Our Dollicious Relationship

by aner1018

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Storycodes: M/f; tape; bond; latex; vacbed; catsuit; chast; dollified; sex; cons; X

English is not my first language, but I think it's ok, the story I mean... It was made collecting some real experiences and some fiction ones. I hope you like it. Any comment please let me know. [email protected]

It all started in college. I first saw her in our language class. I was studying engineering and she administration.

Everything went on smoothly as if made on purpose.  We were just a normal couple in a normal college environment, until one October afternoon when we were watching some movies (there was no money for going out…) in my room, and we saw a movie scene where a woman was cuffed and played with.

A - Would you let me put you in handcuffs?

I asked innocently with all the determination I could. She turned to me with her eyes in surprise and worry.

K -Don’t tell me you are sado-masoquist or something.

A – Please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I liked the idea of you tied up. It’s not like I enjoy the pain.

K – But then? How come that you like handcuffs? That sounds masoquist to me.

A – I don’t think so. There are ways of playing that do not require any kind of pain, they are just games.

I continued explaining all a thought of this games and how I liked them since I was a child. How I used to play in my mind some impossible (so they were to me) games with her.

Time passed by and then, when we were  making out one afternoon, I asked her if it was ok for her if I tied her wrist together in front of her with a ribbon I had stored in my drawer. I sent just a few minutes convincing her and finally she agreed. And so we played she couldn’t go away for some time. Those were very good times, innocent and delicious.

She once told me, that everything that we do, once we do it, it is easier to do it again. It is so true that our games continued evolving. She started to like being controlled and I loved to control her (at least in this games hehe…). The once innocent games, after more than a year, ended in ropes, duct tape, blindfolds, gags, dildos and everything you can buy low price in home depot and any sex shop.

During this time I found out about grometsplaza website and many other sites while I should be doing my homework. Long before I discovered about vacbeds I had already thought about being able to vacuum pack a person and have ‘her’ available for my games. But it was until I found out about vacbeds that I discovered about latex. It was when I started looking seriously for all things I liked and tried to find if all the things I had thought were original or all of them were already made by someone, or even produced by someone.

We started to surf the internet together, reading stories and watching pictures of what we liked.

A – You know what? I would like you to be completely unable to move. I would love to have you that way and that you could do nothing about it.

K – It doesn’t sound that bad. I have also thought about dressing up in a black catsuit, some black ballet boots like the ones you like so much, and being spread tied to the bed.

A – Wanna give it a try?

K – Yeah sure. Let’s first get the money we need for buying all that and then we’ll talk. But before that what do you think about having something to eat, I’m starving and my head is starting to ache.

That was the way all our naughty dreams started to take shape. Once I even tried to vacuum her in a huge bag I got when I bought my mattress. I turned out that my vacuum was not powerful enough to do that, and after a while my mom started to ask about that bag, so I had to get rid of it before I had to start lying about it and before she started asking about all the kinky stuff I had stored (not that I had them in plain view, but eventually she would have come to clean my room.. you know… moms) .

This one time, I was thinking about her and our games, and I came up with the idea of having her all duct taped and expected that after a couple of layers she would be unable to move.

K – Let’s try it out. Sounds cool to me. But how will you do to get me out if it?

She didn’t know that when I think of something like that I always think  about everything, including the escape routes.

The first time I asked her to wear her swimming suit. I first used saran wrap to protect her skin, and then started taping her legs somehow loosely but tight, turning the tape over and over around her extremities. It took a hell of a time, and by the time I was finished, it did not mean that I liked what I had done. There were a lot of places where you could still see her skin and I had a lot of difficulties when taping her crotch and armpits, so I mostly left them untapped which turned out to be a good thing after a while, but let’s give some opportunities to your imagination. As she could not move very well, which was the main thing by the way, I had to help her dressing up; yes, I equipped her with a skirt and a shirt. The shoes were not a problem ‘cause I taped them with her feet, so she could not worry about slip them out (not that she could anyway).

