The Dating Process

by Druid5

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Samantha looked down at her map again, printed on a basic leaflet was the advertisement for a new dating service. She’d had boyfriends before but most had lasted merely weeks. Her only long term relationship had been with Mark, the sex was good but he’d started to talk about some pretty strange fetish with bondage. When he started talking about tying her up she’d decided it was too much for her. Since then her heart just wasn’t in it when the guys at the club were all over her. The dating services leaflet had been a glimmer of hope that she could finally swap her toys for the real thing once more.

The leaflet described how the service provided a modern personalised process for matching potential soul mates. The service had a 100% success rating and promised their members their lives would never be the same again. And with that promise Samantha now found herself stood in front of the out of town warehouse. The building was somewhat run down except for the small metal sign beside the door declaring it to be the offices of Dating Processes Inc. After a short pause to reconsider all her choices, Samantha opened the door and walked in.

The blonde behind the counter was signing in a young red head in. Sam took a seat in the small reception area, no tables or friendly magazines were around the room just the four wood chairs along one wall and the wooden desk opposite. The red head finally signed on the dotted line and handed over the forms to the receptionist who thanked her revealing the girls name to be Becky. The receptionist pressed a button on the desk and asked her to head on though the glass door. After Becky had disappeared round a corner, the receptionist turned her attention on Sam. She came and sat next to her with a wad of paperwork. Sam wasn’t one for reading small print and the wealth of signatures needed would take long enough. So with the receptionist pointing out the most important elements such as the money back guarantee and the no hassle policy, Sam simply signed where prompted and could get on to the good part of describing herself and what she wanted from a guy to be happy.

She was slightly taken aback when most of the questions were about physical traits and not the important traits that would help match her with a long term partner. Questions such as what type of build she preferred, was she looking for an athletic type or a strong armed man. In amongst these were questions of her own physical traits, did she exercise, had she attended any sports or fitness classes, how flexible she was. The list then progressed to sexual aspects, how active she was and even down to her opinion of anal and oral. She had given Mark a few pleasures with her mouth before but her rear hole was still a virgin and she had no intentions of any change there.

The list finished with a tick list of fetishes and sexual activities, all she had to do was tick if she had an interest or not in exploring each one. Scrolling down the list there were so many and only some of them had ever entered her mind. As her finger traced down the list, images of her body splayed in all manner of positions flashed through and a few soon began to make her feel a little moist between her legs. When she reached the options about bondage she made sure to tick no on all of them, even if a few images lingered far longer than the others.

With the forms complete the receptionist lead her back to the desk to do some final checks of her contact and address details as well as the small deposit to confirm her participation. The receptionist signed the last of the forms and pressed the door release and told her to follow the corridor round and she could begin the first stage of the preparation phase of the service. Sam hurried on through not wanting the girl to notice her hand had been rubbing her trousers leaving a very small damp patch. The thought of the end results and her first sexual encounter for months was making her far more giddy and impatient than she had imagined.

The almost clinical corridor lead round for a short way with no other doors or windows, only a single door at the end of the final straight. The frosted glass allowed no spying and so Sam opened it with no idea what to expect. She certainly didn’t expect a small room with computer display and no other doors or any sign of where Becky had gone. Knowing she couldn’t have passed her she simply slid into the room and edged towards the screen. A short movie appeared to explain the computer would take some 3D images of her in different poses so it could use them in any correspondence they sent on her behalf. The screen would show a pose and she merely had to copy it. The first few were simple front and side shots. Then it moved on to a few more flirty poses, some with her emphasising her quality firm rear end with back arched and finger to her lips, Sam felt like a model and found herself having fun. She was so giddy that she thought nothing of removing her hoody and showing of the very thin blouse underneath. Next she was bending over and flexing into positions she knew would prove too difficult for some including looking through her legs almost doubled up.

