Doll Suit

by Mikel

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She must have tried twenty different doll suits trying to find the perfect suit for her to feel like a real toy and give him total control over her anytime he wanted. Each suit had been a disappointment leaving her still able to control herself and feel everything he was doing to her. Only once did she feel out of control and could not make out exactly what he was doing and that was when she had used three of her suits the last one being a double layered inflatable suit.

She had slipped into the first latex suit making sure the inserts were fully inside her looking through the tiny eye openings and working with the mitten gloves was difficult but she managed to get her encased body into the second suit. The second suit was much tighter going over the first layer of rubber and was made from a thicker rubber having the same difficulties except this time getting the tight hood lined up was more difficult causing her to almost panic while she fought for air. With the hood aligned and her breathing under control she wrestled the heavy rubber suit with its vinyl outer skin up her legs squeezing herself into the main body.

The hood was stretched over her head limiting her vision even more since its small holes were like small tunnels with clear lenses and didn’t line up as well as the first two had. She knew there was no way she could close the zipper with her hands in essentially four layers of material so she had attached a leash to the zipper so as soon as she had herself in the suits she would just need to scoot down the bed and let the leash pull up the zipper. Janie was struggling to breathe glad she made sure to push all the liners including the ones for her mouth in before putting her hands in the last gloves.

The liners in her mouth was almost choking her and forced her mouth to stay open just as the liners in her pussy and ass were making her feel very full and she wondered if there was enough room for him. Janie fumbled with the clip on the leash now at her neck for several minutes before she felt it pop off knowing she was now stuck inside the three suits. Janie loved how they were already restricting her movements and couldn’t wait until Ben came home and found her note and filled the outer suit with air and hoped it would make her unable to move herself.

Janie lay back letting the suits force her to lay with her legs spread and her arms out to her sides with her gaping mouth in the perfect O thinking about the leather restraints and the small air pump sitting on the bed. She hoped he would take the hint in her note about having the next three days off and keep her encased and helpless while he uses her as he would a real sex doll. She knew he had to go to work the next day and hoped he would leave her encased and inflated while he was gone as he had before using just the one suit but could only lay and wait and see what he would do.

Janie was chuckling to herself as her sweat slipped and crawled around her body tickling her skin and she loved the feeling of being unable to stop the feeling. Janie drifted in and out of sleep waking to a strange noise and the feeling of being pressed in on all over realizing Ben had come home and was filling the outer suit with air. Janie relaxed letting the air pressure increase forcing her arms out curving them upwards slightly and lifting her legs and forcing them open further. After several minutes Janie was starting to feel her breathing being restricted as the air pressure had pushed the vinyl as far as it could go and was starting to really stretch the inner rubber layers pressing harder on the double layers underneath.

Janie could also feel her mouth being stretched further as the outer suit liner was filling with air pushing the inner liners deeper into her stretching her pussy and ass also. She had forgotten they filled with air as well and waited to feel the familiar “pop” as they expanded fully. As the pressure increased she realized she had not told him about the two extra suits so he had no idea he was crushing her with the air pressure. Janie spent the next three days gasping through her nose unable to feel anything but pressure when she was used by Ben to satisfy himself. Janie was completely frustrated especially when he would drop her on the floor when he was done using her leaving her alone on the floor all night and propping her up during the day using the restraints limiting her movements completely.

All the next day she lay spread eagle on the bed her with the large vibrator wedged deeply into her pussy giving her only the slightest vibrations frustrating her enormously by being unable to achieve an orgasm.  It had been wonderful for Janie even when she had fought the compression so hard one of the hoods shifted partially blocking her nose holes limiting her breathing to the point she would black out each time she struggled. Ben had no idea since their agreement was he was not to talk to her unless she made the safe noise which no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t make loud enough for him to hear.

So she spent the last day unable to resist or try to move finally feeling the air being let out of the suit and hearing Ben’s voice saying you can get out from there leaving her to struggle for hours until he came in to check on her finding her still encased and peeled her out surprised to find the other suits.

Janie loved the sensations but didn’t know if she could take another session like that and Ben had told her if she ever tried it again he would stop indulging her fantasies. For months Janie was locked in her chastity belt as a punishment for taking chances with her own life leaving her more frustrated than she had ever felt in her life.

