Dolls Live - The Show

by MorphiAnna

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© Copyright 2008 - MorphiAnna - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; transform; doll; stage; cons/nc; X



I had been promised a great part in some show; I was to be right there on the stage in front of the audience. Guess I forgot the exact name of this show in my excitement, but to spend any time in the limelight was a dream come true. Now I was here at the theatre, sitting in the chair looking at the large mirror in front of me, waiting for my makeup so I wouldn’t look like a ghost like and pale to all you viewers. I don’t like to look like a ghost, I’m a very lively girl, and I take great care for my looks too.

The girl who’s to manage the makeup came in, greeted me, explaining who she is. Then she get to work, starting with washing my face, this is standard here she explained. “I have to wash off what ever makeup you may wear, as well as anything else on your face!” she said. I relaxed in the chair and let her hands smooth the lotion over my face and neck, a contented purr would have escaped from my lips as she continued massaging my skin.

With that out of the way, she apply the foundation over my entire face, this was a none reflective foundation so my skin wouldn't look all sweaty on stage. After that she paints my lips carefully, with the desired colour for the show. Then she applied the eye shadows and the blushes much the same way. She finished this off by putting special lenses in my eyes, which covered my own eyes and gave them a strange look.

The Change:

After I had my makeup done, I was then taken to another room to change into the clothes for the show. My face still felt aglow after my time in the make-up chair. As I enter I'm given a costume by the wardrobe mistress, she had looked me up and down and judge my size, and then handed me the costume I was to wear on stage. The costume had a rubbery feel to the texture, it was a bright shade of dusky pink with white ruffles on the wrists and ankles.

I go into the dressing room and began taking off my own clothes and lay then on a chair. I was told that I would have to strip off first and apply some lotion to help ease myself into the tight costume. She told me to apply the cream to my entire body and not to miss anywhere, she would help me with my back and then leave me to continue myself.

The wardrobe mistress put some gloves on her hands and opened the pot, whilst I was still disrobing from my street clothes. She walked up behind and lathered the cream onto my back, the cream was initially cold but soon warmed and had a slight tingling sensation as it laid on my skin, it felt nice. Soon she had rubbed the cream all over my back and then gave me the pot of cream to continue applying it to myself. She told me not to worry about my face as this would destroy the makeup.

Now I slowly begin to apply it to my skin, starting with my neck, then moving downwards, working the cream all over with both hands.. Slowly working my body, then my arms and hands, following up with my legs, then my feet, by the time I was finished there was very little cream left in the pot. My entire body was tingling from the effects of the cream, a slight sheen was reflected of the lights in the room from my body. Soon the cream seemed to be absorbed by my skin, leaving a slight residue on the surface.

In the process of applying the cream I managed to slip some into my slit, which made me feel all warm and wet down there as the tingling sensation took effect. It’s was very exciting for a moment, before my skin absorbed it completely. I feel my skin dry, but a bit slippery, so I can pull on the one-piece suit I was to wear.

Slipping my feet into the only entrance to the suit via the neck opening, my feet finding the legs then the foot covering, then pulling it slowly up my legs, sliding my bottom down into place. The rubber costume felt tight against me, grasping and containing my body as it came into contact with my skin. I pulled the suit up further covering more of my body in the clinging grasp of the rubber. Then sticking my hands in, I began pushing down the arms towards the gloved ends, the lubricant of the cream still working and helping me ease my way into the costumes tight grip. I then began raising my arms up, thus making the suit slide up and over my shoulders, there was a slight pop as the last of my body slipped inside and the air inside the suit was expelled.

The next moment, the suit was on, covering me from my neck down in a tight rubbery embrace, the outside was shiny and I could see reflections from objects close by. The wardrobe mistress then came over and inspect the suit, touching up areas where the shine wasn't as good as it should be, she rubbed a soft cloth over my body making sure that everywhere was perfect. She then brought over the rest of my outfit, a white ruffled collar to go around my neck, which she placed around me and then I heard her close it behind my head with what sounded like a lock - 'click'.

