Dressed for Love

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; chains; bond; cons/nc; X


Sandra was, to say the least, an unhappy woman as she hurried around her spacious apartment. She had spent considerable time over the last few hours getting ready for an intimate night with her boyfriend Paul after the two attended a concert put on by a local band when he dashed off on a business emergency. Sandra was left stewing with lots of energy and no way to release it.

" Damn that man for taking off and leaving me like that ! If he wasn't the best lover I've ever had and fairly well off, I'd dump him in a heartbeat ! " the raven haired beauty said in a pouting voice as she flopped down on a nearby couch and pondered what to do next.

" MEOWW !!! " Sandra's cat Cleopatra howled as it jumped up next to her and started rubbing up against her leg while purring loudly. Smiling, Sandra picked up her pet and looked down at it affectionately while caressing its' soft white and brown fur.

" Well, Cleo, what do two women on a night when all the men in their lives leaves them to twiddle their thumbs... or paws in your case, hmmm ? " the black haired beauty said to her cat as she sat in quiet contemplation.

Suddenly, Sandra jumped up as she remembered she had yet to go through her mail including a package from her ex husband Bruce. The divorce had been finalized a few months ago with great acrimony on both sides as she and Bruce traded insults back and forth. She had accused him of being unfaithful with at least two of the secretaries at his place of work while Bruce had accused her of withholding sexual favors unless he paid for them. After the lawyers had sorted it all out, her former husband left town in a hurry after cleaning out the apartment of his things. To Sandra's consternation, Bruce had taken some of her personal stuff with him and she had to get her lawyer to send a letter demanding he send her items back.

Opening up the box in question, Sandra saw with satisfaction that it contained the items Bob had taken as well as a sealed envelope sitting on top. An amused look crossed the dark haired woman's face as she opened the envelope and read the note enclosed. The note basically was Bob apologizing for all the spite and hate and a desire that they could be friends sometime in the future.

" Friends ?.....Ha ! Ha !...." thought Sandra as she looked over the photos and other keepsakes that were wedged tight in the box. When she got to the bottom, she discovered the items she used to wear when she and Bob used to do some role-playing that involved the BDSM mentality.

Sandra looked over the skin tight black catsuit that was covered with bright silver studs and ran her hands down the tapered legs that Bob loved to kiss and caress when on his hands and knees. She then plucked out the knee high leather boots and ran her hands down the small zippers she used to step in and out of them with. After setting aside the clothing, Sandra dug into the bottom of the box and pulled out several lengths of chain as well as a black collar that had numerous chain links dangling from it.

Running her hands over chains brought back fond memories of Sandra's days as a part-time domme when she used the chains to bind her clients or herself ( depending on her mood ). Bob had even put a bottle of scented oil in that she used to keep the chains from rusting and for a pleasant odor when they were worn. Sandra set the chains down next to the leather outfit and headed off to the bedroom to change into her evening look.

After pulling her black fishnet hose and leather bra ( which accentuated her tits quite nicely), Sandra wandered back into the living room and looked at the box sitting on a nearby table. She sat down in a nearby chair and petted her cat, which was rubbing up against its' leg, while staring absentmindedly at the leather clothing and chains she dumped next to the box.

A few minutes later, a wry grin crossed the raven haired woman's face before she abruptly stood up and walked over to the objects of her attention. She picked up the chains, collar and boots and walked with them over to the couch running her tongue over her lips in obvious anticipation.

" Maybe I can get Paul interested in this kind of roleplay... it certainly would spice things up..." Sandra thought to herself before starting to don some of the outfit. She pulled the thigh high boots on first before donning the chains that went around her waist and right wrist. Normally, she would have put on her catsuit first and then the chains but she was feeling a bit naughty that night.

Sandra sprawled on the couch and smoothy buckled the collar around her neck caressing the small links that went all around it. " Paul would look great wearing something like this... especially if I had a leash attached to it... I won... uhhh...." she thought to herself before her thinking suddenly got thrown astray by what felt like an electrical charge surge through her body.

" What the heck is going on ? What's happening to me ?" Sandra shouted as she felt her legs spreading wide open on their own forming an obscene V shape. No matter how hard she tried, whether by thought or grabbing hold of the rigid limbs, her legs remained spread apart.