During her punishment she had found a company that built specialized rubber dolls including doll suits. The propaganda made some big promises including a true doll like experience. They had several models all with increasing amounts of lifelessness with the final model being complete immobility and total body isolation. They claimed once enclosed in the suit the wearer would be unable to feel any contact on any part of their body. Janie was excited but had heard the claims before and was about to click off the site when she noticed the 100% satisfaction guarantee. She read the agreement seeing no way for the company to wiggle out of it and contacted the company for the information sheet. It took a couple of days for her to trade the info and the added requirements for the highest grade suit and almost backed out when she saw the cost but couldn’t help herself and gave her credit card number.

It was going to take at least a month to build her suit and when she told Ben what she had done, and the cost, he decided she would remain in her chastity belt until the suit arrives. Ben wanted her to be very horny when the suit got there so he could torment her even more teasing her until she begged him to let her cum. Every evening as soon as Janie got home from work Ben would cuff her wrists and ankles making her put on her highest heels and largest gag. Janie was made to complete her chores and fix them dinner bound and gagged. She was allowed five minutes to eat then cleaned up her mess before he chained her to the bed leaving her alone for the night.

Janie enjoyed her treatment for a few days until her frustration was making her shake especially when he would chain her kneeling then shove the large O-ring gag into her mouth and make her suck his swollen cock. After she was finished he would say “Terrible” and leave her chained in place until morning. Ben was really enjoying himself contacting the company and changing a few things about her suit extending the time to complete it meaning she would be serving him for at least another month.

Janie was becoming frantic receiving e-mails telling her about the time extension knowing Ben was having too much fun to break their deal and she would be forced to be his complete sexual slave for another month and felt her pussy tingle at the thought of him using her as an object. Janie’s desperation to cum became an obsession, all she could think about was being encased and used as a toy and when he would finally allow her to orgasm.

During the last two weeks she had missed so much work and then done so poorly when she was there the company fired her leaving her in a bind financially and finally got Ben to agree to keep her as his permanent slave and sex doll. She agreed to his rules and that he was in complete control and she couldn’t refuse anything he demanded of her.

The week her new suit was to arrive he had enclosed her inside her thin doll suit locking her wrists and ankles together with short chains forcing her feet into her tallest heels and leaving her encased for the next seven days. Janie was still locked in her belt being torn about their arrangement since he had kept her bound and gagged every day since they had made it. Janie spent five days sealed in the suit only being opened once a day to allow her to relieve herself then closed up and forced to perform her duties in the restricting suit and mitten hands.

Friday night Ben had chained her hands in a tight reverse prayer before binding her legs together leaving her gasping in the suit on her knees. While she gasped for air desperately trying not to struggle and hurt her arms and shoulders more, Ben walked in front of her showing her what had come in the mail a few days before. Janie whined as he told her if she didn’t give him the best blow job ever, she would remain as she was until she did. Janie was shocked because he knew she couldn’t actually suck with the liner in her mouth so she would have to work extra hard to get him off.

No matter how hard she tried she spent the next three days on her knees with her hands chained high on her back. When he finally released her she collapsed on the floor, waking the next day bathed and free of all her restraints. Janie slowly walked into the kitchen and ate a quick meal wondering how long it had really been. She sat remembering her time bound on the floor and how humiliating it was to relieve herself in the suit and how much it hurt to be left bound so stringently and smiled at how much she had enjoyed the whole thing.

When Ben arrived home that night he found her wearing his favorite long sleeved latex hobble dress, a tall posture collar and large gag. She led him to the table where she had fixed his favorite meal and sat him down, Ben had been worried about her being upset and looked carefully at the meal in front of him. Janie recognized his reluctance shimmying into their room returning with two pairs of steel cuffs, quickly locking her ankles together then kneeling beside him and locking her wrists together behind her back. Ben understood she was telling him everything was ok, because if she had done anything to his food she would be stuck bound and gagged.

After the meal Ben sat back looking down at his beautiful slave hearing her mumble quietly, he removed her gag and listened to her beg to show him how much she loved him. Ben turned his chair towards her unzipping his pants watching her shuffle forward on her knees and take his swollen cock into her mouth. Janie slowly sucked and stroked his cock, taking her time moving slowly but deliberately giving him the best blow job of his life.

