by LilCthulhu

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Storycodes: Machine/f; F2doll; sold; program; electro; drug; transform; bodymod; latex; permanent; armbinder; bond; chastity; training; nc; XX

1. Arrival

Sheriff Alina Adams walked carefully, her gun and flashlight directed in front of her. She had been on the hunt for human traffickers of the worst sort - people who kidnapped young women, and turned them into living sexdolls. A horrible procedure, Alina never understood. Why turn humans into sexdolls? If you want a perfectly submissive plaything, why not just use a robot?

Turning another corner, Alina felt a clump in her throat as she slowly and methodically explored long hallways and abandoned looking storerooms. It had been weeks of intense investigations until she finally got a tangible lead - coordinates for the criminals home base.

Even with the coordinates, it was a struggle to find the place. The coordinates pointed towards an asteroid field, and Alina had searched for hours before she had found an seemingly abandoned space station, carved into an asteroid. She had sent her information and a call for assistance to sector command, but she knew it would take forever before she could expect backup, if they would come at all. Colonies on the outer rim weren't exactly high priority. Knowing, however, that the criminals would change their location soon, Alina couldn’t wait for the cavalry. She had to do this on her own.

Now, a couple of days later, she was sneaking through empty looking halls and tunnels, afraid she might be too late. The place looked empty, with dust covering the floors. Alina was almost ready to give up and leave, as she noticed a faint light in the distance.

A few minutes later, the sheriff arrived at a big industrial looking room. The lights were on, energy was humming, and it was filled with modern looking boxes and equipment. The only thing missing were the criminals. Only a few deactivated robots were standing around.

Gun still in hand and nervously looking around, Alina activated a nearby computer. Still nervous, it took her a good while to navigate the system, but after a few moments, she was reading the last few messages on the system, and her heart began to sink. They had been warned. They knew she was coming and had fled before she even arrived. They even had sensor data, recording her ship's approach.

Alina screamed in anger and kicked a nearby box, sending it flying through the air. She had missed them by only a few hours, maybe even minutes. Her mind was racing, as she tried to figure out who could have warned those bastards.

After a short outburst, Alina took a moment to catch her breath. Forcing herself to calm down, she began to assess the situation. Equipment. They had left behind most of their equipment. There had to be useful information somewhere. Contacts, clients, ship IDs, hell, maybe even clues to the perpetrators themselves.

2. A few hours later…

Alina had screened most of the computers. She had found that most of the equipment wasn’t for the transformation process, but training. Almost all of the stuff was automated too. It would only take one or two people overseeing everything, while the rest would run on autopilot. Hell, most of it could run completely without human oversight.

Alina never thought the dolls would need training after the transformation, but it made sense. Despite the transformation, they were humans, not robots. They would try to resist and it would take a while to make them not only look but also behave like sexcraving bimbo sexdolls.

Of course, the criminals also changed their victims’ bodies to improve the process, and make the results more permanent.

The dolls’ bodies got reprogrammed to produce the hormones of a sex crazed nympho, their agreeability was heightened, and there was a computer chip inserted into their brain that rewarded them with pleasure for acting like a submissive sexdoll while punishing them with painful electric shocks when doing anything else. At the end the victims would only be able to think about sex and pleasure and after a couple weeks of conditioning you’d get yourself a perfectly mindless fuckdoll.

Alina had seen the results often enough. It made her feel sick. The only good thing was, this information would be helpful for the doctors who treated the victims Alina and others had found and liberated.

Alina still was annoyed, because she had not found any clues about the sick bastards behind the operation. Not a single name or address. She probably would need a specialist to take a closer look, but for now this was a dead end.

Looking around again, the sheriff began to investigate the machines. Equipment like this wasn’t something you could buy off the shelf. Maybe she could find out something about where it was manufactured.

Alina opened a few crates and looked over the machines, but she wasn’t able to find anything. Finally she arrived in the back of the room. There was a steel table, surrounded by almost alien looking medical devices.

This had to be the transformation chamber, Alina thought to herself. If it wasn’t for her, those sick bastards would have used the place to transform innocent girls into sexdolls. Once more Alina felt anger overwhelm her. Enraged by how messed up this all was, she turned towards a nearby tower like machine, and shoved it over.

It must have been something important, because once it had crashed to the ground, the rest of the machines began to beep and blink frantically. Lights flashed up, as the machines began to process the situation.

Alina gasped in surprise, as she noticed a nearby robot suddenly getting up, seemingly awoken by the damage she had caused. Controlled by instinct, Alina raised her gun, and fired thrice at the soulless monster. Metal and plastic instantly vaporized, as the energy blasts hit the robot, sending it back to the ground, its chest turned into a glowing hole.

Alina's yell of triumph was cut short however, as she felt a second robot taking hold of her left arm. She had not even heard the thing, and before she could do something, it rammed an injection into her shoulder.

Alina swirled around and tried to lift her gun, but she already felt her body getting limp. She tried to pull the trigger, but the blast went wild, hitting nothing but the wall behind the attacking robot.

A second later Alina’s legs gave up and she would have slumped to the ground, if not the robot vice-like grip. She did not even feel the gun slip out of her hand, she only heard the clank as it hit the ground. Then everything went black.

3. Waking up

When Alina woke back up, her mind was foggy and sluggish, and she felt like she had a lewd dream, which she struggled to remember. It must have been something lewd, because she felt incredibly horny.

