Dollers and Sense Part 2: Sally's Pony

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/mf; D/s; costumes; mask; convention; doll; ponyboy; cart; exhibit; bdsm; bond; paddle; mast; tribbing; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: Sally's Pony


"Sally? Why Sally, Master?"

"Why not."

"Yes, Master."

Liz popped a bit of cheese into her mouth and took a sip of wine. She was kneeling, naked, at Dan's feet nibbling off an hors d'ouvre tray on the coffee table. She had gotten back to the suite about an hour ago after walking the corridors, naked, in just her doll skin and mask - cum splattered doll skin and mask. She was miserable. No. Now that Dan had named her it was Sally who was miserable.

"Talk to me, slave."

Liz swallowed.

"Sorry, Master. I'm trying to remember, but it's like a dream. A vivid dream, but a dream none the less and it was Sally's dream. I got to see it and feel it, but it was all her."

"How so?"

"Well, when you dressed me in the costume, the kigumuri thing, it was like any other time I've played dress up. From fetish wear to Halloween costumes, it was always me in a costume playing make-believe. But when I got into the elevator and saw myself in the mirror, or, more accurately, Sally saw herself, well, she, I don't know, woke up? Came to life? When the doors opened Sally wasn't just a voice in my head, I was a small, and I mean very small, presence in hers. It was all Sally and I was just along for the ride. Seriously. Sally was in complete control. I saw everything she saw, heard everything she heard, felt everything she felt, the sex and everything, and there was even this out of body thing going on where I was both inside her and outside watching her. And there was nothing I could do."

"So what was it like?"

"You don't think I'm crazy?"

"I doubt it. Then again you were a thespian, seriously into the whole method acting thing. Maybe you just gave yourself over to the character."

"Mm. I don't know, Master. When I did that I gave myself over to the role completely. There was no other 'me' hovering around. and there was no character to get into. Sally just came to be, all of a piece. And she's nothing like anyone or anything I've ever known. And not a bit like me. I don't know."

"Go on."

"Well ... well, I ..."


"Master, it's just that ..."

"First rule, slave."

"Yes, Master. Honesty, Master. Sally ... Sally's not a sub. In fact, if anything she's a domme. And a lesbian. She knows how to top guys, but she's seriously into girls. Girl dolls I mean."


"Mm. She obeys you, Master, because you created her. She belongs to you. You own her. And it pleases her to obey you, because, well without you, she wouldn't exist. So she's grateful. But, in her heart of hearts, if she had a heart, her idea of heaven would be to have a cute little girl doll on a leash."

"So you see, Master, Sally is nothing like me. I do girl scenes because you order me to, but Sally was beside herself with lust being in a room full of girl dolls."

"Dolls have lust?"

"Yes, Master. Do they ever. May I have more wine?"

"No. It's getting late. Finish your story."

"Yes, Master. Well, dolls are like another species. They have no external organs, sexual or otherwise. They have no mouths, so they don't speak. They communicate in a form of pantomime. They have no ears, per se. Since they don't talk, they don't need to hear, but they can, sort of. And they can see after a fashion, but it's a bit blurry. They have no nipples or pussies, or cocks. Doll sex is ... what do you call it when girls rub their crotches together? Trilling? No, that's not right."


"Right, tribbing. But everything is kind of muted. Doll sex doesn't usually lead to orgasms, well, except for the boy dolls, but Sally feels that's an aberration. As someone who's seen both sides, I'd suggest boy dolls wear panty liners. When that boy doll came and stained himself, it was kind of a turn off. Anyway, with her and the other girl dolls it's almost a Tantric thing - a prolonged period of pleasure without actual release."

"How do you know this about other girl dolls if they don't speak?"

"I sensed it. I was in Sally's head. There's something common about the girl dolls, something they share. This total giving over to their alter egos, if you will."

"What about sex with humans?"

"She's cool with it. It's like, she's a lesbian domme, but she'll top a guy doll or a human male."

"What's the matter?"


"You're frowning."

"Oh. Sorry, Master. It's just ... it's just that she really didn't like the bukkake scene. She did it because you wanted her to, but she hated it."

"Oh? Why? If she's fine with, let's call it, inter-species sex?"

"Well, that's just it. If it had been just a group of men it would have been fine. But they were dressed as dolls, well most of them. But they had their cocks hanging out. Sally found it insulting and really, really gross. Boy dolls don't have penises."

"Mm. How did you feel about it?"

"Me? Fine, why? It was just a bunch of guys playing dress up. Not like I haven't been there done that before."

The clock chimed.

"Are you done?"

"I think so, Master."

"Then get ready for bed."

"Yes, Master."