The two spent a few days with her naked but always bound enjoying each other’s body and by the third day Janie was missing being inside the suit. Ben had planned to seal her inside Friday night so they could test out the suit before he left her in it for any real length of time, wanting to make sure she would be ok. Janie was excited about being encased but had hoped he would use the new suit, giving no resistance when he helped her back into the thin suit and chained her hands and ankles again, this time inserting two large phalluses into her before filling her mouth with a large cock gag and buckling it tightly.

For the rest of the week Janie spent encased suckling on the large cock, getting accustomed to having her jaw spread wide and her holes filled. Friday night she was waiting on her knees by the front door getting a pat on the head when he arrived home. After his meal he released her wrists and ankles telling her to clean up and get ready for inspection. Janie knew what she should do and left him to go and get out of the suit and prepare herself for him.

After flushing herself she showered and shaved her body clean again drying and powdering her body before presenting herself to him. Ben studied her carefully asking her to kneel, then taking the shears and quickly removing her long red hair, finishing with a razor making her head perfectly smooth. This was not the first time her head had been shaved, she had only grown her hair out per his request since she enjoyed the feeling of having the rubber against her skin all over.

When he pulled out the new suit she had no idea that this would be the last time she would be allowed to feel air on her skin or anything on her skin again. He ordered her to keep her eyes closed wanting his additions to be a surprise and she obeyed squeezing them closed and letting him move her body as he wanted. Ben had no idea how difficult it would be to get her into the new suit and an hour later he still only had her lower half into the thick material.

Janie had quietly gasped as he inserted the large phalluses inside her moaning loudly when he forced the plug into her ass. She knew the new suit had inserts but had no idea these were the ones Ben had asked for. While he rested Janie found part of the suit near her hand running it over the material feeling how thick it was, and with her eyes still held tightly closed, she thought she was feeling two layers not realizing what she was feeling was only one very thick layer.

Ben worked the suit up her abdomen, pushing her arms into the sleeves before yanking her new skin over her shoulders grunting as he stretched it. When the suit was over her shoulders Ben had already decided unless she needed out the suit was not coming off for awhile and started working on the first of his “additions”. Ben had been told that sometimes the thickness of the suit removed some of the wearers “curves” and the manufacturer had recommended the built in corset feature to aid in keeping his doll looking womanly.

Ben tightened the corset yanking the laces having read it was designed to be closed completely before final sealing of the suit so he pulled them until they lined up, closing the back before using the built in latches and removing the laces. Janie could do nothing but gasp as she lay on her stomach, her arms held firmly out to her sides bent slightly at her elbows while Ben finished crushing her waist and chest and sat back panting from the effort. Janie still felt very comfortable even after having her waist compressed, the thick partially stretchy material felt wonderful so far, giving her real hope she would finally feel like a real sex doll.

Janie had just begun to feel how tight her waist was and realizing she couldn’t even feel the floor beneath her when Ben rolled her onto her back. He said “Open wide” shoving another huge phallus into her gapping mouth stretching it wider than she thought possible. When the phallus hit the back of her mouth pressing hard on her throat her eyes popped open, seeing the mass of rubber being pulled over her head. The material was very tight blocking her air for several minutes making her struggle, still not realizing she couldn’t move herself at all as Ben lined up the small tubes for her nostrils and pushed them deep into her nose. Janie wanted to stop since it was becoming too much for her but with her mouth and throat blocked she couldn’t make enough noise to be heard.

Ben was concentrating on sealing the hood twisting the mask onto the mouth piece until he felt a distinctive “click”. With the mouthpiece locked into the mask he slipped the edges of the hood into the edges of the suit and closed the seal. Janie was now completely sealed into the suit, her legs splayed wide and bent so it would appear she was wrapping them around whomever was using her. Her arms remained bent slightly with her hands trapped uselessly inside the mitten gloves.

The additions to the suit were what had made the phalluses so large, each had multiple vibrating options with sliding rings that would give the user the feeling of the doll fucking them, while being totally isolated from any sensations themselves. Even the perfect O she now had for a mouth had the vibrators and sliding rings so its mouth could be used for his pleasure. In the back of the tube in her mouth was a small valve that allowed liquids to pass into her, also allowing her to suck adding to the realism of the doll.

