Dana Doll

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2006 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; transform; love doll; packaged; M/f; cons/reluct; X

Dana was bored. She was also lonely and horny as well. She was looking for something different to make her life a little more exciting. Little did she know how different this day would turn out.

She was walking through a mall past an unremarkable store when a women who was demonstrating body painting noticed Dana and asked her if she’d like to participate.

Dana admitted it sounded like a fun few hours to kill. So she agreed and in a flash they had taken her to the back. There they quickly stripped off her clothing before she could protest very strongly. Besides the way she was feeling she didn’t care.

Dana found it somewhat erotic to have this women staring at her naked body. The women then addressed Dana. “Hi, my name is Carol and I’m pleased you agreed to help with our demonstration,” she said with a pleasant smile on her face.

Dana lay there and replied. “Hi Carol. I’m Dana, and to tell you the truth I was just looking for something different. I’m so bored with my life and anything to change that may be something I need,” Dana replied with a similar pleasant smile.

Carol just laughed lightly. “Oh, I know the feeling Dana. I hope we can fulfill all your desires,” Carol sympathetically agreed.

Dana looked at Carol and eyed her appreciatively. Carol was tall, blond and with a model-like figure. In fact when she stood very still for a few moments Dana could see her as a mannequin in a window.

Carol, on the other hand, was inspecting Dana circumspectly and evaluating her similarly. “Hmm; Dana is no slouch she’s very attractive with her clear bright eyes and wonderful smile. Her breasts are nicely shaped and I do like her body as well. She’s perfect for my purposes!” she said to herself sincerely.

“Now Dana let me describe to you what I’m going to do. First I’m going to wash you down to make sure the paint adheres correctly. Then I’m going to began painting you. Did you have anything in particular you wanted to try?” Carol asked while assembling her brushes and sponges.

Dana considered for a moment, then decided to go all out. “I have no idea really, just something erotic I guess,” Dana announced hopefully.

Carol nodded affirmatively. “I already have something in mind that you might like,” she replied with a sexy grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye. The artist then began sponging Dana off with what appeared to be water, although when Carol had added something from a small vial Dana noticed it and wondered aloud, “What is that, Carol?” she asked curiously.

Carol turned and smiled a wide perfect smile, “Oh just some bath salts. You don’t mind, do you?” Carol inquired, concerned.

Dana just grinned. “No I was just curious,” she  unconcernedly informed Carol.

Carol then began washing Dana with the sponge in a slow and almost erotic fashion. This didn’t bother Dana, she had been hoping something like this would happen in fact. Carol brought the sponge over Dana’s arms to her breasts where she seemed to take particular attention to making them spotless much to Dana’s appreciation.

Dana smiled and moaned, “Mmmmmmm that feels good,” she told Carol as her eyes narrowed with a look of pleasure on her face.

Carol just smiled back and continued down to Dana’s legs until she came to her crotch where again she began to pay particular attention to it. Slowly washing and caressing her mound with slow erotic movements. Dana again responded with moans of pleasure in appreciation.

Carol finished washing off Dana’s front and stopped much to Dana’s regret. Carol then ordered Dana to roll over. “Dana, would you lie on your belly now so I can wash your back?” she asked Dana pleasantly.

Dana would have done anything she wanted if she had kept up her careful and erotic ministration on her crotch and breasts. As it was she just rolled over with a smile on her face. Carol then began washing her back, starting at Dana’s shoulders, down to her mid back where Dana giggled and fidgeted as the cool water came into contact there.

Dana was loving this, it was so relaxing.  With the washing of her erotic areas that made her feel nice and warm in all the right areas. Dana just smiled and reveled in it. Then Carol came down to Dana’s butt cheeks and began to caress them and pay particular attention to them as well. Dana again moaned in enjoyment as the sponge rubbed her cheeks. Carol then moved on to her thighs and legs which Dana enjoyed but not as much as when Carol was washing her rear.

Soon Carol stopped and removed the basin and sponge she was using much to Dana’s regret. Carol then returned with paint brushes and paint. Carol then asked with a happy smile on her face for Dana to turn on her front side. Dana complied and was greeted by the sight of Carol getting ready to paint her skin.

Dana was curious. “So what are you going to paint?” she questioned Carol with a look of puzzlement on her face.

“Well, that’s a surprise.” Carol responded with a lascivious look on her face.

Dana just returned her smile and lay back to enjoy what was coming. Carol just smiled and continued as she dipped the brush into a tan colored paint and began. Dana almost jumped as the brush touched her skin. It was so cold it almost felt electric as it touched her.

Carol soon had painted Dana’s arms and face with even more care and attention than before. When she came to Dana’s breasts it was again a welcome feeling of delight that came with the touch of the paint brush and the drying paint on her nipples and breasts.

Carol then came down to Dana’s crotch and once more it was another pleasant experience for Dana

“Mmmm, I love that so much. I want to come back here soon to do this again,” Dana announced with a look of bliss on her face.

Carol just smiled pleasantly and continued painting. Dana didn’t care as long as she just continued what she was doing. Carol then moved down to Dana’s lower extremities  and in minutes she had finished with her front .

Dana was feeling something akin to an afterglow as Carol finished. She was warm and lethargic. Dana’s skin even had a tingling sensation to it.

“Dana, could you turn over now please?” Carol asked with a look of curiosity on her attractive face.

“Uhgh!” was all Dana could manage. It just seemed so hard to get a word out as she just felt so comfortable. She then tried to move and that proved difficult as well. Carol noticed and helped Dana turn over.

