Dolly Syrup

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; costume; roleplay; surprise; prepare; shower; mast; climax; transform; F2sexdoll; bodymod; inflatable; stuck; discovery; cons; X

When the ‘costume’ came in the mail, she had opened the tiny box right away. She actually rather liked how small the box was; making it look like the item inside was insignificant, but to her, and her husband, it would mean so much. It might have been the most simplistic costume she had ever bought. She would never have ever worn this costume to a party for one simple reason. Yet, she was expecting to have quite a lot of fun wearing it.

She took the small piece of rubber out of its packaging and didn’t waste any time. She pulled up her shirt, exposing her stomach and reasonably large breasts. She had had her breasts ‘done’ a few years back to help her - and her husband - play their little private game, but now the large fake breasts were helping her out by being a nice place to rest her pulled-up-shirt while she tried to look down past them to see her flat stomach. She took the small clear rubber thing and pulled the protective sheet off of the sticky side of the ‘costume.’ She had bought this product partly because if its claim to have an almost permanent yet reusable sticky substance on it. She figured the instructions on how to remove the sticky would be in the instructions, but she would worry about that later. Being careful to not let the sticky back of the suction cupped surface touch any of her skin until she had it in just the right place, she maneuvered her hands carefully, barely able to see what she was doing past the beautiful globes that were her breasts.

Once it was stuck on her stomach just to the right of her belly button, she pulled on it. Sure enough, it pulled her skin harder than it pulled the glue between her and the clear plastic. It was not coming off any time soon. Plus, being waterproof, it would stay on just fine when she took a shower to prepare herself for tonight’s fun. Boy, was her husband in for a surprise. It was not much, but having this small piece of plastic stuck to her skin would make it that much easier for both of them to get ‘into character’ when he got home and found her laying on the bed, almost haphazardly sprawled out, completely still, with her makeup looking like she was a high-quality fuck doll. It was their anniversary after all, and luckily a three day holiday weekend. He would find her, and when he got close enough, he would see the clear soft plastic stuck to her skin and investigate. Closer inspection would show him that what she had attached to herself was a perfect replica of an air valve that you would find on a pool toy. Or more importantly, the air valve you would see on a love doll. The valve stood out almost an inch uncompressed. The valve could be pressed in to look like it was stowed, but she wanted it to stick out more prominently until he had a chance to see it. If he didn’t get her game by seeing her laying perfectly still on the bed with her makeup done up like a fuck toy, then the valve stem would clue him in for sure.

Happy with the placement, and the fact it stuck to her skin as well as the ad had promised she leaned forward and let her shirt fall past her breasts, back into position. When the t-shirt cloth touched her new air valve, she felt a small prickle, and a warm feeling spread through her body. She was so happy that she could feel the shirt pulling on the plastic; it would give her a constant reminder of its presence until she was ready to get in the shower in a bit. 

A few more things to get ready though. All of which were aerobic enough activities that she knew the plastic air valve was going to get tugged on by her shirt a lot. 

First, she pulled the comforter off the bed, they would not need that for a while. Then she pulled off all of the sheets and put on new ones. On top of these she added a waterproof fitted mattress cover, then her favorite ‘sexy time black satin sheets’ on top of that. Now they didn’t have to worry about a ‘wet spot’ tonight, of which she was hoping there might be a few, by the time he was done with her body. As soon as they were ready for bed, they could just pull off the ‘fuck me sheets,’ and they would have a clean, fresh bed to slip into after their showers. 

Every time the plastic on her stomach got a good tug from her motion, she felt it pull pleasantly at her skin. It was kind of like a small sharp pain, probably the plastic pinching her skin awkwardly, but it didn’t hurt enough to worry about, and it was a sexy reminder of what was to come next.

She was so horny. More horny than usual. All because of such a simple small thing; one small piece of soft plastic shaped like the one body part she had always felt that she was missing. She and her husband had met on a forum that was serious about dollification fetishes, and they hit it off quickly. It had been so strange and lucky to find two healthy, intelligent people - in the same ‘league’ - on such a site, so they had hit it off immediately; not being at all disappointed when they met in person years ago. Since then they had become a couple, with a normal life and a reasonably normal sex life, though every now and then - like today - they got kinky.

She stipped off her shirt and boxers and hopped in the shower. She tickled the air valve a bit with water running over it and was again happy with the results. It was as if the air valve was a part of her body now. Wiggling it still brought small pinpricks of pain, but she was starting to associate the mild discomfort with her new ‘reality,’ or at least her new ‘costume.’ Even walking, showering, dressing and undressing, she felt more a doll now than she had felt when she had laid pretending to be frozen and stiff under her husbands pounding body. Even naked in the shower, with no makeup on, she felt more dollish than when she had ruby red lipstick on and rosy ‘fuck doll’ cheeks. She was happy also that this powerful doll aspect of her body could be worn, yet hidden, in public. How would it feel to sit at her desk, pouring over her work, while secretly fingering her air valve? Even now she was playing with it when she could be playing with her clit in the private of her shower.

