Dolly Part 3

by Querthe

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Dolly - Part Three

Chapter 6

Time moved, and after two weeks Jean was perfectly at home in Jack's house. She was going each day from the apartment to the laboratory with him, then she went back home on the afternoon alone, walking, her plastified and dollified body masked by another waterproof skin simulating a real human skin.

“Maybe I can get used to be a doll…” she thought one day, while preparing the dinner for her lover. “If not for the heat trapped inside me. There is no way to cool down the suit with the false human skin, but I don’t like so much to be a shiny doll when my love is not around. It makes me feel so helpless and artificial.”

She started to check the chicken in the oven, the fork fixed to her rigid hand with one of the various strange yet ingenious items Jack created in the years to fulfill his doll fetish, but now really useful for her. He created a sort of doll suit for himself, but he was not able to be dressed totally, due to the lack of movement of his hands if both were enclosed in the gloves.

He showed to her the suit two days before and she helped as much as she could to entrap him inside, but his left hand had to be left free. He was really beautiful, and they made love that way, rigid and shiny.

Her orgasms were perfect, and also it made him really happy. She was craving to taste and feel his real member inside her, when she would be freed from the suit, at that moment her skin since more or less three weeks.

“The chicken is quite ready. It’s better if I take a shower to cool down and start to prepare myself for him. I want to be perfect for him tonight…”

She moved rigidly, but not without a strange grace, her high heeled boots clicking on the floor. She had opted for a pair of red under the knee length boots in shiny PVC, a red cotton sleeveless top and a short white tennis skirt.

Her arms and hands were sheathed with black shiny rubber like opera gloves, not for fashion reasons, but to protect the false skin from the heat and also to permit to fix the various items she needed to manage herself and the house.

Arriving in the bedroom, she stepped in the special machine that undressed her, remaining only in her outer false skin. Bald because the wig has been removed also. Jean took a long shower, cooling down, then she was dried and redressed by the same machine, after choosing the first dress she had as a doll, a pink vinyl minidress. She step in knee length high heeled boots and let the machine comb her wig in wonderful and very Lolita style pig tails at her head side.

She moved to the kitchen again, looked at the dinner and happy with the results she heavily landed on the sofa, her legs straight and opened as only a doll can do, due to the lack of movements and rotation on knees and hips.

She sighed and relaxed, also if she could not close her eyes due to the internal fins her sister added to a better doll appearance. She just looked, fix in a point, until her brain practically forget what she was looking. Her way to close her eyes.

Some minutes after her mobile rang. As with the remaining items in the room, that one has also been slightly modified for her, so she could easily grab it and answer with the special black gloves she had on.

“Oh my…” she thought., “It’s Chris, my agent. What the hell does he wants from me? There is still one week before the first appointment.”

The phone continued to ring, then stopped.

She sighed.

The phone rang again, and that time it didn’t stop until she decided to answer.


“Jean? It’s you?”


“Fine, fine, but I have a problem, and you are the only one who can solve it. Where are you?”


“Yes, yes, but where exactly? I need to speak with you as soon as possible. We have a big chance for a wonderful job, but this means you have to stop your holiday lets say tomorrow. Are you interested?” he asked, but his tone was not expecting a negative answer.


“Are you abroad?”


“I can solve anything. Give me the address; I will be there in half an hour.”


“The address. I can solve everything.”

She sighed.


“Are you sick? Your voice is strange, or maybe is the mobile line not working correctly. It seems metallic and artificial.”


After closing the conversation with her agent, she phoned Jack, informing about the news and her fears. He promised to arrive as soon as possible, and not to be worried. He was really near the solution to let her be free.

When the doorbell rang, two hours after the first phone conversation, she was already on her feet, near the door. She opened it and her agent, a man in his forties, black hair cut really short and a expensive italian business suit entered as a fury.

“Hi Jean. How are you? Nice dress, also if not your style, but perfect for what I have in mind. Can I ask you some water? No, better something strong, I need to recollect my idea after another phone call to the stylist.”


He seated himself on the sofa, then he looked at her.

“What’s wrong with your voice? Are you sick? You said something about a big shock. What’s the problem?”


He nodded, looking at her while she moved.

“Tell me, you already had the information and you are playing with me?”

“NO. WHY?”

“Ok. So why these movements so rigid, and the voice, and the dress?”


“I’m waiting.” He said.

She explained him the situation since the begining, and she showed him it was not a joke removing her wig and let him look at the seams of the outer skin.

Chris was astonished, but before he could start with the questions, Jean's lover arrived at home.

“So you are the agent of my dear doll.”

“Yes… I have to say that the story she told me it is quite strange.”