Liz padded into the bathroom. She had showered before, but now she splashed some water on her face and brushed her teeth. She ran a brush through her hair, dabbed on some perfume. She retrieved her collar and cuffs and the small padlocks and went into the living room. Dan was tapping at the computer keyboard. Liz knelt.

Dan shut the machine, turned to her. He wrapped the leather around her neck, wrists, and ankles, snicked the locks closed. He locked her hands behind her back. Her signal that she was to go kneel in the middle of the bed and wait for him. How long? She never knew. She was content to wait. She was surprised, however, to hear the hall door thud closed.


Sally stared at her reflection in the mirror. Something wasn't right. It was her hair she decided. It had lost some of its bounce, as if it had been washed and left to dry. She plugged the curling iron into the wall, but before it could heat up her owner came into the bathroom.

"Come along, Sally."

Sally! So it wasn't a dream. The name had been bouncing around inside her head all morning. She had a name and it was Sally. Mistress Sally. She didn't like the sound of it, but if her owner wanted her to be Sally, then she'd be Sally.

She was dressed as she had been the previous day in a frilly, yellow dolly dress, white knee socks and slutty Mary Janes. She wasn't wearing her wrist cuffs, but her collar was securely locked to her throat.

Sally opened the door, followed her owner out into the corridor. Even though he hadn't attached her leash, she kept about a step behind him to one side. She may not be submissive, herself, but she was owned and as a domme she knew how subbies were supposed to behave. That and she wanted to please her owner. Another thought surfaced. While he had lent her to interact with other dolls and even humans, he hadn't "used" her himself. And her fragile, dolly ego trembled at the thought that she had displeased him in some way.

Lost in thought, gazing at herself in the elevator mirror, Sally was startled when her owner nudged her toward the open door. And she was momentarily confused when she found herself in the lobby and not on the banquet floor where the convention was being held.

He led her through the lobby and out to the porte-cochère. There was only one car there. A second pulled in. Her owner led her off to one side. Sally stopped. It was a good thing she was a bit behind him and he didn't notice.

There, reined to a post was a pony, a doll pony. A woman was standing nearby smoking.

"Good morning."

"Dan! Hello!"

They did the cheek-bump air-kiss thing.

The pony had kind of a gladiator thing going on with sandals that laced up his calves and one of those leather skirt things. He was wrapped in a heavy, leather harness with shiny hardware. He even had a harness on his head, but instead of a bit he had a panel gag. The reins were attached to rings on either side of the gag. He looked very normal, human-like though slightly Asian. He even had long, straight black hair that hung nearly to his shoulders.


"When am I not."

The woman released the reins and gestured toward the cart. Sally climbed aboard.

"He's very well trained. You don't need to yank on the reins. Tug right to turn right, left to turn left. Shake them to start. Pull back gently to stop. Got it?"

Sally made a little gesture, half nod, half small bow.

"The sidewalks are pretty much empty, but don't run him. A brisk walk, no more than a slow trot. Okay?"

Again the gesture.


Sally gave the reins a shake and the pony moved forward. Kept moving forward when they hit the corner. It took Sally a second to realize she had to control him. There were no cars, but the light was about to turn green so she gave the reins a shake and the pony trotted across the street. She pulled back gently and he slowed to a walk.

It took a couple of minutes, but Sally decided she liked having a doll pony. It was like she was inventing herself, or reinventing herself. She liked girls for sex, but a boy pony?

She watched his skirt move as he walked. It was made of separate leather panels and as they moved they exposed quite a bit of doll skin. She could see his bare butt and the black leather strap splitting his ass cheeks. She wondered what he had in front.

She slowed him, then turned him at the next corner, reined him to a trot. Sally felt the tingle between her legs. He was a nice pony. Not skinny. Not fat. A bit of love handle showing over the top of his skirt. Nice arms. The doll skin of his legs and ass jiggled with each stride. The skirt panels swayed in time. Sally resisted the urge to rub herself.

She slowed him and turned him again, walked him to the corner and across the street. There weren't a lot of people out, but some of them stopped and stared. Cars slowed, windows rolled down. She held her head up a bit, proudly, as people admired her pony. Yes - HER pony. Maybe her owner would buy him for her. She was already imagining life with her pony.

As she guided the cart past the hotel she saw her owner and the woman on the patio. They were talking and didn't acknowledge her as she slowed, so she reined her pony to a trot and made another lap.

She wished they were someplace else, a park, say, some place where she could make him run. That would be awesome!

This time when she approached the patio her owner gestured her over. The woman leaned over the rail.

"Take him into the garage. He knows where to go. There's a chain on a pipe next to my car. Lock the cart to it. The same key unlocks his cuffs. Meet us upstairs."

Sally nodded and guided her pony down the ramp into the underground garage. He led her down three levels. This level was sparsely occupied. Her pony led her over to a corner. There was a green SUV in the corner and he walked her over to it.

