Diving For Dollies

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; gas; lovedoll; packed; nc; X


Liang looked out over the boat's stern and marveled at how calm the water was just one day after the fierce tropical storm that blew through the area. Pieces of driftwood floating by were the only indication of the turmoil from the previous night as the yacht Liang was on bobbed up and down gently on the waves. She stood staring out at the tranquility for several minutes before going back inside the yacht to her cabin.

Liang took off her cotton top and shorts followed by her underwear which she laid on her bed. She then put on a very revealing one piece blue swimsuit that left her breasts bare. Liang looked down at the picture of her husband Bob and smiled as she thought over the events of the past week. She had come home one night to find him in bed with what he thought was another woman. The look on his face when he jumped to his feet and she saw that what she was another woman was in fact one of those inflatable dolls was priceless to say the least. He had spent the the next two days trying to get her to forgive him and had arranged for the two to fly down to his private island for some fun in the sun.

However, right now, Bob was on the island talking to the manager of one of his companies back on the mainland. If there was a failing of Bob's, it was that he spent far too much time doing business and not enough having fun and taking time to enjoy his wealth. As Liang went up on the main deck of the yacht and headed towards the stern, she resolved that today she would have fun and later on they both would have fun if she had to fire his laptop and cell phone into the ocean.

The dark haired beauty strapped a knife and scabbard to her right leg and put a set of swim fins on. Liang then strapped an air tank on her back and fitted her diving mask over her face. She took a long look towards the home where Bob was in on the island before sitting on the edge of the boat and dropping into the inviting ocean water below.

Once underwater and properly oriented, Liang fitted her breathing device into her mouth and slowly descended into the depths of the ocean where she slowly swam aiming a powerful underwater flashlight at the various sights that interested her. She saw many species of fish which she had only read about in books or seen in ocean documentaries. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought she saw a large shark on the edge of her field of vision swimming in a circle. She mentally sighed in relief when the shark swam off without moving close to her.

Liang felt an intense sense of pleasure as she swam lazily around the pools of fish and coral that was visible in this relatively shallow ocean area. She felt the pleasure growing stronger by the second accompanied by a general feeling of lightness that seemed to be spreading through her body. After several more minutes during which the feelings intensified, Liang decided to head to the surface slowly as she figured she was experiencing the ' bends', an ailment common to divers who ascend or descend too quickly.

Once she reached the surface, Liang swam over to the yacht and slowly climbed the ladder dangling on the side of the boat. When she stood on the deck, Liang abruptly sat down for a few minutes breathing deeply from her air tanks via her mouthpiece until she felt better. She then took off the air tank and mouth piece before taking the wheel of the yacht and slowly steering it to shore.

When the yacht was moored, Liang stepped out onto the deck carrying her swim fins while leaving her air tank behind on the boat. She walked the length of the dock a little unsteadily as the feelings she had experienced underwater returned as strong as they were before. The black haired beauty decided to walk along the edge of the beach for a while until the feelings passed.

After twenty or so minutes of strolling on the sand and letting the water lap up against her legs, Liang felt better though the queasy feelings and lightness seemed to hang with her like a head cold that just wouldn't disappear. She got in a nearby golf cart that was parked by the beach and drove up the short paved road to the house the couple owned at the end. Leaving her diving gear in the cart, Liang walked quietly into the immense home and headed straight for the study where she knew Bob would be hunkered over a laptop or talking on his cell phone.

Liang was amused at the look of surprise on Bob's face when he saw her walk in as if he wasn't expecting her. A few seconds later, he recovered and the two embraced passionately. When they ate dinner later, Liang told her husband the difficulties she had when scuba diving earlier. Nodding sympathetically, Bob said he'd look at the diving tanks himself tomorrow and suggesting she do a little snorkeling while waiting to see if there was a problem. He even got out a brand new mask and breathing apparatus for her to use and promised her he'd join her as soon as he finished with the tanks.

Next day........

"I'm counting on seeing you under the water, honey, even if I have to toss your laptop into the ocean!" Liang called out before heading down to the beach. Once there, she donned the new gear along with her swim fins and knife and headed out into the surf. Liang swam out about twenty or so yards before fitting her mouthpiece in her mouth and submerging below the water.

