Dolly Desire

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2008 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bodymod; latexdoll; enema; toys; cons; X


As the engine of the car turns silent, Rick turns to me and ask:

“Are you sure you wanna do this.”

I've been quiet for all the trip to the building we now see in front of us, I turn to him and quietly nod one time, then again then:

“Yes, love.”

We hug, he kisses me deeply then he looks at me straight in the eyes.

“Trust me I don't want to keep you from it, but there are some things that gonna be uncomfortable, downright painful, are you sure.”

I take his face in my hands.

“Honey, we've been thru all the details, more than one...hundred times. I'll be fine as long as you are with me. Ok?”

We kiss again then I take action and open the door to the car and direct to the front door of the building.

He left the car and followed me. I take his hand in my hand as I use the bell to call for entrance.

Seconds pass as I'm greeted by Laura, one of the people that are gonna make me live my fantasy. In this tiny lapse of time a little bit of regret makes its appearance in mind. Do I really want to endure this? Am I serious about it?

I hug her and then I follow her into the house. She works in an aesthetic centre, brown curly hair, at least thirty five yeas, as Rick said “well endowed in the figure compartment”. Nice breasts, long enough legs. She is dressed in scrubs, I suspect because she is preparing for my work.

We pass thru the whole house and then we exit in the backyard. I see on a side a well groomed garden. On the other side of this there is another building, that Jeff calls the workshop.

Jeff is a genius, if I may say so. I got his name thru various website when I was searching for this thing I wanted to do. It's not the first time i've come here.

In the last five months me and Rick came here at least ten times. The first was when, hand in hand with Rick, I explained it what I wanted him to do, the last a week ago when he had to take my last measures to make sure that the things were done right. In between there were simple get together to know better each other and real meeting to address the many aspect of this thing.

When I enter the workshop I admire it is spotless clean. There is a table in the middle of the room and there are light everywhere.

“Hi, Jen, are you still sure with it?” He turns directly to me.

“The next one who will ask me if I still want to do that, i'm gonna tear him down with my right fist.”

I make the boxing moves to underline the concept.

He smiles and comes near me to greet me.

“No need for unnecessary violence, my dear. I just want to you to be absolutely resolved. It's gonna be a ride, you know.”

“Yes, I've planned it. Don't you remember?”

As a matter of fact i've planned the whole process, stating what goes first and what goes last. Right now the only thing I do is to unbutton my coat. I'm dressed in a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble, with some simple running shoes. The opposite of sexy clothing.

“Ok, let's go. Sit on the table.”

Rick, after taking my coat goes to a corner where there is a chair and sits there. I told that I want him to stay there and observe my transformation. Laura comes near with a stool and a tray, she asks for my right hands. It takes two minutes to her to clip my nails short, then she takes the other hand and makes the same.

Jeff comes near me with a plastic container. He deposited it on the tray then he wears some surgical gloves. I know exactly what this is: we found that nowadays in the medical field there is a chemical substance that acts like a glue. They usually use it to keep the edges of a wound together until the skin grows enough to fill the gap. It's designed in a way that it dissolves after some time. When it doesn't connect wounds it can used as a inert glue that is not toxic to the human body and, more important after a while tends to disappear.

We have bought a considerable amount of it for this project. I'm gonna explain the purpose as we go on with it. Jeff starts to coat my right hand with the substance, first the fingers then the palm. As he is done with coating he takes my thumb and it closes it on the palm then one after another the other fingers are folded on it. At the end of this, he starts to make the same thing with the other hand.

Then he takes some foil wrap, the one you usually use to wrap the chicken in, and wraps the hands separately in it.

“Ok. Let's let them rest.”

He moves to the side of the room and takes something. It's a black latex mouth piece. It's made of two parts. The one that goes inside my mouth was moulded on a cast of my mouth, the other covers my lips completely and will be glued on the lower part of my face. At the end of this my mouth will disappear in a black hole of black latex at the very end of which there is a valve thru which I will take nutrients.

“Hold, on. Jeff, come here.”

He get up and comes near me. I kiss him deeply, drinking his tongue in me, getting passion as we explore each other mouth. Then I stop and say:

“Go on.”

