DDC Rubber J-Doll

by DDC J-Doll

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© Copyright 2011 - DDC J-Doll - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/m; latex; suit; transform; doll; fem; hood; bond; mc; display; nc; X


I woke up, stretched out, unable to move. Man, was that some party. I felt the cool breeze on my skin which told me I was naked. I always wore skintight costumes to these get-togethers, but someone had apparently decided that I needed to not be wearing it. All right, fine, I was used to kinky fun.

I opened my eyes to try to figure out what I'd gotten myself into this time. A mirror on the ceiling showed me why I couldn't move: I was molded into some sort of form-fitting bed. Someone went to a lot of trouble to bind me, but it felt pretty good.

I looked closer. Why they'd gone to the trouble of shaving me, I had no clue, but it was going to take a while to grow out the beard I loved.

A mechanical voice. "Subject-awakened-final-transformation-beginning"

Before I could say anything, a mechanical arm reached over the bed, grabbed my cock, and clamped a pink sheath over it and my balls before I could get hard - which I was about to do. Just the tip was exposed, swelling a bit.

"Hey! What's going on here?"


Subject? What the?

"Hey! I'm not a subject! I'm Jared Mongrain, and whatever I agreed to, it wasn't this!"


I shut up to think. While I was, arms pulled out a wad of pink rubber and started pulling it up my legs. My cock strained at the sheath, but it was held tight. The machine did it in a way that kept me held fast while it did it. I must have been oiled, or else the suit was, because it slid on easily, but fit very tightly.

The arms got to my hips. My sheathed package was pushed through a hole in the front of the suit. I felt a probing at my rear, and something smooth, big, and lubricated pushed inside me. I wanted to stiffen all over again. No dice. This was beginning to feel pretty good, aside from the J-Doll business.

I looked, and saw something at the top of my shaved head. I couldn't tell what it was, and I couldn't feel it. Strange.

The suit was drawn over my arms and up to my body, leaving puffy sleeves at my upper arms. A hood stretched over my face, but left my eyes, mouth, and nostrils free. It slipped over the thing on top of my head, too. I enjoyed the feeling as it was drawn up tight around my body, but wondered what was coming next as the voice said "Skin-installation-complete-beginning-accesory-installation".

I didn't have to wait long. One hand was freed, only to have a ball mitten slipped over it and buckled in place. The other hand got the same treatment. My fingers were trapped between layers of rubber, but I could still move them until hoses attached to the ends pumped something hot into the mittens - and as it cooled, my fingers were totally immobilized.

My feet were next: they were freed, and ballet boots were pulled over them and my calves, forcing them straight down inside. The laces were drawn tight and sealed together.


"Control device? What the?" The machine didn't even reply.

An arm reached down, and I could see and feel it slipping something into the thing on - and, I guessed, in - my head. My pulse quickened as it dawned on me that I might not have any choices left soon.


I felt a jolt - and suddenly couldn't move a muscle in my arms and legs. The bed retracted, exposing my body, now sealed in pink latex.

"What are you doing?" I could still talk.


The arms lifted my head, slid a pink latex shell with a couple of pink and white latex pigtails coming out of the top behind it, then lowered my head into it. It fit perfectly.


My mouth opened without me doing it. Then, the arms placed the front part of the shell over my face. I could feel connections being made, and I could see myself again. A soft tube slid all the way into my mouth, clear to my throat, and a hard ring held my teeth apart. I looked at myself. The front of the hood had a large legend, DDCRD, across the front, and a huge mouth hole.

"Hey! Stop!" I didn't ask for this!" My voice sounded about like me, but electronically filtered, and came out even though I couldn't actually use my mouth.


A finger pushed a red button. My vision and hearing cut off instantly, and I couldn't do anything but breathe. Before I could even try to scream, it came back.


A pink corset was clamped around my waist and tightened, squeezing me tight, but not to the point I had trouble breathing. A second one went around my neck, holding my neck stretched a little and my head very firmly in one position. Once that was done, huge fake breasts were glued to my chest - and I could feel the fingers as though they were real.


Black rubber straps were fastened around my arms and waist and legs and boots and buckled tight, with plenty of D-rings to secure my body with.


A lock was placed in every buckle: the cuffs, the corsets, the hood, the boots. Every lock had a little nozzle that injected something into it, and I realized that those locks were never, ever getting undone.
That, more than anything, told me that I wasn't getting out of that suit.


I didn't expect what came next. Rather than some weird device, the arms came out and fastened a delicate, finely-made necklace around my neck, with a large, glittering diamond in front.


I felt another jolt in my mind. I tried talking, but nothing came out.


My body walked itself out of the room without me doing it. I didn't even waver a little bit in my new ballet boots. I stepped outside, to the approving looks of several people there. I walked into the middle of the room, knelt, and then my voice did activate:

"Dolly offers greetings.
Dolly's chat is limited.
How may dolly serve?"



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