A Dolly's Deceit and Betrayal

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/f; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X

Note: This is a sequel to Kittara's excellent Filled Under the Stars story. It is written in the first person perspective like her story to keep things consistent ( yes, Chill is definitely a man so this was a bit of a challenge....). Enjoy!

I had to admit that my relationship with Steve was a bit unusual to say the least. At first, it was routine with lots of wonderful sex that left me drenched with cum and sweat after hours of having his cock pound in and out of me over and over. He seemed to delight in caressing and kissing my big boobs until my nipples grew rock hard and I was screaming for him to fuck me. I often found that after a night of our intense love making, it would take me the better part of the next day to recover.

One day, Steve came home with a rather strange smile on his face and asked me if I wanted to have some new and very realistic sex toys to play with. When I pressed him for details, he told me he was going away for the weekend to end a relationship with a previous girlfriend. I was puzzled by his statement but figured I'd wait and see what he brought back.

Well, imagine my surprise when Steve returned and showed me a deflated sex doll that was in a backpack. I was about to ask him what was the big deal when he inflated the doll and showed me a picture of his ex girlfriend. To my puzzlement, the doll looked just like his former flame only with much bigger breasts and very naked. Steve then sat me down and told me that it was his former girlfriend thanks to a special potion he bought. He even told me to call the shop he bought the lotion at if I didn't believe him.

To make a long story short, I confirmed his story and, out of curiosity, asked Steve to leave the love doll with me. I spent the next day caressing and fondling the soft rubbery form of the doll marveling how realistic it was. I imagined how ( what was her name, Cammy or Tammy ?) his ex was reacting to the whole experience of being used for nothing but pleasure. In fact, it was that train of thought that made me want to add to his collection of dolls.

I had a long time friend named Laeticia, who had a fantastic body and was constantly seen with different men. In fact, she had stolen several of my boyfriends in the past which I had let slide but secretly I had seethed at her bold moves. I had even seen her nuzzling up to Steve recently and figured he might be next on her list.

Keeping my personal reasons to myself, I waited until after one night of intense love making and asked him if he'd like to add to his dolly collection. I told him who I had in mind and how I planned to trick Laeticia so that she'd never suspect what was going to happen to her. Steve, who was busy caressing my heaving tits when I told him my plan, was a bit surprised upon hearing what I wanted to do and went silent for several seconds.

" Well, if that's what you want to do, I can go back to the shop I originally picked up the lotion and get some more. Of course, I'd want you share Laeticia with me in the future, " Steve said with a warm smile as he wrapped his arms around my slender waist.

" As long as you leave a little time for me, lover, I think that can be arranged, " I said as I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his. I felt him slide his right hand up my stomach until it cupped my right breast with his left hand sliding downwards to caress my ass. We quickly got back to another intense session of heated love making with my thoughts wandering to the future of having a new dolly with us to make it a threesome.

Three days later.....

I had thirty minutes or so before Laeticia arrived for a little private pool party. Although I knew she usually took her dips in the pool nude, I had a little more modesty than that. I picked out my fire engine red bikini with thong bottom to wear when I was by the pool today. I tied the top a little looser than normal to show off my D-cup breasts before turning and admiring myself in the mirror for a minute. The last time I had worn this suit was when I had just met Steve and wanted to catch his eye while he was playing beach volleyball. Judging by the fact he let the volleyball hit him square in the face, the bikini more than did it's job.

" Well, now that I'm all set for this special little pool party, it's time to make preparations for Laeticia's arrival, " I said as I hurried off to make things ready for her arrival. I had just about everything ready when I heard the sound of a car engine in the driveway. When I peaked outside, I saw Laeticia hopping out of a taxi wearing a red tube top, white shorts that were almost indecently short and matching sandals. She saw me looking out the window and waved enthusiastically in my direction after paying the driver.

" Tara, thanks for inviting me over. Gosh, it's been, what, 3 or 4 weeks since we last saw each other at that club Sparkles. Ya know, if I had known that guy Josh was your high school sweetheart, I never would have dragged him away from you that night to dance with me. Before I knew it, he was inviting me back to his place for a wild night of incredible sex, or so he said. If you ask me, he ain't that hot, " Laeticia babbled as she walked up to me and looked over my house's exterior with approval.