The mouth piece is inserted. The cast was properly done and the latex thing rests perfectly around my teeth. As Laura force it even more into my mouth I see that Jeff is gluing it on my cheeks, on my chin, making sure there is no crease the last thing glued is the upper lip with the flap that goes just under the nose.

Right now I cannot speak any more and it will be so until the glue dries. This simple thought makes my hard nipples sticking thru the white t shirt.

“Wow, you really like this.” She says as she notices.

I close my eyes and I feel that i'm blushing as if i'm caught doing something wrong.

“Are you ready?”

I nod.

She helps me to come down from the table, then she starts to take off my shirt. She works my head out of the collar then my hands out from the sleeves. I like the idea of not being able to do this by myself. She makes me sit on a chair with a recliner.

I kept my blond hair long to the small of my back since I was in college. This mass of hair has been with me in every moment of my life, when i'm doing sport when i'm doing sex, every time. I remember so many times in which I cursed them when I was stuck with dryers and thing after going to the swimming pool or simply after a shower.

Many times I was on the verge of cutting them short, but I could not resolve myself. So this is the way, without being able to speak how can I stop Laura's scissors. I'm shocked from the sound of the first cuts, but still, what can I do to prevent this, now?

After the first shearing, it's the turn of razor. Laura is nice, gentle, I barely feel anything but after I understand that the weight of my mass of hair is literally falling off I can sense some tears flowing from my eyes. I look at Rick, he is on his chair. I cannot know if this is for the situation itself or in anticipation of the things yet to come but his bulge can be noted thru his pants.

I realize i've become completely bald as I feel Laura massaging my head. She is putting some lotion to protect the skin that is not accustomed to open hair. As she move in front of me she takes the foil from my hands.

During the proceedings i'd forgotten about them. The glue has set in and as I look at my fist I can see that the skin seems completely fused. I try to move my fingers but they are stuck. I try to move my right thumb but it seems entombed by the other fingers. Useless, that is the state of my hands.

She starts to work on the belt of my jeans and she slids them down. She takes off my shoes, and then she picks up my panties.

“Oh, wow. Our dolly is gonna enjoy herself.”

They are drenched with my fluids. I must have become burgundy from embarrassment.

Jeff and Rick seems to enjoy the situation and while they are laughing Laura takes my right foot in her lap and starts to cut the nails short, then she does the same for the other.

Humming to herself she move then to my vagina.

“Ok, right now you have to stand still.”

I nod and she produces a razor. First she lather my pussy with shaving cream and I have to control myself from jumping to the freshness of the thing against my tender skin, then she starts to remove all the hairs from down there. She takes only a couple of minutes to complete and then I have the hairless vagina of a teenager.

The lotion she applies after the cut stings a little.

“Ok, we are done, let's get you on the table.”

This is one of the most uncomfortable parts of the fitting, the table is equipped with those leg keepers that are used during the pelvis exam. She makes me stand on the table then she guides my legs in those fittings. I feel completely open to the world, Laura is a trained nurse so she sits on a stool between my legs and starts to apply a catheter.

I don't think I have to describe this thing, it's a little tube that is inserted in someone's urethra at the tip of it there is a little balloon that is pumped up to fill the passage. Is very unpleasant to say the less. I can only whimper behind my gag. After the thing is fitted, she tells me to slide towards the edge of the table.

The next step is for me to have an enema. Laura has prepared a bag of soapy hot water. There is a tube that she proceeds to smear with some vaseline. I cringe when she finally inserts it. It feels a mile long as she proceeds very slowly. The time seems to lapse and i'm startled when I hear the water flowing in my.

Immediately I get the urge to expel it. Laura must have guessed it because she puts an hand on my belly.

“Jen, hold it. Good girl!”

Between my breasts I see my belly starting to grow! Wow. Well, when will she stop?

I feel the pressure of the water in my waist. I don't even react when she takes the tube out.

“Hold it.”

The pressure becomes unbearable, I make eye contact with her to signal that I do want to get that water out of me. She looks back and tells me to keep. Cramps start to make me hurt.

“Ok, honey, let go.”

She must have placed a bucket under me as I heard the water splashing from me. Laura continues to massage my abdomen with her hand to help me relieve myself. I sense that she clean me and then she asks:

“Ready for round two?”

I nod. It was in the procedure, I knew it beforehand, still the sensations I got from my body still surprises me. So with the second enema it goes smoothly, still the awful sensation of pressure, but this is a thing that I will have to endure more times in the future.

