A Dolly's Transformation

by Miss Latexia

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2075; the dawning of the nanotechnology era. The Human race could now harness microscopic technology to do their bidding. Doctors used it to cure cancer and heal life-threatening injuries, plastic surgeons used it to offer scalpel-free cosmetic alterations. But with this great power also came those who seek to use it for their own nefarious purpose.

Justin, a Nanotech programmer, had been fired several years ago for "workplace misconduct". In his opinion, if the boss's wife wanted it up the ass in the copy room there was not much you could do besides obey. Since then he had found a much more lucrative source of income.

Alison was a college girl, a little overweight with low self-esteem and very few friends. She had stopped contacting her family years ago due to their being unable to accept her bisexuality and her kinks, one of the major ones being latex bondage. Justin had stalked her for months, physically and digitally, making sure she was the right one and that no one would miss her when she was gone, her many kinks just being a bonus for what he was going to do to her. Finally one day he hid behind several large bushes in a deserted industrial area that she walked through on her way home. He waited until she walked past to sneak out behind her and press a chloroform soaked cloth to her face and toss her limp body into the van he had parked on the street.

Alison woke to a fuzzy feeling in her head and a dull ache in her ankles and wrists, blinking in the bright light she slowly recalled being attacked and passing out and she jerked awake. She found herself locked upright and naked to a square metal frame in a white, sterile looking room directly in front of her was a wall covered in a large mirror. She heard a door open behind her and tried to twist around to see who her captor was. He was an average height and built well enough that his muscles barely showed through the lab coat he wore. He looked to be in his mid 30's and carried himself with an air of confidence. He slid his glasses up his nose and visually inspected Alison's naked body, his scrutiny making her skin crawl. He looked down to the clipboard in his hand and jotted down a few notes before he spoke.

"Your life is about to change, there's no point in resisting, although undoubtedly you will. After your transformation, you will never be able to return to any semblance of life you had before. I suggest you learn to enjoy it." Through this, he had been rummaging through some of the cupboards to the right of her and had pulled out a large syringe full of a metallic substance and a pad soaked with alcohol. He held the syringe as he sterilized a small spot on her arm. "These are nanites, once they've been distributed throughout your blood stream your transformation will begin."

Alison tried to pull away from him but he held her arm still as he slowly injected the entire contents into her arm. She began feeling dizzy but the feeling dissipated a few seconds after the syringe had emptied.

"Enjoy!", He said cheerily as he strode out the door and she screamed after him, finally overcoming her initial shock. She sobbed, watching her chest heave in the mirror.

Justin walked back to his control panel hidden behind the mirror and watched the girl as she struggled against her bonds and slowly realized that she wasn't getting out anytime soon. It only took a minute for the nanites to cycle her system but he enjoyed watching them crack a little before he broke them. He selected a program on his monitor and opened a file, made a few adjustments and let the fun begin.

Alison felt her entire body start to tingle and stared, transfixed, into the mirror as her body started to change before her eyes. She watched as her long hair started falling to the floor, feeling fans turn on to blow the hair away she realized that her entire body had been made bald, even her eyelashes.

Tears fell down her cheeks as her skin slowly turned from a golden tan to a shiny black, touching her fingers together she realized her skin had been turned into shiny black latex. She felt a tightening in her stomach as her fat disappeared and her waist shrunk to an unimaginable 15 inches, her wide hips now extremely prominent. Glancing behind her she found that her butt had become an ass lover's dream in latex, perfectly rounded and tight. She felt a tingling in her pussy that, despite her current situation, almost made her come, she felt as her clit and pussy lips became swollen and ten times more sensitive. Noticing pressure building on her chest she glanced down as her modest C cup breasts grew into an incredible J cup, protruding prominently from her body, her nipples also becoming longer and more sensitive. She was surprised when she realized that her thick thighs hadn't changed at all.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her feet and glanced in the mirror to see that the nanites had forced her feet into an en point position and were forming a latex shoe around them. Feeling something happening to her face she looked up and watched her eyes become larger and changing to a chocolate-brown, her nose shrinking and becoming petite. The same sensation she had felt in her ass and chest was occurring in her lips now and she watched them swell until she knew that she would barely be able to speak through them; but considering she now looked like a fuck doll she figured it was meant to make a blowjob just that much more enjoyable for the receiver. She shuddered as she felt every nerve in her body light up with pleasure at the merest brush of the air, her entire body was now an erogenous zone. Then she felt the most startling sensation, her heart stopping. She also no longer felt the need to breathe.

