Dolled in 60 Seconds

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; potion; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Catherine stumbled through the front door of her home and managed to remember to remove the key that was still stuck in the door lock. She then closed the door and flung her purse onto the kitchen counter before flopping onto a nearby overstuffed chair.

"Ooooohh.. I shouldn't have had that much champagne... my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls tonight. " Catherine muttered to herself as she held her head in her hands. After about thirty seconds or so, she slowly got up and staggered into the bathroom where she stripped off her clothes and took a long hot shower.

Toweling herself off, Catherine walked slowly into the kitchen looking for something to help her ease the buzz in her head. Her common law husband Dieter had left for the weekend to attend some convention he had been invited to leaving her alone with a lot of free time. She rummaged through the refrigerator looking for something to ease her pain so she couldn't wake up in the morning with a bad hangover.

After looking around for several minutes, Catherine came across a plastic bottle containing what looked like pink fluid. She pulled it out of the fridge and looked it over slowly while walking back to the bedroom to get dressed for sleep. On the way to the bedroom, she noticed her computer mail service was indicating she had new email waiting for her. She momentarily thought of sitting down and seeing what the message was about but the rumbling in her stomach made her decide to try and lie down for a bit first.

Catherine walked back into her bedroom and sat on the edge of her mattress with the bottle clutched in her left hand. Unscrewing the cap, she drank deeply from the bottle and managed to swallow the entire contents in a single gulp. Smacking her lips, Catherine set the bottle down on a nearby end table and laid back on the bed as a wave of dizziness seemed to sweep through her body.

"Hmmm... I do feel better now.... though I feel something else.. something pleasant..." muttered Catherine out loud as she wiggled back and forth on the soft bed. The feelings of pleasure seemed to be intensifying by the second and spreading throughout her entire body causing her to moan in pleasure as she arched her back in response. Rubbing her hands over her breasts and stomach, she reveled in the sensations that flowed through her body and made her skin tingle as if her whole body was being simultaneously massaged by multiple pairs of unseen hands.

a "Oooohhhh.... nice... feels so good.... I could lie here forever and ever...." Candace moaned as she laid back on the soft bed and subconsciously spread her legs wide. The tingling intensified more and more by the minute and was joined by the feeling that her whole body was being stretched tight though in a pleasant way.

As the blonde beauty slowly raised her hands towards her face, she glanced at the mirror opposite the bed and saw for the first time the result of the unbelievable pleasure she was feeling. She could see to her horror that her body was rapidly changing from flesh and blood to inanimate latex and rubber. Her upper arms were locked in place and her arms as well as her feet were forming solid masses of plastic with no distinguishable toes or fingers. Candace's breasts slightly inflated as they became taut mounds of rigid plastic capped by pink nipples and encircled by seams that also ran up and down her torso. Candace tried to scream or move in reaction to her predicament but found she could lie on the bed in silence as an incredibly lifelike love doll.

Next night around midnight....

The door to the home opened and the stumbling of an inebriated man could be heard by anyone within earshot. He threw a suitcase in a nearby corner and stumbled towards the bedroom..

"Heh... I.. I hope Candace got.. got my.. urrpp.. message about that.. gulp... experimental shtuff in the fridge. It could.. could... uhh.. cause BIGGG problems for someone... mmmm..." Dieter muttered as he entered the bedroom and sluggishly undressed. He then threw himself onto the bed draping his left hand over Candace's nude doll body and feel into a deep sleep.

Candace still had some semblance of consciousness and two scenarios played out in her head for the night to come:
- One was that Dieter would realize what had happened to her and get the antidote to reverse her condition as soon as possible.
- The second was that Dieter would wake up in the middle of the night and think she was... well.. what she currently looked like.. and use her as such....

As Dieter's left hand rubbed against her soft rubbery breasts and torso, she definitely hoped the latter was true....




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