After the second enema Laura cleans my butt and my pussy then goes away with the bucket of my own waste. Now it's the hardest part.

Jeff sits in the stool now and beside him I see the things i'm supposed to keep during the rest of this thing.

There are two.... things, for a lack of a better term. The first one is for my pussy, it's a latex mould built from a cast of my vaginal cavity. This contraption is shaped like a dildo and I think you know where this is going to rest, at the base of the penis thing it has a bump that should position itself on my clit, both things are equipped with vibrating units the batteries of which are hidden in the base of the penis itself.

As with the mouthpiece there is a flap that is supposed to be glued to the outside of my labia to close the thing. The process of putting it in place is uncomfortable, plain and simple. Jeff has to stretch my cavity with his hands then he proceeds to put the catheter thru the thing and finally he puts my vagina around the base of the dildo making sure there are not pinches in the skin. Even if his touches are gentle I whimper during the whole phase. As he glues the flap in place, my mons is covered in black latex, with a clear plastic tube protruding.

The contraption for my ass is something similar, it works like a catheter so it has a balloon to pump to seal the whole thing. It has a tube that will be used to clean my insides by the means of an enema, and a vibrator unit. The main thing is that is like 30 centimeters long. As Jeff is getting near to my anus, I hear Laura talking to me, telling me to relax. I feel that he inserts first two then three fingers in my backdoor to open it up, then proceeds to put it in place. Slow, really slow. Laura keeps me on the table, first I tremble then I start to scream. Well I would have started to scream if I could, but, see, it was me the one deciding the order.

It's not pain, it's how the body reacts, as Jeff push the thing up my ass the muscles strain themselves trying to send it where it came from. As the other one, it has to be glued in place. This is also connected with the battery pack.

Then there are my shoes. Jeff takes my right foot and puts it in a plastic shoes. I found this idea in story from a website. It was done around a cast of my foot, my both feet where cast while arched as if I was wearing some impossible high heels. Around this cast was constructed a plexiglass shell. So when my feet were closed in those shells they would be forced to be arched.

The shoes are perfect in size so he takes my foot out and starts to smear it with glue, after it he puts the two shells on again. With some adhesive tape he blocks it shut letting the glue doing its job.

Then he proceeds to do the same with the left foot.

The next step is to put something to my breast. There are two zap units designed to be glued around my nipples. I have not big breasts but still i'm not what you would call a surf table. This two are connected to the battery pack.

“Jen, still with us?”

I try to smile, but obviously the mouthpiece is still in the way. So the only thing I can do is close and open my eyes quickly.

“Are you all right? Close your eyes two times.”

I nod and close my eyes. Two times. Go on, I want to finish with all this.

Jeff must have read my thought because he signals to Laura to get me out of those stirrups as he gets hold of the suit.

It's black, made of latex, done to my exact measures. Jeff and Laura starts to fit it from the feet. Before putting it on they smear the shoes and my legs up to my knees. We decided that the suit was to be glued on me for two reasons to prevent it from shifting around my body and to making it tight as a second skin.

So first the glue then the suit. In a matter of minutes the feet are put in the sock part of the suit. They make a struggle to prevent any creases of the fabric, and once they are satisfied they start to apply the glue to the upper part of the legs. Then the put my feet in some high heeled shoes and they tell me to stand up.

O my.... it feels like standing on tip toes I have to put my arms on Laura to steady myself. If I fall there is no way I can grab anything especially with these hands. Jeff starts to put the glue on the crotch area.

There are two holes on the suit and they are done so that the two tubes, one from my anus and the other from my vagina, will stick thru. He makes the suit to adhere to my whole crotch area.

Jeff then turns his attentions to my bosom, and works his way up.

The process is swift enough that in a little time it's the turn to tuck in my hands in the sleeves. The process is the same. My fist-stuck hands are then glued and fitted in the mittens that are build at the ends of the sleeves. Then he proceeds up to the shoulders.

Then the last thing to glue on is the hood. My face is first smeared with the glue.

“Close your eyes.”

I feel their hands putting the substance on my bald head on my cheeks, on my neck on my nose. First they glue the latex to the neck then the chin then they stop because there are two tubes that are to be fitted in my nostrils. There is an hole in the hood that matches my mouthpiece.