Sally unlocked the chain, slipped it through the spokes of a wheel and a gap in the cart frame, snicked the lock. She unlocked her pony's cuffs

They stood staring at each other. She expected him to make a move, but then she realized she was the domme and he was the sub, and, then it was too late. The moment had passed. She did tug his reins, pulled his face close to hers, held him, beamed dominant thoughts at him. He lowered his head. It was enough.

Satisfied, Sally led her pony back up into the hotel and up the escalator to the banquet floor.

She caught their reflection in the polished surfaces. Pretty dolly leading a very manly pony. At first, earlier, when she'd first met him she had wished her owner had made her more butch, less cute. But she decided she liked the idea of her cute little dolly self dominating this stud.

She didn't see her owner. The woman had simply said to meet them upstairs. Sally waited a few minutes, then decided to go into the banquet area. It was one large hall with several small rooms on the perimeter. She led her pony down and around, peeking into the various rooms, finally leading him into the convention proper. And ran smack into her owner.

"There you are! I figured you'd find us sooner or later."

So saying, he promptly turned and Sally and her pony followed.

It was much as she remembered from yesterday, except that her owner wasn't conducting business. He was, however, introducing the woman around and so they paused at several booths. She saw the dolls she had had sex with. The boy doll waved shyly. Two of the girls came over and they did the cheek-bump thing. One of them stopped and made a show of checking out her pony, gave Sally a thumbs up.

She was the one with red hair - doll-red hair. There's no red hair like doll-red hair. It was another of those awkward moments that felt like it should go somewhere, but Sally noticed her owner had turned back toward her, so she gave Red's hand a squeeze and moved on.

Maybe later, she thought. Maybe her owner would let her have the pony and Red! She had no idea what they'd do, but if Red and the pony were involved it had to be fun!

Down one aisle and part way up another they stopped. The man behind the table was selling rotating X-frames. Well, not the X-frames per se, but the metal hardware. Her owner and the woman spoke with the man, then he gestured to the frame. The woman nodded and gestured also. Their intent wasn't obvious, so Sally made an executive decision and backed her pony against the frame. He stepped onto two small blocks and the salesman cuffed his ankles. He extended his arms and the guy slipped chains to his cuffs. He stepped behind the frame, there was a metal on wood noise, and her pony's arms were stretched. Another metallic noise and the frame rotated, a few degrees one way, then a few the other. Finally her pony was fully inverted. The guy locked the frame.

He was talking to her owner again, but Sally didn't hear. She was staring at the pouch. Her pony's skirt had fallen exposing a pouch that was part of his harness. It was a big pouch, bigger than her fist. Alone in her own little world, oblivious to her surroundings, Sally reached out and touched the pouch. It wasn't a pouch. It was thick, rigid leather. Kind of like a codpiece. She stroked it imaging what it would feel like to have that rubbing against her. Yes, tribbing with girls was nice, but this?

Sally slipped a finger under the hard shell. It was stuffed with soft leather. She probed further and found her pony's boy bump, a proper, boy-doll bump. She slipped another finger in and rubbed it, rubbed it until her pony began to move his hips.

Okay, so maybe she'd have to rethink this whole girl-girl thing. Maybe a dolly girlfriend and a pony boy?

She was totally lost in her fantasy when she suddenly realized they were watching her. She pulled her fingers out and the guy reverted the frame. Her pony's face was flushed, whether from being inverted or having his bump rubbed, well, Sally liked to think it was the latter.

Released from the frame he followed Sally as she followed her owner. Down another aisle and up another yet, they stopped at another booth. This one sold paddling frames, basically large, padded saw horses with small shelves to kneel on. The woman took the reins and Sally straddled the frame, knees and elbows resting on the shelves. There were several rings, but her owner didn't fasten her down. He simply raised her skirt, pulled down her panties and paddled her. How convenient that there would be a woman selling paddles next to the guy with the paddle frame.

Her owner paddled her, paddled her hard enough to make her wince. She forgot about the people, forgot about her pony, she just focused on anticipating the blows. But unlike a cane or a whip, the paddle made no sound. Although Sally did. Doll sounds. Little grunts, muffled squeals.

Her owner made his choice and he offered the paddle to the woman. She dealt Sally a dozen stinging blows, then stopped. They spoke, but Sally couldn't hear them. She got the impression the woman approved of his choice. Sally wasn't so sure.

She stepped off the frame, pulled up her panties, smoothed out her skirt, avoiding her pony's eyes. She rationalized it in that she and her pony were both dolls, they both wore collars, so they both were owned. she rationalized it, but she didn't like it. Her owner handed her the paddle he'd purchased.