She was like that for about an hour and a half, and then took her out with extreme caution and some scissors.

The technique was there, but it needed a lot of polishing before we could thing about having her taped from head to toes.

After that we tried some other positions, like her arms and legs bent. I asked her for permission to wrap her head and she said yes. She is the perfect girlfriend.

The trial went great until I had to get her out. I had left some strips with the glue side looking outwards beneath the final taping running over her cheeks, but when I tried to find them, it turn out that I had covered the place where I was supposed to enter the scissors and make the cutting. After some effort I got her out, but I had cut a small part of her hair accidentally. Now we laugh about it, but I am sure she has not forgiven me and I think she still has some hair recovering from the accident.

Like they say, we learn from our mistakes, and you have to screw it sometimes to make it right.

Now I can tell you that my technique is so well polished, that when I finish taping her, you can see her curves, and think of nothing else but owning her and taking her home for…   She can barely move, she cannot speak, see, barely hear, and definitely she cannot get out without any help. She has spent a whole afternoon as my dolly, watching movies (me of course…) and playing with her. She has to find me in order to earn her freedom. Or she has to manage to sit down in a couch and get up, some things like that. When she fail to do them, she has to remain like that until I say so, or be my dolly sex slave for one hour before a release her.

I’ve being working on some remote control for when she is dollified, right now it is working, and spent a couple of times as my remote controlled dolly for the day, giving her some small electrical shocks in her boobs, for going right and left, and an electrified dildo for going forward or stopping. I still have to work to make the battery packs and circuitry smaller, and extending the orders and range, but let’s give it time.

I’m trying to convince her to be tapped, dressed and taken out to the movies, only with her hands and head free, but she hasn’t said yes. I hope to make it soon.

With time we finished college. We started working and so we could start making our savings to buy some new stuff.

Now I’m working in a new project. I will transform her into our bedroom door. We bought a latex vacbed with extra thick layers and a vacuum valve so the air stays out and the vacuum turned off; she will be vacuumed into it, standing up, the frame will be mounted as a real door, and will have a doorknob and everything.

By the time I finish it, I will try it with her as my duct tape dolly, vacpacked as my door, and organize a party with some friends. I think I have convinced her that they will not think of her as a living thing. Let’s hope they don’t.

Part 2: Dollicious honeymoon

My girlfriend was perfect, for me at least. She was all I could ask for. She was always there for me when I needed her, and she always understood when I could not be there. We shared a lot of tastes and obsessions, and we usually worked on them together.

One of our little obsessions was transforming her into my sex doll. She becomes blind, deaf, mute and almost unable to move but for a few range of movement in her legs and arms. I saran wrap her from head to toe, concentrating a lot of effort to make it as tight as possible. Then I start to duct tape her with her legs and arms apart. I control even the position she will be during the next hours.

For example, once I dollified her in a sitting position, with her hips and legs flexed as on a chair, and her arms almost straight in front, using about of 5 layers of tape hips down and on her arms. It was fun, I kept her seated in front of the table for quite a while, and while she was starving and I pretended to be eating some pizza in front of her. You should have seen her struggles when trying to free herself and trying to tell me not to be that bad and feed her. Then I turned on the vibrating egg she had trapped between her legs. She stopped any movement at once and started to breathe heavily moving her hips to get more stimuli. It was then I carried her to the bedroom and took advantage of her “sitting” position. I kneeled her on the bed, she was now facing the bed with her arms straight forward and her legs slightly open. Now I uncapped her small crotch cover I had made from cardboard and duct tape, bringing her helpless to me and leaving her with what could be consider a refueling hole down there. The egg stayed in position, over her clit, but nothing could be seen but the small hole of a size of a big coin.