Justin watched through the glass as she turned into the perfect rubber doll. She was by far the best one he had created, his cock strained against his pants and he rubbed himself through the material. She will make her new owner very happy. He stood and tucked himself so that his pants wouldn't tent and strode to the door that hid the latex beauty.

Alison hung there, examining her new body, the thought of becoming a latex doll bringing her to the brink of an orgasm despite her current situation. She heard the door opening and strained to look behind her as she listened to his steps slowly coming towards her and he entered her vision. He reached out and grabbed one of her nipples and pulled which brought her to a body wracking orgasm, her permanently swollen pussy dripping her juices on the floor. She panted and waited for her body to stop trembling and looked him in the eye. The man held a small key up and brought it first to her ankle restraints and then to her wrists and held her as he set her on her feet. She desperately tried to run but her feet remained glued to the ground, she couldn't even lift her arm. The man smiled.

"I'm sure by now you've discovered that you can't run away, that's because the nanites assesses every thought in that beautiful latex head, determining whether what you plan to do is something your owner would enjoy. If you try to touch yourself you'll find that you can do that quite easily."

She reached up to her massive tits and gave them a squeeze, causing her pussy to start dripping and the man's cock to jump to tent his pants. She stared at the bump and the need to have it in her mouth overpowered her as she fell to her knees and reached for his pants, she unzipped his pants and his sizeable penis sprang out. Licking her swollen lips she opened them as much as they would allow and wrapped them around his thick member, pulling him in deep. He drew in a sharp breath and pulled her head towards him, pressing his cock deep into her throat. She discovered now that she didn't need to breathe she could take him all the way down her throat and keep him there without choking or running out of breath.

Her pleasure mounted as he fucked her mouth and she dropped her hand to her soaking latex pussy and stroked her clit until she was on the edge of orgasm. She waited until he was coming into her throat to allow herself to let go and have an orgasm that brought her to the floor in spasms.

Justin watched as the new fuck toy finished him off and collapsed on the floor. He waited until she stopped moving to command her.

"Up!" He barked, and she immediately jumped to her feet, her previously dazed eyes now semi-alert and confused. "Ah yes, you can also be commanded by anyone. If I tell you to hold a position for days at a time there's nothing you can do to disobey me." He reached over, grabbed her lush ass and swung her around, "your skin is now extra sensitive whether it be to pleasure or pain." He drew back his hand and gave her a heavy slap on the ass, she cried out and yet still her pussy continued to drip. "Everything done to you will just make you hornier, even extreme pain. Your brain has also been reprogrammed to want to commit sexual acts constantly, you proved that by sucking me off just now," he smirked, "which with those fuck me lips was amazing. We just have a few more things to do to you before I can send you off to your new owner. Follow me."

As he walked out of the room Alison was forced to follow him, her modified feet surprisingly easy to walk with. Her throbbing clit stole most of her attention as she ached to rub herself into another orgasm, even as her ass was still smarting from the slap he had given her, but she was unable to resist the command to follow. He stopped in front of a door and opened it with a key card from his pocket, as he opened the door she saw a room almost identical to the one she had been altered in. The middle of this room held a gynecological chair and a door to the left was open and lead to a small bathroom. Her captor led her into the bathroom and told her to stay put. He left and returned with an inflatable enema dildo and reached under the sink to retrieve a bottle of soap and an unlabeled metal dish.