Dana then observed how she seemed to feel so light like she was laying on a cloud and how Carol didn’t have any trouble flipping her over on her front. Carol then began painting her tan on her backside. Again she started with her arms and came down to Dana’s cute behind paying particular attention to that area with her brush sending Dana into convulsion’s of passion.

Oooohhhh, mmmmmm, I love it so much!” was all Dana could think of as she felt the brush on her behind. The tingling of her skin was even more pronounced now sending ripples of erotic pleasure to Dana’s mind.

As Dana was caught up in her reverie of gratification, Carol finished with her. Carol left her to dry for a few moments while she prepared her brushes and paints for something else.

“Alright now I’m going to paint a second coating on you Dana. I need you to once again turn over.” Carol ordered Dana without any emotion in her voice as if she was dropping all unneeded pleasantries.

Dana weakly tried and again required Carol’s help to accomplish the task This time as Carol lifted Dana it was even easier for her as if Dana hardly weighed anything at all.

That light and airy feeling is even stronger now!” Dana remarked to herself.

Carol began painting with a darker paint on Dana. Dana watched her begin to paint what appeared to be seams on her arms, legs and torso as if she was made of panels of tan colored material. By now Dana couldn’t move her head at all and she felt she couldn’t move her arms or legs if asked.

I feel totally immobilized, but yet I’m not panicking like I should. I just feel so much contentment with what I’m feeling from my body I just don’t care,” she quietly observed.

By now Carol had finished with Dana’s front side and, without even asking her, just unceremoniously flipped her over as if she wasn’t even a person anymore. Carol began painting the same seams on her back side, much to Dana’s joy as that sent more rivers of pleasure to her making her feel like she was on fire in her loins.

Carol rapidly finished and in the same manner returned Dana to her face up position. As Dana gazed at her now tan skin and the seams running over her arms and legs and body it reminded her of something she had seen someplace but couldn’t quite remember.

I’ve seen that look before but why can’t I remember it. Ooohhh that feels so good. And Carol didn’t even have to paint for me to feel that. What’s going on here?” Dana wondered, as the sense of apprehension and confusion grew.

Carol in the same abrupt manner began to use a pink paint on Dana now. Dana saw and felt her bring it to her breasts. She felt an explosion of  erotic joy as her nipples and areoles were painted with the pink paint. Dana even believed she saw her breasts inflate to a larger cup size.

Dana then saw Carol bring the brush down to where her pussy was and she felt a tidal wave of sexual feeling emanate from that area.

Oooohhh!” Dana  mentally moaned as Carol’s brush strokes on her vagina drove her into the best orgasm she had ever had. She could have sworn though she felt her pussy change.  It seemed to clench and open wide as if it was made to remain a spacious entry way for anything long and hard.

Carol then began painting her face with the pink paint. Dana felt it being applied to her mouth. In fact she seemed to be applying it inside her mouth. Dana could have sworn she felt her tongue and teeth just seem to disappear and be replaced by what seemed like latex. She also felt her mouth pull on itself until she had to hold it in an oval shape.

An oval shape like that I know I’ve seen that before but where?” Dana could only wonder through the spasms of ecstasy that seemed to ripple through her. She could also feel other changes happen to her face but these she couldn’t quite determine.

Carol again flipped Dana over and with a lecherous grin began to apply paint to what Dana seemed to be aware of as her anus. As the paint was applied it seemed to Dana that it changed. It seemed to move and become an open as well as inviting portal for pleasure. This changed was also accompanied by an earth moving orgasm for Dana.

The dawning realization hit her she didn’t just look like she was made of panels of latex, she was made of latex panels!

I’m a love doll. I can’t believe it ‘a love doll‘. How did this happen? Did Carol do something to me?” Dana  wondered to herself.

Carol then grabbed something from the nearby table and Dana felt a sharp quick pain.

As Dana wondered what that was for it came to her like a train wreck. “The inflation plug! Damn, I can’t believe it; I can be deflated now! This is insane!” Dana thought to herself incredulously.

Carol flipped the latex love doll that was Dana and smiled a salacious smile as she explained “Dana, I hope you enjoy what I’ve done. You're going to be very happy as a love doll. Well most girls do, eventually,” Carol laughed nastily at Dana’s predicament.

You bitch! I’ll get you for this!” Dana mentally yelled.

“Well now it’s time to get you ready for your new owner Dana.”  Carol announced with that same nasty grin. She then pulled Dana’s plug and watched as the newly minted doll deflated into two dimensions. Carol then carefully folded her up with her dolly face looking up on her compacted body and kissed Dana.

Dana felt herself being deflated and felt a rush of pleasure such that she orgasmed over and over as she flattened.

Oh, oh, oh I love it! If this is what a love doll feels, maybe that bitch Carol is right.” she told herself hopefully.  As she was folded Dana  felt such a rush of pleasant sensations throughout her latex body she didn’t want it to end. Soon Dana found herself in her new box that had her name and picture, ’Dana Super Love Doll’ guaranteed to bring pleasure or money cheerfully refunded. That’s when she finally passed out.


Dana awoke to find herself lying in a bed with a pink satin comforter. Her hands were on her breasts and someone had put black pumps on her latex feet. She lay there waiting for something which in her befuddled state could not figure out.

A man came in and addressed the doll. “Hello Dana, remember me?” he asked with a voice that dripped with contempt and a self serving smile on his face.

Yes; you’re my ex- boyfriend …owner. Yes, my ex- owner. Have you come for me to take me and fuck me please … I only want to be used. Make love to me, please!” Dana begged as her mind finally became totally filled with the simple thoughts of a doll.

Dana’s ex-boyfriend just picked her up. “I told you I’d find a way to get you back, Dana!” and he chuckled as he took Dana on a night of passion.


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