Jack laughed.

“Yes, it is. And you didn’t see her real skin.”


“Why not, Jean?”


“You are not naked. I have to remember you that you are trapped inside a full suit, with no possibility to remove it? Also if I remove the outer skin, you are still trapped in the doll suit. Or have you decided that the doll is your skin?” he joked.


Chris coughed, slightly embarrassed.

“I understand that it’s quite difficult for you to show me the suit you are trapped in, but I believe that I need to see it, because maybe we can profit of your situation, you know?”


“If you can remove the skin or not?”


“As you want, my love.”

Jack started to remove the outer skin glue, using the special solvent he had.

“The contract this stylist is proposing is for a special haute couture line, inspired by the dresses of the most famous plastic doll of this world. He needs people to be able to act on the catwalk as a doll. You know, rigid hands, fixed eyes and so on…”

“YES, MAYBE I KNOW…” she said sadly.

“Ok, ok. You could be his queen, the lead model, the first to open and the last to close, with the wedding dress and all the applauses.”

“THIS WAY?” she asked, while her lover zipped up the dress over her shiny skin and repositioning the wig over the false face.

“Exactly. Jean, you are perfect. You don't have to act as a doll, you are one. It will be the other girls that have to adjust themselves.”


“Well, Jack, the stylist said he was thinking about some heavy make-up and some rubber gloves over they hands, along with rigid movements of the legs and arms.”

“Good, but the difference between Jean and them will be so obvious that maybe the final result will be not good at all.”

“Yeah, effectively now that you are saying this, I can see also that she and them would be on two too far levels.”

“But…” he started, thinking.


“How many models will be present on the catwalk?”

“I believe five, maximum six. Why?”

Jack didn’t answer. He closed his eyes and started to mumble at himself like a real mad scientist.

“What he is doing?”


“It can be done, but I need all the day to create what I need. It’s the stylist ready to pay something to obtain her dolls?” Jack said loud, looking directly on Chris eyes.


“No, my love, you will be the only doll, be sure of it.”

“Can you create new suits similar to hers in just three days?”

“No kidding, Chris. No way to create another one of it, but maybe I can have something for you.” He smiled, while Chris was touching cautiously Jean left arm.


“Let me do a phone call. The budget?”

“More or less twenty thousand dollars, maximum, but I need to have the photos of the models within today.”

“I believe that's no problem. Give me a minute.” He said, making a number on the mobile keyboard.


“It’s a surprise, but be sure, no one will be harmed and I will try a couple of ideas I had. And you will be able to model in your doll suit, and all will be happy to see you and you will be famous. Trust me.” He whispered, smiling.

The agent smiled closing the phone call.

“Accepted. Give me an e-mail address for the photos and call me when everything is ready, but no later than three days from now.”

“Deal.” Jack said, shaking Chris hand.

“See you in three days, this is the address of the stylist. At two o’clock in the afternoon, perfect as you are now. And I don’t want to see your outer skin, also if it’s your true identity. I want to let the stylist see your doll face and skin. You are beautiful really a mans dream come true.” He said, rushing out the house.

“Strange person.”


“Why not? You can be a model also this way, no? Paid to be sealed in plastic.”

“COOL.” She tried to smile, but she couldn’t, her face blocked in a permanent half smile by the mask.

“My true identity… Now who is the true Jean? The one I can remember or the shiny one when I remove the outer skin?” she thought, while moving on the kitchen and serve the dinner.

Chapter 7

The catwalk day arrived, and Jean was not at all sure that this idea of Jack's would work.

"At least you could tell me your plan." She said, her voice natural due to the new mounted synthesizer.

"No way. It's a surprise for everyone, but as I already assured you ten thousand of times, no harm will be done to the models and no one will be interested in why you are trapped in a shiny suit or something similar."

"Ok, ok. But how do you think to create six new dolls without entrapping them?"

"Too much questions, my dear. I'll have to remove your voice for a while?"

"Only if you are naked and on our bed."

"Mmm, you are tempting me." He smiled.

"Stupid. And look ahead while driving."

“As you want, but be prepared. I will trap the girls with a system similar to the one that is trapping you, and I will remove your and their voice for the catwalk duration.”


“No fear. The battery charging their systems is really small and no glue is added. Furthermore, the thickness of their costumes is so low that they would be able to move also when activated, with some difficulty.”

“No other dolls like me?”

“No.” he smiled. “you are the only one and the best.”

They arrived at the building where the catwalk show would begin in a couple of hours. He showed his pass to the guard at the entrance, and they parked on the rear, near a small door.

