Crime & Punishment

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Lolita gathered up the gems and diamonds that were spilled over the ground and scooped them into a black leather bag she was holding in her right hand. Lying on the ground next to where the black haired woman was a dead man in his late 20's whose blood was still seeping from two bullet holes near where his heart was. Judging by Lolita's rapid scooping up of the stones, she was indifferent to the man's passing.

"Stupid moron... he'd still be alive if he agreed to turn over the goods when I showed him my gun. Oh well, another body to dump in the countryside for me, " Lolita murmured out loud as she stood up and walked over to her waiting car.

The man was a diamond courier who she had learned always carried a shipment for a client with him. She seduced him when she spotted him in a high class bar and they spent the night making passionate love. The next morning, she drew her gun and forced him to drive to a deserted gravel pit where she demanded he hand over his shipment. When he refused, Lolita shot him dead without hesitation and searched the still twitching body. When she discovered the lining of his coat felt a little odd, she ripped it open and sent the jewels spilling to the ground.

For Lolita, this was nothing new in her way of life. A contract killer for the mob, she had ruthlessly executed those who had run afoul of her mob bosses. She preferred using a handgun with a silencer but at least once had taken care of her enemy by using her necklace as a garrote to squeeze the life out of her target. It was a violent world Lolita lived in but the tradeoff was that her private life was one of considerable wealth with a home in the countryside and a luxurious lifestyle thanks to careful investing of the money she received for her 'work'.

After dumping the dead man's body in a nearby abandoned mining quarry, Lolita drove her car to her home which was about an hour from the 'job' she had just completed. When she drove through the gate and up the long driveway to her house, she saw there was a stretch limo sitting in front of her house with a heavyset man in a dark suit standing next to it. After parking her car in the garage, she walked over to where the limousine was and saw a short man in his early 50's with thinning gray hair stood waiting for her.

"Ah, Lolita, you look lovely today as always. Did your trip turn out well or were there a few unexpected surprises?" Edgar asked in a concerned manner as he warmly embraced the beautiful woman.

Lolita looked at the man with a brief look of consternation before her usual smile of confidence came up. "Of course, everything went well. I've sent the appropriate message to the diamond merchant who refused to do business with you but whose attitude will change once they find his courier's body. Oh, and that writer who was going to do that book implicating you as head of a criminal empire had a rather large box of dictionaries fall on him while standing outside the building he worked in. If he ever recovers from the coma he's in, he'll spend the rest of his days as a drooling idiot in front of a computer screen mindlessly copying other's works with no knowledge of your activities," she said with an evil grin.

Edgar nodded as the two walked into her house and sat down in the living room with Edgar taking a chair opposite the couch she seated herself in. He waited patiently as she adjusted the hem on her bright red skirt and sat back looking at the powerful crime lord with a puzzled look on her face.

"I have to admit, Edgar, I'm a little surprised by your visit today. You usually try and keep me and my 'activities' at arm's length from yourself. Is there something in particular you want to discuss with me alone today?" Lolita said looking for a hint for his visit.

The crime boss nodded slowly as he pulled what appeared to be a remote control from his jacket pocket. "Yes, there is, my dear. Do you remember a couple of months ago when you headed to Canada supposedly for some skiing and sightseeing? A few friends I have up there told me that you were spotted visiting the home of Dominic Chilton, the boss up there and a fellow who has been giving more than a few problems around here," he said in an icy tone.

"Uh-oh.. I don't like where this is leading....." Lolita thought to herself as she looked at Edgar and tried to decide how to respond to this accusation. "Look, I don't know who your friends are or what they think they saw but I can assure you that I was nowhere near that..." she started to say before being silenced by Edgar holding up his left hand.

"It also has been brought to my attention that you have an account with a bank in the Bahamas where a sizeable amount of money was transferred from Chilton to it over the last month or so. I would say he was paying you to be an informant at the very least or maybe even arrange for my untimely demise through an 'accident'. Either way, all that comes to an end today once and for all," the dapper don said coldly while running the fingers of his left hand over the controller he held.

"DAMN!!!" Lolita thought as she flung herself across the couch towards the gun she kept hidden under one of the couch's cushions. However, before she could pull out the concealed weapon, her body froze seemingly in mid-air and she landed on her hands and knees unable to move in the slightest. With her fixed gaze, Lolita could see the crime boss stepping before her holding the remote control in front of him.

"Now, now, Lolita, I can't have you complicating the situation with unnecessary violence. I thought you might try and use violence to extricate yourself which is why I brought along this special little device. According to what I've been told, it's a bio engineered device capable of controlling another person's motor functions providing you have a sample of that person's blood," Edgar intoned quietly.

"After I discovered your duplicity, I arranged to have such a sample obtained from you at a suitable time. Remember when you had to have a gunshot wound taken care of by one of the doctors in my employ? I arranged to have a small sample of your blood set aside for usage on a day like today. Now, then, let's get you ready for the next part," the man said as he leaned over and deftly removed Lolita's skirt, panties and stockings leaving only her red high heels on the bottom part of her body. Edgar then unbuttoned Lolita's blouse and pulled it back and halfway down her immobile arms. As almost an afterthought, he unhooked her bra allowing her breasts to hand down free in a very erotic way.

"Now, if my people are correct about this, this next part should result in a very complex change in your physical form. If the nanites I had put into you when your wound was tended to do their job, I think all your worries and my problems with you will both be gone forever," the crime boss said with a slightly sarcastic tone to his voice as he depressed a button on the control he was holding.

Even in her immobile state, Lolita could feel her entire body shudder slightly as whatever Edgar planned started its' sinister process. She could see her skin changing rapidly changing from flesh and blood to a tan colored plastic with no sign of humanity visible anywhere. Seams appeared seemingly out of nowhere running up and down the length of her body and along her limbs.

She could feel her breasts solidifying as they became twin mounds of molded plastic capped by bright pink nipples that were same color as her cheeks. The assassin could feel her pussy slightly open as it became composed of the same material that the rest of her was composed of. She could sense that the same thing was happening to her other openings as they formed the ovular shape that her mouth was now in.

"A LOVE DOLL.. A SEX TOY... THIS IS WORSE THAN KILLING ME !!!... WHY?...." thought the doll as the transformation finished its' process converting bone and muscle to sheets of latex with nothing but air inside. It sat there waiting to be acted upon as Edgar ran his hands over its' smooth ass and thighs in admiration.

After giving the doll a quick inspection, Edgar stepped back and motioned his subordinates inside. "All right, boys, I want you to box up the doll and carry out my instructions to the letter. Remember, I don't want any 'sampling' of it whatsoever. Ok?" the criminal boss said to his two henchman who nodded in agreement quickly.


A man in his mid 40's with thinning brown hair slowly stirred in his bed on a quiet summer morning. As he opened his eyes briefly, Dominic Chillton was already reflecting on how he should spend his day trying to eliminate his hated rival Edgar Smith from his affairs. His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of something heavy lying on his feet at the end of the bed covered by a blanket. When he pulled the blanket back, he saw to his shock the nude latex body of what undoubtedly was the assassin Lolita, now an inanimate love doll. Taped to the doll's lower torso was a message written in bright red ink.


Dominic screamed out loud with the noise reverberating through the house...

And again...and again....


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