Before long she was stood in just her satin red underwear stretching up as high as she could, the screens surface acting as a mirror allowed her to see herself with modesty now completely gone. Her pale skin supple over the size 8 waist she kept with regular runs in the park. Her smooth legs running up to the crotch of her thin pants, revealing enough to show she’d shaved before coming out and now felt pleased with the smooth results. Her breasts weren’t the largest but were well pushed up in the bra, her nipples showing through erect with the ongoing experience. She was still admiring herself as the screen thanked her for her cooperation and the second phase was ready to begin. Below her the floor suddenly opened up leaving a circular hole, a hole lined with a form of plastic, a hole that her now unsupported body slid down into.

She slid only a short way and bounced at the bottom of what appeared to be a huge balloon, the surface was transparent latex and clung to her body as she tried to stand. The whole balloon was coated in a slippery lube and gave no way to stand let alone climb out. The gap above her head was only a few feet above but felt like miles in her new slippery world. A few seconds later a metal arm constricted the top till it was completely squeezed tight and the excess latex was released to hang to one side as the floor closed back up to wait for its next victim.

With Sam stuck sliding around in the bottom, the arm moved the balloon along a track between a set of walls not allowing her to see anything beyond. Up ahead a set of plastic flaps parted and revealed a large factory. Various tracks criss-crossed the open space, each of them with machinery moving in all directions, two of them carrying similar balloons each one with a girl inside. Some of them simply sat head in hands, others squirming desperately trying to fight the lube, their bodies pressed up against the latex with breasts pushed flat bouncing with every movement.

Ahead Sam could see the previous balloon with a desperately squirming Becky. The computer had spared her some amount of modesty with her photos. Her thin white top hadn’t received any prompting to be removed although with all the lube it was now as see through as the latex imprisoning her, the black bra and thong clearly showing along with the assets that were no longer fully contained. As Sam watched from a distance, Becky’s prison pushed through another set of flaps. A minute later her balloon emerged once again on a lower track, her body now completely clear of the underwear and her large breasts pushed up against the side as she tried once more to escape.

As she watched Becky’s progress, her own balloon entered the hidden chamber and complete darkness. From above she was showered with another liquid, this one she could feel dissolving her bra and panties leaving her completely exposed. A metal tube pressed against her back descending to the bottom of the balloon, her instincts were to try and climb it but her hands were too lubricated and she ended up sat in the bottom in a tucked position, the metal tube now between her legs. The tube began to suck up the excess fluid and in doing so began to vibrate furiously.

Despite herself, Sam found she was pressing her crotch into the tube, its vibrations sending waves of pleasure through her pussy, the sensations lasted mere seconds but felt like hours. She could feel the sensations burning inside, a wave peaking and about to explode, and then nothing, the tube had finished and now withdrew. Sam was left breathing hard yet unfulfilled, her own fingers began to try and finished the job but the pleasure had faded and she could not replicate the feelings.

Her balloon descended back onto another rail and joined the others heading in the opposite direction. As she did she saw a new balloon entering the factory, a small Asian girl sat in her gloop as she looked on Sam’s attempts to beat the latex in frustration more than panic now. Two more chambers passed and repeated the process, liquid poured over her in the darkness and then the tube would descend and take her up high, tremors racking her body until it stopped and the tube left her on the edge of a climax yet just not close enough. The effects of the liquids were also clear each time she re-entered the light. Her body had been cleansed of not just material coverings but now all her hair too. Her legs were even smoother, her arms were totally cleared over and under. Yet her saddest loss were the locks of luscious brunette hair that earlier adorned her head. Now she was completely bare, even her pussy hadn’t escaped, the small clumps gone now leaving her lips as the only disturbance of the supple skin around them.

Now sat defeated, Sam had to watch as the girls ahead disappeared into the final opening. Each one separated by a delay. As she watched Becky disappear she could only imagine what came next, it could hardly be worse than her current torment. As she went through the flaps she could feel a tightness in her prison, the top was being raised but a pair of rods prevented her from raising too instead stretching the latex, the only way to prevent being crushed down was to lever herself up on the rods and hope to achieve a standing position.