After twenty or so minutes of leisurely swimming, Liang felt the unusual sensations she was feeling yesterday returning even stronger than before. Deciding that she had better head into shore before it caused any serious problems, the dark haired beauty surface and slowly paddled to shore as the sensations grew stronger by the second. When she reached the shallow waters, she stood up and slowly walked towards the beach. The tingling she was feeling seemed to be spreading throughout her body and Liang found it difficult to have the energy to remove her swim fins.

"What's going on here..? Why do I feel so strange ?" the dark haired beauty said as she sluggishly waded ashore. She held her right hand to her forehead as the weakness intensified stronger by the second. As she got within a few feet of the shore, Liang felt her limbs starting to resist her thoughts with her legs not budging in the slightest. She tried to examine her legs with her hands and that was when the true horror of her situation hit her.

"My hands!... what's happened to my hands??" Liang screamed as she saw that her fingers had seemingly melted together forming a single unit. Worse still, she could see that her hands had taken on an artificial look as if they were made of glossy pink latex or rubber. She looked down and saw the same thing was happening to her legs and, although she couldn't see them through the ocean water, her feet probably were starting to resemble her hands. Strangely, despite all these bizarre and horrific changes, she felt a growing sense of erotic euphoria as if every part of her body was being stimulated very pleasantly.

As Liang tried desperately to think of a way out of her predicament, she saw her husband Bob approaching the edge of the beach. "Bob!... need help.... need.... need.... " Liang shouted before her ability to speak vanished. She glanced down and saw that the plastifying effect had crept up and engulfed her torso now. She could feel her pussy clench tight before opening on its' own to be... be something. Liang could feel her thought process getting more and more cloudy by the second as the transformation swept through her rigid body.

All of a second, like a light bulb being switched on, Liang realized what exactly she was transforming into. "A LOVE DOLL!!.... A DAMNED SEX DOLL!!!!... A TOY FOR SOMEONE TO INFLATE AND FUCK!!!..... WHY?...... BOB, HELP ME!.... WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING ME???!!!....." Liang mentally shouted as she felt herself to slightly bob back and forth as the current was coming close to toppling her over. She saw her breasts had inflated by at least one cup size forming perfect plastic domes with bright pink circles and what looked like seams forming tight circles around them. These seams were also becoming visible on her arms and legs as if to emphasize her new artificial nature.

As the change neared it's terrifying end, Liang felt her head swelling as if it pumped full of air and her eyes, now fixed and staring straight ahead, opening wide on their own. She felt her mouth contort into an O shape with the interior melting into a soft bed made of the same material the rest of her was made of.

With the change essentially completed, Liang felt herself starting to slightly float as her plastic feet had no grip on the ocean floor. She was just about to topple over and float away when she felt a set of hands pluck her out of the water and carry her up on the beach. When she stared up with her now painted eyes, she saw her rescuer was her beloved Bob ! However, her joy at seeing him quickly changed upon seeing the evil smile on his face.

"Well, Liang, you thought it was quite funny to catch me in bed with a love doll but it seems that things have changed quite a bit. Thanks to the additive I added to the mixture in your air tanks, you'll spend the rest of existence as a very sexy love doll. Oh, your disappearance will be explained by a tragic loss of the yacht out there in the coming days with no sign of your body anywhere though evidence will point to sharks taking care of that. As for you, I'll be starting a new line of amazingly realistic adult love dolls for which you will be the prototype," Bob said with an evil grin as he caressed her immobile body while peeling off her swimsuit and diving gear.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!" Liang mentally screamed as she felt Bob's hands caress her soft pliable body causing her to experience flashes of intense pleasure to surge through her air filled body.

"Of course, there will have to be some testing before the production run starts... I'll handle that myself... isn't that good to hear?" Bob said before deflating Liang's doll form and packing it into a clear plastic bag.

"Let's get you up to the house, shall we ?...I feel like beginning the test tonight...." Bob said as he ambled up the path leading to his home with the deflated doll tucked under his arm.

For Liang, staring out with a fixed look of desire on her face from inside the bag, she wasn't sure what was worse.... the testing by her husband which would no doubt involve a lot of inflation, deflation and sex....

Or the fact that soon there would thousands of Liang dolls being sold and fucked all over the world.....



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