He ordered her to enter the shower as he screwed the dildo to the shower hose, lubed it with some soap and shoved it up her ass, giving it a few pumps so it didn't fall out. He turned the tap on full blast and she felt as the water quickly filled her and her stomach became distended. He continued until she looked 9 months pregnant and smiled at her obvious look of discomfort, although she was in no pain. He turned the water off, unscrewing the hose although the water remained inside of her. He screwed on a shower head and sprayed her down, he grabbed the soap and started roughly cleansing her, paying extra attention to her naturally lubed pussy. Retrieving the shower head, he rinsed her off and removed the plug from her ass, causing water to erupt from her.

Grabbing a towel he quickly dried her off and grabbed the metal tin, unscrewing it he grabbed a large amount of gel and started rubbing it over her latex skin. She noticed that she was becoming shinier, almost reflective, and his hands moving all over her body made her orgasm once again. He ignored her trembling and finished off at her feet and demanded that he follow her and lay down in the chair with her feet in the stirrups. She laid down with a strong sense of foreboding, unable to resist a direct order she placed her feet in the stirrups, leaving her pussy exposed.

She watched as he gathered his materials and placed them on a metal table which he wheeled to her side. Glancing at it, she saw piercing equipment and felt like screaming as she realized what he was going to do to her. He picked up his piercing gun and decided to go from the top down, grabbing her nose he placed the gun at her septum and she heard a loud click just before the pain erupted through her nose.

He grabbed a thick gold ring with a small bell on the end that rested just above her lip and pushed it through the hole, he took an implement from the cart and placed the tip of it on the seam of the ring and she knew that it would make it impossible to remove. Demanding that she open her mouth she complied and watched him grab a set of locking forceps and locked them on her tongue, pulling harshly on the muscle. He took a piercing needle and put six evenly spaced holes in her new latex tongue and set about pushing a locking tongue stud through each of them. He moved down to her extra sensitive nipples, rolling one between his fingers before taking the gun and placing a large gold ring adorned with a bell in the hole and locked it closed, he repeated this on her other nipple and placed his attention on her clit.

Using the same needle that had been used on her tongue he slid it beneath the hood and through the tissue above, creating a vertical piercing and slid a gold ring, also containing a bell, into the hole before he moved to her pussy lips. Tears were running down her face as extreme pain met with extreme pleasure but she could do nothing to stop this as he knelt between her legs and began the process on her sensitive lips. Grabbing eight rings from the cart he began piercing her lips, he placed them vertically so that her pussy could be locked if desired, starting from the top she was pierced sixteen times as he painstakingly put the rings through the new holes in her pussy. by the time that he was finished her pussy was on fire but her mind had become numb from the pain.

Justin smiled at the blank look in the dolls eyes, the piercing was usually what broke their spirit. He ordered her to follow him as he led her to the last stage where he would box her up and send her to the man who was paying him handsomely for this beauty of a doll. He opened another room with his card and lead her into another white room, this one containing a wooden shipping box just large enough for a person to lay in. He told her to stay as he gathered the items he would need.

Alison stood in the middle of another room, her mind numb, piercings aching, and pussy dripping down her legs. The pain from her procedure had made her unbelievably horny and she actually enjoyed the tinkling noise her four bells made every time she took a step, she wiggled her tits a bit and smiled at the sound, her captor glanced over his shoulder and smiled at her knowingly. She watched as he gathered things and placed them one by one on a table that he wheeled over to her side once he was finished. The first item he took from the cart was a black latex corset which he wrapped around her and tightened mercilessly over her already tiny waist, pulling it in a couple more inches.