It's worst from what i'd imagine it would be. Then the proceed to the head part of the hood.

I feel tugging all around my body, then they start to close the rear zipper that goes from above my butt to the rear of my head.

As they work their way up, I feel the suit tighten around me. It's snug around the waist and I feel it constrain my middle like a corset.

I remain with my eyes closed as they close the last of the zip. For the final step they put some glue also on the zipper and they cover it with a latex strip to completely hide it. In the end I feel some tugging in my crotch and in my butt.

I realize they have finally completed their job when I feel no more hands working on me.

I open my eyes, try to move, and yes it feels like a second skin. Laura is looking at me with her hands on her mouth to hide her surprise. Jeff is smiling and he turns a mirror in my direction.

I see myself for the first time.

I'm stunned, a doll in latex jet black, my features are mimicked by the suit. The legs are defined in every detail, my jet black mons is strikingly defined.

I'm drinking my reflected image. I see my boobs, aroused nipple clearly trying to make an hole in the suit. My open mouth, my bald head.

Yes i've been turned into a latex doll.

I see Rick, his mouth open in disbelief. I take some step toward him then I hug him.

He kisses me back on my latex mouth, his hands run on my body and I can feel his touch thru the suit. Better it seems to heighten the feeling.

I hear Laura:

“Rick, this must be yours.”

And she gives him a little remote control, like the one you use to open the garage door.

“Let's see....”

As he tries some of the buttons I feel that the vibrating units were going on and off.

They leave me testing the boundaries of the situation as they discuss.

“Ok, Rick, I think that the glue will be ready to dissolve in a month or so. She should be fine. In the other room I have prepared some latex clothing that she can put over the suit. Here is the various appointment that we have set up in the next few weeks. There are some bondage fashion meetings, some private parties, a sex con. Remember she needs to drink a lot of water, and clean her with an enema at least three times a day.”

With my hands balled in fists there is not much I can do. I look at my crotch and I see that the catheter is closed with the same system you use on the rubber duck you find in the beaches. Nothing I can open without the help of someone. There should be something similar in the anus.

My arched feet start to hurt so I go to the stool and sit on it.

As I survey the situation I find myself more and more horny. I try to touch myself but my hands prevent me from getting any real pleasure.

For some reason this makes me hornier.

We returned home in the middle of the afternoon, I got some strange looks when our car was waiting at the traffic lights.

The world outside my suit is somewhat different from before But the world inside is marvellous. Every movement is felt by my skin, the fact that there is glue between my skin and the suit makes the sensations stronger.

When we arrive at home, Rick begins to experiment with the remote control, between the state of arousing that I built in the suit and some well placed vibration I experienced the first of many orgasm in the suit.

Then he fed me with a syringe that locks on the valve on the rear of my mouthpiece. He gave my water, some blended vegetables and so on, then he helped me going to the bathroom. It was a weird experience. I saw his hand going to open the valve to my catheter then I saw my urine trickle. As it stopped he uses a syringe to pump some water to clean my insides.

The next part is the enema. He took the enema bag and filled it with hot water, then he opened the valve to my anus and connected the hose.

Soon I was filled with water. Since he is somewhat devious, he disconnected the hose and closed the valve of the suit. I immediately realized that I was stuck with the enema inside of me since everything was closed. He left me writhing with cramps while he was playing with the remote control. The pressure of the water in my abdomen heightened the vibrations of the dildo. As I was gesturing him to let me go, to open the damn valve I was hit by another orgasm that was the most powerful I have experienced today.

I was spent as he put me on the bathroom and opened the valve with his hand leaving me to relieve the pressure.

He cleaned me and prepare me to go to bed, in the bed we cuddled a lot. Then I received his cock in my dolly mouth and proceeded to bring him to an orgasm.

Right now he is sleeping, i'm not.

I had to find the shoes in the dark, because walking without is out of question. I went to the bathroom where I light the lights to take a better look at myself.

Here I am unable to speak, unable to eat, to even go to the bathroom by myself. Tomorrow we are going to go to a fetish party in a nearby state where I will be the model some fetish fashion from a designer.

No one will know who I am under the suit and I cannot get out of it for at least a month. And it was my fantasy! I imagined it, I designed it. It's gonna be a looooonnnnnngggg month!!!!!!



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