Biting my tongue, I returned a warm smile that was completely fake in nature. " Well, no hard feelings. Steve gets kind of jealous when he hears that I meet up with any of my old flames. No hard feelings, " I said while secretly looking forward to having Laeticia as a toy for me to play with much like she played with men.

" Cool ! Are you ready to have some fun in the sun, Tara ? " Laeticia exclaimed while grasping me and giving me a big hug. At the same time, she stuck her tongue in my ear in a very flirtatious way while trying to loosen my bikini top with her fingers.

" Ummm..yeah,sure..... " I said as I quickly disentangled from Laeticia's hold. I knew Laeticia had occasionally had relationships with other women and frankly I wanted nothing to do with the idea at this time.

" Super ! Oh, I've brought a bottle of cola for myself and one of ice tea for you to drink while we're catching some rays by the pool, " Laeticia bubbled happily as she handed me the bottles she brought with her. While I was busy digging out an ice bucket and some ice for the drinks, I saw Laeticia was busy stripping off her clothes and was digging out one of the many inflatable pool toys I had for lounging around the pool.

Smiling, I grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion sitting on a table by the door leading to the pool area and stepped out into the brilliant sunshine. Enclosed on all sides by a high wooden fence that meant no intruders, I figured this pool party wouldn't have any surprises... well,outside the one I had planned.

Humming a tune I had earlier in the day on the radio, after dropping the ice bucket in a shaded area near the pool, I walked over to where Laeticia was and saw she was just about done inflating one of my cuter inflatables, a plastic butterfly with holes for the user to fit their legs through.

" Just a sec, Laeticia, before you jump in the pool, why don't you put on this new lotion I picked up when I went shopping yesterday ? It's brand new to the market and it gave me the most wonderful tan, don't you think ? " I said flicking aside my red hair.

Laeticia took the bottle and, flipping it open, took a quick sniff of the contents. " Hmmm... smells like coconut butter. Well, I'll take your word for it, Tara, " she said as she dabbed a generous amount into her right palm. She then rapidly spread it over her arms, thighs, chest and torso before returning her attention to the partly inflated float.

I watched with mounting anticipation as Laeticia finishing inflating her float and put gently in the pool near the side. She then slowly clambered onto it trying not to smear the lotion over the float. When I had gone over my little plan with Steve earlier and he asked me how much of the formula should be mixed with the suntan lotion, I told him to allow for the fact she may get some of it on the sides of the pool or on other objects. When I saw that Laeticia was being careful to keep the lotion on, I figured that the process would go much faster than planned.

" Mmmmm.......the sun certainly is warm today. This lotion you gave me, Tara, feels so good...I'll have to find out where the nearest store is to my place and buy some, " Laeticia said softly as she closed her eyes and slowly paddled out into the middle of the pool.

While I pretended to set up a deck chair and apply some lotion myself, I snuck a peek over at the floating Laeticia and saw that the chemical was already starting to show the transformation effects on her skin. I could see patches of smooth gloss starting to become visible on her arms, torso and around her pussy as well as Laeticia's breasts starting to inflate outwards ever so slightly. My fingers trembled ever so slightly at the thought of holding her soon-to-be latex form next to my body.

" Ooooh...I feel so good....I wish I could float here forever.... " Laeticia murmured as she laid her forearms back with her movements still showing that she was unaware of what was happening to her. I could see a tattoo of a panther Laeticia had on her left thigh disappear in just a matter of moments. Although Steve had told me about the process in detail before, I was amazed at what I was seeing unfold right before my eyes.

Suddenly, as if she was waking up from a bad dream, Laeticia opened her eyes wide and looked down with a visible look of horror evident on her face. " What...what's going on here ? What's happening to me ? Tara, help me please ! I think there is something going on....I might be having an allergic reaction to that lotion you gave me, " she called out as she looked down and saw her skin become smooth and glossy all over.

" Oh, it's no reaction, Laeticia. The lotion is working just like it's supposed to and your transformation will be done in a matter of minutes, " I said grinning openly reveling in the moment.