The man lead his lover inside, so she could already start to be prepared. Chris was already in, and he took the solvent from Jack hands with some reluctance.

"I have nothing to do but move a wet rag over her skin… sorry, her suit that simulates the real skin?"

"Yes. Nothing more, nothing less. I have some trips to do with the cardboard boxes with the stuff necessary for the other models."

"Everything fine?"

He just nodded, disappearing down the corridor.

It was only when Chris finished removing the outer skin from Jean that the other man moved the last cardboard box from his car trunk to a big table. Meanwhile the stylist arrived with the six models.

"Ah, my friend." He said. He was tall, fat, with a pitch high voice and a smile like a shark. "So everything is fine? I will have six dolls for me?"

"No." he answered, looking at the smile disappearing on the man face. "You will have seven dolls. Jean is the number one, then there will be the other dolls."

"Ah yes, yes, I see. The costume is perfect, and I see she is used to it as it was on her skin for so long. You used a lot of time to learn to move so good as a doll?"

"Quite a lot, yes." She answered, knowing, because Chris said it to her before, that the stylist was not aware of her real condition.

"But the result is perfect, really perfect."

"Thank you."

"And also my other jewels will be as her?"

"No, I'm sorry." Chris answered. "She is a sort of piece of art. Your models will be really beautiful, but not real dolls. They will be apparently dolls."

"But how?" one of the girls asked. "We are able to walk and move rigidly, and maintain the smile or the eyes opened for a long time, but I saw Jean. She never batted her eyes."

"Because this is a mask, a special one that blocks opened the eyes."

"Really? Oh my… It's not dangerous?"

"No, because a lot of things that are techno-babble. Let me say only that you will be able to do the same. All of you, under the bathrobe you have on, are dressed only in your underwear?"

"Yes." All of them said.

"Good." Nodded Jack. "I kindly ask you to disrobe yourselves and move in front of the box that has your name stitched on."

The girls did, then he started from the girl at the extreme left, a redhaired with dark eyes and a prominent bosom.

"Amanda Loony" he read on the paper. "You have, as all the girls, to encase your head, but also, and only for you, the right arm and the legs, the left one from foot to knee, the other one up to the crotch.

"Sorry? What?"

"I will show you." He said, opening the box. Inside there was a perfect replica of her face, a sort of glove and she could see two feet. "Here, this is the mask. Everyone has hers, perfectly encasing the face, reducing the movement of the head to nothing, and the neck also is restrained. To fix it correctly and let you breath freely, you can see that there are two small pipes that will go on your nostrils, and a molded piece that will go in your mouth to center the mask and to avoid having you speak."

"Why?" asked the stylist.

"Dolls can't speak." Answered Jean, understanding her lover plan and loving it.

"But you can." Retorted another girl.

"Not for so long. I will be gagged also in a matter of seconds. Jack?"

"Ah, yes. Chris, the small button just at the base of the neck, where the wig starts. Push it for one second."

The man did as he was told, and a faint noise will be heard on the room.

"Mmmmmmgh, nnnghh!" was what Jean said looking at the model that spoke before.

"Oh my… She is really gagged!"

"It makes sense. Dolls can't speak. Go ahead." Smiled the stylist.

He nodded.

"Amanda, are you ready?"

She moved slowly her head, nodding.

Jack stretched the mask over the girl head.

“I will feel something strange?”

“Only some feeling of tightness for some seconds, then nothing more.” He said covering the girl head. “Breath slowly and open your mouth totally, until the gag will slip inside your lips. Here, here. Good.”

The neck made of rubber snapped in place.

“Boooh isss nn rrghd.”

“I know it’s not rigid. I have just to complete your costume and connect it to a small battery.”

“A costume with a battery?”

“It’s difficult to explain, but let only say that the small quantity of energy that I will feed on the costume will be enough to remove her movements. The same for all the other girls.”

The man finished dressing the model with the strange and shiny pieces, then he let her turn so he could see her back and from his pocket he extracted a small rectangular item similar to a mobile phone battery. He inserted it in a specific slot inside the mask neck base, and immediately the parts of the body covered with the costume became motionless as the ones of a doll.

“How’s that now? Rigid?” he smiled helping the girl to turn and face him.

“Mmmmghh!” was her only answer, while moving slowly to a mirror and see her appearance.

“What do you think, sir?” Jack asked to the stylist, literally with his mouth opened in a big surprise. “Do you think that they could appear as the dolls you needed?”

He only nodded, then smiled like a shark.