Struggling to process, she noticed everything was dark like night. She tried to reach for the warm glow between her legs, but something felt weird. Her skin felt funny, there was an unusual squeaking noise and once her fingers reached between her legs, she noticed something metallic blocking access to her pussy.

For a few seconds Alina struggled to make heads or tails of this weird situation, but then suddenly everything clicked into place. She remembered her outburst and how it had awoken the machines. After she attacked one of the robots, they must have mistaken her for an escaped victim. They had knocked her out and… processed her. This almost must have been the reason why she felt so aroused. They had tinkered with her hormones. 

Touching her body, Alina found her fears confirmed. Her body was transformed. Giant tits, hourglass figure, impossibly long legs, and everything covered in black latex, which Alina knew was fused with her skin.

Even without sight or a mirror, Alina knew that her head and face had been coated too. Everything was covered in smooth latex, making her blind and deaf. She knew the chip in her head could control the high tech polymer of her new latex skin, denying or allowing her to hear and see however it saw fit.

The only visibly opening was Alina’s new mouth. The traffickers usually called the O shaped hole of a sexdoll a face pussy, as it had been reformed for maximum pleasure. With no teeth, drooling constantly, and with no gag reflex, Alina had been transformed into a world class cock sucker, and to her dismay, the realization made her aroused and wanting.

Further down Alina explored her new breasts. They must have been at least DD and touching and massaging them felt incredibly good. Her nipples were rock hard and adorned with rings, making Alina wonder how those nice little toys must look like.

Letting her hands wander down, Alina found her lap shielded with some sort of chastity belt, locking away her glowing hot pussy and ass. Judging by how other sexdolls had looked, she supposed her private parts were swollen, pulsing with constant need, her clit and labia were most likely pierced, and both her pussy and ass had been transformed into perfectly fitting cocksleeves made of latex - always wet and ready, elastic enough to fit a horse cock but still somehow always feeling perfectly tight.

There were a few more additions, like a collar around her neck, and overknee boots with high heels over her legs, but those things she barely noticed. Instead she tried to claw at her uniform, which she knew was pointless. The latex had fused to her skin and her body had been permanently altered. There was no way to get back.

4. Training

Alina did not have much time to struggle. She heard a door open and close, and a second later metallic arms grabbed her and pulled her up. Alina tried to fight back, but she never stood a chance. Blind and trapped in her new body, she was easily handled by the unforgiving machine.

Alina felt her hands being pulled behind her back and forced into some sort of armbinder. The machine did not hold back, pulling everything painfully tight. Alina tried to scream and protest, but all she could produce were lewd sounding moans and whines.

Once the robot was done, Alina was simply held tight, forced to stand on her shaky legs. A moment later she noticed a noise inside of her head.

‘Doll control unit activated,’ it said in a robotic tone which Alina realized was her own voice.

‘You are a sexdoll. Your only purpose is to be used. You need cock. You need to be fucked.’ It said, and while Alina tried to resist, she felt an undeniable desire in every fiber of her body.

‘Before you are allowed real cock, you need to be trained. Act like a submissive little slut and you will be rewarded. Resist and you will be punished.’ The voice commanded, before it enabled Alina's sight, making her able to see through the black latex covering her eyes.

Looking around, Alina noticed she was in a small, cell-like room. The door was closed and a single robot was next to her, ready to force her to comply. There was a used looking mattress on the floor, which probably was where she had rested, and a bunch of sextoys lined up on the walls.

In the middle of the room lay the rubber doll of a man. Its most defining feature was an impressive, erect penis, proudly pointing up. Alina almost screamed, as she was basically meant to be reduced to the same status as the doll in front of her - just another sextoy.

The robot next to Alina leaned down and a few seconds later it had removed the anal shield from Alina's chastity belt, freeing her anus but not her pussy.

‘You are a sexdoll. Your purpose is to be used. You need cock. You need to be fucked. You need cock inside your ass. You need cock inside your mouth.’ The voice began to drone in the back of Alina's head, intonating a constant mantra, which would eventually drill itself into Alina's mind.

Looking at the intimidating cock of the doll, Alina could feel the warmth in her loins and the drool in her mouth. Before her transformation she had hatted oral and she never even tried anal, but right now she was struggling to hold herself back.

Could she resist the training? What if she played along? What would the machines do? There was nobody to process her once her training was done. The entire doll transformation and training system was automated and the traffickers had brought enough material to keep the place running for months, ready to process dozens if not hundreds of girls. Would the machines just keep up the training forever?

The criminals probably would not come back after Alina had invaded the place, but what about sector command? It could take weeks, maybe even months before they would react to her request and maybe they did not come at all. Maybe they would just send a message, informing her that they had not enough resources and just ignore her plea.

Even if sector command ordered somebody to the area, would they be able to find her? Even with coordinates Alina had searched for hours before she had found the place, and she was personally invested. What if somebody else came and just failed to find her? 

Suddenly Alina's thoughts were interrupted, as a painful electro shock burst from her piercings. Helpless as she was, Alina could do nothing but fall to the ground and wail in pain.

‘You are a sexdoll.’ The voice in her head now droned angrily. ‘Your only purpose is to be used. You need cock. Act like a submissive little slut and you will be rewarded. Resist and you will be punished.’

Getting back on her feet, Alina looked at the sextoy infront of her. She felt disgusted and humiliated, but she feared another punishment. Besides, her entire body was craving sex anyway. Maybe she should just give in and do as she was told. It was pathetic, but what could she do? What good would it do if she tried to resist?


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