Janie opened her eyes again looking through the tiny openings over her eyes staring at the ceiling and tried to move her arms feeling them barely change position. Ben noticed the slight movement reminding her she had asked for complete immobility, meaning that not only was the compound used to make the suit thicker it was denser. It had been made in three layers so the reinforcement rods could be formed into it without it showing on the outside. Janie remembered reading about the “skeleton” of metal made into the suit that allowed her position to be adjusted only with help bending the rods.

Janie lay on her back losing sight of Ben then began feeling the pressure on her feet increase noticing they were already held in the en-point position. She smiled inside the hood knowing he had added that having wanted her to start wearing the impossible heels and now he could train her without any resistance from her at all. Ben tightened the laces of the boots he had requested that be made into the suit, the laces forced her feet into the en-point position essentially locking them in that position.

When he had finished encasing Janie he lifted his new doll onto the bed laying it on its back before forcing her legs together then standing her on her pointed toes. Janie loved being posed and stood silently completely content to be his doll. Janie was starting to feel how much her waist had been compressed, unaware that the built in corset stretched the strong material and it was slowly shrinking to its original size compressing her more. Janie had no idea Ben was still preparing her, applying the long red wig to her head making sure it was correctly lined up before peeling the paper strips off the glue strips sealing it to her head. After the wig he wrapped the black collar around her throat pulling it tight, pulling the tape off again and sealing it closed around her throat making her look like she was wearing a stiff posture collar.

Around her waist he applied the faux corset around her waist settling it under her breasts before peeling and sealing it tightly around her. Ben stepped back looking at his new doll leaning against the bed post thinking how good she looked, hoping the feeding and evacuation ports worked as advertised because he didn’t want to go through that process again for awhile. Ben hadn’t realized that by wrapping his doll in the collar, corset and boots he had sealed the openings in the suit meaning he would have to cut her out of the thick material when he was ready.

Janie was starting to feel the strain of standing in the toe boots when Ben walked in front of her with a mirror, showing her what she looked like letting her examine herself for the first time. Janie was shocked, no one would know a real person was trapped inside the suit by looking at her. The internal corset had pulled her waist in perfectly making it look too small to support the dolls large upper body. The material had exaggerated her breasts making them stand out firm and proud while making her hips look much larger. With her mouth held in a perfect O and the lifeless eyes made her face look exactly like an inflatable doll. Janie was so excited she tried to squeal and clap her hands finding she could do neither.

Ben set the mirror aside returning to her eye line and held up the leather arm sleeve and said “I know how you hate this but considering you are now my doll and I like it, you will learn to like it, or not”.

Ben spun her around before forcing her arms behind her back, stunned at how much effort it took for him to move her arms. Ben wrestled the leather up her arms getting it above her elbows before wrapping the straps over her shoulders, while Janie struggled inside the suit to try and communicate to him she didn’t want to be placed into the armsleeve. Janie had always hated how it strained her arms and shoulders when he had used it in the past and now knew she had no choice, feeling her pussy tingle as she thought about how she was being used as an object.

Ben pulled the laces crushing her arms together behind her back until he could tighten it no more, tying them off and muttering perfect and spun her back around. Ben was exhausted for all the struggling leaving her leaning against the post and lay down on the bed looking at his new toy while he went to sleep. Janie was left to adjust to her new environment, she could feel her waist being slowly crushed under the thick material and the large inserts had begun to cause her pussy and ass to throb. Her jaw was aching from being stretched so wide but she felt completely content and happy to be so totally helpless, already getting the sensation of being ignored like a real sex doll would be when it’s not being used.   

Janie was in pain from all over when she felt herself being tossed onto the bed and her legs being spread wide. She would catch glimpses of Ben moving around her completely unaware he had plugged the power chord into her and was planning on using everyone of her ports just to see what it was like. First he inserted his cock into her “pussy” activating the vibrations, then the sliding ring and fucked her wildly coming faster and longer than he ever had before. Janie could hear him muttering “They weren’t lying about that” as he cleaned her, then rolled her over bending her legs so her ass was sticking straight up.