She wet her body down, then shut off the water. She used liquid body wash, and a fluffy body wash sponge to lather up her entire body. She let the moisturizing cleansing foamy bubbles soak into her skin for a moment while she played with her air valve again. Even with the soap, the thing was resolutely stuck to her skin—truly a part of her. She could not believe how horny she was, her heart had never raced like this before, her skin had never felt so alive. She felt as if she could feel every single foamy bubble as they slid down her body or popped on her skin. Her imagination probably. How could she possibly be so sensitive as to feel such impossibly small things?

She played with her breasts and let her other hand reluctantly leave her new air valve to play with her sex. Since she didn’t want to get too much body wash in her sex, she avoided grabbing up her entire pussy in her hands to rub the area as a whole, and instead slipped her middle fingertip between her folds to lightly massage her clit. Her knees almost gave out as she gasped in surprise at the intense sensation. The heavy rosy aroma of her body wash filled her nose, and she could practically taste it in the miniscule water drops born through the air in the still steamy, but silent shower. 

Wasting no more time she turned on the water and let the cascades rinse her body off. She didn’t even bother helping the suds along with her hands, as they were too busy pinching her nipples and playing with her clit. She was surprised how quickly she was able to bring herself pleasure. Surely just the thought of having such a simple sexual symbol on her body could not have been the entire reason she was enjoying herself so much?

She was so close to coming. The soap was almost completely gone from her body now, and the air smelled more of fresh water than body wash. She let her lower hand slip under her further, cupping her pussy lips in her hand and pulling up and down harshly. This took her finger from directly manipulating her clit, but the additional pleasure of feeling her entire sex massaged compensated. Maddened by desire, she slipped her middle and ring finger into her sex. The sharp pressure caused her pointy finger and pinky finger to curl in stabbing her pussy lips with her fingernails, adding to the pleasure. This pinching feeling reminded her of the pinching feeling of moving her air valve, and her upper hand absentmindedly slipped down her body caressing the skin as it moved closer to her ultimate source of sexual tension.

Her knees really did give out as her fingers found her air valve. She fell to the floor with a thud and felt a sharp pain under her valve as her body shook harshly with the crash. The pain in her knees went unnoticed. Her eyes were squeezed shut with force, her legs were clamping closed on her hand rhythmically. Her breath was catching in her throat, and the tiny breaths she did get through came in sharp intakes and deep exhalations. Each small breath and convulsion of her orgasmic body caused her breasts to bounce. Falling to the shower floor had brought her closer to the wall. All of this had her nipples tickling the cold shower tile in front of her. Sharp shocks of chill shot through her breasts each time her nipples touched down on the cold tile. This caused more pleasure and more tightening of her stomach, extending her orgasm further. Frantic for the orgasm to never stop, yet desperate to breathe properly again she rested her cheek on the cold tile in front of her trying to cool her lust and slow the crashing orgasmic waves that made her body glow with continued pleasure.

When the ordeal seemed to be over, she slumped forward, pressing her large fake breasts and her face harder into the cold tile. She stayed there for a long while trying to let her mind catch up with her reality. She had just come harder than ever in her life, and she could not believe that it was only because of the symbology of finally having a valve. What had the ad said about the valve anyway? It had said that it would stick to skin until... what had it said? It had made it sound like it was removable, as it had been touted as “reusable.” The ad had also said that it would be waterproof, surely that was true, it felt just as much a part of her now as it had before her shower. But the ad had said something about the valve enhancing the sensations of the doll. She didn’t believe in magic, and there was no technology she knew of that could ‘enhance the sensations of the doll.’ Right?

She didn’t dare touch it again. Could her valve be the reason she was so horny? Even now, after such a mind blowing orgasm, she wanted nothing more than a fierce fucking. She was a multi-orgasmic woman, but her desire didn’t seem to be sated at all. Usually, after an orgasm, her lust would at least be appeased somewhat, but she felt no less horny than she had before the shower, just more tired.

As she leaned against the tile, cooling her body and contemplating the possibility that the air valve was somehow magical or something, her hands explored the parts of her body that were not pressing into the wall. They had moved up her stomach toward her breasts and played with her side boob and underboob for a bit, but when her roaming hands had found her nipples inaccessible, they had moved on to touching her everywhere else. Her hands had a mind of their own, yet seemed to know not to play with her sex. Not just yet.