Pulling another item from the cart he lubed up one of the biggest butt plugs she had ever seen and slowly pressed it into her ass, the latex giving no complaint and after a little push popped inside of her. Grabbing a dildo, one foot long and three inches in diameter, he slid it all the way into her wet pussy, her natural lube and now elastic latex skin making it quite easy. Moaning as he finished pressing it inside of her he grabbed a pair of tight latex panties and slid them up her legs to keep her filled to the brim. He pulled her arms behind her with no resistance, placing a strict armbinder over them; tightening it caused her tits to be pushed out even more impressively than before, her elbows and shoulders now touching.

He told her to open her mouth and she obeyed, he placed a ring gag behind her teeth, stretching her jaw, he then grabbed a dildo almost identical to the one in her pussy and, lubing it, slid it down her throat with no resistance. Her captor led her over to the shipping box and took his last three items from the cart, he placed a pair of manacles over her ankles, forcing her to stand with her legs pressed together. He placed the second item, a latex posture collar, around her neck, preventing her from moving her head in any direction, and finally placed a simple blindfold over her eyes.

Justin admired his work, almost jealous of the man who was to receive her. Running his hands up and down her eternal rubber body he regretted not taking one of her tight rubber fuck holes before he tied her up, his cock throbbing painfully. He picked her up and placed her on the cushioning in the box, taking the last item for her trip out of his pocket, a tiny mp3 player with noise canceling earphones. Placing the earbuds tightly in her canals he tucked the player safely to the side. He attached wires to the bottoms of the vibrator/stim units in her pussy and ass as well as to the panties that contained a vibrator that was pressed tightly against her permanently pierced and swollen clit. He plugged the wires into a small battery pack that was attached to the bottom of her box. Looking over his work he determined that she was ready to deliver and switched on the player and her vibrators before pouring packing peanuts over her and nailing the lid shut.

Alison laid in the dark of the box, she knew that she had been moved several times but had no sense of time as she had come constantly ever since she had been locked in her prison, her pussy, ass, and clit being stimulated all at once. Her mind was also numb as she had listened to the same voice track over and over, "Your name is Dolly, you are now a latex fuck toy, your mind locked in a latex body built only for the pleasure of others. You will refer to anyone as master or mistress, you are no longer human." She was beginning to find the voice erotic as it spoke the truth, she will forever be a fuck toy named Dolly, her past life all but forgotten. She felt as the lid was abruptly lifted from her box, interrupting her mid-orgasm.

Dolly was lifted from the crate and the stimulation in her pussy and ass stopped, almost making her want to whine for it back. The ear buds were ripped from her ears and blindfold lifted from her eyes. Dolly blinked into the light and saw several smiling faces, some donning latex masks, and hoods, looking at her with excitement. She knew instinctively that these were masters and mistresses and she was made to please them. First, her collar was removed, followed by the manacles on her ankles, then her panties. Once removed, her soaking pussy could no longer hold the huge dildo in her pussy and it fell to the floor, her pussy slowly snapping back. The plug was also removed from her ass and she heard several whistles of appreciation at the impressive size and the way her gaping ass slowly snapped back to a Virgin-like tightness.

The last thing that was removed for the next several weeks was the dildo in her mouth and the ring gag, they slid the dildo out of her and gasped at the size as well as the number of piercings running the length of her tongue. Dolly noticed that the man in front of her had pulled out his cock and dropped to her knees to take it into her mouth, the piercings heightening his pleasure so that he quickly lost control of himself and started fucking her mouth. Knocked out of their stupor the rest of the group fought for a spot to fuck the amazing latex doll. One man slid underneath her to fuck her tight, sopping wet pussy and grab her massive tits and pull harshly at her nipples, this alone made Dolly cum.

Just then another man rammed his massive cock into her ass, having all three of her holes filled and being fucked by three men while her nipples were abused sent her over the edge and could do nothing as she orgasmed for over five minutes. The doll was nearly catatonic as all three men came at the exact moment so that she was filled with cum. The next one at her face was a mistress and Dolly gladly began pleasuring her, the piercings quickly bringing the mistress over the edge several times as two more men took over Dolly's fuck holes and filled her with cum, sending Dolly over the edge again.