At the same time, Sandra felt an incredible feeling of warmth that washed over her like a warm bubble bath that caressed every inch of her semi nude body. In fact, the warmth was so pleasant that she almost forgot the difficulty with her legs as she brushed her face with her left hand.

" Uhhh... feel good... but my legs.... ooohhh... " Sandra moaned softly as she felt her pussy starting to tingle rather intensely as if she was using one of her favorite sex toys to pleasure herself or Paul was using his tongue to stimulate her there repeatedly. If the problems with her legs didn't exist, she would have been rubbing them together in pleasure as the stimulation washed over like a tide coming ashore again and again.

As Sandra laid there trying to sort out her mixed feelings, she saw her arms moving on their own much like her legs had just done. Both her arms bent sharply at the elbow with her hands coming to rest on top of her black leather bra. She then saw her hands starting rubbing up and down on her breasts vigorously causing her bra to slip down revealing her breasts and nipples, which were becoming inflamed by the stimulation. Sandra's eyes fluttered as the pleasure from her tits being fondled on top of the stimulation she was already feeling caused her to almost explode in one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced.

However, it was at that point that Sandra started to realize the truth behind her lack of control over her body as she saw her skin changing from its normal flesh tone to a glossy pink color. She felt a sense of lightness rapidly spreading through her body as if her insides were being replaced by nothing more than air or some sort of gas. Sandra tried to yell or move when she saw this shocking development but found she could do neither .

" What... what's happening..?... oooh... why do... I feel.. feel..." Sandra thought to herself though even her ability to concentrate was becoming fuzzy and difficult to do. She saw and felt her pussy change into an artificial material with an ovular look to it. Seams were becoming visible running up and down her legs, arms and torso as if her body was made of sheets of latex and rubber that were sewn together. The transformation then swept through her torso changing her swollen breasts into taut mounds of plastic capped by bright pink circles and dime shaped nipples.

As Sandra's thinking became more and more clouded, it started to be replaced by more primitive emotions. " A love doll... I am a good doll... need someone to use me... fuck me..." she thought as her head lolled to the side with her mouth forming an O shape much like her pussy and anus. Her cheeks had turned bright pink in color that matched the color atop her tits with her eyes stared ahead in a frozen look of lust. The doll laid there in silence waiting.. begging to be used....

Next morning.....

The sun shone steadily through the living room window and illuminated a figure that was lying prone on the couch. After an undetermined amount of time, the figure started to stir and abruptly sat up. Sandra put her left hand to her head as she looked around her place.

" Man, that was some weird dream.... I imagined I had been turned into some sort of fucktoy by some means. It felt so real though...." the dark haired beauty muttered as she ran her hands over body to make sure it was just a dream. Satisfied that she was still human, Sandra headed off to the shower and prepare for another day....

Elsewhere at the same time...

The man sat down and glanced at a piece of paper that he had just retrieved from his files. " Sandra thought she was going to get the best of me when we split up. Well, very shortly, I'll get a victory that will make me the winner from now on. Thanks to the chains I sent back to her that I secretly coated with a special formula, she'll be changed into an inanimate love doll permanently the day she puts them on in the company of someone else. She'll still change if she dons them when alone but it'll be a temporary transformation then. Once I pick up a call over my police scanner of trouble at her place, I'll know just what to do...." Bruce said before throwing his head back in a laugh that seemed to last for a very long time...

The future......

The trench coated man finished securing handcuffs on a distraught man and led him away through the open doorway of Sabrina's home. Another man stood in the center of the room jotting notes down while surveying the surroundings which included a semi-nude love doll.

" Imagine the nerve of this guy. He claims he was involved intimately with this woman named Sabrina when she ' magically' turned into a latex sex doll right before his eyes. The guy probably killed her over some spat, dumped her body and his mind snapped when he realized what he did. Well, he'll probably spend the rest of his life in a prison rubber room..." the detective said as he jotted down some notes.

" Detective Jackson, I'm Bruce.. Sandra's ex... I called earlier.." a man called out from the open doorway.

The detective nodded " Ah, Mr, Terrell. You called wanting to retrieve a few things from your ex's home that belonged to you." he said shaking the hand of Bruce.

" Yep..a few personal items.. including...." Bruce said nodding towards the doll on the couch with his face slightly reddening.

" No problem, Mr. Terrell, no problem at all.." the detective said smoothly...

Sandra, lying as a perfect love doll, didn't think it was a problem either.....



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