Another example is when I dollify her standing, her legs a little apart and her arms bent by the elbow with her hands in the classic doll position, fingers together and a little flexed inwards. In this case she can see through the saran wrap but I use about 4 or 5 layers of duct tape all over her except of her inner thighs. With help of some electronic knowledge, she would know follow my lead whenever I move the small levers in the remote. She has learned to follow the signals as soon as she can. The electrodes glued in her breast, clit and anus gives her a good idea of what I want. After a while, I use the cap that has become most of the times, part of her doll state.

Afterwards we watch a movie or two, leaving her of course, entertained with the electrodes going on and off randomly all the time. I guess she feels like a Christmas tree, a very horny one. After that I cuff myself spread eagled to the bed posts and let her find the keys she knows I hid somewhere in the bedroom. Needless to say that she won’t get released if she does not release me, and that of course I always have another set of keys under my pillow in case she is unable to get the other set, but as she always gets it, so far she remains unknown to the existence of the second set. I once taped the keys to her right thigh. She went looking for it for almost 30 minutes and was starting to get desperate when not finding them, imagining that she would have to ask for help to some neighbor or some friend. It was until I yelled at her to look herself in the full length mirror that see saw them and spent another 15 minutes getting them. Of course, after that exhausting dynamic, she had to be refueled, if you know what I mean.

Another example… hm.. hfmm… we better continue with the story.

No doubt she was the perfect girlfriend, but everything that has a beginning has an end, as they say, and now she is not my girlfriend anymore. It was all perfect when it happened, but like I said, sometimes things need to be changed and for her now I transformed her into my wife.

The wedding was something small and familiar. But the story beneath the wedding dress was nothing small, and by far nothing to be seen by the family.

When I gave her the engagement ring, I also gave her another object that would represent her fully belonging to me. It has beautifully chromed and custom fitted. That chastity belt with chastity bra was all we had wanted for a long time.

Whenever I was out of town for businesses, she would remain locked from herself and in troubles hiding it from her parents.

During the wedding I had her to wear them beneath the wedding dress with some small modifications. I installed, beneath the breast cups of the bra, a set of heavy duty battery packs, and wired them to a whole system of electrodes and vibrators that would be glued again to her breast, clit and anus. Once locked in the chastity suit, I would turn it on by remote and she would not only get teased all the time, but it would all the times that she was more than 3 meters away from me. I guess you know what happened during the wedding. By the time she was presented to the altar, she was more than willing not to cum in front of the guests, and of course not next to her dad, so she walked a little too rapidly all the way to me. We both had a huge smile in our faces, part of the happiness and part of the secret she was hiding (which came out not to be an easy task having so many  ladies helping her dress before the ceremony).

During the party, all the eyes were upon us. This wasn’t helpful for her, as she was asked to dance all the time, and I purposely would dance a little too far from her. By the time we had to leave for the honey moon, she was desperate to get away from all the guests, and to be freed from her tormentors. This didn’t come fast, as I told her that we would be flying in a private jet, and that she would remain locked until we were alone in our destination. She told me all the things she had to do for avoiding being discovered by the dressers and the bridesmaids. She also told me that she tried twice to remove the chastity suit during her escapes to the bathroom, but she was frustrated when she couldn’t and could not even let herself be dragged to an orgasm because there was always someone by the door in case she needed help with the dress.

The trip lasted another 12 hours, and I made sure not to let her cum during the trip, by keeping her escorted all the time and by turning off the proximity sensors. Besides, to keep the device fully charged and functional she needed to be around me every 4 hours for about 20 minutes to connect a mini USB plug in the place her clit should be, and the other side of the cable to a charging box I had specifically designed for her (of course she had to wear a dress or skirt, but I suggested a long casual dress, so we could dissimulate the charging box). By the time we arrived to the hotel, she was almost nuts to be fucked, and watching her that way was both entertaining and a huge turn on, so as soon the door was closed behind us, we looked at each other and started to kiss more than passionately.

There was a moment of panic when I could not find the keys for the suit, but I found them soon in a folded pocket of my jacket.

