The Boots

by Aka Thoth

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© Copyright 2006 - Aka Thoth - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; magic; rubberdoll; reluct; X

The name of the store was "Dreams and Dreads", it was one of those small fetish stores selling everything Susan's dreams were made of. Hoods, corsets, shoes, all made of rubber in various colours. Susan spent much of her free time, and much of her free money as well, in this little store. Ever since she had discovered her liking of "unusual" wear, she lived up to her fetish as much as she could. For work she wore her simple "business attire", but in the last few months she wore latex bras and panties underneath. She'd spend the weekends wrapped up in her favourite material and in special clubs and, from time to time, with special friends, both male and female. 

Susan browsed through an assortment of latex dresses, when she spotted the boots. They were thigh high, of gleaming black rubber, with 6" stiletto heels. Susan fell in love with them at once. 'They would fit me like a second skin,' she mused, 'And they would go with my black miniskirt.' She touched the boots. They were smooth and soft, Susan almost lost herself in dreams about her wearing those boots along with her favourite outfits. 'I would be the queen of any fetish party.' She thought. 

"May I try them on?" Susan asked the saleswoman, her voice somewhat more shaking than she liked. 

The woman barely glanced at Susan saying, "Sure, help yourself. You can change in there." she pointed at a small door. 

As Susan entered she found herself in a room only just big enough for her to change, containing only a small stool, a hook and a mirror, running from the ceiling to the floor. Susan locked the door and thought to herself, 'Why should I try those boots in here?', but then another, quite naughty thought grew up in her. 

In close to no time Susan stood stark naked in front of the mirror. She stroked her neatly shaven pussy and her firm, round breasts. The whole workout surely did pay everytime she wore one of her skin-tight latex outfits. Susan got a grip on herself and reached for the boots. 

A zipper ran down the whole length of the boots and when Susan eased her foot into the boot it was like a dream. It fitted perfectly, like they were made for her. She closed the zipper and her leg became a black, flawless latex dream. The boot was tight fitting and moulded her already shapely leg to gleaming perfection, coming nearly up to her crotch. She put on the other boot and looked at her reflection. 

It was as if the boots had been cast on her legs. 'Wonderful,' Susan thought, 'They are made for me. If only I could wear them all the time.' But walking into the office with these boots? Never, nobody would be able to work anymore and she would surely get the sack at once, knowing her boss (although his eyes would definitely pop out of his balding head first). 

With a reluctant sigh, Susan tried to remove the boots. But she found the zippers gone. Simply gone, no seam and no sign they ever existed, just one flowing piece of latex. Then she noticed something else; she couldn't lift her feet anymore! It was like the boots were downright bolted on the floor. 

"Hey, what the fuck is going on here?" she said aloud. Susan gasped in surprise, all of sudden the boots tightened and became rigid! She could no longer bend her knees or ankles, she wasn't even able to wiggle her toes anymore. She tried to tear the boots open with her fingers, but it was as if they were made of some kind of hard plastic. 

Susan knocked on the door shouting, but no one seemed to hear her. "Get me out of these boots!" she yelled, trying to unlock the door, but the lock wouldn't budge, she was trapped. "Let me out! Help!" to her horror, she noticed that something crept up her crotch. 

It was as if the latex of the boots came alive. The latex engulfed her sex and her buttocks like a tide in quick-motion. Within seconds it made some kind of skin-tight panty of living latex. Susan gasped, something was trying to enter her from behind. She tried to resist, but the fight was over before it started. She felt her asshole being spread and something thick build up inside her anus. She did try a butt-plug once, but this was different. It grew inside her, going deeper and deeper, until she nearly fainted. It was humiliating and in the same time she was also horny as hell. 

She felt another plug entering her sex and filling it inside. She didn't even try to resist this time but surrendered. Her clit was caressed softly, sending a hot orgasm through her. She screamed, holding onto the walls. The latex round her lower body hardened like the boots before, so from her navel down she was now stiff like a statue. But she wasn't done yet. 

