Dolly Mommy

by Robotdoll

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“Now, I want to make sure I understand your request, Mr. Roberts...” The contract consultant sat behind the desk going over the application again.

“I’m sure you do.” The other man sat with his legs crossed, a confident look on his face. It was a face that indicated it was used to getting what it wanted. He wasn’t much older that the consultant, he thought to himself; it’s amazing how a job like his drained a person, made them tired, feel so old...

“Of course sir, this is just the first time I’ve ever been asked for a package like this.”

“I understand. You can do it, can’t you?” He’d heard so much about the company, he hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Oh yes,” The young man assured him. “I see nothing here that LiveDolls cannot supply. You say there are others who may be interested in this sort of custom package?”

“I believe so, yes.”

“Well, if you’re happy with our service, May I ask you to fill out a testimonial for our publicity department?”

“Dear friend, if this works out, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops.”

The consultant laughed. “I’m glad, sir. All right, let’s see... A wet nurse model, with maid sub-specialty. Hypno-eyes package, femdom subroutine, specially customized...” He entered the information into the terminal as he spoke. The gentleman nodded as he read through the options. “Now, I’ve spoken with my managers, and they agree that considering the, well, sexual aspect of this request, we will have to add the Personal Intimate Companion option.”

The man nodded. “Not a problem. I expected as such.” He secretly prayed for it.

“I’m glad you understand, sir. It is an extra cost, but it does open many more options for in the future.”

“No need for the hard sell,” said the man, holding up his hand. “I’m already buying.”

“Of course sir.” he said, typing. “All right, I think I’ve got a girl here...” He spun around the monitor so the man could see. “She’s already been processed, we can have her trained in a week.”

She was a blonde, hair in flowing curls. Her breasts were wonderful-38 D at least, and a full figure to match. Her eyes were blue, her expression glassy and blank. He loved her. He looked at the nipples and involuntarily licked his lips.

“She’s a delight. Is she all natural?”

“Right down to the blonde hair. I knew you’d appreciate that. Any custom work you’d like done?”

He thought about it. “No, seems madness to tamper with that. A week, you say?”

“I think we could have her ready sooner, but I’d like to take some time to test what you’ve asked for. With your permission, of course.”

“I agree, thank you.” He thought, and had to ask... “Test how?”

The consultant smiled. “We actually have employees who work with the girls.”

He smiled. “I imagine it’s a long list.”

“It’s a perk we give to employees of the month.”

They laughed together. “Beats a parking space.”

The consultant laughed again, then composed himself. “I’m sorry. Anyway, can you accept delivery on the 14th?”

“That will be fine. And you have my payment information already...”

“Already set up, yes. Thank you sir.” He rose to shake hands.

The gentleman leaned forward and shook the consultant’s hand, then sat back down. “Um, I have some calls to make... may I?”

The young man nodded understandingly. “Of course sir, take as long as you like. Just ask one of the guides outside to escort you out.” He rose and left the room, pressing the button on the knob as he left so it locked from the inside.

The man couldn’t have stood up if he wanted to. He pulled open his pants, exposing his almost painfully erect member. The experience of discussing what he was getting, of being so close to his fantasy... it was too much. The screen still bore the girl’s image. He stared at it lustfully, stroking himself gently. The stroking grew more intense as the look on his face grew more passive, bordering on adoration. He came with a stifled moan, shooting into a handy handkerchief. Withering quickly, he muttered to the screen and closed himself up. What he said couldn’t quite be made out, but it sounded like, “Thank you.”

The days went by all too slowly. Technicians came the day before delivery to install the electronics and make sure everything was ready. Finally, the bell rang. Mr. Roberts went to the door himself, his hands almost shaking. A deep breath, a moment to compose himself, and he opened the door. Two young men stood at the door, lab coats covering nicely tailored suits.

“Mr. Roberts?”


“We’re from LiveDolls, sir. We have your new employee here.”

“Thank you, won’t you show her in?”

They entered, followed by a young woman wearing a long white lab coat, more covering than the men’s. It was her. Her eyes were closed; she was being led by the hand by one of the men. He couldn’t even bring himself too look at her. He turned into the room and motioned them to follow him to the living room. They followed, the woman trailing passively behind, head bobbing as she walked as if sleepwalking.