“Let dress the other girls also…”

It was only one hour later that six girls were half naked, half covered in a waterproof layer of shiny rubber that was acting as a shell, an armor over them, depriving them of speech, movement of the neck and movement of limbs. Some were more lucky then others, with only the two legs and the chest blocked, but Laureen for example was not so happy to have the whole upper body blocked exactly as Jean, and she mumbled incoherently for a while before accepting her fate for the next five or six hours, when the catwalk would finish.

“Now that all of you are ready, I believe that it’s time for you to go to the backstage and start to try the dresses.” Said a smiling stylist, a strange light in his eyes.

Jean started to move with the others, but Chris stopped her.

“No my dear, you will have only one dress. The last one, the wedding gown, but it’s better if you follow me in a separate room, where two women will help you to be dressed. Obviously Jack can follow us.”

“No thank you. I prefer not to know how beautiful you will be. I will discover it on the catwalk, my love.”

She moved near him, lifted a rigid hand over her face and she caressed his cheek, mumbling something.

“I love you too, my dear.” He answered, kissing her over her rigid lips, then smiling again and leaving the room, not before touching inside his trouser left pocket the remote, activating at the minimum the vibrators, already slightly disturbing for her, because she will be stimulated until he will be back in range to stop them or finish her.

She smiled under the smiling mask, following with her particular pace the two girls that were committed to dress her.

“Really you are a woman inside this doll costume, or you are only a special robot or something similar?” asked one of the two.

“Mmmghh…” was her answer, not knowing how to be understood if the synthesizer was shut off.

“Are you a woman?”

She bowed slightly, to give an affirmative nod.

“You are accustomed to this costume. You wore it for long time?”

Another affirmative bow.

They arrived at the room, that was empty if not for a mannequin dressed with a sort of fantasy costume that could not be real, so shiny and wonderful.

“Some hours?” asked the second girl, both of them in their late twenties.

She shook her head.

“More? A day?”

She again indicated that they were wrong.

“More than one day? How long? Weeks?”

She nodded with her body, leaving the two girls with their mouths opened in surprise and astonishment.

“And how it is to be… trapped, sealed inside this costume?”

She seemed to think for some second, then she decided to let them know how she was sensing, and she moved her body near one of the two, trying to grab the girl hand and move it to her crotch with her mittened rigid hands.

Finally she understood and moved her hand over the rigid surface that was covering the gently humming vibrators.

“Oh strange, it seems that there is something that is… vibrating?” she said shocked at the end. “You are stimulated by… Oh my… Are you sure this is good for you?”

She bowed as much as she could, more than one time, and mumbled happily for a while.

“Strange, really strange, but in some way I find it erotic.” Smiled the other. “I bet the controls are not in your hands, but in your lovers one. Right?”

She nodded, then indicated with her hand on the dress.

“Ah, yes, it’s better to hurry up. The dress is not easy to put on, and I guess that it’s better as a start to put the air conditioning at the maximum, or you will be cooked before we finish you.”

First of all a transparent PVC corset with steel stays was wrapped around her already thin waist, and also if the rigid plastic was impeding to crush her body some millimeter more, the length of the garment, from under the neck to just under the knees, erased any possibility for Jean to move the legs if not some centimeter, transforming her already strange gait in a ladylike movement, to a shuffle that was near to erotic.

After the corset, fixed to her body also by shoulder straps, it was the time for the first undergarment, a long and quite tight PVC transparent sleeveless dress encasing her neck, the body and the legs down to the ankles. Over this, another dress, with long sleeves but stopping at the hips, was put over her, then a third, white, again with long sleeves but with a low cut of the neck and stopping at the waist.


“Yes, the upper body is quite finished. I believe that now it’s time for the legs. You will have to wear only a pair of socks, then the boots. They will be perfect for your feet.”

The socks in white plastic were fitted over her lower legs, finishing just under the corset, then ballet boots in white with black strings were closed and padlocked over her rigid legs.

Slowly she started to move around the room to get accustomed to the restrictions, and the effect of this lack of freedom was concentrating some strange yet interesting sensation inside her crotch.

“Something I have to remember when I will be with my love.” She smiled in her mind.

Various transparent and inflatable PVC petticoats were fitted on her, until she lost the count, then over them, and a pair of fingerless opera gloves in white vinyl that transformed in useless appendices her already useless hands, the real dress was sheathed, covering her in a wonderful creation of white, shiny plastic with insert in foggy vinyl to simulate lace or operated fabric, her head held erect by the skin neck and the severe posture collar embedded in the dress high neck.

Jean was overwhelmed by the sensation she was feeling. The tight skin that she was considering her real skin, the restriction of the corset, the suffocating and hot embrace of the five millimeter thick dress, the petticoats that were inflated, enlarging the bell gown of the dress and at the same time crushing her legs, limiting more and more her stride.