" Transform...what the hell ?.....this isn't suppose..... " Laeticia sputtered with her words already sounding thick no doubt from her tongue and teeth changing into artificial rubber and latex. As her words became quite obscene, I silently thanked myself for remembering to pick a day where most of the neighbors would be out of town camping or visiting relatives.

Laeticia's torso was turning completely smooth and artificial in nature with her pussy twisting and contorting into an ovular shape like all sex dolls and her finely trimmed pubic hair disappearing in mere moments. Seams were clearly visible along her arms, upper thighs, waist and around her breasts like any doll. Although I couldn't see it from my vantage point, I imagined the same was happening to her anus though that was a fact I could soon confirm.

" You...you were...were.... " Laeticia gasped weakly as the process rapidly moved upwards and fully engulfed her chest, shoulders and head. The brunette fell silent and all her movements, involuntary and otherwise, ceased as well as her change to a sex toy neared its' completion. Laeticia's breasts pushed outwards as they became shiny mounds of latex capped by bright pink areolas and rubbery nipples that stood out almost an inch from her chest.

Laeticia's face slightly swelled as it became artificial like the rest of her body had become. Her mouth slowly formed into a perfect, round pink O shape much like her other two openings and her cheeks turned a bright red in color. The last vestige of her humanity, her eyes, became nothing more than painted features that were as inanimate as the rest of her.

I stood in silence for a few seconds and watched as the float slowly bobbed on the water of the pool with a faint squeaking sound audible as the latex doll's body rubbed against the float it was resting on. After a few moments of silent admiration, I walked around the pool to the other side, where I slowly lowered myself into the pool water. click on image  

As it turned out, I picked a good time to go and retrieve the newly created doll as, for reasons I couldn't figure out right away, the inanimate sex doll as well as the float itself were tipping upwards in the air. When I swam over and started to pull the doll from the float, I noticed it felt much heavier than the Cammy doll I had been playing with. After a minute or two, I managed to drag Laeticia's latex body out of the pool and it was at that point that I discovered why the doll wasn't as light as normal sex toys were.

Looking downwards, I saw that Laeticia's lower legs, just above the knee and downward, were still flesh and blood. In fact, they were still twitching and moving indicating they were still receiving thoughts from whatever form Laeticia's mind was still in.

" Why didn't I ask Steve about what might happen with the formula under prolonged exposure to water. Stupid, stupid, stupid....... " I chided myself as I quickly walked around the pool once again and dashed inside the house. I grabbed my oven mitts from nearby the kitchen stove and hurried outside to where Laeticia left the special bottle of lotion. Donning the mittens, I gingerly picked up the bottle and walked over to where I had left the love doll.

To my amusement, I saw that the legs that were still twitching on the doll that Laeticia had caused the sex toy to move closer to the pool and if I left it alone for another five or so minutes, it probably would have fallen into the water for more thrashing and splashing.

" Oh, I think, Laeticia, your days of enjoying this, or any, pool have come to an end. Lemme just make a little application of this oil and we'll have your whole body just the way I want it, " I said happily as I dabbed a generous portion on the doll's lower legs before flipping it over and doing the same to the back. As I waited for the lotion to dry and take effect, I removed the mitts on my hands ( being careful not to get the dollifying formula on me) and put them to one side. Luckily, Steve had told me the formula evaporates completely after exposure to the sun for fifteen minutes or I'd have to go out and but a new set of oven mitts.

When I saw the doll's legs had stopped twitching and they had changed fully to latex and vinyl, I picked up my newest plaything around the waist and hurried over to the patio door in anticipation of the fun ahead. Before opening the door, I spotted the drinks we had left to chill in the bucket of ice. Figuring I might need a drink after I get done playing with my newest toy, I grabbed the bottle of ice tea that Laeticia had brought over with my free hand and lugged it all inside.

Two or three minutes later, I was lying on my bed naked with my newest sex toy next to me. As I rubbed my hands over it's soft latex surface, which produced the most delightful squeaks and other sounds, I imagined how Laeticia's mind ( what was left of it) was reacting to my probing and caressing it's firm breasts and shiny torso. Pulling out some of my other sex toys , including a nice strap-on, I proceeded to play with my new doll for the next hour or so.