“Will this be good?” He motioned into the room. The three entered and stopped in the middle, by a couch. The first man nodded it was fine. The second man pulled out a small device with a keypad and a small readout. He pulled a wire from it. attached it to an electrode pad and fixed it to the woman’s temple. “Ready for alpha REM shutoff” He said to his partner.

“Roger.” The first man turned to Mr. Roberts. “If you’ll just sign here...” he said to Mr. Roberts, handing him a clipboard, “we’ll wake her up and be on our way.”

He signed quickly and handed the pad back. The tech checked that all was in order and nodded to the other. A few touches to the keypad, and the woman inhaled deeply. Her eyelids fluttered open. A gentle smile bloomed on her face. She looked around slowly.

“Okay, alpha state shutdown.” The tech peeled the electrode from her temple. “How do you feel, Ma’am?”

She looked at him lovingly. “I’m fine, thank you.” Her voice was soft and whispery, and she spoke with a lilt that implied she could break into song at any moment.

“Okay, she seems fine.” The techs collected up their things and headed for the door.

“What happens now?”

“You just introduce yourself. It’s the first day of work for her-show her around, get to know her. She knows what to do next.”

“Thank you. Thank you both.” They both refused when he tried to tip them. They left discreetly, and he was alone with her.

He didn’t know what to do.

Controller of one of the largest companies on the east coast, thousands of employees, and he didn’t know what to say to this one. He felt like a schoolboy the first day of class. It was a giddy feeling, and he loved it. He walked back into the living room. She hadn’t moved, just stood there looking around, taking it all in. She heard him come back in and turned to look. She smiled at him, and he just melted.

“Hello again.” She sounded like cotton candy would sound-sweet and light and fin.

“Hello.” He tried to maintain a businesslike demeanor. The bulge in his pants did not help. “I’m Mr. Roberts, I’ve hired you.”

“Hello Mr. Roberts, I’m Tammy,” She held out a hand. He shook it; her skin was like satin. “I’m your new Nanny.”

A rush shot through him at the word. He tried to control himself, but a pulse to his pelvis made him lose his balance. “May I show you around?”

“Of course. Shall I remove my coat?”

“Oh by all means, yes.” He had already been reduced from a wolf of wall street to a meek puppy. It felt... wonderful. She reached up and unbuttoned her cotton coat. She was dressed in an outfit resembling an English nurse’s uniform. A powder blue short-sleeve shirt, covered by a white apron, tying around her neck and ending just above the hem of the rather short blue skirt. The skirt was petticoated, and stuck out more like a tutu. The apron just drew attention to her ample bosom, and the skirt was more a garnish to her shapely legs. Mr. Roberts almost came right there. But he held himself in check and moved on.

The tour of the house was brief and fleeting. She followed quietly, noting the finery of the rooms with the appreciation of a tourist in the White House. He kept his eyes ahead, desperate to reach the end.

“...and this is the nursery.”

The room was well-appointed, with the requisite crib, changing table, toys on the floor, but with one major difference. The scale was all off. The furniture was much too large for a child. The crib and changing table were very low to the ground as well.

Walking through the nursery, they passed into another room. This was obviously Tammy’s room. The large soft bed against the wall had a large electronic panel at the head, all the diagnostic and input systems had to wear as she slept. The door to the room looked right out onto the crib.

Tammy looked at Mr. Roberts smiling. “It’s lovely.” She stood waiting for him to say something. When he didn’t, she took the initiative. “And where is my little baby?”

His eyes were red from blinking. He stood at the edge of the abyss, and wanted to be drawn in. He drew in a big breath.

“It’s me.”

Tammy knew that, of course. It had all been implanted during her training. She reached out and stroked his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned in to her hand, on the verge of sobbing. “And what is my baby’s name?”

His voice was a whisper. “Joseph.”

“My baby Joey.” Her voice was a whisper as well, a lullaby to his ears. “Look at me now, Joey...”

He opened his eyes and looked into hers. As he looked, her blue irises began to sparkle and swirl. Like a whirlpool, they flowed into twin spirals. It was a fascinating sight, and he couldn’t look away.