This went on for weeks, mistresses wearing strapons fucking her as well, some even made the slaves they'd brought lick Dolly's swollen and cum covered pussy and ass and bring the doll to orgasm several times. Her ass was whipped, her tits tied and abused, many people placed vicious clamps on her nipples and clit which also resulted in an orgasm. She had been suspended, fucked, and played with constantly for just over two months, but Dolly had no concept of time. The constant pleasure and pain were all she knew, to pleasure and be filled with cum was her purpose and she knew nothing else. Surprisingly her corset and armbinder had remained, she could no longer tell the difference between her skin and the bondage.

Finally, Dolly had been taken to a room to be cleaned, a latex slave had brought her to a white tiled room where the armbinder and corset were removed, her arms hadn't atrophied but her waist remained at the thirteen inches the corset had brought her waist down to. Water was sprayed over and inside of her, a deluge of cum flowing from her ass and pussy, until she was spotless and cum free. The slave brought a small tin of gel to shine her so that she looked brand new. Dolly was passed over to a mistress who led her to a sparse room that was explained to be her bedroom. Hanging from the ceiling was a black vac bed and hanging on the walls were all manner of bondage and sexual torture devices.

Dolly regarded the bed and devices with wonder in her eyes, longing to be locked into everything and to pleasure her mistress or master, anything to give pleasure. She even longed for the pain of a whip against her ass or tits, to have any one of her rings pulled at, being led by her nose or clit rings were her favourite. Longed to have her nipples, pussy lips, or clit clamped, any sensation now brought her unbelievable pleasure, especially when administered by a master or mistress. She loved the feeling of a cock between her puffy lips or a pussy trembling for her skilled tongue.

Dolly was pulled out of her reverie by a soft touch on her shoulder as the mistress who was showing Dolly her new room gained her attention. The mistress was holding a corset and Dolly lifted her arms to offer better access to her waist and smiled as it was tightened around her tiny waist, the mistress did not wish for Dolly's waist to be any smaller so only tightened it so that it was snug on the amazing doll. Tight latex panties containing large lubed plugs was slid up her legs and into her tight ass and pussy, filling her nicely. Dolly sighed at the feeling of fullness, starting to feel at peace again. The mistress placed a ring gag in the dolls mouth and admired the stunning tongue piercings before filling the void with a long dildo gag, the end locked into the ring gag and a dildo now protruded from Dolly's face.

Finally vibrating clamps were placed tightly on Dolly's sensitive nipples and clit which brought on a strong orgasm that had become the norm for the perfect doll. The mistress lead Dolly to the vac bed that had been lowered to the floor for better access and Dolly slid obediently into the bed, the mistress placing her wrists and ankles into cuffs attached to the corners of the bed and locked them so that Dolly now lay spread eagle on the floor, her eyes begging for it to be sealed. The mistress closed the bed and started the vacuum that quickly drew the air out of the space and left a vivid outline of the doll in all her glory with a dildo protruding from her face, begging to be fucked. Dolly was in heaven as the latex sealed around her, rendering her immobile, and felt as the vibrators inside of her jumped to life and brought her to an immediate orgasm that was enhanced as she felt as she was lifted and flipped upside down and a someone began flogging her entire body.

The flogging focused on her ass as she felt her gag move and realized that someone had started fucking her face, desperate to pleasure whoever was fucking her she moved her head as much as she could, finally hearing a cry she knew that they had cum and the body flogging resumed, wrenching another orgasm from the doll. All sensation ceased, except for the vibrating in her holes and on her nipples and clit, an angelic voice whispered in her ear, "Rest beautiful doll."

Dolly felt herself slip into an all-consuming sleep as her orgasms continued and dreamt of being used and abused by hundreds of masters and mistresses a day, being used for their pleasure because that was what she had been made for, a Dolly's only purpose in life. She was the perfect fuck toy and that was all she desired.

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