Despite the lubricant she managed to approach an upright position with her hands wrapped round the bar fighting the lube. The moment she stretched her legs she felt the air being sucked out quickly. The latex rapidly shrank inwards to fill the gaps. Within seconds it had begun to hug her athletic figure, her legs were pulled in together and her arms pinned to her sides. The latex clung to her breasts and tightened around them. Her face was the final part to seal up with the latex pressed into her mouth and nose.

The pressure closed over the top of her head and she found herself completely shrink wrapped, the rods retreated and left her suspended, swaying violently as she tried in vain to take a breath. Her curved ass now cleanly outlined swung in and out with her hips and her breasts now pressed flat just rubbed up and down. As her lungs felt like they could explode, a metal tube extended down and the bend pressed against the latex. A liquid quickly dissolved the layer and was promptly sucked back up pulling on Sam’s lips. Just as quick a ball protruded from the end and its slimy surface pushed its way passed her lips and teeth, once on her tongue it began to inflate rapidly and filled her mouth.

From one side a further tube pushed its way further and down into her throat splitting in two. One found its way to her lungs and she found she could now breathe though the experience was horrifying. The second tube pushed its way down into the stomach and halted. Sam could feel the tubes in her throat yet the coating seemed to be preventing her gag reflex. She was allowed a minute to get used to the tubes before a liquid was forced into her stomach. The flow was fast and her beloved flat belly was soon beginning to show the signs of swelling.

The flow continued beyond the point Sam thought she would pop like a human balloon. It wasn’t just the liquid but also the feeling of it producing gas and breaking down any food or rubbish in there, the feeling spreading to her ass. Soon the pressure grew to the point where it had to release. Before it could fill the balloon another tube came through the latex unseen. This one proved to be a huge shock to Sam. The large object slimed between her butt cheeks and made contact with her tight ass hole. A few moments of pushing and twirling soon had the tube pushing into her and making itself know deep inside.

Like the throat tube, it then began to seal itself in place by inflating just inside. The ball grew to considerable size before beginning to apply a suction to her bowels. They promptly gave in to the pressure and she could feel the release as her body expelled the liquids. The flow to the stomach dried up and after a while her rear began to calm down as well. At this point a couple of metal tubes pressed against her leg and parted them forming a pair of shackles. With her legs going nowhere a set of robotic arms began to cut and peel the latex from her body. The pieces came off and were set aside to be recycled. The ankle restraints tightened as Sam was lowered onto a conveyer stood up. As they were freed her hands were also grabbed by a set of robotic limbs with cuffs. The restraints held her upright and were affixed to the belt. The tube in her mouth and ass slipped out leaving her ass open and dripping, her mouth drooling down her chin. The belt then began to move on taking her to the next phase.

Sam gently wept as she was moved further into the machinery. She was now tired, hungry and feeling violated especially in her rear. Looking ahead saw no sign of the other girls and so she had no way of knowing what was to come next. The conveyor passed various sprays to clean her body of the lubricant and any other bodily fluids that had escaped. Then a large high power air blower dried her off leaving her skin flawless but also cold. She had Goosebumps on her arms and her nipples were stood at attention. She slivered slightly in the tight grip of the restraints.

At this time she thought of how she had cringed at Mark's query about handcuffs in bed, now she could almost laugh at such a suggestion. Soon the belt delivered her to the next station and a laser grid scanned her to verify the computers 3D images of her. A pole descended from above with a metal ring and headed for her mouth. With her attention focused on the pole from above, she failed to notice the one slowly rising from beneath. On it was a large dildo dripping with lube. Once at the right height in moved in quickly, its large size opening her lips up wide. The object pressed into her and went in deep, her sudden shock of its entry left her mouth open to the metal ring that promptly inserted itself between her teeth forcing her mouth open wide.

The pole then retrieved another object, a penis gag, and expertly pushed it into the waiting hole and deep into her throat. She rocked back and forth trying to dislodge the huge objects but they were well wedged in. To make matters worse she rocked forward once too many times and on her hips way back found herself speared by a final object, a huge butt plug pressed deep into her proving to be very painful, her anal virginity meant her ass was not prepared for the huge shape yet in it went and in it stayed.