“Just watch me, honey, and relax...” She helped him sit down on the bed, she sitting right next to him. His face started to relax and soften, already entranced by the sight of her hypnotic gaze. She stroked his face gently, soothing and relaxing him. “What a good boy... what a sweet boy.”

Joseph was in exquisite agony. He feared the unknown, but longed for it, and he was excited by what was happening to him, but growing so relaxed and sleepy he feared he’d miss it. He just had to keep his eyes open... had to...

“Close your eyes now”

They dropped like sandbags. His head slumped forward and he knew nothing.

“Very good, Joey. You’ve made me very happy.” He smiled in his slumber. Nanny Tammy was happy. That made him happy. “Tell me about your day, Joey.”

“Had to work.” His voice was a sleepy mumble. “Made money.”

“Do you like your job, Joey?” She lowered him to his back, laying him on the bed.

“Yes. ...No.” His shoulders tensed up as he thought about his job. She stroked and massaged them, leaning over him, her breasts resting on his chest. She could feel his erection against his pants, poking at her side. He relaxed at the massage.

“Is it a hard job, Joey? Does it make you sad?”

“Very hard...”

“You want to learn how to relax again, don’t you? That’s why you asked for me to come.”

“Yes. Nanny for Joey.”

“You want to forget your hard day, and be Nanny’s little baby boy.”

He moaned softly, the vocalization of his fantasy reaching through the slumber and giving his libido a firm yank. “YYYyyyessss.”

“Nanny’s here, Joey. We’re going to make you feel soooo good. Are you thirsty? You’re thirsty aren’t you?”

Joseph licked his lips, he WAS thirsty, he needed a drink badly. “Yes” he croaked.

“On three you’ll wake up. You’ll be safe and happy here with Nanny Tammy. You’ll ask for a drink. And I will give you a nice drink. And it will make you feel happy and safe... and young. You’ll have no worries, no cares... do you understand?”

“Yes... drink.”

“Very good.” She stroked his cheek again. “One....two....three...”

He opened his eyes and breathed deeply. He felt like he’d slept for hours. He looked up at Tammy; she looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes. “Thank you.” His throat was dry, his voice a husky whisper. He swallowed to moisten his throat, but to no avail. He looked at Tammy. He tried to get up to get a drink, but instead he found himself saying...

“May I have a drink Nanny?”

Nanny Tammy looked at him and nodded. She reached up for her apron and unbuttoned it at the top. She lowered it gently, exposing her breasts, full and round. Joseph... Mr. Roberts... Joey... he wasn’t sure who he was now, was filled with... not desire, just love, and thirst. He smacked his lips at the sight.

Tammy held out her arms and cradled him in them. She helped him into a comfortable position in her lap, and held out a breast, tickling his lips with the nipple. He felt wetness against his lips. He opened them eagerly, and the nipple popped in. He suckled softly, and his mouth filled with warm creamy liquid. He swallowed reflexively, the swallow drawing more milk in. Tammy could feel the milk being drawn from her, the nerves in her nipple tingling as her baby suckled. She stroked his cheek with her index finger, cradling his head and supporting her breast.

As he drew milk from her, he felt his body relax, his mind grow clear. He felt more relaxed than he’d felt in years. The rush of the work was a memory, all his grueling decisions seeming so inconsequential now. He was lost in the moment, and didn’t want to leave. His mind grew cloudy and sleepy. He wanted a nap. Tammy stroked and fed and sang him a lovely song, and soon he drifted off again. He dreamed of taking off his clothes, and walking to his new room. Nanny helped him onto the table, and she powdered his bottom and put him a nice fresh diaper. He got into a soft sleeper and climbed into his crib.

“Good night, Joey.”

“’Night mama...” he mumbled...

Tammy rose, walked into her room, and lay down. She placed a pair of headphones over her ears, and as a steady stream of white noise filled her ears, she lapsed quickly into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning found Joey still asleep. Tammy wished she could let him sleep, but he had a schedule to keep. She stroked his back, cooing, “Wakey wakey Joey, time for breakfast...”

He stirred slowly, rolling onto his back. He looked through the bars of his crib at her and smiled. He struggled to stand up, found it difficult and settled for rising to his knees. He leaned against the rail and reached out for a hug.