After I rolled off the doll, my body drenched in sweat and sticky with the love juices from my intense pleasure making, I glanced over at the bottle of ice tea I brought with me. Deciding I needed a drink before calling up Steve and letting him now about my success, I unscrewed the cap and drank down the entire bottle in only a couple of gulps.

Setting the empty bottle aside, I went to stand up and go to where I had left my cell phone. Suddenly, I felt a wave of dizziness sweep over me and I sank to my knees in response. I reckoned I had overexerted myself during the day and waited for it to pass. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all as the dizziness increased and I tried, but failed, to pull myself fully back on the bed.

To my shock and horror, as my upper half slid off the bed to the floor, I saw my skin was starting to take on a smooth, glossy appearance that was all too familiar to me. As my body made contact with the floor and I lost the ability to move altogether, I realized exactly what was happening to me.

" I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL LIKE LAETICIA... A DAMNED SEX TOY... THIS CAN'T BE !!.. I WAS CAREFUL.... IT'S NOT FAIR... IT'S JUST NOT FAIRRRRR..... " I shouted before my voice faded away as the transformation started to affect my body throughout. I saw, as well as felt, my pussy slowly pull into a circular opening with the interior becoming a smooth latex and vinyl sac for probing like I had done with Laeticia. Seams started to appear on my arms and legs as well as across my waist and around my boobs, which seemed to be noticeably expanding.

My pubic hair shrunk down and vanished in only matter of seconds as the area became composed of the same inanimate material the rest of me was becoming. I could only watch in mute horror as my arms bent, on their own, with the forearms jutting straight upwards as if they were holding onto someone. I shuddered in both pleasure and revulsion as I felt my insides turning to nothing more than air or gas like any other blow-up doll. Simultaneously, I felt my anus move upwards by what felt like several inches before forming into an O shape.

" Why did this happen ? Steve and his fucking formula... .fucking... I hope he fucks me soon.... NO ! That's wrong ! I'm not some sex doll... doll... doll needs to be fucked.... " I thought to myself though I was having trouble thinking in a coherent manner. Was this what Laeticia and Cammy were dealing with even now in their new states ? Or were their minds just simple doll thoughts of being used liked good dollies ?

The process continued it's progress as my tits swelled outwards to at least DD cup in size with both my boobs ringed in seams to make them look nicer for my owner. My fingernails turned bright red in color which I hoped my owner would appreciate.

dollyb2 As my new body finished its' transformation and my head seemed to swell slightly, I heard a noise coming from the bedroom door. With my final bit of free will, I turned my head in the direction of the noise even as my mouth twisted and contorted into a perfect ovular shape that begged for my owner to use. My eyes changed into nothing more than painted features that showed lust that my entire body ached for.

" Well, Tara, I imagine you're surprised by how things worked out today, " a familiar voice called out.

" Steve ! Why aren't you helping me ? Why aren't you fucking me ? " I thought in an increasingly confused state of mind.

" Well, I was just as surprised when Laeticia approached me a couple of days before you did and proposed to do the same thing to you that you planned with her. She even showed me a way to cover up your disappearance after your transformation into the doll you are now. Naturally, I didn't tell you about any of this and figured I'd let you two have this little pool party by yourselves and visit afterwards to see the results. Thanks to your lotion and Laeticia's ice tea, I now have two more incredibly lifelike love dolls to keep me company at night, " Steve said as he walked over and picked up my doll body with his wonderful hands.

" Ooooohhh...that feels good.... " I thought to myself even as part of me screamed in anger and outrage. As I stared up at the ceiling with my right side rubbing against my former rival and now fellow doll, I wondered how much time I would spend with my owner...Steve...owner.

" I'll have to figure out some sort of schedule for you two and Cammy to spend with me at night. Maybe, after a few more additions, you'll each have a special day...if I don't lend you to my friends, " Steve said as he slipped onto the bed a few minutes later nude and pulled himself on top of me.

As I felt those wonderful hands of his caress my firm boobies and his tongue slip inside my inviting mouth, I wondered to myself how things could have gone so wrong......

And so right........


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