The poles withdrew and left her with her new additions and she was moved on to a new bay. Here she had a robotic hand dust her down with a talc powder, she soon became white with the dust and it only served to highlight her breasts with the current light. She was aware of a surface being pushed onto her toes, looking down she could see the machine pushing them into a foot of a thick black latex catsuit. The suit had sealed in hands and feet and only the head would be sticking out from the only entry point in the suit as it lacked any form of zip. The tight latex hugged her calves as it was rolled up them.

As it was rolled higher and higher, Sam could feel her pussy moistening round the dildo. As it rose to the top of her legs it was pulled further apart by the robotic arms allowing it to slip over her butt cheeks nice and easy, the layer trapping the dildos inside. Passing them sent a shudder over the girl as the two intruders were bounced and moved, the simply act causing her body to react. To her horror, her body was becoming far too excited about being trapped and restrained, she didn’t like bondage, how could she. Who would find enjoyment in being tied up?

Yet the answer was being discovered in her pussy more than her brain could force reason. The latex glided up her stomach and soon reached her breasts. The suit seemed to have been made to fit her proportions exactly, as the material rose and pushed her breasts up, they simply fell into the suits perfect receptive curves keeping them pushed up and exaggerated. The latex finally reached her neck and the arms moved closer gently releasing the latex to return to its true size, the same size as her neck hugging it tightly.

Now sealed into the suit, a new piece was lowered and rolled down over her head, a robotic arm secured the two layers to the main catsuit and heat fused the two together. The arms then fused three seals to the latex each over one of the dildos inserted, these would now allow the items to be unscrewed and removed without spoiling the finish with zips. The arms final job was too buff the suit to a shine. The arms attached to pads that began to spin with the soft polishing mix.

The pads began at her head and worked down massaging the mix in and shining up the finish. The pads soon found the mound of her breasts and began to work round them giving extra time to their finish. The feeling of the pressure through the latex really got Sam going and she could feel deep down that her heart was enjoying this despite her mind and it was thumping in time with the feeling between her legs. Once her breasts had been fully shined, the pads dropped mercilessly to her crotch and ass.

The pads motion itself stirred her defiant desire as well as the intruders within her, her mind went into overdrive with the feeling of pleasure building within her and between her legs. It came closer and closer but just when she thought she could orgasm, the explosion was stolen from her as the pads continued their exploration down to her toes. Now standing all polished up, the belt moved her onto the final part of the process. She emerged on the belt into a packing warehouse.

Moving to the end of the belt the restraints lifted her up and began to lower her towards a large box. The box had a foam bottom half that had leg space all cut ready by 3D printer. She could also see two plugs in the top of the layer waiting to receive her insertions. Her legs descended into the hollows of the cast packing and soon enough the small plugs clicked into place in the ends of her intruders the moment she felt her ass come to rest on the packing.

Now in place the upper half of the packing foam was lowered onto her leaving only a gap for her to see out of. The case was closed up and a final fixture plug attached her penis gag to the cases internal gas cylinder. The robotic arms sealed the outer frame with screws and then carried her in her case to a holding rack. Opposite her she could see Becky contained and sealed too although her expression was not of a terrified prisoner but of a girl in utter heaven. Sam did not have long to learn why. Moments after being stored, her case began a pre-programmed run of its systems. The plugs had attached to her insertions in such away the case could now activate the dildos vibrators and a motor to rotate them. The suit also appeared to have several connections as soon thin pads on the suits breast and ass began pulsing her with gentle shocks. The effect was electric and soon Sam was building up to the biggest orgasm she'd ever had, when it came it was so intense she passed out.