Looking at myself in the mirror I looked like a marionette, the suit fitted my body perfectly, it enhanced the curves and looking down I could plainly see that the suit had pulled itself into my crouch, outlining the folds of my sex. The wardrobe mistress saw the look on my face and said, "Don't worry dear this will cover down there." And she proceeded to attach a belt to my collar and then thread this through my crotch covering my exposed sex with the rubber.

Looking again in the mirror as she worked the belt through my crotch and back up to my collar, I could see that the belt had fluffy button looking things attached to it, making me look even more like a puppet or clown, albeit a rubber encased one. The belt also had another part that ran around my waist, which she pulled in to make it very tight and give my shape better definition. She again polished this until with a close inspection you could not tell it was there outside the suit, it seemed to have been absorbed into the suit becoming one with it.

Now all that was left was the wig, my hair was greased down and the wig placed over my head, I could not see as she worked it into place, but felt the twin braids fall onto my shoulders as she continued adjusting the hairpiece. I was now sporting candy coloured hair, with two pigtails with white ribbons near the ends, the wig fitted perfectly and when combined with the make up I would not have recognised myself and wondered if anyone else would either. She seemed to take her time with the hair pushing down hard, what she was doing was making sure the adhesive that she'd applied to my own head was holding the wig on, but she didn't let me know this.

Now finally ready, small ankle boots where placed on my feet, these too seemed to blend into the suit other that the white bow on top. I didn't notice how high the heels where until I stood and began to wobble standing there, I surely wasn't expected to walk in these boots! She said that I would soon get used to them and indeed they would become like a second skin. Taking a few tentative steps around the dressing room, I soon found that it was becoming easier to walk in them. She told me that I was now ready for my performance.

At The Scene:

When I left the dressing room, they took me over to where the scene I was in was to take place. I was guided to a door to a room and was told that on que I was to walk inside and the show would take place. I had no speaking part so there fore needed no script but they still hadn't told me what was expected of me. The aide said that I would do fine and to follow what occurred on stage. The light above the door was red, when it turned green I was to walk inside.

I felt nervous, I looked at my body in the suit, the shine was amazing, it all seemed to have blended into one piece, you couldn't tell now that the buttons where on a belt, it seemed to have disappeared. The boots seemed to have gone too; I was left standing on heels that came directly out of the suit, only the bows remained, with the ruffles around my ankles and wrists. My revere was soon interrupted when the green light came on.

I opened the door and walked into the room where I was told to go, there was minimal lighting inside, just enough for me to see where to go. I was directed to the centre of the room in front of a camera. I heard a voice from behind the camera that I was to walk to the centre spot on the floor and to relax, things would start shortly. Indeed there was a mark on the floor and I stood nervously waiting for whatever was meant to happen next.

"Okay here we go," said the voice, "stand naturally and look towards the camera."

Suddenly there was a bright flash and my world seemed to get woozy, the initial shock of the intense light momentarily blinded me and I nearly fell from the spot I was meant to stand on. Then something strange started to happen, I began to notice that I couldn't move my arms, try as I might they would not obey any instruction to move. Then I noticed that my legs felt numb too and again I was unable to move them. A panic started to rise up in me, but with my body now becoming stiffer by the second I could not to allay any part of my horror.

Next I saw that the lenses in my eyes become darker, from the outside it looked as if my eyes were becoming one colour and doll-like in appearance. My face felt tighter as the make up applied earlier seemed to contract, holding my face in a pose, a smile forming on my face and my cheeks becoming flushed red. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for someone to help me, come to my rescue, surely something had gone terribly wrong here. I tried to call for help, asking what happened, what was going on, but to no avail of course, as my lips were sealed shut, tight as a drum. Obviously I was now trapped, unable to speak and unable to move. There I was, standing in the dark room.

Then I the lights come on from in front of me, had the set had begun, the cameraman readied himself behind the camera. I could not see anyone else but then again I was unable to move an inch unaided.

Then there was a voice; “Here we are, ‘Live Dolls’ this is the show...”

‘Live Dolls’, I pondered, ‘and I’m the doll?’ ..

adapted from a short story by MorphiAnna


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