She continued to think about her predicament. Only when she had two fingers buried in her sex again, and her other hand slipped two fingers into her mouth did she snap out of it enough to realize that the shower water had gone completely cold. There was no warmth in the water or the wall, yet she didn’t feel cold in the slightest. She reached up groggily and turned off the water but didn’t otherwise move from her kneeling position. She liked how her breasts felt; smooshed against the tile. It made them look even fuller as they bulged out to the sides.

She was snapped out of it again by some unknown, unexpected sound. Her body was almost completely dry now. Even her hair was dry, matted to her face, down her neck and collar bones, and down to the sides of each plump breast. The only part of her that was wet was her sex, and it felt as hot and wet as it had ever felt. She could feel her slick pussy ready for a cock.

She heard another noise. Was that the sound of keys? Could her husband be home already? Or had she somehow fallen asleep in the shower, kneeling? 

“Honey, I’m home.”

Something in the sound of his voice cried out lust, even though the words had been sing-song. She could hear the desire in his voice. Knew that he was calling to let her know he was coming to fuck her on their anniversary. Letting her know to do any last preparations she might need. Then she heard him coming up the stairs. She could hear every footfall as if he was stomping. She didn’t know why she could hear so well, and how she knew that he was at least a little drunk, as his gait was abnormal. A lusty, drunken, sex doll fuck was precisely what she needed right now!

She clamored to get out of the shower as quickly as she could. She took one look in the mirror and ruffled up her hair so that it would not look matted. She cursed herself for not having enough time to do her make-up for him, but her skin did look somehow more doll-like. Probably the bright light in the bathroom after having her eyes shut so long. Her skin looked clearer and brighter, but she didn’t have a moment to spare to contemplate this fact. She needed to be his perfect doll, and he was on the last step of the stairs.

She lunged for the bed, almost flying across the room. She flopped down on the bed and didn’t move. She didn’t even find her heart to be beating fast, considering. Her hard bouncy landing had shot another sharp pain through her air valve, and she was happy to know that it was still in place, as she didn’t dare to move right now to check. She was pleased with where she had landed though. She was on her side of the bed - closest to the door where he would be entering at any moment - and she had managed to land herself in the perfect doll pose. Arms and legs spread unnaturally, alluringly. Everything was straight; her arms, and legs, even her torso. Her breasts stood up proudly above her chest, seeming to ignore gravity and she could see the pink peaks pressed toward the ceiling. Pink? She opened her mouth in as much of a characteristically O-face as she could. He entered the doorway and saw her there. She could smell the alcohol on his breath and was happy to know that she would feel that much better to him and that he would have that much easier time pretending that she was a doll. Especially after he saw her air valve.

A kind of wonderfully excited fear shot through her as he approached the bed. She could not move an inch. Partly due to her trepidation of his reaction to her new installation, partially because good dollies don’t move. She wanted him so very badly. Forget the shower, forget getting undressed. She wanted him to be so desperate for her warm wet sex that he didn’t even bother with anything but freeing his perfect cock for their mutual enjoyment.

He stopped at the bed and looked down at her. He seemed to need a moment to focus, or he was merely so surprised by her valve that he didn't know what to say. She was not sure. She could almost feel his heartbeat increasing though as he surveyed her doll body.

“Awww... how nice,” he slurred, “she left me a present.”

He reached down and touched her skin. She felt his fingertips skip across her skin as if she were made of plastic, probably the effect of letting her skin dry out in the shower, or maybe the body wash had soaked in too much. As his fingers skittered to a stop at her valve, her heart seemed to stop completely. He held it between his fingers lovingly as he liked to do with her hard nipples when he was teasing her.

Without warning, he pressed in on the valve. She felt a sharp pain, almost a searing pain, a pop, and a gush of something. The sharp pain had felt exactly as a vaccination needle does. The searing was not quite pain though, it felt more like desire, lust, pleasure in their purest forms confined to such a small place that it burned. The pop was clearly the plastic collapsing as the valve was compressed down to it’s stowed position. The gush felt like some kind of injection. The searing injection spread out slowly. She was afraid to move. What if that valve really had a needle in it? She didn’t want to hurt herself by moving and having it dig into her skin. Plus the searing, painful pleasure/lust/desire was spreading out and thinning, turning from a burning of the skin into a burning desire to fuck. Pleasure racked her body, almost as if she were having an orgasm that was centered instead on her air valve.

She heard the shower turn on, and her husband climb in. She seemed to be able to hear every drop of water as they landed on his handsome body. How long had she been so focused on her own discomfort turned pleasure that he had been able to strip down and get in the shower after it warmed up? Why was her sense of time so skewed? She seemed to be losing time, jumping from pleasure to pleasure. She had jumped from her first shower orgasm to her cold water self-play. Then she had jumped from her self play to her husband’s arrival home.