When she woke up Sam was momentarily confused and disoriented before the events of the day came flooding back, she didn’t even know if it was the same day. She had gone to seek a fruitful relationship in the near future and was instead stuck encased in foam with her holes filled. Outside the crate her opposite number was still locked in bliss. Sam’s own intruders were still and lifeless now. But then Becky was still being held for storage, Sam on the other hand had been matched up to a partner and was about to be shipped out. Her crate was lifted up and placed on a turntable. An automatic armed swung round with pallet wrap and her crate began to spin. Round and round, up and down the arm went and Sam’s crate was wrapped in layer after layer of plastic.

After the first few she could not see out, by the end there was no way of telling what the parcel was except it was large and well wrapped. Sam could feel the system put her on a conveyor and load her onto a platform. She couldn’t hear the engine but she understood from the bumps and motion that she was now in a lorry being taken somewhere. She began to sob again when she realised that wherever she was taken, she was unlikely to be freed, she was a thing now, a latex doll, something to be used and tossed aside. Her life would be whatever her new owner wanted and she could do absolutely nothing about it. All the signatures she'd signed now came back to her and she wondered if all the girls had simply ignored the small print in their hurry to begin the process to love.

The bouncing lorry took ages to reach its location, when it did the package was carefully unloaded and delivered up to the receivers bedroom. There the company took the last signature and the last look at the latest happy pairing. Sam waited as light began to pass the layers of plastic. Eventually the layers where ripped away and she sat staring in disbelief. There in front of her prison was none other than Mark. He smiled and unscrewed the case before removing the foam packing layers.

Free finally of the packing and any restraining bars, Sam tested her arm slightly and looked from her ex lovers face to the door weighing up her chances of escape. Seeing her plan Mark chuckled and told her she could try to escape but at the touch of a button she could be rendered helpless. Her desire to escape overpowered her and she staggered up from the crate and made for the door as fast as she could with the pain of her inserts. Mark's hand raised and his finger hit a single button on his remote.

The suit around Sam’s body rapidly began to inflate, her suits extra thickness obviously formed a double layer. One pressed onto her skin, the other allowing it to expand outwards. The air also filled the hood forcing her head to look forwards, her arms filled and became full enough to stop them moving, finally her legs also gave way to the air, the suit forcing her into a spread eagle. Her bodies momentum carried her forward but the air cushioned the fall simply leaving her to bounce and come to a stop.

Mark laughed and walked over to her prone body, “Well how about that, I tried to warn you.” He pulled her upright and leant her against a wall. “see how much fun bondage can be, I was lost when you left me so suddenly. I took to playing my fantasy out alone and on dolls. Finally I saw an advert on a forum to a service that could provide willing or unwilling partners for a reasonable cost. You should have seen my face when your pictures showed up in this weeks catalogue, I just knew you’d come round to my way of thinking”.

Mark pressed a few keys on the remote and the pads on Sam’s ass and nipples began to pulse. “it seems a shame to waste even a minute of my time with you, I’ve even taken the night off work so I can welcome you home!” with that Mark quickly lost his trousers and shirt and pulled out his already erect penis.

“Now as it was always your choice in our relationship before, I think I deserve my choice of how we do things, and I plan on breaking all the rules.” And he turned Sam’s helpless body over and began to turn the screw seal and pull the anal dildo out. As it did it left Sam’s ass wide open and gaping, a hole that needed filling.

Mark moved in and slowly pushed into the hole, Sam had firsthand knowledge that his dick could reach deep into her pussy, but now he felt to be going even deeper within her ass. As he pushed into her, her back arched and her breasts were pushed further up the wall, the vibrations in the latex passing through to her now erect nipples giving an intense feeling. Sam felt horrified that Mark could simply use her as a fuck toy, but her moistening pussy and building orgasm gave away how her body was betraying her mind. Mark began to withdraw and thrust in faster and faster and soon he came dumping his load. Sam climaxed at the same time and could only grunt her pleasured scream through her gag while crying over her new fate.

At least she now knew how the service providers could guarantee a lifelong relationship, though she never imagined it could involve being turned into a sex toy that inflated and deflated instantly, had numerous insertable accessories, and could be fucked in any hole. More so when Mark began to loan her out and let her old friends get reacquainted.


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