“Oh, what a good boy...” She leaned in and hugged him. He laid his head against her pillowy bosom, nuzzling softly. “How are you today?”

“Feel good, mama.” His voice was relaxed and soft, a far cry from the stressed bark he used at the office. “Have to potty.”

“Well, you have a diaper on, Joey,” she said, hugging his head to her chest. “Go ahead and make.”

He looked up. “Make wee-wee in diaper?” He looked surprised. Little babies did that, and he wasn’t a little baby, was he?

“Look at me Joey.” He looked up at her. Her eyes had turned to spirals again. His mind felt numb again, even more then before. He went limp in her arms. “Very good, Joey, you’re such a good boy. You’ll do anything mama says, won’t you?”

“Anything mama says...” He mumbled. “Obey mama...”

“Goood baby.” She said. He let him go, and he knelt before the rail, teetering in his semi-sleep. “Out of the crib.”

He lowered the rail and crawled onto the floor. He sat on his heels, looking blankly forward. She knelt down before him. “Now Joey, you have to wee-wee bad, don’t you?” He felt the pressure in his bladder grow as she said it. He nodded. She coaxed him on. “Yes, so full, you have to wee-wee so bad... just let it go, Joey, into the diaper, just like a little baby...”

Joey sat there, a wave of relaxation washing over him. He relaxed muscles he’d had control over for decades, and in an instant, he felt the diapers grow warm and wet. He released into the diaper, and it felt so good to be free of that wee-wee, he smiled.

“What a good boy!” Tammy smiled and clapped her hands. He smiled at the praise. The sensation in his pants was so amazing, he started to stiffen. “How do you feel now Joey?”

“Good, mama.” He was half asleep and totally relaxed, save for the new pressure in his diaper “Pee-pee get hard.”

“Oh, well let’s look...” She nudged Joey into a kneel and pulled at the tapes of his diaper. It fell away and landed on the floor with a wet plop. His member was already quite stiff. She gripped and ran her smooth hands across it. “What a BIG pee-pee my baby has! Can we make it squirt?”

“Yes mama.”

She slid her hands up and down across the shaft. He stayed still, his breathing growing ragged as she aroused him. Finally he bucked forward, and Tammy whisked a small bowl up to meet his head. He came with a moan, dribbling white fluid into the bowl. All done, she took the bowl away and sat Joey down again. His eyes glazed over again as he sat quietly.

Tammy rose and took the bowl to a cupboard. Opening the cupboard, she selected a jar of strained fruit and added its contents to the bowl, stirring it gently. The white cum spiraled through the orangey jelly of the fruit, till it was lost.

“Okay, honey,” She said, “Time for breakfast.”

He opened his mouth obediently for every spoonful. He swished it around his mouth, tasting it and mixing it well before he swallowed. He was done in a few mouthfuls. Tammy wiped him clean and snapped down her apron. His eyes dazzled at the site of her milk-filled breasts. She held out her arms, and he leaned in, latching hungrily onto her nipple. He fed gently, drawing a full mouthful of milk before swallowing. Soon he was full, and Tammy sat him up again.

“Feel good?”

“Yes mama.”

“Good. Time for work, Joey.” He blinked once, the glaze fading. “Time for work, Joey.”

It all came back in a flash. who he was, where he was, what he had done... Tammy sat there in front of him, breasts bare, milk dribbling from a nipple. He felt something cold and wet under his... naked... bottom. The diaper. The pissy diaper. It was too much for him. He leaned forward, into her lap, and cried.

“Thank you...” He wrinkled her apron, burying his face in the fresh cotton. “Oh god thank you...”

She smiled and stroked his head. “It’s okay honey... Mama’s here.”

* * *

“Joe, what have you done to yourself?” VP in charge of marketing Michael Hansen was amazed at the relaxed demeanor in his friend and boss. “Did you take up drinking finally?”

Joseph Roberts laughed and shook his head. “No, Mike, just took my doctor’s advice. He said I needed an outlet or this job was going to kill me. So I got one.”

“So spill, what is it?” Mike was still overcome at the change. Over a weekend, Joe was calm, laughing, and looked years younger.

“I got in touch with my inner child.” he said, and they walked into the meeting.


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