The latex rose over her stomach and her back up to her breasts. It was like a lovers embrace and Susan was close to another orgasm, when she noticed, that the latex was tightening round her waist. It was as if she was laced in a corset, something she liked very much, but this time the constriction was different. Merciless, the latex forced her waist into a perfect hourglass shape. "No, stop!", gasped Susan, unable to take deep breaths anymore. But to no avail, her waist grew smaller and smaller and her breath became short and quick. When the latex was done with her waistline, Susan ran her hands over her marvellous slim waist, feeling the latex harden. Although her new skin was hard as rock, she still could feel the touch of her hands. 

The latex started covering her breasts and moulding them into two round orbs. Her nipples hardened and Susan nearly blacked out as the next orgasm sent her through the roof. It was like a thousand hands caressing her whole body at once. When she came to herself again, she felt her shoulders being twisted backwards, causing her breasts out and up. The latex hardened and Susan was no longer able to move her body. 

When the latex crept down her arms, Susan stopped resisting completely. She held her arms slightly out and spread her fingers. Her joints stiffened as her arms and hands were turned into gleaming blackness. 'I wish I could touch myself,' Susan thought, 'I'm turned into a latex doll and it's turning me on like hell. It's incredible!' Her whole skin was now covered in latex and started to tingle, and the tingling was increasing. It was like a thousand lovers touching her whole skin at once. She started to moan loudly. As her chest and stomach no longer could extend, she was soon breathless and her head began to spin. 

The latex covered her neck, stopping any further turning of the head. It rose over her chin and reached Susan's mouth. The taste of rubber brought Susan back. She felt her tongue, her teeth and the whole of her mouth being covered with latex. "No!" she gurgled, as the latex shot down her throat. It covered her vocal chords, turning them solid, so ending Susan's ability to utter a sound. It ran down her insides, even her lungs started to fill. 'No, please, stop! I'm dying.' thought Susan. She was in panic. 

She saw her reflection in the mirror; her face was turned into an expressionless mask. Her mouth was closed, all features were calm and relaxed. Only her eyes showed her horror, her fear of dying. But she didn't die. She didn't suffocate, she didn't black out and now she didn't even feel breathless anymore. Her breathing stopped, but yet she needn't to breath any longer. Susan relaxed. 'So what?' she thought, 'I'm a doll now. Dolls don't breath.' The latex covered her ears, filling them and shutting out all sound of the outside world. Susan heard her heartbeat slowing down, until she nearly couldn't hear it anymore. 

When the latex started to complete the coverage of her head, Susan saw her hair vanish under the latex. Too bad, she loved her full, brown locks, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her now bald head looked as if it was polished. Her face was smooth and somewhat strange. The latex levelled her features so Susan no longer could recognize herself. She was now just one of those shop mannequins. One with extraordinary curves and a very well shaped breasts, as a matter of fact. Susan loved her body, she loved the sensuous feeling of the latex engulfing and hugging her. It didn't bother her, that she was unable to twitch even the smallest muscle. She felt safe and sound and it was like her body was constantly aroused by a thousand tongues caressing her. 

When the latex covered her eyes, Susan's view was only slightly fogged. She could only stare right ahead now. She saw her eyes turning blank and empty. 'I'm a perfect doll.' she thought, 'No one would guess that I'm still alive.' Susan relaxed, her mind started to flow. 

The saleswoman opened the door and took out her new mannequin. Susan's mind reeled, being touched was gorgeous. It was like even the slightest touch was multiplied by her latex covering. She was in ecstasy and still was, when the saleswoman dressed her. A long, red evening dress made of rubber, matching gloves and high-heeled ankle boots. A collar with a leash and a blue wig completed the outfit. Susan could see herself in a mirror. 'I am pretty', she thought, 'A complete knock out'. 

Beside her the saleswoman placed a thigh high pair of black boots made of latex.


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