I don’t need to tell the details of the moment, but I had to gag her for preventing the hotel guards to check if I was not hurting her, which after a few minutes would be obvious, but I didn’t wanted too many gossip ears neither.

I think we established a record of the amount of luggage we brought for the honey moon. Most of it was our play gear that I had planned for the itinerary. We would be 2 whole weeks in this romantic hotel in Paris, but we only needed 1 to know most of the places, so we had one entire week to play romantic games in the most romantic city in the world.

We could separate the schedule into 2 halves, one for the games and another for reconnaissance, but I decided to mix them together, what turned out to be a success afterwards.

The next day after the arrival, my brand new wife was exhausted, and we needed to buy the tickets for the subway and the museums, so I left her in bed and headed to the streets to get the much required items, leaving a note on my pillow explaining my departure and giving her my approximate time of absence. It took me about 3 hours to get back to the hotel, and when I entered the studio, I saw what I could not see anywhere in Paris or the world, realizing what a monument of a woman I now had, and that it would have not been necessary to be here for seeing the most amazing show of beauty, flesh desire and mutual understanding anyone could ever find.  

She was sitting on the couch “watching” the television, completely not moving a muscle. She turned her head the best she could to me, and looked at me with an amazing set of blue painted eyes. She was now my perfect dolly, the one I had not even dreamed of. She had turned herself into the perfect sex slave, or the perfect object of lust. Her painted eyes were accompanied with a rubber face that resembled a girl toy, with features very well defined, her eyes were big, but not as an anime persona, her nose small and perfect, her slightly smiling mouth was all rubber including her teeth and tongue; she was completely mute and mostly deaf.

A purple short haired wig crowned her head. On her neck you could see a collar I had never seen, it was all steel with a golden square in the middle that seemed like a padlock without the iron ring that would usually be the purpose of it. Obviously it restricted any attempt to remove the whole mask and what was beneath. It had writing, carved on the padlock, that it was my property; it had my name on it. You could not see any seams except for the divisions of the golden and silver steel. Afterwards I realized it WAS a padlock, but that it was a special one that would lock a small edge of the silver steel into the golden lock, what resulted in this amazing looking collar that could pass as real jewelry.

Below her neck was the most amazing part of the outfit. She was wearing a purple very tight latex dress, which could not hide the chastity suit beneath it. Underneath it all was a black catsuit that I knew very well; it has built breast cups, hood and gloves; it enclosed the person completely in an extremely tight second skin, with the super special features like the extra thin latex over the eyes that allows to see relatively well, nostrils and a pink sack to go into the mouth for obvious reasons.

It also has a sack for her whole pussy; it doesn’t have a built in pussy as many others in the market, and isn’t neither a simple sack for the vagina, but it follows perfectly the outer lips of her pussy and makes it visible that there is a pink latex sack there that defines everything beneath the outer lips and has an special opening for her love hole, transforming her anatomy into the one of a perfect latex woman without anything exaggerated nor hidden. To complete the outfit, she had on a set of black thigh high ballet boot that were as tight as the catsuit and her hands wearing a pair of gloves that completely immobilized any finger movements  and most of her wrist flexibility (very handy for self bondage sessions).

She was there, locked away of the world, leaving a rubberized self behind. She then pointed to the center table of the studio and I saw an envelope. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but forced myself to walk to the table. I opened the letter and read it:

Dear A:

This represents the fulfillment of my dreams, and now I represent the fulfillment of yours. I’m yours forever to use as you please, I will be whatever you want me to be. I know you’ve told me you like me the way I am, but I’m sure we will both enjoy a little help.

All I ask in return is respect. I want you to be mine and only mine as I’m now yours. Consider it the price to pay for it, or the prize for it.

Use me now as you see fit and remember and even if I can’t talk, you will always know what I want to say when turned into this.



OK, I said to myself. Then I said out loud so she could hear me.

A: OK darling. Let’s the games begin.




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