She moaned, for the pleasure and for the pain, then she blanked out for a second, while her vagina cried with joy.

The two women were impressed, and helped her to move to the catwalk after fixing on her wig a long and thick transparent plastic veil that brushed the floor. It was only in that moment that she discovered the dressing part took more than two hours.

The catwalk was perfect, from the start to the last girl exiting on the runway, then it was the moment for Jean. Her dress was so heavy and restrictive that she had to be helped to move up to the backstage, then she was alone, but she just breathed as much as she could, listened the applause already thundering in the air also if the spectators were not watching her, then she stepped on the catwalk.

The applause's stopped, with all the other noises, then restarted ten times stronger.

Her face was smiling under the plastic transparent veil, now fogged with perspire and stale air of her bridal dress, because the doll mask was obliging her muscles to smile, but also in her head she was smiling and crying with joy, while she slowly went on along the catwalk, the heavy dress made with several layers of vinyl and PVC white as was trying to stop her, so cumbersome and restrictive.

She slowly, in a royal way, moved along the catwalk, then when she started to come back to the backstage, she sensed something strange inside her crotch. She understood and moved her head in Jacks direction, that smiled and augmented the vibrators intensity to the max.

“Oh my…” she thought. “I’m so restricted that the vibration are coming again back all in the same point. I’m arriving really to the orgasm pleasure while walking. No, Jack, please, stop it, stop it my love or I will have big problems really soon. You don’t know what this dress is doing to me…”

She tried to run as much as she could to arrive in the backstage, but at half a meter from her goal, her body betrayed her, and she howled inside the mask, her body shackled by the orgasm spasms.

Outside, no one noted anything, too occupied to cheer the stylist that entered and bowed to the spectators.

“Perfect, you were perfect, my love…” Jack murmured on her ears helping her to stand and move in a safer place.


Six months after that catwalk, Jean found the happy ending of her dream.

Her sister found a solvent for the glue two days after the catwalk, but she refused to be freed, in order to do the trip on the various cities where she was the star of the catwalk. Not only the one of the first stylist, but also for another. She was a star, she was a strange mannequin, but in any case she was perfect for everything they wanted her to be dressed in.

More, she became a sort of media star, and someone asked where a suit like hers could be found.

This gave Jack some ideas, and he just started to make phone calls and meeting with investors.

Then, after two weeks, Jack freed her, bathed her, kissed her and they made love all night long.

But the day after she discovered something she had not the time to understand totally the last night.

She was no longer used to the human motion. Also if freed, she was not moving her elbows, her knees, her head. If she tried, it was only pain or at least a strange sensation.

She was missing something, she was missing her skin, her new, real skin, and so she put again over her body the suit, also if it was soft.

“Better, but I miss the constriction, the lack of mobility, the bondage my body was used to.” She thought during the day, the she explained her problem to her lover.

“I have the right solution for you and me. And this is related also to my idea. I think you launched a new fashion. Are you ready to become again a doll, for a longer period this time. I need you as a living advertisement.”


He explained that he could cut the cost for the suit she had on for a month, if he can produce it in a huge quantity, but some investor was ready to put the money and to sell the product, but they needed a good ads. She was perfect.

 “Are you ready to take a step further on your dollyfication? I’m asking you if you are ready to forget your old body for a new one.”

“All you want my love, all you want.” She smiled.

So she had months before the wedding day to discover his ultimate project, and to adapt her to it.

The costume she was wearing at the moment, under the white plastic wedding dress the stylist gave her as a present, was thicker, heavier and more complicated that her old skin, and it was perfect.

With a special remote, Jack was able to set all the movement she could do, from total freedom to total immobility, the tightness of the waist part, the heels height, also her hairs and eyes color or the degree of speech, hear and sight she could have.

Every month she changed the battery of the costume, so she was always sure to be trapped, sealed, controlled by her lover, that was one of the richest man of the country, due to the boom of doll costumes his company spread around the world. It was already quite normal to see women and teenagers struggle around in a perfect replica of her first doll costume, obviously not glued to them and with a really short life battery.

“Jean, do you want to take him as your husband?” asked the priest.

She nodded, the only thing her lover let her do.

“Jack, do you want to take her as your wife?”

“Yes, I want her.”

She smiled when he kissed her under the veil, the vibrators acting gently on her, sending shivers of pleasure that were only the appetizers for the main course.


“I love you too, my love doll.”

“I will ask him to create a pregnant version. In two or three months I will need it…” she thought, moving with him under a rice rain and the mumbling of joy from the dolls female guests.

But this will be another story, maybe.



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