Janie was glad she could take air into her through her mouth even though it was limited by the small valve because he had her face planted into the covers of the bed blocking her nose almost completely. Janie barely felt him penetrate her ass something else she didn’t like, feeling the vibrations only slightly as he pumped her roughly. Janie knew she was being fucked and was getting absolutely nothing from the actions and couldn’t move her body at all.

When Ben was finished he repositioned her on her knees, leaving her on the floor while he went to get her nourishment drink the company had suggested. Ben returned to the kneeling doll inserting the long straw into the valve in her throat and slowly squeezed the bottle into her. Janie couldn’t stop him from forcing the liquid into her throat, her body automatically swallowing as she felt it slide down.

Janie found she could make it easier by sucking and soon the bottle was empty and she felt the straw being pulled out of her gaping mouth. Just as soon as the straw was gone she watched Ben stroke his cock a few times before shoving it into her O activating the vibrations and the sliding ring. Ben was surprised that even though each hole was essentially the same, each felt very different and as he pumped he slapped his doll on the head saying “Suck” very loud. Janie was stunned and began sucking as hard as she could, feeling the vibrations in her head and wondering what was moving back and forth in her mouth.

When Ben exploded Janie almost choked on his sperm shooting down her throat, surprising her making her try to fight her encasement briefly and arousing her more. Ben walked away from his doll leaving her bound on her knees, getting dressed and fixing himself a meal wondering how long he could keep her encased, since he had just had the best sexual experience of his life. Janie stared blankly at the wall across from her feeling the aches and pains that had started to ease slightly, wondering how long she could survive being encased and hoped Ben would release her by Monday so she could tell him about how it felt.

Ben used his doll several more times during the weekend, even sitting her on the couch forcing her to watch his favorite movie that she hated. He had dressed her in the tight rubber dress he liked so much leaving the armsleeve laced tight, then sitting her at the table letting her watch him eat his meal while she could do nothing but sit and stare at him.

Janie was really enjoying him moving her and being helpless until Monday morning, when he carried her to the closet leaning her against the wall leaving her slightly bent at her hips and standing on her pointed toes. When she saw the light disappear she knew he had closed the door and she would be left alone until he wanted to use his new toy again. As the thought of being helpless and encased in the thick suit, being left in a closet like an actual toy hit her, the massive orgasm slammed though her body making her moan and grunt as her body shuddered inside its tight prison.

Ben kept her sealed inside the suit for a month, each day he would ask his doll if she wanted to be a real girl, getting a single pant through her nose then he would use her for his pleasure. She spent her days standing in the blackness of the closet, sometimes he wouldn’t touch her only asking her the question, and then closing the door leaving her alone. After the first month he stopped asking her, carrying her around the house, talking to her like he would a person, using her often and leaving her bound in ever intensifying positions.

 Sometimes she would get lucky and he would chain her spread eagle on their bed leaving her for several days before setting her back in the closet. Janie couldn’t make herself ask to be free and now that she wasn’t even being asked she wasn’t sure she even could. Janie’s body had adjusted to the steep shoes and extremely tight corset, learning how to control her breathing and enjoying each week when he would flush her out using the enema system supplied with the suit.

Janie spent most of her time laced into the armsleeve feeling him tighten the leather straps around her legs pulling them together before being put away. Several times she had heard people outside her closet wondering what he was telling them about her being missing, until one night she was pulled out of the closet and forced onto her knees, hearing him explaining about she was the best sex doll on the market. Janie was fucked by several of his friends some of them twice making her explode in multiple orgasms as the feelings of now truly being a sex doll washed over her.

Janie had no idea how long she had been encased, with her desire to be an inanimate object keeping her from even trying to get him to free her. Ben had stopped thinking of her as Janie, she was now just a doll to him, her feeding had become irregular at best and her flushes had diminished to once a month.

Ben had started seeing other women, only pulling his doll out of the closet when he was very horny and once using it as the third person with a girlfriend of his. Janie was bound and gagged with a double dildoe harness watching through the tiny openings as the woman rode her face while she sucked Ben’s cock, then left stretched out on the bed for days while Ben stayed at her place.

Janie had finally achieved her dream of being a doll and now her mind knew of nothing else but being a doll, she never had another orgasm and spent more time alone in the dark closet, unaware Ben had married his girlfriend, unsure of what he should do with his doll but being unable to part with it.         




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