But then Red was there. Like right there. She gestured at Sally, then to herself. Her owner looked from one to the other, nodded. Sally's heart did a back flip. Did another when Red pulled a leash from her pocket and handed it to Sally. Her hand trembled and it took two tries to fasten the leash to Red's collar. She slipped the strap over her wrist and took Red's hand.

As they walked they brushed against each other the way lovers do. Her pony followed docily behind. If there was a dolly heaven, this was surely it.


"Do you want to know their names?"

"No, Master. When Sally's in charge, there's still a little bit of me there and she'd know. I think it's best if she just thinks of them as Red and her pony."

"So, did it make up for last night, the bukkake thing?"

"Oh yes, Master. In spades."

"And Sally's a happy dolly?"

"Oooh yeah. How did you do it?"

"Do it?"

"The pony, Red, the, er, quality time?"

"Serendipity. The pony's owner is Angelique. I had gone down to the car and saw the pony cart in the corner. I checked at the desk, they checked the log, called her, she called back, I set up a date. After you'd gone to bed last night I met her in the lounge for a nightcap. They're straight, except for the pony/doll thing. And even then he doesn't submit to her except as a well-behaved pony boy."

"No mistress/slave thing, Master?"


"What about Red?"

"You'll recall she approached me."

"Yes, Master. Well, you definitely made Sally's day."

"Tell me about it."

"May I have more wine, Master?"


"Thank you, Master."

Liz refilled her glass, settled back on the floor at Dan's feet.

"Well, Sally was like in dream land holding Red's hand, holding her leash. Being with Red would have been wonderful enough, but to find out she's a subbie? Whoa! And to have her pony-"

"Her pony?"

"Yes, Master, her pony. Dolls' brains work differently. The second she took the reins he became her pony. And from what I gather, the feeling was reciprocated."


"Anyway, getting them their own room was very considerate. Too much people baggage here. But why all the rope and toys?"

"That's Sid's room. You met him. Or rather Sally did. He was down on the floor, so his room was empty."

"Yes, Master. Well, whether serendipity or planned, it worked."

"Sally was shocked when you handed her the key, but she knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth. And when they went into the room, she thought she'd died and gone to dolly heaven."

"The first thing they did was for Sally to get it on with Red. She tugged her pony down to his knees and held the reins while she and Red went at it. It didn't get as far as sex, but they spent a lot of time reacquainting themselves."

"When Red started getting insistent, Sally cinched the reins to the bedpost and pulled some rope out of one of the boxes. She pointed at Red's dress and Red removed it. She had on black underwear and a garter belt and stockings. Sally decided they could stay. She pulled Red's arms behind her back, cinched her wrists. Red seemed flexible, so she roped her elbows, pulled them together until they touched and then a bit more."

"She tied Red's ankles to her thighs, then roped her knees open to the sides of the bed. She wrestled pillows under Red's ass, raising her hips high in the air. Then she undid her pony's reins and tugged him up onto the bed between Red's legs. She removed his leather skirt."

"Pony's do what pony's do and he rubbed his hard, leather knob against Red's crotch. At first it didn't seem like Red was into it. She's apparently a girl's girl. But Sally settled in next to her, cradled her head, stroked her, and pretty soon Red was making the appropriate doll noises. Dolls don't speak, but just for the effect, Sally taped Red's mouth. Her pony still had the strip of leather across his mouth."

"After a bit, Sally got off the bed and retrieved the paddle. She paddled her pony's ass while he rubbed against a bound, helpless Red. That seemed to get both their attention. And the volume went up from both dolls."

"Red came, came again, and again. Those little, kind of low key, doll orgasms only another doll would recognize. When Sally was satisfied that Red was not only into it, but actually enjoying it, and had achieved a certain amount of pleasure, she pulled her pony back, made him kneel by the bed again. She untied Red, pulled her pony back up onto the bed and showed Red how to rub his dolly boy bump. Red slipped her hand under the shield. Sally settled back on the bed, opened her legs and pulled her pony's face between them. She grabbed his harness and rubbed his leather clad mouth against her. Her own orgasms were a bit more intense than Red's."

"Her pony came at some point. Red removed her hand and picked up the paddle. Satisfied or not, Red was going to make sure he pleased his mistress. And he did. Several times."

"They napped afterward. Sally tied Red again, just her hands and feet. She lay on the bed and pulled Red back against her, tugged her pony's reins and he settled in behind, offered an arm for Sally to rest her head on."

"And then?"

"Then, Master? Well, they walked her pony back to his room. Angelique was there. She didn't say anything, just took the reins. Then they went to Red's room. Sally unclipped the leash and handed it to her. They rubbed cheeks and hugged a bit. It's what dolls do And that was about it."

"But a good time was had by all."

"Oh yes, Master, a very good time."


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