to herself before her conscious thoughts slipped into the darkness, as her body became an air filled sack of plastic and latex.

Once the change was completed, Bo bent over and turned Daisy around so that she was on her hands and feet with her head slightly twisted to one side. He gently pulled down the doll's cut off shorts and marveled at the seams running down Daisy's legs like any other life like sex toy. After he pulled off the white blouse, he noted how Daisy's breasts had inflated slightly during the transformation and were pushing hard against her lacy black bra.
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