Dollies don’t need a sense of time. Dollies only need the pleasure of their owners and nothing more.

Her experience was still changing, time seemed to slow. She could hear the water drops leaving the shower head, passing slowly through the air, then colliding with her husband’s luscious tanned skin. Each drop of water that cascaded to his body seemed to bring her one molecule closer to being a doll. She could feel her body getting lighter, somehow. She could feel her skin getting tighter as if she was being blown up, yet her body was actually shrinking slightly. Her breasts didn’t get any larger or smaller, but they took on a much more globe-like shape, and her nipples became small hard lumps held up by the plasticy fake breasts below.

Her arms seemed to become even straighter as her legs spread out even more. As one of her ankles slipped off of the bed, she noticed that it seemed to defy gravity as if her leg weighed nearly nothing now. Her pussy felt strange, and her ass started feeling the same. Even her mouth began to feel more like a pussy than a mouth as her lips stretched and tightened into a more convincing O-shape. 

Out of shock she had stopped breathing, trying to wrap her mind around the changes that seemed to be happening to her body. Nothing about it was unpleasant if anything it only increased her desire for her husband to hurry up with his shower and come fuck her. The only thing that felt discomforting to her was a strange itch that had started under the back of her neck and seemed to split into two fine lines. Almost like a burning fuse, the itching slid across her body leaving behind a mild burning, itching feeling. The burning went down the outside of her arms as new fuses lit on her body. One started on each toe, and one under each breast. The breast burning traced a line around her breasts by the time the burning stopped, and the burning at her toes cut a path up the inside of her legs directly toward her sex. When the lines on her arm reached her fingertips, they curved up and quickly burned back up the inside of her arms to her armpits then down her sides, racing toward her toes on the outside of her legs.

The lines climbing up her inner thighs had seemed to slow, up until the ones forming on the outsides of her legs connected with the lines that had started at her toes. This sent a shock of speed and power up through the lines trying to reach her sex, and they surged forward slamming into her pussy lips. The burning quickly created a small circle that encompassed her pussy lips and clit, and she exploded with pleasure. The unexpected orgasm should have had her bouncing off the ceiling, but she didn’t move. She saw her body - as if from an outside viewpoint - writhing around on the bed experiencing an impossibly powerful orgasm, the lines tracing out seams all over her skin. She would have been writhing and arching her back... if she could have moved at all. Her actual view only saw a completely still room and the tops of her supple plastic slightly translucent breasts mounted on her chest. From here her nipples looked pink and opaque. Though, she could see the glow of the bathroom lights passing through her empty, air-filled breasts.

She didn’t need to contemplate her new reality, she just knew. She was now a blow-up doll, complete with unbelievably acute senses. She could feel every tiny wisp of air flowing over her body and feel the wetness of her sex flooding her insides. Even as she thought about it, she could feel her ass and mouth filling with lubrication, preparing themselves for his enjoyment. She could sense her skin making its final changes to the perfect doll. Though she could not see it, she could feel the plastic that was now her skin being painted and dyed with colors. Her mouth and lips were quickly becoming a much more fuck-me red, while her pussy lips were taking on a flushed pink look with a darker fleshy red inside her pussy. Her skin was bleaching to a perfect doll color, and small freckles were appearing on her body, adding to the ‘realistic fuck doll’ look. Her face above her lips became featureless. No nose, no eyes, just perfect doll skin. And as she began to envision the ideal fuck doll face that her husband would love to see she could feel her new tiny nose appearing on her surface and her large anime eyes staining the plastic where her own eyes had been a moment earlier. Her face now looked like an anime version of herself; oversexualized and desirable.

In the last moments of her transformation, she felt her toes and fingers fusing to each other, though not turning into flat mitts. She still had the shape of fingers and toes, but they were now glued to their neighbors.

What the fuck had been hidden in that valve!? She must have been injecting small amounts of it into her body all afternoon every time she had bumped it, but her husband had completed her transformation. Did he expect to find her laying on the bed with a valve sticking out of her, or had he thought that she was already a doll? Had she already injected herself with so much of it that he had not noticed in the dark room and through his drunken stumbling? Would he come out here to find his new blow-up doll and think that she had silently slipped off the bed and left the doll behind for him? Or, would he believe that the doll had already been there all along, and wondered how he had missed its fuck-me makeup and how inviting the fuck holes were the first time. Either way, he would not know that it was her. Either way, she was his new toy, and she could only hope that he would fuck her soon, hard, fast, and then not be able to get enough of her for the long weekend. Reusable. Surely he would find her to be very reusable. But hadn’t the air valve ad said that the valve was reusable, or had it been implying that she would be reusable as the doll? Well, when she did transform back to herself, she surely would be doing this again.


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